Ultimate Home Golf Simulator Guide with 10 Best Indoor Golf Simulators

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Do you know that you can participate in the top world-class golf courses without going out? Yes, it’s not a dream anymore. Home golf simulators make this dream come true. There are almost 4 million golfers in the U.S. who use different golf simulators. About half of them have never played on a golf course. It’s not my words, the NGF estimates this data.

Seems interesting? Curious to know why are they choosing an indoor playing system? The answer is simple. It helps them improve their game and enjoy it at any time they want. Will a golf simulator help your game too? Yes, you can also improve your game and be an expert by having an indoor golf simulator at home. 

We have analyzed dozens of golf simulators for home and made a list of top 10 picks to review. If you are a golf lover looking for ways to practice and want to enjoy golf with your family, this article might help you have an optimal option.

What is a Golf Simulator?

A golf simulator is a device that lets golfers play virtual golf courses by recreating an artificial driving range. It simulates the environment of playing real golf. Using an indoor golf simulator, golfers can entertain and train themselves that ultimately helping them improve their game. 

Read: What is a golf simulator to learn more about it.

An indoor golf simulator works by using sensors and cameras to analyze each shot data. Then the software takes the data and processes it with the help of a smartphone, PC, or tablet. Finally, you can see the output of data processing on your projector screen. Camera-based golf simulators work in a small area to track data while radar-based golf simulators work in a wide area. 

Read: How golf simulators work to have a detailed concept on this topic.

Golf Simulator Materials

Do you know what pieces of equipment are primary to have in a home golf simulator? A launch monitor, mat, net, projector, and screen are the very basics while setting up a golf simulator. There are different types of golf simulators based on the materials they require. It depends on your choice and budget. 

Mats work as an alternative to the fairway. On the other hand, you need something to hit into. This can either be a net or a screen. Then you need something to project and display the simulation visually. For this, you should have a projector, projector screen, a computer, tablet, or a TV monitor. Let’s dive into details.

Launch monitor

To track shot data, there is a golf launch monitor that uses sensors, cameras, or radars. The tracking system of your home golf simulator is an important thing to consider. Because some golf simulator tracking systems track all the data accurately whereas some do less accurately.

For example, using sensors, the infrared tracking system of OptiShot calculates data less precisely. That is why an OptiShot launch monitor is less accurate than others. On the contrary, the TruTrack 2 tracking system of TruGolf is absolutely accurate in data measurement. 

A launch monitor or tracking system either tracks ball data or club data or both. OptiShot measures club data such as clubface, swing path, clubhead speed, face angle, etc. SkyTrak tracks ball data and estimates club data. For example, ball speed, sidespin, backspin, launch angle, clubhead speed, etc. 

Some launch monitors track both club and ball data. TruGolf and Foresight Sports are examples of that. So, for accuracy, check the launch monitors and tracking system if it can meet your needs. Here is a list of the best golf launch monitors that we picked from a lot of options on the market.

Hitting Net or Impact Screen

Some golf simulators require nets; some require screens to hit into. Some golf simulators have both net and screen. By taking your clubs with a real or foam ball, you can go out and practice just hitting into a net. 

Or you can practice at home. The same goes for a screen. But hitting into a net won’t give the similar feedback that a screen gives. Because hitting into a net won’t show you any data while a screen will instantly display your shot along with many essential data. 


Displaying where your shots are heading, a golf simulator projector gives you a virtual view of golf courses. It projects ball flight and displays data on the screen. Without a projector, you cannot get the data feedback and know how well you are playing. 

Including a projector, most home golf simulators help you take your game to the next level. We have made a list of the best golf simulator projectors here after our long time of research and analysis.

Hitting Mat

Most indoor golf simulators have hitting mats to let you experience playing golf on fairway grass. Though mats in a golf simulator are optional, it’s better to practice with a mat. Because a hitting mat helps to control your golf ball flight as well as master your putting and chipping. A mat doesn’t always necessarily require a full golf simulator setup when you just practice and hit several shots. 

Along with these materials, an ideal golf simulator requires an enclosure, landing pad turf, and a side barrier net. There are also some accessories included with the materials such as projector mount, mount kit, putting green, AV cart, audio speaker, golf bag, protective case, user manual guide, etc. 

Home Golf Simulators Buying Guide

Before setting up your home golf simulator, you need to consider certain things that can help you figure out the most suitable one. Because there are hundreds of simulators available in the market, which one should you purchase? We can answer this question in detail. Let’s follow.

Room dimension

The first thing you should know is how much room you need to set up your home golf simulator. Do you have sufficient room to protect your wall from damage? 

To know the answer, first, you should measure your room space. But what should you measure? The width, length, and height. Then look for the minimum space requirement of the simulator you are going to buy. Let’s have a clear idea.

  • Room width

For the whole home golf simulator setup, our recommendation is a minimum of 12 ft width. It’s enough to play with a mat, screen, and net. But if both left and right-handed golfers are going to play, you need at least 13 ft width. 

  • Room length

From our experience, we can say the minimum room length should be 12 ft. 1′ is between the wall and screen, 7′ is between the tee and screen. You should keep at least a 4′ distance behind you for enough clearance. Some golf simulators may be smaller in length and require less space but those won’t give you a safe distance. 

  • Ceiling height

We recommend a minimum of 9 feet height from the ceiling. You may need more than that. It depends on your height. But on average, 9′ height is enough to swing with a driver, the longest club without touching or damaging your ceiling. Remember, you shouldn’t select the one that won’t match up with your height.

Visit this blog – How much room do you need for a golf simulator? for detailed information.


If you don’t have enough space to have a permanent indoor setup, there are a lot of portable home golf simulators available on the market. That will allow you to set up and take down the net and projector anytime without any difficulties. 

Golf mats are naturally portable to fold and store easily after playing a round of golf. You can go for the retractable screens that can be moved after use. This will make your room look like before. Thus you can use the room for dual purposes.

You can even make a golf mat by yourself.

Portable home golf simulators are also lightweight and easy to transport. You can carry it wherever you need to go, even on a trip.


The most common thing yet the most important is the price. Match the price with your requirement. If it’s beyond your capability, look for an affordable option from the list we mentioned above. But if the budget doesn’t matter to you, go for an expensive one. Because you get what you pay for.

  • Affordable golf simulators (under $5000)

Many of us want a complete home golf simulator set up but cannot afford it. Keeping the demand ahead, manufacturers have brought golf simulators under $5000. 

For those, who want a full simulation experience but are on a limited budget, we recommend OptiShot 2 golf simulator within an entry-level budget. Don’t think it’s like a video game. It’s really something you should try out.

You don’t have to use a real ball to play with OptiShot. Using a plastic ball or foam ball, you can play as much as possible. This will save you money because you won’t need a high-impact screen or net.

But keep in mind, this golf simulator is mainly for entertainment purposes, the accuracy is limited. Using infrared sensors, OptiShot measures club speed, path, and face angle. It doesn’t directly measure ball data, just estimates it using club data.

A list of more cheap golf simulators under $5000 is here if you are interested to visit. Even golf simulators under $1000 are available now!

  • Mid-range budget (between $5,000 to $10,000)

If you want a high-quality simulation experience and are willing to spend more than $5000, there are plenty of options available for you. Golf simulators from $5,000 to $10,000 are of high quality with good accuracy. 

If your budget is between $7000, the SkyTrak home golf simulator and Uneekor QED can be a good choice. Though SkyTrak works outdoors too, it’s more accurate for indoor use. 

Using photometric technology and high-speed cameras, SkyTrak measures ball data and estimates club data whilst Uneekor QED measures ball and club data.

With this similar price range, you get radar-based Flightscope Mevo+ that also measures only ball data. But compared to SkyTrak, it’s less accurate as a home golf simulator. 

  • High-budget golf simulators (between $10,000 to 30,000)

Golf simulators from $10,000 to 30,000 are of higher quality. There is a wide range of golf simulators for a home within this price range. Our recommendation is TurGolf, Uneekor EYE XO, and Foresight Sports golf simulators. 

TruGolf simulators are best for high-quality graphic and commercial use. Using high-speed cameras, this golf simulator measures both club and ball data. Like TruGolf simulators,  Uneekor EYEXO and Foresight Sports golf simulators are also camera-based golf simulators that measure both ball and club data.

  • Premium golf simulators (beyond $30,000)

If you want a premium quality simulation experience, you need to consider beyond $30,000. Trackman, Full Swing, and HD golf simulators are some examples of premium high-end golf simulators. 

They have a lot of practice features, advanced technologies, exceptional software packaged, a variety of the world’s best golf courses, skill assessment game mode, multiplayer capabilities, multisport modes, and so on.

But for these golf simulators, you should have a maximum space requirement because they require a huge space to set up.


Golf launch monitors come with a software plan that offers different practice modes and advanced features. Choose the one that you want to play. We are giving you an idea of what kind of game modes software provides.

Some basic software plans allow golfers to practice on the virtual driving range. The advanced software has world-renowned online golf courses, skill challenge features, closest to the pin, target practice, online competitions, etc.

Most software plans require a yearly subscription fee except for some free subscriptions. For example, Game Improvement and Play & Improve Plan of SkyTrak come with WGT play that requires a subscription fee per year. 

The Golf Club, E6 connect, FSX software, and Uneekor VIEW software are examples of high-quality software offering world top golf courses, various practice modes, 3D driving range, tournaments, skill challenges, and training aids. 

Go for the one you need most!

Real golf ball vs. practice golf ball

To improve your game, both practice golf balls and real golf balls play a significant role. Yet you can have one choice. Based on the difference, you can choose your one. Here are the differences. 

Real golf balls and practice balls mainly differ in building materials and speed variation. Real golf balls are made of rubber whereas practice golf balls are made of foam or plastic. 

Real balls give an extra spin for a thinner cover. Compared to real ball covers, practice ball covers are thicker and harder to hit. For being hard to hit, practice balls can not create extra spin. 

Real balls are more accurate in giving ball flight and carry-distance data than practice balls. They are relatively costly but not much durable whereas practice balls are cheaper and more durable. 

Giving better speed, real balls go farther and offer consistent ball flight. Practice golf balls don’t go as far as real golf balls and they create lower ball speed.

Real balls can be two to five pieces with no paint on them. Practice balls are two-piece golf with painting on them.

Go and hit a lot of balls at the driving range to know the difference practically. We recommend having a golf simulator where you can use both practice and real balls. But if you have just started playing, golf balls for beginners are ideal for you.

Screen vs Net

A golf simulator requires a hitting net or screen to hit into. You can choose any of these two for your home golf simulator. Sometimes you can own both. The screen will let you see the ball flying which isn’t possible with a net. 

On the other hand, you can practice with just a net without using a projector or other materials which isn’t possible with a screen. Because to project the data result on the screen, you need a projector.

A golf net is the cheaper option whereas a screen is relatively expensive. Net is easy to carry, durable, and requires no complex setup. The screen isn’t easy to carry and less durable than the net. 

You can easily make a golf hitting net with just three simple steps. But building a screen is difficult. For this, we recommend buying a golf simulator package where a screen and net are available. 

Ceiling mount vs. floor mount

It’s a common question: where should you mount your projector? In the wall? Or on the floor? If you know the difference between these two, you can easily find out which way you need to mount in. 

The ceiling mount gives a permanent setup whilst the floor mount is for temporary use. On the other hand, floor mounts are flexible to move anywhere which is not possible with most ceiling mounts. 

The ceiling mount helps to keep the floor clear while putting or chipping. Floor mount lets golfers play in multiple settings. Both ceiling mount and floor mount have advantages and risks as well. 

To avoid the risks, set up your projector in a place that is far away from your hitting area so that your club or ball doesn’t hit it. Then, you should keep the projector directly behind you because it will create shadows on the projector.

If your simulator requires a 12 ft height or more than that, a floor mount will be a better option for you. But if you want to keep your projector out of the way, you might prefer the ceiling mount option. In this case, mount the projector 8 ft away from the screen. It’s the ideal distance to avoid shadows.

10 Best Home Golf Simulators of 2022

1. SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator 

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

Price: $7,999

Space requirement: 12 feet in width, 18 feet in length, and 9 feet in height

Key features:

  • Measures ball data and estimates club data
  • Play and Improve Software
  • Multiplayer game mode

SkyTrak SIG10 golf simulator is for those who want high-end accuracy in a mid-range golf simulator. 

It is best for indoor use because here, the SkyTrak launch monitor comes with a Play and Improve Plan. The plan provides advanced features that help golfers improve their game. For example, 12 WGT golf courses, multiplayer golf course play option, instant feedback, skill assessment feature, target practice, etc.

This golf simulator includes a metal protective case and SIG12 screen and enclosure along with the launch monitor. It’s not about just hitting the golf balls on the screen. It’s about how large an area you can cover while swinging. 

We recommend a minimum of 12 feet in width, 18 feet in length, and 9 feet in height space for this golf simulator. Before going to buy, make sure you have sufficient room space to place the simulator and it matches your height. 

After comparing the accuracy, price, and performance with other golf simulators for home, we picked SkyTrak SIG10 as our top product because it balances with price and quality. 

Along with these, SkyTrak SIG10 includes 

  • Choice of golf hitting mat
  • Golf simulator projector
  • Ceiling mount
  • Side barriers
  • Landing pad turf

SkyTrak SIG10 has a different mat system than other indoor golf simulators. It has three golf hitting mat options. 5 feet by 5 feet Fairway Series mat is recommended for true grass feel whilst 4 feet by 7 feet SIGPRO single mat and 4 feet by 10 feet SIGPRO double mat is recommended for injury prevention.

SkyTrak SIG8 and SIG12 golf simulators can be the alternatives to SIG10. Check out other golf simulators of SkyTrak from our blog.

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

2. Uneekor QED SwingBay Golf Simulator

Uneekor QED SwingBay Golf Simulator

Price: $16,000

Space requirement: 12 feet in width, 17 feet in length, and 9 feet in height

Key features:

  • Measures ball and club data
  • Uneekor VIEW and TGC software
  • Multiplayer playing mode

If you are a professional golfer, Uneekor QED SwingBay is the golf simulator you will probably like to have a look at. 

Uneekor QED SwingBay golf simulator comes with a Uneekor QED launch monitor that includes QED VIEW and The Golf Club software. The combination of these two software offers skill challenge features, 100,000 online golf courses, and online competitions to increase your swing speed.

There are two options for choosing hitting mat size: SwingTurf 5 feet by 5 feet and 4 feet by 9 feet. Unlike the traditional mats, these are very large to hit the ball with power. Protecting your joints from being injured, the mats will let you take real tees.

You don’t have to take others’ help while assembling and setting up. Because the installation process is easy to do yourself.

Along with these, Uneekor QED SwingBay includes

  • SwingBay simulator screen & enclosure
  • Optoma 1080p HD short throw projector
  • 5’x10’7″ landing pad Turf x2
  • Golf Simulation gaming laptop (optional)
  • SwingShield projector floor enclosure

There is a side barrier netting that will give you protection with their extra layers. What you should consider is the price. You get what you pay for – this concept works here.

Uneekor QED SwingBay golf simulator is recommended for you if you prioritize your game improvement and if budget is not your concern. Whether it’s your basement, garage, or office, you can set within minutes and play regardless of the weather.

Check Price at Rain or Shine Golf

3. TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator

Trugolf Vista 10  Golf Simulator

Price: Base – $15,295, Pro – $16,645

Space Requirement: 15 feet in width, 20 feet in length, and 10 feet in height

Key features:

  • Measures ball and club data
  • E6 Connect Software 
  • Up to 8 players can play

TruGolf Vista 10 golf simulator is for those who want a portable golf simulator with stunning graphics and high accuracy. TruGolf as it is well known for combining these two.

It is our third top pick as the best golf simulator for home. Vista 10 has two versions – Base and Pro. The base version is different from the Pro in price and some materials. But both offer amazing indoor play options with the E6 Connect software.

Whatever you like, virtual golf range or courses, Vista 10 gives the most realistic experience. With a yearly subscription, it always provides upgrades for a home setup. E6 Connect is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC.

TruGolf simulator’s high-quality graphics will give you exactly the same feel as playing on a real course. It creates realistic images to make you feel natural while swinging. You can learn about the golf swing basics and fundamental guide from this blog.

Using high-speed cameras, Vista 10 provides one the most precise TruTrack 2 tracking system like our 1st and 2nd pick SkyTrak, and Uneekor QED. This simulator can also act as a teaching tool for junior golfers.

Along with these, TruGolf Vista 10 includes

  • TruGolf level (1) computer
  • HD 720p projector
  • 136 inches impact screen
  • 21 inches touchscreen display
  • TruGolf level (2) computer (with pro version)
  • Premium fairway turf
  • Portable audio speaker (with pro version)
  • Side nets (with pro version)

Giving a real feel, the Premium Fairway turf (5 feet by 5 feet) is designed to last long. Without using any ball, just by taking help from one of the best putting aids, you can play putting stroke easily over the sensors.

We recommend TeuGolf Vista 10 to have a high simulation experience without any difficulties. You can learn about the other golf simulators of TruGolf from this blog.

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

4. OptiShot Golf in a Box 5 Pro Golf Simulator 

Price: $4,250

Space Requirement: 12 feet in width, 14 feet in length, and 9 feet in height

Key features:

  • Measures club data and estimates ball data
  • OptiShot 2 software
  • Up to 4 players can play

If you are in need of the most affordable option for a home golf simulator, OptiShot 2 Golf in a box pro can be your solution. 

Compared to the relatively expensive golf simulators, this one is not only the cheapest but also the easiest installation. The golfers who are the leaders in the golf industry designed and engineered OptiShot.

What we like most about this amazing technology is the multiple camera views. Because it helps you watch yourself while playing at home but take the real feel of playing outdoors. 

It comes with OptiShot 2 infrared optical swing pad that uses high-speed infrared sensors to track data. Unlike other golf simulators, it tracks only club data. Practice modes with OptiShot 2 software show the data of every shot and help you analyze your performance.

Along with these, OptiShot Golf in a Box 5 Pro includes

  • 15 world-renowned golf courses
  • Retractable screen, enclosure, and wall mount
  • Short throw projector and ceiling mount
  • OptiShot hitting mat (Designed to fit OptiShot 2 golf simulator)

Though it cannot ensure you a higher level of accuracy, it can be worth buying for the cost. We recommend this golf simulator for beginners. You can learn some fundamental tips for beginners from here.

5. SkyTrak Flex Space Golf Simulator

SkyTrak Flex Space Golf Simulator

Price: $6,399

Space Requirement: 12 feet in width, 12 feet in length, and 8 feet 6 inches in height

Key features:

  • Measures ball data, calculates club data
  • Game Improvement Software
  • Up to 6 players can play

If you don’t have the luxury of choosing a permanent setup for your home golf simulator and looking for a temporary setup, you are going to like the SkyTrak Flex Space golf simulator. It will let you return your room back to its previous form after playing each time.  

Flex Space package includes the SkyTrak launch monitor that appears to be 99% accurate compared to the trackman. If you are wondering how you need to have a clear idea of how accurate golf simulators are. Being so accurate, SkyTrak costs less than Trackman as well as other high-end golf simulators. 

Requiring a year or three-year subscription, the Game Improvement Plan comes with the package. It Offers multiplayer game modes, game improvement features, and world top golf courses. The HomeCourse Pro Retractable Screen included with the package will allow you to set it anywhere simply just by using a remote.

Along with these, the SkyTrak Flex Space golf simulator includes 

  • SkyTrak metal protective case
  • Pro turf mat 
  • 1080p HD ST golf simulator projector
  • Projector shield floor mount enclosure
  • Ceiling mount kit, wireless remote, easy reach pole, charging Cables

Recommended for you if you cannot place a simulator because of not having extra room. Experience playing in a golf simulator studio is easy by converting any room into it and giving back the previous look. 

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

6. Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 Golf simulator

 Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 Golf simulator

Price: $15,999

Space Requirement: 12 feet in width, 16 feet in length, and 9 feet in height

Key features:

  • Measures ball and club data
  • Uneekor EYE XO VIEW and TGC software
  • Multiplayer game mode

If considering a 5 digit budget for the utmost accuracy doesn’t very much matter to you, you should have a look at the Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 review. This is an ideal home golf simulator for its indoor features and quality.

The combination of the EYE XO launch monitor and SIG10 enclosure will give you a premium full-screen simulation experience. It also uses non-marketing ball technology that helps golfers with putts and drives. Because playing the wrong ball may cause penalties.

This golf simulator has the combination of EYE XO VIEW and The Golf Club software with some extra cost. Here you get more than 100,000 golf courses to choose from and design your own golf courses. 

You can hit any club of your golf bag to see real-time visual feedback. Check the best golf clubs on the market and know how to perfect your golf ball hits. That will help you see your game level and ensure whether you should improve more or not.

Along with these, Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 includes

  • EYE XO ceiling mount
  • Side barrier netting
  • Landing pad turf
  • Choice of golf hitting mat
  • Panasonic VMZ50U golf simulator projector

The Panasonic projector lets you view your shots in high-quality graphics and ensures a real play environment.

We recommend the Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 golf simulator for those who have larger space and a fair amount of money to go for a relatively more expensive indoor golf simulator. 

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

7. Full Swing Pro Series Golf Simulator

Price: $55,900 – $100,000 (Premium golf simulator)

Space Requirement: 60 different size configurations starting from 12 feet in width, 20 feet in length, and 9 feet in height

Key features:

  • Measures ball and club data
  • Multisport and multiplayer gaming mode
  • More than 93 authentic golf courses

Some golfers want to have versatility, realistic ball flight, a wide range of features, and accuracy altogether from a golf simulator. Full Swing Pro Series golf simulator is for them. It’s the quickest and most accurate technology available in the golf industry.

Full Swing Golf is one of the top leading golf simulators, the company of which is renowned for its premium quality products. Their home golf simulators are highly appreciable to professional golfers. 

They offer Pro series and Sport series at the same time. You might get wondered after knowing that Tiger Woods is playing with the Full Swing Pro Series home golf simulator. This simulator brings him back to the PGA tour Championship after his surgery. 

Both Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth shared their wonderful experiences with this simulator. 

Foresight Pro Series includes

  • A solid wood enclosure and platform
  • 360° infrared tracks
  • ION3 high-speed camera
  • Energy-absorbing diffuser screen
  • Cinema quality projector
  • Industrial grade carpet and hitting mat

The combination of infrared lightwave technology and high-speed cameras will provide you with an authentic-looking ball flight. You will get no other manufacturer who combines these two. 

Featuring multisport and gaming mode, more than 93 golf courses, dependable ball flight, and data feedback, it costs between $55,900 to $100,000. With the cinema-quality projector and energy absorbent diffuser screen, Full Swing Golf Pro Series ensures an exceptional course playing experience.

This might be very expensive for some golfers but yet for a more comprehensive and life-like unique experience, Full Swing can be compared to none. 

8. Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG12 Golf Simulator

Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG12 Golf Simulator

Price: $20,999

Space Requirement: 14 feet in width, 16 feet in length, and 10 feet in height

Key features:

  • Measures ball and club data
  • FSX Software
  • Skill challenge feature

Foresight Sports GCQuad is for those who want the most reliable golf simulator and realistic simulation experience.

Here the GCQuad launch monitor combines with the SIG12 enclosure. Including other pieces of equipment, Shop Indoor Golf made a complete home golf simulator package and named it Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG12 golf simulator.

To get professional-grade accuracy, GCQuad is the choice of PGA Tour players. It comes with the FSX software offering an expanded list of golf courses and online competitions. But FSX is not compatible with Android or iPad.

Along with these, Foresight Sports GCQuad includes

  • Panasonic VMZ50U golf simulator projector
  • Landing pad turf
  • Choice of golf mat
  • Side barrier netting
  • Ceiling mount

SkyTrak SIG10 has a different mat system than other indoor golf simulators. It offers three golf hitting mat options. 5 feet by 5 feet Fairway Series mat is recommended for true grass feel whilst 4 feet by 7 feet SIGPRO single mat and 4 feet by 10 feet SIGPRO double mats are recommended for injury prevention.

Compared to the other high-end golf simulators beyond 30,000, this golf simulator seems more durable and of higher quality to us. That might be the reason for its being featured in Golf Digest Editors’ Choice list three times in a row. 

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

9. HD Golf Simulator 

HD Golf Simulator 

Price: Training package – $56,420, Entertainment package – $69,035

Space Requirement: 15 feet in width, 20 feet in length, and 10 feet in height

Key features:

  • Measures ball and club data
  • Multisport and multiplayer gaming mode
  • Satellite data and geophysical data

HD golf simulators are for those who are serious about golf and take it for fulfilling both entertaining and training needs. 

We see that among various premium golf simulator options, professionals and PGA tour champions like Bryson Dechambeau, Bubba Watson, and many others chose HD golf simulators for their tournaments.

There are two popular golf simulators from High Definition golf – the HD Ultimate Training and Entertainment package that is made to give the most realistic visual feedback. 

HD Golf Training Package includes

  • 4:3 flat standard system (13 feet in width, 19 feet in length, and 10 feet in height)
  • Area golf turf in green (15 feet by 20 feet) and stance mat
  • Frame/screen
  • Weight transfer, balance, and pressure mat
  • Sony 4300 lumen projector
  • 22in wide view LCD touchscreen monitor
  • HD Golf software package (Deluxe Package)

Along with the details of club and ball data, here you get the utmost accuracy and comprehensive measurements for the course practice facility.

Using high-speed cameras and Computer vision tech, HD golf accurately measures those ball and club data that are not common in other golf simulators. It offers you an exclusive video analysis editing tool.

The HD area golf turf in green turf (16 feet by 22 feet 6 inches) and stance mat is specifically designed with sensors for keeping balance with weight transfer, tempo, and center of gravity. 

HD Golf Entertainment Package includes

  • 16:10 flat standard system (15 feet 5 inches in width, 20 feet in length, and 10 feet in height)
  • Frame/screen
  • Sony laser projector upgrade
  • 22in wide view LCD touchscreen monitor
  • HD golf software Deluxe package – All courses)
  • HD Multi-Sport software package (All sports)
  • Rear Stereoscopic cameras with Mount/Lens

Though the HD golf simulator is far more expensive for many of us, it gives a premium simulation experience and is really worth buying in this price range.

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

10. Trackman Golf Simulator

Price: $49,995 and beyond

Space Requirement: 15 feet in width, 18 feet in length, and 10 feet in height

Key features:

  • Measures ball and club data
  • Multiplayer gaming mode
  • Skill challenge feature and long drive competitions

Trackman golf simulator is for those who want an expanded list of features, high-level accuracy, and can consider massive space for their home golf simulator set up. 

Along with more than 800 world’s best golfers’ names, the name of President Donald Trump is written beside the Trackman golf simulator. Because he installed and played with Trackman at the White House. 

Trackman measures data using a radar-based tracking system that requires a wide hitting area to track. So if you don’t manage the maximum space requirement, the accuracy may suffer. 

This golf simulator comes with virtual golf 2 software that has online tournaments, club fitting software, closest to the pin competition, swing video software, more than 100 golf courses, skills challenging features, and so on.

You get more than 85 courses in high-definition graphics throughout the world. This golf simulator can track the ball flight between 4′-100′ yards. Trackman is easy to carry for its maximum portability with the help of your iPad or iPhone.

Finally, are home golf simulators worth it?

Yes. Home golf simulators are worth buying because they allow you to play golf at home even in windy, cold, and wet weather or in the off-season. You can practice for your game improvement, for getting prepared to join any tournament, or for playing a lot of online golf courses without any fees.

Buying a home golf simulator is not something difficult. What is difficult is to find the best one among them. This is why we spent hours researching the best golf simulators for home. Finally, this list of the 10 best indoor golf simulators became our top picks. Select the one you are in need of. Don’t forget to let us know how you are doing with your new golf simulator!

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  1. I needed some guidance to get a golf simulator for my home. I’m not a very technical person but this indoor golf simulator guide really helped me figure things out pretty quick. Many thanks


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