10 Best Golf Practice Hitting Mats to Improve Your Swing

Best Golf Mats

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Having a golf-hitting mat at home increases the chance of increasing your golf swing speed even if you cannot go out to a golf course. Besides, if you practice at home or lawn with a hitting net, a golf mat is required to protect your carpet or lawn from being damaged. 

Over the few years, golf mats have been improved according to the golfers’ needs and demands. Unlike before, golf mats now prevent wrist injury and replicate the natural grass. 

This article is for those who want a clear idea about the most well-known golf hitting mats. Here we reviewed the top 10 golf mats for every budget resulting from our test and analysis.

You may even build golf mats on your own.

10 Best Golf Practice and Hitting Mats Review

1. SIGPRO 4’×10′ Golf Mat

SIGPRO 4'×10' Golf Mat

The SIGPRO 4’×10′ golf hitting mat is larger than SIGPRO mats. It’s a one-piece mat. Being large in size, the mat doesn’t move while swinging. Because the larger the mat, the more stable it is. The hitting strip on the mat is replaceable.

SIGPRO 4’×10′ is made of soft foam that ensures a comfortable hitting surface. It gives accurate feedback like an actual grass fairway and has a soft feel with most forgiveness. For not being too firm, it prevents wrist and joint injury. Also, there is a shock absorber to prevent shock at impact.

This golf simulator hitting mat is very durable. You can hit tens of thousands of shots using it. You can also hit here with any golf clubs from your bag. Despite being such a quality mat, it costs under $1000, which is relatively affordable for many. 

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2. Fiberbuilt 4′ x 7′ Single-Sided Studio Golf Mat

Fiberbuilt 4' x 7' Single-Sided Studio Golf Mat

The Fiberbuilt 4’×7′ single-sided mat is medium size among Fiberbuilt golf mats. It’s not as large as the first product we reviewed. Yet the size is enough for most golfers’ stance on average. Make sure you are also comfortable with your height.

Like the SIGPRO 4’×10′, this is a one-piece mat made of Nylon fiber. There is a rubber base frame. Usually, Nylon fiber and rubber base appear to be very durable, making the mat more lightweight than other traditional mats. 

They support both radar doppler and camera-based launch monitors and give a real fairway grass feel. The hitting strip is easier on the arms and wrists. This golf simulator mat feels solid at impact and doesn’t move on the floor. Unlike SIGPRO, it might be a bit pricey for some golfers. The price is $1,149.

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3. Swingturf Golf Hitting Mat

Swingturf Golf Hitting Mat

Swingturf golf hitting mat comes with 2 big sizes – 5’×5′ and 4’×9′. You can choose any size according to your needs. The 5’×5′ is recommended for frequent use, and the 4’×9′ is recommended to practice with any golf simulator.

Compared to the previous mats, this one appears to be very stable. It won’t move during practice. No wear/tear will happen and no pain in the arms and wrists. You will get a real feel and actual feedback on each shot, even on miss-hits and fat shots. 

We found the mat comes with good durability. Giving no vibration on the wrist, it feels very soft and forgiving. Not just the quality and feel, the looks and color of the mat impressed the users. Surprisingly this mat doesn’t cost much like the previous quality mats. It costs just $530. Worth buying!

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4. Country Club Elite Golf Mat

Country Club Elite Golf Mat

Country Club Elite golf mat has become one of the best quality and most realistic mats on the market since 2006. It has three major size options – 4’×5′, 5’×5′, and 5’×10′. If you want it for chipping, pitching, or hitting irons, we recommend 4’×5′. But to hit down with the driver, you need the larger sizes.

Compared to the other mats, this one is so tough that it lasts longer than them. The nylon fiber makes the mat solid and sturdy. It gives a realistic feel, just like hitting into the fairway. The mat won’t slip when you strike. It’s worth the cost of $489. 

You can hit the ball using any club of your bag without hurting your wrists. After hitting hundreds of shots, it will still be easy on your body’s joints. Even if you hit fat shots, the club will dig into the mat instead of bouncing off the mat. You won’t regret spending money on this quality mat.

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5. TrueStrike Academy Golf Mat

TrueStrike Academy Golf Mat

If you want an accurate and reliable hitting mat that emulates the true grass feel, the TrueStrike Academy golf mat is recommended for you. It’s a solid and easy to put together mat. The mat is designed for golf coaches, club fitters, and professionals.

It feels pure at impact. Like the previous mats we reviewed, this one is also very forgiving as the fairway. It’s a one-piece mat that makes it stable on the floor. TrueStrike is not as large as SIGPRO or Fiberbuilt. Yet it performs great for putt and chip shots and saves space.

The size of this mat is 2″ in height, 52″ in length, and 80″ in width. It weighs just 134 lbs, which makes it portable. It is designed to last long like the larger mats. Being so comfortable and convenient, it is very cost-effective. The price of this practice mat is $1,018.

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6. Fairway Series Golf Mat

Fairway Series Golf Mat

If you are looking for a quality mat within a small budget, we recommend the Fairway Series Mat manufactured by Shop Indoor Golf. Our experience reveals this golf simulator mat makes golfers feel like hitting on the true grass. It’s designed to prevent injury to joints.

The size (5’×5′) is smaller than the traditional mats like SIGPRO or Fiberbuilt. You can use it for a smaller simulation setup. It’s solid, durable, and forgiving, yet not unrealistic. But this mat is not as stable as other branded mats. 

You can go for the Fairway Series mat if you want a good hitting surface. Also, you can use it as a stance mat. The mat feels realistic to hit off and looks great. Being a receptive mat, it looks and feels like it won’t easily wear out.

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7. Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat

Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat

If you are looking for golf hitting mat to place in your simulator studio, this practice mat can be an ideal choice. It’s sized at 4’×9′, which is larger than our second pick Fiberbuilt 4’×7′. The size is perfect for practicing full swing with the longest clubs.

Offering high performance, this golf mat prevents injury better than the other mats we saw on the market. It’s very stable and doesn’t move on the floor. The manufacturer guarantees 300,000 shots with their Fiberbuilt (4’×9′) golf mat.

This mat feels great at impact and is easy on the wrists and elbows. It comes in pieces so that it becomes lighter and can be moved easily. You don’t need to maintain the mat frequently because it’s comparatively less maintenance-free. It comes at $1,349.

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8. TrueStrike Single Golf Hitting Mat

TrueStrike Single Golf Hitting Mat

The TrueStrike Single mat is a well-built, sturdy mat. It comes with 1 edge trim, 1 ball tray, 1 gel section, and 3 range mat sections. It weighs 112 lbs and is very lightweight. This makes it portable and easy to move around. 

The mat won’t slip while hitting. Rather like other models of TruStrike, the inserted gel will make you feel like hitting on true grass. The gel also works as a shock absorber at impact. Thus it becomes easy on the wrists and elbows. 

The size is a bit larger than the TrueStrike Academy golf mat. It’s 77″ width, length 52″, and 2″ height. The TrueStrike single mat is so durable that you will enjoy many years using it. It costs $928. We recommend it for professionals and amateurs.

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9. SIGPRO 4′ × 7′ Golf Mat

SIGPRO 4' × 7' Golf Mat

SIGPRO 4’×7′ comes in medium size among SIGPRO mats. Compared to SIGPRO 4’×9′, this mat is a bit smaller. Yet it will allow you to stand and hit comfortably. The stability of the mat makes it easy on the elbows and wrists. In fact, it’s designed to prevent injuries. 

Compared to the previous mat we reviewed, the mat’s weight is deficient. It weighs 21lbs. This makes it a very lightweight and portable mat. As the hitting strip is replaceable, you can replace your mat anywhere you want.

With a one-piece foam and thin turf design, this mat feels soft and strong as well. It will last for several thousand swings. It might be a bit larger for those who have smaller space. The mat costs $799.

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10. Cimarron 4′ x 6′ Ultimate Golf Mat

Cimarron 4' x 6' Ultimate Golf Mat

If you are looking for an affordable option among quality golf mats, the Cimarron Ultimate mat can be a good pick. It is the combination of three different turfs that lets you practice with different clubs. We recommend this mat because it’s rare to have such a solid mat that allows three different lies at this price range. 

You can use the mat both indoors and outdoors with your golf simulator. It can easily and quickly be stored. Unlike the 9 mats we reviewed before, it costs just $200. Despite being so affordable, this practice mat doesn’t sacrifice its quality and durability. 

The mat size is 4’×6′, which is larger than the putting surfaces and smaller than the full-size mats. It includes one rubber tee, tee turf, knitted nylon fairway turf, and semi-rough turf to practice with your golf woods, irons, and wedges.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Golf Mat

You don’t need to break your bank for a golf-hitting mat. What you need is to choose the one that is within your capability and will give you the best hitting experience. The question is, how will you choose such an optimal option? 

Among the many golf mats on the market, which one will be yours? You will get the answer after going through this buying guide. Whatever your purpose is, buying one or just looking at the mats, this guide will help you. Let’s rock and roll. 


The first thing you should have a clear idea about golf hitting mats is size. Golf mats come in different sizes. To practice with a small hitting net, you can go for a compact mat.

On the other hand, you can have one suitable for your stance. If you can stand and hit comfortably, the mat won’t move because your body will be able to adjust with it. 

Yet we recommend having a larger one that is full in size. It will help you hit from different angles of your hitting surface. A full-size mat will also fit a large simulator studio if you have one or are interested in having one. But for a large mat, you have to consider a high-range budget. 

Don’t forget to measure your room width and length before looking for your mat size. Cover the whole area to where you can swing with your longest club without facing any obstacles. You will get some replaceable hitting strips on some mats. The strips can be one or two feet long. Consider the length too.


A stable mat will stabilize your foot as well as stabilize itself. That means your foot or the mat won’t move during practice. The larger the mat, the more stable it is. 

We recommend having a one-piece mat where you will stand and hit from the same hitting surface. On the other hand, in a two-piece mat, you have to stand on one mat and hit from another. It’s more likely to move while swinging. 

Feel and forgiveness

To be honest, no mat can give exactly the same feel as actual grass. But yes, manufacturers have come up with new hitting mats utilizing their innovative ideas. The result is some advanced golf hitting mats that will make you feel close to the natural grass.

Not only the real feel, but you should also look for the one that will prevent joint injuries. We recommend not to have firmer mats. They may cause wrist and elbow injuries. 

Some golf mats have shock absorbers designed to protect you from injuries. Mats with more fibers can also be a good choice as they offer a soft feel than the hard ones.

The cheaper the mat, the firmer it will be. So avoid using cheaper mats that don’t give a consistent feel. Instead of better shots, spend more money and find good realistic turf interaction.


Quality mats are always durable. Less durable mats will bother you after a few weeks of your purchase. But, of course, you won’t like your mat to make a divot in the hitting surface and make it challenging for you to hit into.

So how will you know it is durable? It’s simple! Go through the reviews and feedback of customers. Look at what they are saying. Their experience will tell you whether you are buying a durable one or not.


Some hitting mats work as different hitting surfaces like putting surfaces, chipping surfaces, etc. Functional mats can be used with every golf club. Whether it’s golf driver or wood, it ensures you a safe hitting area. Make sure you can practice with all clubs in your golf bag.

Besides, hitting mats are designed to emulate different areas of golf yardage. Some mats work as fairways, some as rough, some work for teeing off. But to have extra functionality, you have to spend more. It depends on your decision what you will go for.


Larger mats are expensive. But they are worth buying. Durable mats are also relatively pricey. The advantage is you don’t have to spend five figures on a golf mat. All quality mats are available for under $1,000, except for some extra functional mats that cost more.

We would like to remind you not to buy a cheap mat. Even if you can’t afford the expensive ones, try to keep your budget more than $100. Because mats under $100 are of low quality and less entertaining. Ultimately they won’t help you improve your game. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Golf Hitting Mats

What are the benefits of a golf mat?

A golf mat is an alternative to real grass that lets you practice anytime you want. Even if you don’t have access to golf courses, you can practice your swing at home. This will help you keep score in golf and gain consistency in the game. Golf hitting mats also perform great as putting and chipping surfaces.

How thick should a golf mat be?

A golf mat should be 1 to ¼” thick. The overall thickness varies in different mats. Whether the mat will move on the floor or not depends on the thickness and softness. The least width and length of a golf mat should be 12″ and 24″ respectively.

How to keep golf mats from sliding?

To keep golf mats from sliding, place your mat on the floor using silicone glue, vinyl glue, or high-quality rubber. Find out the rubber and glues in your local hardware shop. Or you can use a wood sheet and staple non-slip rubber to the underside of it. Another way is to glue the mat to a plywood board and put removable pins in the plywood.


Keeping the golfers’ demand in mind, manufacturers made different types of quality golf hitting mats. Not just the quality, golf mats are now made affordable for many of us. If you can carefully look for the things, you need most, finding an optimal mat will be easy for you. 

Now, if you have decided to have any of the above-mentioned golf mats, tell us whether the golf mat reviews helped you or not and how is everything going there? It will be our pleasure to have your feedback and experience. Happy practicing!

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