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Golf Ball is a specially designed ball for a golf game. A golf ball has some technical features which include- dimples on its outer surface, weighing not more than 1.620 oz, and having a diameter not less than 1.680 inches. These features help to create swing and make a good flight. Golf balls are made combining 1 to 5 pieces creating different layers.

How We Review Golf Balls


We usually conduct qualitative research on the best golf balls. We make a product list of the best seller golf balls based on some features- layer construction, spin, velocity, number of dimples on its outer cover, and compression. Then we conduct individual research on each product and its customer reviews.

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Golf Ball Technology in 2019


Golf Ball technology has advanced one step further in the 21st century. The multi-layer golf balls are constructed with up to 5 mantle layers between the cover and its core. Each layer in the ball reduces its spin when you hit it with a driver. This technology helps the ball to perform within specified velocity, distance, and symmetry limits.

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Download The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Your Golf Swing!

Published in February 2019
We have compiled an ultimate guide to help you improve your golf swing with both drivers and irons. Download the guide to get a detailed insight into how certain shots work and what you need to do.
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