Golf Simulator is an indoor system to play your favorite sport, practice and improve in all seasons. Simulators are built with advanced technology that is capable of analyzing your swing and performance in-depth and provide you accurate output. Here you can find the best golf simulators, in-depth product reviews, and all the resources you need to perfectly play golf at your home.

What is a Golf Simulator?

What Is a Golf Simulator

A golf simulator is a computerized system that creates a similar setting of golf using modern technologies. It will allow you to play golf at your own home, garage or office with a realistic experience.

A golf simulator will analyze your data with the help of software calculation and graphic monitor. Thus it will show you how well you played.

How Much is a Golf Simulator Cost?

Starting from $400 to $70,000 the price range of different types of golf simulators varies. This is because all golf simulators are not the same in quality. But you can get some simulators with high-quality equipment at reasonable prices if you have the idea of best golf simulators brands and their simulator packages. An average price for a quality golf simulator is $10,000.

Affordable Golf Simulators

An affordable golf simulator’s cost with advanced features and technology starts from $400 to $1000

Best Value Golf Simulators

You can expect the best golf simulator with high quality features and equipment within $15,000

Premium Golf Simulators

An average price for the best premium golf simulator available on the market is within $20,000 – $70,000

Types of Golf Simulators

There are 3 main types of golf simulators based on the technology they are made of: 1. Photometric 2. Radar 3. Infrared   

SkyTrak and Foresight Sports are the examples of photometric simulators that take high speed images. Similarly there are different types of simulators using these three technologies. Let’s have a look.


Simulators based on the photometric technology are designed to control the lighting system of camera. The purpose of this technology is to increase the visual quality of a golf simulator. 

The photometric sensors help to analyze the data relevant to ball trajectory, ball distance, ball speed etc. Photometric-based golf simulators control the illuminance levels, luminance ratios, and glare. Browse more to know which simulators are based on photometric technology, what their features are and what benefits you are getting from them.

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Radar doppler technology is also relevant to ball data. But simulators based on this technology are a little bit different from that of the photometric. Doppler is a microwave signal that basically works to measure the ball data. But before measuring the data, it needs a little more space for the golf ball to move a short distance.

Radar golf simulators help the projector to reveal high resolution pictures along with the ball data measurements on the screen. And you get a realistic view in your doppler radar golf simulators.

TruGolf Vista 10 Pro Simulator


Infrared golf simulators work by tracking the position of the clubhead. First, they emit a light signal and it captures the clubhead position when you swing. These golf simulators are different from those of photometric and radar. Because infrared golf simulators are not relevant to the golf ball or they don’t deal between a ball and a club.

They just provide club information. The only limitation they have is that they don’t give as accurate as the photometric and radar golf simulator.

What is The Best Golf Simulator for you?

High-quality golf simulators designed by the most advanced technology offering game improvement features and accurate data measurements are the best golf simulators for you. Sometimes you get such a simulator with every advantage even at a reasonable price if you can purchase a simulator from any of the renowned brands. 

But the question is, how can you choose the best one? Do you need a lot of research that can kill your time? No, here you get a list of the best home golf simulators according to their price, quality and accuracy. 

Golf Simulator Brands

You can’t expect good performance from all simulators available on the market. Only the simulators of renowned brands can give you exactly what you expect and what you require. There’s no chance of being disappointed at all. Brands like SkyTrak or TruGolf produce high-quality golf simulators using advanced technology that will provide you accurate data measurement, game improvement features, durability and the advantages of versatility as well.

Here is a list of top golf simulator brands that are well known for their industry-leading activities and quality products.   



SkyTrak is the name of an industry-leading golf simulator brand that manufactures high-quality golf equipment.

Foresight Sports


Foresight Sports is a remarkable golf simulator brand for manufacturing the most accurate data measurement quality products.



TruGolf has become a global leading brand for its golf simulators giving high-definition and realistic simulation experience. 



OptiShot golf simulator is a popular name in golf industry for producing the most advanced and innovative simulation system.

How Accurate Golf Simulators Are?

The golf simulator’s accuracy mainly depends on what simulator you are using. High quality golf simulators will obviously give you the accurate result by calculating every pinpoint data. In this case, stimulators can be 80-98% accurate. So to have accurate results, 

  • Make sure you have a simulator of top brands. 
  • Gather the quality equipment of golf
  • Concentrate in your swing
  • Check out if you have a suitable setting

How Does a Golf Simulator Work?

How golf simulator work

A golf simulator works by analyzing and calculating golf shot. To be more specific, a golf simulator works by the sensors, cameras and software that inspect the stroke. Total inspection on the speed, spin and the launch angle prepare the result.

Thus your golf simulator will work and the projector screen provided by your simulator will give you a virtual view of your shot with a realistic feeling.

Materials Needed to Setup Golf Simulator

A golf simulator is basically a coordination of some components. The materials you will need to set up a golf simulator are the hitting mat, projector, projector screen, net, launch monitor, simulation software, computer or smartphone etc. You can skip some of these materials as all of them are not compulsory for setting up a golf simulator. So if you want, you can set up your simulator just with a launch monitor, golf hitting mat, projector and a side barrier net.

But to have a realistic golf experience, we would like to suggest you gather all of the materials.

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A quality mat will help you have the experience of playing golf on real grass. You can control your ball flight by practicing on a hitting mat.

GC2 Launch Monitor Review


To protect your simulator from your shots as well as any damage, golf hitting net is a must. A solid net will catch your flying ball and return it.

GC2 Launch Monitor Review


Projector will show you where your shots are heading and how well you played. Without a projector screen, you will not have any feedback.

GC2 Launch Monitor Review

Launch Monitor

A launch monitor is an electronic device that will calculate all of your data after hitting the golf ball such as the ball flight, launch angle, ball spin etc.

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