The 12 Best Golf Balls for Women of All Skill Levels

golf balls for women

While many think golf balls are one-size-fits-all, the truth is women often have a unique playing style. With swing speeds typically ranging from 60-90 mph, many women benefit from golf balls specifically tailored to them. Yes, it’s not just about the label. It’s about the design and compression that align with your swing.

Wondering which one to pick? We’ve curated a list of the 12 best golf balls for women, considering beginners to pros, visibility to forgiveness. Among them, the TaylorMade Kalea stands out as the best overall.

Why? It’s designed for swing speeds under 90 mph, promising an extra 5-15 yards off the tee. And with unique peach and purple options, tracking your shot became a tad more stylish. But, a word of caution: if you’re swinging above 95 mph, these might not be your best match. Stay tuned to explore them all and find what truly complements your game.

This guide is essential to ensure every shot counts and every drive lands where you want it. After all, why settle for less when you can play with the best?

Comparison of Top Golf Balls Tailored for Women

Product NameBest ForCompressionCoverConstructionPrice
TaylorMade Kalea Golf BallsWomen with <90 mph swing speed60Soft Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Callaway Reva Golf BallForgiveness & beginners30Tri-Blend Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf BallsSenior women for distance50Surlyn2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Titleist Velocity Golf Ball80-100 mph swing speed84Faster NAZ+2-pieceCheck Latest Price
TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls<105 mph swing speed & position77Cast Urethane2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallPro women with ~100 mph swing speed87Urethane3-pieceCheck Latest Price
Callaway Supersoft Golf BallsBeginners for distance47Ionomers including Paraloid2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf BallBudget-conscious & beginners90Dupont Lithium Surlyn2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Volvik Vivid Golf BallsVisibility90Ionomer3-pieceCheck Latest Price
Vice Pro Soft Golf BallsPro senior women, 75-95 mph swing speed35Urethane3-pieceCheck Latest Price
Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls60-80 mph swing speed50Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls70-85 mph swing speed58Urethane2-pieceCheck Latest Price

12 Best Golf Balls for Women Reviews

1. TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls (Best overall)

best golf balls for women

TaylorMade Kalea comes with a combination of 60 compression, 2-piece design, soft ionomer cover, and high energy react core. All of these help to get a better distance off the tee. You can expect to add 5-15 yards to your drives with swing speeds under 90 mph.

While golf balls commonly have pink, red, yellow, green, or white color options for women’s golf balls, TaylorMade Kalea has peach and purple colored balls. It will help you to track your golf balls easily when you are playing with fellow golfers. Additionally, the UV Resistant Matte Paint helps to reduce the sun fading.

It comes with a compression of 60. This makes it suitable for golfers with swing speed between 65-90 mph. But the concern is that it may not be a suitable choice for the lady golfers with swing speed more than 95 mph. These balls don’t spin as good as Callaway Chrome Soft around the green.

Benefits at a glance

  • It offers better carry distance than Callaway Chrome Soft with slower swing speeds.
  • Good to go in all weathers.
  • It offers a higher launch and great feel.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The purple Kalea balls are pretty hard to spot.
  • Golfers with more than 100 mph swing speeds might lose distance.

Final verdict

Most of the women golfers have a swing speed ranging from around 65-90 mph. Since TaylorMade Kalea performs great with swing speeds under 90 mph and comes under $20 as well, it works for most of the lady golfers. That’s why we chose these golf balls as our overall best.

2. Callaway Reva Golf Ball (Best for forgiveness)

Callaway Reva Golf Ball Review

Reva is specially engineered for women golfers to help them gain more distance and higher launch. The Tri-Blend Ionomer cover aids to provide increased distance and forgiveness.

Along with the straighter and higher launch, these women’s golf balls offer low spin. This brings added distance and assists in making a straighter shot. The 2-piece construction aids in that.

It is a great option as a beginner’s golf ball as well because of its comparatively bigger size. That offers better forgiveness. It helps to make consistent contact with the golf ball, which is a common struggle among beginners.

The size is the same as the Callaway Supersoft Max. There isn’t a noticeable difference in performance or specifications either. Just the packaging, graphic on the golf ball and color options make them different.

Benefits at a glance

  • Provides an enhanced forgiveness.
  • These golf balls assist in solid making contact.
  • It offers more distance than Callaway Supersoft.
  • Makes higher launch easier.
  • Helps to make straighter shots.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • It takes time to get used to the bigger size of these golf balls.
  • These may not fit in your regular golf ball washer.

Final verdict

Callaway Reva are for women golfers looking for distance, higher launch, straighter shot, and enhanced forgiveness. The oversized construction of the ball makes it a good option for beginner women golfers as well.

3. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls ( Best for senior women golfers)

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls Review

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite, offering better distance with slower swing speed and higher visibility with bright color options, is a great option as a golf ball for seniors.

This golf ball prioritizes distance gain with a slower swing speed. And senior women golfers mostly lose distance because of the swing speed getting slower with age. The compression rating of 50, Surlyn cover and 2-piece construction combined helps to enhance the distance with 60-80 mph swing speed.

The shot-shaping with these golf balls won’t be as good as Titliest AVX. But Wilson Staff Fifty Elite does provide a good level of greenside spin for golfers under 80 mph swing speed.

Benefits at a glance

  • It offers a great feel off the putter.
  • Provides better control than Callaway Supersoft Max.
  • Gives off a soft feel but not too squishy.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • It offers less distance compared with Callaway Supersoft Max.

Final verdict

Wilson Staff Fifty is an affordable option. It offers a balance of great feel, good distance and moderate level of control for female golfers around 60-80 mph swing speeds.

4. Titleist Velocity Golf Ball (Best for 80-100 mph swing speed)

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball Review

Titleist Velocity combines a comparatively higher compression with 2-piece design, and Faster NAZ+ cover to provide you with a balance of distance and control. You can expect to add 10- 20 yards extra to your drives with these golf balls.

It won’t offer as much control as Titliest’s famous Pro V1 for shaping your ball flight. Velocity golf balls prioritizes distance more than shot-shaping. However, the greenside spin is still pretty good for the golfers with a mid swing speed.

Benefits at a glance

  • Offers better distance than Callaway Chrome Soft.
  • Assists in making straighter shots.
  • It generates good speed on full shots.
  • The alignment aid is a plus.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • Offers less control than Callaway Chrome Soft.

Final verdict

Titleist Velocity offers a balance of both distance and greenside spin for the golfers with a swing speed around 80-100 mph. The cool front of Titliest and alignment aid is a plus for a golf ball that comes under $30.

5. TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls (Best for improving ball position)

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls Review

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls come with 2-piece construction. That helps to make the ball travel more. At the same time, the 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern offers enhanced carry distance off the tee by reducing the drag.

For those who are struggling with golf ball position, this model has a New Plus Alignment AID that helps in lining up putts. It gives instant feedback on the roll.

As it has 77 compression, it is more suitable for mid handicappers and average golfers. It may not feel soft enough for a swing speed under 60 mph. Also, if you hit it with a swing speed higher than 105 mph, the ball will lose both ball speed and distance.

Benefits at a glance

  • You can expect to add 5-15 yards to your usual drives.
  • The alignment aid assists in making more putts.
  • It offers more distance than Titleist Tour Velocity.
  • Comes at an affordable price.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • It easily gets damaged, especially with golf wedges.

Final verdict

TaylorMade Distance+ is for the women golfers with swing speed under 105 mph. It is an affordable choice to practice golf daily.

6. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball (Best for professional women golfers)

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball Review

It’s a misconception that Pro V1 isn’t for women golfers. If your swing speed is around 100 mph or more, this one is surely a great choice for shaping your ball flight.

This golf ball with a urethane cover, 3- piece design and higher compression combined, it prioritizes spin and shot-shaping. It will help you gain better distance too if you have a higher swing speed. It’s because when you hit a low compression golf ball with a higher swing speed, the ball might over-compress. That will eventually decrease the ball speed and distance.

For those with a slightly slower swing speed who like the feel of Pro V1 but losing distance, Titleist AVX might be a better choice for you.

Benefits at a glance

  • It offers better control than Titleist AVX.
  • Provides better distance than Titleist Pro V1x.
  • It is more durable than Callaway Chrome Soft.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • Not suitable for swing speed under 70 mph.

Final verdict

Pro V1 is a premium golf ball for female golfers with higher swing speed. Golfers under 70 mph swing speed might lose distance with these golf balls.

7. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (Best for beginner women golfers)

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Review

Supersoft Golf Balls by Callaway come with ultra-low compression that offers faster ball speed. It makes the balls travel further without putting much force on them. That makes it a great choice for beginners and high handicappers who have a slower swing speed.

Additionally, the 2-piece construction helps to make a straighter flight, which is a common struggle among beginner golfers.

The concern is that it doesn’t provide much control because of its ultra-low compression core. Though the lower spin rate of the ball is good for getting distance, it becomes a problem in the short game. If the short game is the priority for you, Callaway Chrome Soft is a better option for those with a swing speed above 85 mph.

Benefits at a glance

Drawbacks at a glance

  • It provides less greenside spin than Bridgestone e12 contact and Callaway Chrome soft.

Final verdict

Callaway Supersoft golf balls stand out for their ultra-low compression. It is a good option for long-distance shots. It is not for the golfers who struggle to control the ball in the short game.

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8. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball (Best for price)

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball Review

If the price is more of a priority to you, Nitro Ultimate Distance is one of the best choices.

Coming to its performance, the aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple pattern, altogether with the 2-piece construction of these golf balls helps to enhance distance.

True that you won’t get shot-shaping performance like Callaway Chrome Soft or Titliest AVX from it. But for beginners and casual players its performance is pretty similar to Callaway Warbird that comes at a higher price.

Benefits at a glance

  • One of the most affordable golf balls.
  • Helps to increase the carry distance.
  • A great choice for beginners.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The hard cover doesn’t let you shape the ball flight much.

Final verdict

Nitro Ultimate Distance is a better choice for those who have just started their golf journey and lose a good share of golf balls.

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9. Volvik Vivid Golf Balls (Best for visibility)

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls Review

Performance is absolutely our first priority while choosing a golf ball. But it does feel good to have a golf ball that stands out. Though getting a customized ball is the best choice for that, it isn’t always possible to go for a bigger budget. Here Volvik Vivid can be an affordable solution that stands out with its several color options and matte finish.

Having different color options makes it easier to spot when hitting the golf ball. While the matte finish decreases glare and helps you make a solid contact.

As for the carry and roll distance of the golf ball, its Nano Bi High Energy Resilient Core assists in providing low driver spin and increased distance. Additionally, its 3 line alignment aid makes it beginner friendly.

Benefits at a glance

  • It offers high visibility.
  • Assists in getting a higher shot.
  • Helps to make better contact with the golf ball.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • It doesn’t give off much of a soft feel.

Final verdict

Volvik Vivid is the best for its visibility. It lets you strike better, especially in summer by reducing the sun glare.

10. Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls (Best for professional senior golfers)

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls Review

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls have a 336 dimple design with a urethane cover. The pearl, lime, and red color options give out a stylish look with the matte finish. It offers better visibility and tour ball-like feel while prioritizing distance. This makes it a great option for those professional women golfers who are losing distance with age.

The Utherane cover and 3-piece construction aids in increasing control over the ball. While the compression rating being lower than Vice Pro golf ball, Vice Pro Soft helps in better distance gain.

However, it won’t provide as much control as Vice Pro golf balls. Pro Soft prioritizes distance more than the greenside spin. That’s why if your swing speed is more than 100mph or you don’t struggle to get better distance, it may not be an ideal choice for you.

Benefits at a glance

  • You can expect to get 5-12 yards extra distance with comparatively slower swing speeds.
  • Provides more control over the ball.
  • The matte finish makes it easier to spot both in air and rough.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • It gets dirty comparatively more often than other golf balls.

Final verdict

Vice Pro Soft Golf is the best choice for women golfers with a swing speed of 75 mph to 95 mph. It offers both distance and control because of the combination of urethane cover, 3-piece construction, and low compression.

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11. Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls (Best for 60-80 mph swing speeds)

Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls Review

Lady Precept golf balls offer increased distance because of comparatively lower compression and soft cover.

The 2-piece construction of these golf balls helps to make your ball flight straighter as well. All these are great for beginner golfers to perform better with a swing speed under 80 mph to gain better distance.

However, it might not get optimal results for more than 85 mph swing speeds. This much swing speed might over-compress the golf ball and have you lose distance.

Benefits at a glance

  • It gives out a soft feel.
  • It helps to make straighter flight.
  • You feel less vibration when you hit the golf ball.
  • Comes at a more affordable price than Bridgestone e12.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • It is comparatively less durable than Bridgestone e12.

Final verdict

The highlight of Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls is its affordable price, soft feel, and long-distance. It’s a good option for you if you have a swing speed under 80 mph.

12. Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls Review

Srixon Soft Feel Lady golf balls help to get a higher launch and makes the golf ball travel further. The Core construction named ‘FASTLAYER CORE’ helps transfer energy from the swing to make the golf ball go faster.

Additionally, the ionomer cover and 2-piece design assists in adding extra distance. You can expect to add 5-10 yards to your drives.

As it has 58 compression, it isn’t suitable for swing speed more than 90 mph. These golf balls might feel too soft for them. Golfers with swing speed around 70-85 mph will get the best results in terms of distance and greenside spin.

Benefits at a glance

  • It performs well in humid conditions as well.
  • Offers straighter ball flight.
  • The dimple pattern helps increase carry.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • Not suitable for swing speeds over 90 mph.

Final verdict

Srixon Soft Feel Lady is a great option for beginners and senior women golfers with 70-85 mph swing speed.

Things To Consider For Selecting The Best Women’s Golf Ball

Choosing the correct golf ball for women is even more tricky as there aren’t many tailored women’s golf balls available in the market. Just like matching the golf clubs with players’ game style improves the overall performance, the right golf balls also contribute in keeping the golf score lower. To make that happen you need to consider the compression, dimple, design, and the whole construction as well.

It’s important to keep in mind that a golf ball’s performance is a combined form of all these factors. Just considering one factor won’t be of much help. Let’s find out about them real quick.

1. Lower compression rate

The first thing you need to see in a golf ball is the compression. In simple words, it means how hard or how soft the ball is. A golf ball with the ideal compression rate in terms of your swing speed helps acquire more distance without putting much force on the ball.

Golf balls for men usually have a compression between 65-100. For ladies, it is mostly a bit lower to suit their naturally slower swing speed. So, soft balls that have a compression rate around 40-70 works for most of the female golfers. These balls will be easier to compress, meaning better carry and roll distance with slower swing speed. Here the lower the compression rate is, the softer the feel.

Now, the question is how to find out the ideal compression rate for your playing style? The easiest way is to know your swing speed. Remember to take a look next time when you get on the golf launch monitor in the driving range. The general is to choose the compression as close as the swing speed in mph.

If your golf driver swing speed is between 85-95 mph, compression ranging from 80-100 is suggested for a balance of distance and spin. While for the golfers with 105 mph or above driver swing speed, high compression golf balls are a good choice. And for better distance, go for a golf ball with 10-20 numbers less than your swing speed in mph.

For example, if your swing speed is 70 mph, a golf ball with 50-60 compression is expected to offer you a better distance than usual.

2. Ball construction

The construction of the ball tells a lot about the performance. Two-piece construction, three-piece golf ball, or multi-layer structure are pretty common terms that the manufacturers use. It mainly affects the spin, flight, and control over the shot.

Most women’s golf balls are two-piece balls. They are easier to hit and often travel more. It also offers straighter flight and reduces slices. But it’s not so great in the greens as they go further with less force. Whereas three-piece golf balls offer enhanced spin and control.

3. Urethane vs. Surlyn cover

A golf ball’s outer layer or the cover is usually made of Urethane, Surlyn or Ionomer. Urethane provides a softer feel and enhanced spin than Surlyn or Ionomer. But it is less durable than the Surlyn cover. On the other hand, golf balls with Surlyn cover usually spin less. They are very durable and may offer better distance.

As for women’s golf balls, Surlyn is more suitable as it offers more distance. If you want increased control over the short-distance shot, Urethane is the better choice.

4. Dimple

Next up are the dimples on the golf balls. They may seem very random. But they are placed and designed to make the air flow smoothly around the ball. To simply put, a golf ball with dimples goes further and higher than a non-dimple golf ball.

The design and the number of dimples on a golf ball can have an impact on the distance your balls travel. Look for high trajectory dimples in balls. This should help you to hit good shots that travel more distance even with slower swing speed.

Special Guide for Women Golfers

Swing speed

Most of the women golfers have a swing speed of 60-70 mph. You need to consider the swing speed while selecting the correct golf equipment. It’s not something to be shy of. It is something very natural.

Better control

As a woman golfer, you should look for more control on landing the ball in the right area while playing around the green. When you go for the 50-yard hit, distance is not what you need, you need more control. Urethane cover, 3-piece construction and higher compression are the features that help to increase control.

Ball flight

Gaining good ball flight is a major problem for most women golfers. Because of the low swing speed, most women can’t hit the ball high and far. So, gaining good ball flight should be in your consideration as well.

The feel

When you hit, you should get a good feel. Whether you like it hard or soft depends on your preference. Golf balls that feel softer usually go further with less force. This is good for gaining more distance. But at the same time, it becomes a problem when you want to hit short-distance shots.

FAQ about Women’s Golf Ball


Choose the best golf ball for yourself to score better and strike every shot with more confidence. Hope our reviews of the 12 best golf balls for women and short buying guide helped you in this process. Let us know the name of the golf balls you are using. And if you are looking for your first golf ball, did you like any from the above list? Leave the name in the comment section.

Happy golfing.

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