10 Best Golf Ball for Mid Handicappers: Maximizing Performance and Control

Best golf ball for mid handicapper

As a mid-handicap golfer, the right equipment can significantly improve your performance. With myriad golf ball options, it can be tough to pick the perfect one. But fret not; this guide is here to assist you in finding the best golf balls for mid handicappers like you. We will explore what makes a golf ball apt for mid-handicap players and delve into the top ones available today. Whether you’re aiming for more distance, better control, or improved feel around the greens, we’ve got you covered.

Highlighted among our top picks is the Titleist Velocity, an excellent choice for golfers who wish to hit farther off the tee while maintaining control around the green. Its large LSX core enables faster speeds with longer clubs, while the NaX+ cover lowers spin for better playability from the green. The ball’s unique design features 350 octahedral dimples for high and straight flights and a mid-range compression of 65 for a firm feel and good control. Its standout feature is the combination of high ball speeds off the driver and a low spin rate, crucial for those seeking extra distance off the tee.

Stick around as we further unpack these features, helping you elevate your game and choose wisely. This guide is the answer to your golf ball selection dilemmas.

Comparison of the 10 Best Golf Balls for Mid-Handicappers

Product NameBest ForCompressionCoverConstructionPrice
1. Titleist VelocityMost distance off the tee65Surlyn2-pieceCheck Latest Price
2. Callaway Chrome SoftCombination of distance and soft feel70Urethane3-pieceCheck Latest Price
3. Wilson Duo SoftDistance, accuracy, and consistency40Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
4. Callaway SupersoftSuper soft feel38Hybrid2-pieceCheck Latest Price
5. Srixon Soft Feel 2023Low-compression golf ball60Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
6. Bridgestone Tour B RXAll-around golf ball75Urethane3-pieceCheck Latest Price
7. Titleist Pro V1Premium golf ball87Urethane3-pieceCheck Latest Price
8. Taylormade Tour ResponseSoft feel, distance, and overall performance70Urethane3-pieceCheck Latest Price
9. Mizuno RB 566Soft feel, distance, and overall performance75Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
10. Bridgestone e6 2023Straighter ball flight and reduced sidespin50Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price

10 Best Golf Ball For Mid Handicappers

1. Titleist Velocity

Titleist Velocity

Compression Rate: Approximately 65
Best Swing Speed: Slow to medium swing speeds.
Construction: 2-piece
Cover: Surlyn
Dimple Pattern: 350
Best for: Most distance off the tee.

The Titleist Velocity Golf Balls are great for golfers with a mid-score who want to hit the ball farther off the tee without losing control around the green. These two-piece balls have a large LSX core that makes them go faster with longer clubs and a NaX+ cover that lowers spin and makes them easier to play from the green.

The 350 octahedral dimples on the Velocity ball make it fly high and straight, perfect for players who want to get the most distance off the tee. The mid-range compression grade of 65 gives the ball a firm feel and good control, and the new matte finishes in orange, pink, and green make it easier to track the ball in the air and on the green.

The Velocity ball stands out because it can get high ball speeds off the driver, and its low spin rate is excellent for those who need more space off the tee. 

The Titleist Velocity ball’s cover has material that is not only strong but also softer, more responsive, and good at absorbing power. This material is part of the ball’s spring system, which lets you get more yards without losing control of the ball.


  • Titleist Velocity golf balls have a big core, which means they collapse less and go farther.
  • It provides an outstanding amount of carry off the tee and a high level of control over spin around the green.
  • The new shape with dimples makes the plane more aerodynamic and helps it take off higher.
  • High-quality materials


  • Not the least expensive ball on the market

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2. Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft

Compression Rate: 70
Swing Speed: Average swing speeds
Construction: 3-piece
Cover: Urethane
Dimple Pattern: 332
Best for: Combination of distance and soft feel

The Callaway Chrome Soft is the best example of a high-end golf ball designed for golfers with average swing speeds who want to get the most out of their game. 

It features a three-piece construction comprising a mantle layer and a new hyper-elastic SoftFast Core. This core technology improves compression and general performance, improving your game for everything from long drives to precise short-game shots. 

The soft urethane cover adds to the ball’s great feel and control, making it perfect for players whose driver swing speeds are between 80 and 95mph. 

With a compression rating of 70, the Chrome Soft strikes a balance between softness and responsiveness, making it an ideal choice for golfers seeking a blend of feel and distance.

Callaway’s Precision Technology is one of the most important new features in the new Chrome Soft. This accuracy leads to faster ball speed, tighter dispersions, and overall improved performance on the course.

The Chrome Soft also has a HEX Tour Aero dimple shape, which maximizes carry distance and reduces drag. This aerodynamic feature helps the ball work well in various weather conditions.

The Callaway Chrome Soft is the best golf ball for mid-handicappers who want a premium experience. It is a top choice because of its low driver spin, soft feel, and improved distance. Even though it doesn’t spin as much as the best balls around the green, it comes close and performs well throughout your whole round. 


  • Center that provides exceptional off-the-tee performance
  • When hit with longer clubs, this ball travels a great distance.
  • Superior accuracy and control from close to the green.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Some players may experience increased spin due to the lower compression core.

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3. Wilson Duo Soft

Wilson Duo Soft

Compression Rate: 40
Swing Speed: Slow to moderate swing speed
Construction: 2-piece
Cover: Ionomer
Dimple Pattern: 302
Best for: Distance, accuracy, and consistency.

Wilson is known for making high-quality golf balls, and their Duo Soft is a great choice for golfers with a mid-level handicap who want a soft feel, more distance, accuracy, and consistency.

It features a two-piece construction designed to give you the best performance on the course. With a low compression rating of 40, this ball works well with slower swing speeds, allowing for easy compression and maximum energy transfer upon impact.

The mid-hardness ionomer cover is soft, so your shots will feel great throughout the game. Also, the 302 dimple design improves launch conditions, promoting a high and stable trajectory for better distance and accuracy.

Wilson designed a new core for the Duo Soft to improve energy transfer to the ball and inject it with a peptizing agent that increases ball speed. The ball’s improved aerodynamics allow less driver spin, leading to more consistent and direct shots.  

This ball has a wide range of colors, so everyone can find one they like. The Duo Soft comes in the standard white color, yellow, green, orange, red, and white/blue. 

It is resistant to scratches and scuffs, which makes it an excellent choice for golfers who want a ball that will last through several games.


  • The softer cover produces more spin on the green. 
  • Hexagonal dimple pattern redesign for enhanced low-spin aerodynamics
  • Available in a range of color
  • Ideal for taking long, accurate shots at the game.


  • Not recommended for golfers with faster swings.

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4. Callaway Supersoft

Callaway Supersoft

Compression Rate: 38
Best Swing Speed: Slower swing speed
Construction: 2-piece
Cover: Hybrid
Dimple Pattern: 332
Best for: Super soft feel

Callaway supersoft has been known for a long time as a famous golf ball, and golfers still love it. With its unique features and design, it’s no surprise that Supersoft is an excellent choice for mid-handicappers.

 This ball has been very famous over the years, and its low compression rating of 38 makes it easy for golfers with slower swing speeds to compress it, resulting in impressive ball speed.

But the Supersoft is not just about how soft it is. It also does well in speed, durability, and getting a high launch and low long-game spin. It has a surprising amount of spin control around the greens, giving players a well-rounded performance.

Mid-handicappers often have trouble with hooks and slices, but Supersoft’s low spin helps mitigate these issues. It is forgiving and stable, which helps players hit shots that are straighter and more steady.

The Supersoft has two-piece construction and a HyperElastic SoftFast Core in the middle. This core design makes the ball go faster and feels softer, avoiding a firmer feel that some players might not like. Also, the Hybrid Cover has been changed to make more contact with the golf club head, improving wedge control and shot accuracy.

The HEX Aerodynamics of the Supersoft contributes significantly to its outstanding performance. By reducing drag and boosting lift, these aerodynamics give you more carry, distance, and stopping power, especially as you get closer to the greens.

Since golf balls come in different colors now, this product gives you a lot of choices. The most common color for these golf balls is white, but they can also be green, orange, pink, red, or yellow. As a plus, each color is much brighter than most other golf ball brands.


  • It offers an exceptional feel and control of the green
  • Good distance and trajectory off the tee.
  • Made for players whose swing speeds are slow to medium


  • The ball lacks smoothness in its roll.

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5. Srixon Soft Feel 2023

Srixon Soft Feel

Compression Rate: 60
Best Swing Speed: Slow to moderate swing speeds.
Construction: 2-piece
Cover: Ionomer
Dimple Pattern: 344
Best for: Low-compression golf ball

Srixon has made a significant mark in the golf ball manufacturing sector, becoming a major participant in the market. It is a fantastic option for golfers who want low-compression balls but value feels on the greens.

It works best for golfers whose swing speeds are below 90 miles per hour but is still helpful for those with slightly higher swing speeds. 

The two-piece construction and big core of the ball make it move quickly off the driver, and the ionomer cover gives it a great feel and control around the green.

Its FastLayer core technology is among the best things about the balls. It makes the balls feel softer and transfers energy more efficiently, which gives you more distance. The ball also has a 338-speed dimple design, which reduces drag when launched and dramatically improves its flight.

They are great for golfers who don’t want their ball to spin too much, want a soft cover on the outside, and still want a solid distance ball for their short game. The low compression rate of 60 and the two-piece design of the ball make it softer and more sensitive, help the ball fly straighter, and make recovering from shots that go off-course easier.

With their high-tech features and low prices, these golf balls are an excellent deal for players who want to improve on the course.


  • Offers excellent control of spin on the green.
  • Resists wind instability and maintains the trajectory
  • Highly noticeable in an open area
  • With a powerful core that helps the ball bounce back


  • Scratches are more likely to appear on thin-cover materials.

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6. Bridgestone Tour B RX

Bridgestone Tour B RX

Compression Rate: 75
Swing Speed: Moderate swing speeds
Construction: 3-piece
Cover: Urethane
Dimple Pattern: 338
Best for: All-around golf ball

The Bridgestone Tour B RX golf ball is a high-quality ball made for players with a mid-handicap who want excellent performance and value. This ball has three pieces and a Gradational Compression Core with a lower compression grade of 75. 

This makes it easier for players with slower swing speeds to compress the ball for better performance. The Tour B RX also has a Premium Fast Core and a Reactive Urethane Cover, which give it great reach, low spin on long shots, and medium spin on short shots.

One of the best things about the Tour B RX is its softness. This is great for 

players with a mid-handicap who value control and feel around the greens. 

In addition, the Reactive Urethane Cover on this ball makes it easy for players to stop it where they want. The SlipRes Cover is also long-lasting and has a great feel and better spin on the green.

It has 338 dimples on its cover, which help to improve its physics so that the ball flies in the same direction every time and doesn’t get stuck in the air. As a result, this ball gives you much space on long shots and control on short shots. The RX’s compression also helps lessen sidespin so that shots go straighter.

The Bridgestone Tour B RX golf ball is a fantastic alternative for golfers with a mid-handicap because of its high quality and low pricing. The Tour B RX is an excellent choice for a ball that gives you distance and control around the green. Even after much use, the distance and spin will stay the same, making it an excellent purchase for your game.


  • Ball flight is enhanced by dual dimple technology, which decreases drag.
  • Driving accuracy and consistency are improved by reducing driver spin.


  • This Bridgestone ball may not last as long as others. 

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7. Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1

Compression Rate: Approximately 87
Swing Speed: Moderate to Above swing speeds
Construction: 3-piece
Cover: Urethane
Dimple Pattern: 352
Best for: Premium golf ball

If you are searching for a golf ball that can elevate your performance on the golf course, look no further than the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball. This ball is the ultimate solution for unlocking your potential on the course. This top-of-the-line ball has a compression rating of about 90, which makes it great for players with fast swings who can compress the ball on impact.

The new design of the Pro V1 is what makes it stand out from other golf balls on the market. It has a next-generation 2.0 ZG core process, an ionomeric casing layer, and a soft urethane elastomer cover. This unique design gives players the power they need without making them lose control or spin on shots close to the green.

The Pro V1 has power and consistency that can’t be beaten, making it an excellent choice for players with a mid-handicap who want to improve their game. In addition, it has a low spin off the tee and a high spin around the green, which makes it easy to handle all kinds of shots.

It has a soft core and urethane cover. It also has a great spin rate, ball speed, and side spin. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for mid-handicap players who want a high-quality ball that feels soft and plays well.

With its new 388-optimized dimple shape, the Pro V1 has a lower, more consistent flight path while keeping its soft feel. This shape makes players feel more confident around the greens, especially those who need more control over the spin.

Whether you are a novice golfer or a seasoned pro with years of experience, the Pro V1 golf ball is the ideal choice.


  • Provides a lower ball flight for greater distance.
  • It has a smooth feel and more spin around the greens.
  • Provides excellent control and feel, resulting in higher scoring potential.


  • Certainly more costly than your standard golf ball.

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8. Taylormade Tour Response

Taylormade Tour Response

Compression Rate: 70
Swing Speed: Moderate to fast swing speeds.
Construction: 3-piece
Cover: Urethane
Dimple Pattern: 322

Looking for the perfect balance of power, control, and feel in a golf ball? The TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball is all you need. This ball is excellent for mid-handicappers who want to improve their game. It feels soft, has a low compression grade of 70, and is made of three pieces.

The Tour Response ball has a Hi-Spring Core that improves energy transfer and ball speed at impact. The golf ball’s second layer, which features the innovative Speedmantle technology with High Flex Modulus, is notably firmer than the core. This design facilitates a powerful ball launch upon impact with the clubface.

And the Soft Tech urethane cover on the Tour Response ball is one of its best features. It improves the ball’s touch and control, making it ideal for use on the green. This feature is essential for mid-handicap golfers who depend on their short game to lower their scores. The cover also makes it easier for the holes on shorter irons to catch the ball and spin it.

The Tour Response ball is impressive in terms of how well it works. It gives you a good feel and control around the green and makes the ball go fast when you hit it with the driver. It is also very sturdy, and the way it is made is excellent.

This golf ball is suitable for golfers of all skill levels, but it benefits players with a mid handicap who want to improve their game. This ball can help mid-handicappers reach their goals on the course because it has a good balance of distance, control, and feel. So, if you want a ball to help you play better and get better at golf, the TaylorMade Tour Response is a great choice.


  • A low-compression, high-spring-core design provides more cushioning without sacrificing speed or distance.
  • A relatively inexpensive option for golf balls of this quality.
  • Improved spin and longer life on the green thanks to a cast urethane cover.
  • An additional casing layer surrounds the core for high ball velocity and low compression.


  • Urethane tends to scuff more easily.
  • This ball may not be the best choice for fast-swing players.

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9. Mizuno RB 566

Mizuno RB 566

Compression Rate: 75
Swing Speed: Mid and slower swing speeds
Construction: 2-piece
Cover: Ionomer
Dimple Pattern: 566
Best for: Soft feel, distance, and overall performance

The Mizuno RB 566 is a great golf ball for mid-handicappers and golfers with slow to medium swing speeds. 

With a compression value of 75, it is soft and perfect for people who like a softer ball. In addition, because it is made of two pieces and has an ionomer cover, it can be used at all swing speeds when cold or wet and between medium and slow when it is warm or dry.

The RB 566’s unique 566 micro-dimple design is one of its best features. It lowers drag and makes the most of spin to get impressive distances. The golf ball also has a low-compression core, which helps it fly straight and for a long time, making it a good choice for players with a mid-handicap.

Compared to other top types of golf balls, the Mizuno RB 566 performs very well and costs less. Some golfers might not like how the plastic sounds when the putter face hits the ball, but this is a small complaint that is easy to overlook when you look at how well the RB 566 performs.

The Mizuno RB 566 is an excellent choice for golfers with a mid-handicap who want a high-performance ball at a fair price. It has a soft feel, great speed, and a unique micro-dimple design that sets it apart from other golf balls.


  • The RB 566’s Ionomer cover makes it very long-lasting.
  • Because of its innovative micro-dimple 566 design, the ball can travel a considerable distance before its descent.
  • With this ball, you can hit the ball further with both your driver and your irons.
  • Ideal for faster swing speeds.


  • The RB 566 scuff easily; thus, you may see marks and cuts on the balls shortly after you use them.

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10. Bridgestone e6 2023

Bridgestone e6

Compression Rate: Approximately 50
Swing Speed: Low to medium swing speed
Construction: 2 piece
Cover: Ionomer
Dimple Pattern: 322
Best for: Straighter ball flight and reduced sidespin.

Golfers have liked the Bridgestone e6 golf ball for more than 14 years. Each new version has improved, with a softer feel, more distance, and better spin control.

Its soft feel has been made even better, making it easy to compress and launch and giving it great performance from the tee to the green. In addition, the two-piece design, consisting of a reformulated gradational compression core and Surlyn cover with seamless cover technology, optimizes feel and spin.

The 330 dimple design on the E6 helps the ball go as far as possible and gives you good control over spin around the greens. 

One thing that makes the e6 line stand out is its low compression rate of 50. 

As a result, it makes it easy to compress and launch every shot for maximum distance, which is excellent for players whose swing speeds are just right—not too fast or slow. 

The e6’s Delta Dimple design lowers air resistance and makes the ball fly more consistently, which helps golfers hit straighter shots. And the bright colors, especially the yellow one, make it easier to keep track of your ball’s path and find it after slices and hooks. 

The Bridgestone e6 golf balls are an excellent choice for players who want a long-distance ball that works well and doesn’t cost much. If you have a mid handicap and want to improve your scores, consider the e6 line of golf balls.


  • Low compression core helps slow swing speeds get more distance 
  • Soft feel for more control and feel on shots
  • Available in both white and yellow, which makes it easier to see and keep track of the ball on the course.


  • Some reported irregular dimples cause the ball to wobble or spin erratically in flight, losing distance or accuracy.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Golf Ball For Mid-Handicappers

There are many golf balls on the market, and if you are a mid-handicapper and don’t know what to look for, you don’t have to know which one to choose. Instead, this guide will teach you more about this. 

Here are the most important things to consider while picking out a golf ball.


The compression number of a golf ball shows how tight or loose the core threads are. Low-compression golf balls have looser threads, which makes them feel softer, spin more, and go farther. But players who still have trouble controlling their swings can have trouble with too much spin. 

Low-compression balls are best for new golfers, older golfers, women golfers, and players with high handicaps who tend to swing slowly.

Medium-compression golf balls are a good choice for mid-handicappers still working on making their shots more consistent because they are a good mix of soft and hard. The only bad thing about them is that they aren’t as popular as low-compression or high-compression balls.

High-compression golf balls are best for advanced players or pros who can hit the ball accurately and want to get as far as possible. They are tougher and have tighter core threads, which makes them spin less and go in a straighter line.

Overall, people with a mid handicap should use moderately stiff golf balls to improve their shots.


A golf ball’s performance can vary widely depending on its cover material. Covers can be found in surlyn, ionomer, or urethane.

Covers made of surlyn or ionomer are tough, last longer, and are usually less expensive than other types. They also give mid-handicap golfers good control over their short-game shots, which is essential.

And covers made of urethane make golf balls feel softer and give you more control, especially on short iron shots. Professional golfers often use them, but they can be more expensive.

Overall, golfers with a mid-handicap should choose a surlyn or ionomer-covered ball to get more distance off the tee. 


For golfers with a mid-handicap, the dimples on the ball can make a big difference in how well they play. A golf ball with the correct dimples can help you get the most distance and accuracy, while a ball with the wrong dimples can make you play less well.

People with a middle handicap should look for a golf ball between 350 and 360 dimples, which balances distance and control. The shape of the dimples is also essential. Spherical dimples are more common and work well in most situations. Golf balls can also differ in the arrangement of their dimples, with some featuring a symmetrical pattern and others an asymmetrical one.


If you know how a golf ball is made, you can make better decisions and improve your game. A golf ball has a core and a shell. The materials that make up the core and shell affect how the ball moves in the air and on the ground.

Most golfers with a mid-handicap use a ball with two or three layers. Usually, a 2-piece golf ball has a solid rubber body and a surlyn or urethane cover.

This layout lets you get more distance off the tee and roll the ball down the fairway. The surlyn cover also makes the ball more durable to last longer. The problem with a 2-piece ball is that you might be unable to control it around the green.

A 3-piece golf ball has an extra layer of rubber, which makes it feel softer and gives you more control over where and how the ball goes around the greens. The rubber core gives it distance, and the extra layer gives it spin and control. 

The best golf ball for a player with a mid handicap will ultimately rely on the player’s swing speed, level of skill, and personal preferences. For example, some mid-handicappers might like a 2-piece ball because it goes farther and stays straighter, while others might like a 3-piece ball because it gives them more control and spin. 

You must try different kinds of balls to find the best one for your game.


Many golfers don’t think about the ball’s color and finish when choosing a golf ball. While white balls are popular, high-visibility golf balls come in various colors, such as green, yellow, and orange, and may even have a matte finish to reduce reflection.

Mid-handicap golfers may have trouble finding their ball on the course. Golf balls with bright colors can help them keep track of the ball while it’s in the air and find it when it lands. Specifically, orange balls work well when it’s sunny and clear during the day; yellow balls work well when there’s less light, and green balls work well when it’s cloudy.

So, if you have trouble finding your ball, you might want to use a brightly colored golf ball. While white balls are fine, a colored ball can make your life a little easier and add some personality to your game.


When choosing the best golf balls for mid-handicappers, it’s essential to consider a spin.  

You want to choose a golf ball to help you get more distance off the tee and stop quickly on the green if you have a medium handicap. For example, a low-spin golf ball can help you get more distance off the tee because it has less side spin and is more forgiving when you hit it off-center. 

On the other hand, a golf ball with a lot of spins can help you stop the ball quickly on the green and even make it spin back toward you.


As a golfer with a medium handicap, it’s essential to consider how much golf balls cost before buying them. Even though expensive balls might work better and last longer, you don’t always need them to improve your game. 

On the other hand, many high-quality golf balls can help golfers with a mid-range handicap do well.

Ultimately, the price of a golf ball should be a factor in your decision, but it shouldn’t be the only factor.


If you are a mid-handicapper, the right golf ball can significantly affect how well you play. When choosing, you must consider how fast you swing, how many spins you need, and your skill level.

There are many reasonably priced golf balls on the market that work well for mid-handicappers all around. By trying out different brands and models, you can find the one that fits you best and helps you keep your handicap or lower it.

Ultimately, the secret to success on the golf course is practice, patience, and the proper equipment, including the correct golf ball. So research and experiment to improve your game and enjoy the green.

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