7 Best Golf Nets to Practice and Improve Your Golf Skill

best golf nets

The best way to practice golf is by hitting the ball with proper golf swings. To do so, you will need to know swing basics, have a golf net along with a golf club and ball. Having a golf net allows you to practice golf regardless of the time and location. 

And a golf passionate person loves to have a swing every now and then to increase their swing speed. There are plenty of nets available in the market. But which one to choose? It is a tough task, especially if you are building your own golf simulator enclosure or practice area. 

If you are one of them and looking for the best golf nets, this article will help you the most. In this article, we will be sharing our review on top golf nets available in the market alongside a buying guide to help you find the best match for you. 

7 Best Golf Net Reviews

There are many nets available in the market that can be used for golf practice. We categorized the most popular golf nets into 3 major categories. Driving nets, chipping nets, and golf enclosures. 

The driving nets and chipping nets are reviewed in this article. You will find the golf enclosure review in our dedicated article on them as well.

1. GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net

GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net

The GoSports golf net is one of the best golf nets under the $150 budget. It is available in 2 different sizes; 10’x7’ and 7’x7’ and 2 different colors as well. So you can choose the best match for your space availability. 

The net features a bow-type frame that is easy to install and fold, and you can also carry it in the bag provided in the package. As a result, you can use the net outdoors as well. The pro version of this net also features a hex pocket. It is designed to stand out from the other models and neatly collect golf balls during practice. 

We recommend the 10’x7’ PRO model if you don’t have any budget or space-related concerns. As it allows you a larger area to hit. Also has a pocket feature to collect the balls. It reduces the time and hardship of collecting the balls after playing them all around the net.  


  • 2 color options to choose from. 
  • The hex pocket feature helps you collect the balls for yourself. 
  • The price of the golf net is reasonable. 
  • Easily foldable and portable


  • Several users complained that the color of the nets fades away with time. 
  • The package weighs about 10 KG

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2. The Net Return Pro Series V2 Multi-Sport Golf Net

The Net Return Pro Series V2 Multi-Sport Golf Net

The Net Return Pro is a premium multi-sport net that can be used for golf as well. You can use this net in the backyard, basement, garage, and many more indoors and outdoors. It is a good choice if you are looking for a premium golf net with multisport features for you and your kids. 

The price of this net can be a concern for many, but its durability is guaranteed. The built quality is top-notch. The commercial-grade – UV-treated black polyester netting looks good in any background. Besides, 

It is an 8′ x 7′ 6″ golf net set up that requires a 3 ‘6″ depth. It is easy to assemble as the structure can be installed using the push button. However, it would take around 5 minutes to set it up completely. The powder-coated tubular aluminum frame makes it even stronger. But the strength of the frame comes with weight. 


  • The net and the stand are easy to assemble. 
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors for several sports as well apart from golf. 
  • It is built with top-quality materials that make it durable. 


  • It takes time to set up
  • No pocket to collect the ball itself
  • It is an expensive golf-hitting net. 

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3. Nova Large Portable Golf Net

Nova Large Portable Golf Net

The Nova Portable golf net can be used indoors and outdoors. It is easy to set up, and you can carry it easily in the carry bag provided in the package. It is a 10’x7’ golf net. The standard size net allows you plenty of areas to hit using a golf driver or even a log wedge. 

The Nova golf hitting net is built with a fiberglass pole base frame that you can use for many years. Also, the corner-shaped structure and updated longer ground stakes are used for better stability.  Though there is no pocket design to collect the balls for you. But it is designed to return the ball towards you with a unique tilt angle design. 

This net is available for less than $70. It is a good purchase from the price point of view, especially considering the durability this net offers. The package also includes a carrying case to store and carry this net outdoors. 


  • Easy to set up design. 
  • Includes carrying case for transport and storage
  • Available at a reasonable price. 
  • Standard size net and frame. 


  • Bulky in shape
  • Easy but takes time to set up. 

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4. Amazon Basics Portable Driving Practice Golf Net

Amazon Basics Portable Driving Practice Golf Net

The Amazon basics golf net is a lightweight but sturdy golf driving net made with polyester, and the frame is a metal and fiberglass combination. It is available in 3 size options. They are 7’x7’, 8’x8’ and 10’x7’. We recommend the 10’x7’ for the best result if you don’t have any space problems. Because it allows you to practice driving shots. 

With the 4 metal stakes, you can set up the frame. But, we don’t recommend it to fold and unfold too many times. The net frame is designed to collect the balls you hit at the bottom. Considering the price, the quality of the net is good. 


  • It weighs less than 18 pounds yet is durable. 
  • Reasonable price 
  • The frame is sturdy.


  • The frame is difficult to set up. 

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5. IUZEAI Golf Practice Net

IUZEAI Golf Practice Net

If you are looking for a golf net without any frame, the IUZEAI is a good choice. It is a 25mm square net that can be used for netting in several sports. It is woven with high-strength nylon fiber netting material. There is a 6mm thick border on all sides to attach it to the frame easily. 

The nylon fiber is durable enough to withstand high-impact golf hitting and driving balls. The golf ball net material is all coated with environmental tar throughout the entire net, built for long-lasting use indoors and outdoors. 


  • The net can be used anywhere for almost any sport. 
  • Several size options are available. 
  • Strong built quality. 


  • You will need a frame to set the net. 

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6. Rukket Haack Golf Net

Rukket Haack Golf Net

The Rukket Haack Golf Hitting net is available in 2 standard sizes. One is 10’x7’ and another one is 7’x7’. Both the models are lightweight and portable. You can easily set up and use it as both golf simulators for indoors and outdoors. 

The build quality is so strong that it can absorb millions of shots. The stand also features a signature ball return facility. So you can hit the golf ball constantly, and there is no need to collect them here and there. 


  • It is lightweight and portable. 
  • It can be easily set up. 
  • Strong build quality makes this net durable. 


  • Takes time to install.

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7. NET PLAYZ Golf Practice Auto Return Net

NET PLAYZ Golf Practice Auto Return Net

Another top-quality golf practice net on our list is the NET PLAYZ auto-return net. The fiberglass pole used to prepare this net provides good stability. You can easily set it up or break down within a moment and carry it anywhere.  

It is available in 10×10 ft size and black color only. The size is the highlight of this golf net. You can practice lofted shots such as chipping and lob shots as well as driving using this net. It is designed in a manner that you will not require to collect the golf balls every time you hit them. The automatic return design allows you to pick up the golf balls without bending over too often. 

Not only the design, but the adjustable angles of the net is also very beneficial. It prevents hitting the ball away and gives you plenty of room to play. 


  • It is easy to set up and takes no time to install. 
  • It provides more space to hit different shots. 
  • It helps to collect the golf balls easily with an automatic return net design. 
  • It gives you a clear view. 


  • The size is good, but more size options would be better. 
  • It is not a lightweight golf net, the package weighs nearly 9 kg. 

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Buying Guide on Golf Hitting Nets

There are certain features and factors while selecting any good for buying. When you decide to buy a golf net, you need to consider the following factors to get the best golf nets.

Identify your use purpose

The first factor you need to consider is your purpose for using the golf net. Will you use it just for golf or plan to use it for several other sports? Are you looking for a golf net that can be used both indoors and outdoors, or do you want to use it indoors only? 

If you want to use the net outdoors, you must own one with the frame. Otherwise, you will need to buy the enclosure separately. 

Find out the size of your available space

Size plays a crucial role in golf net buying decisions. You need to find out the available space first if you are looking to set up the net indoors, such as a garage, basement, etc. Secondly, consider the kind of shot you will be playing more often. 

If you are more likely to play putt shots, then a smaller net may work out for you. But if you are planning to play with golf irons or golf wedges, then longer golf nets are a must. We also suggest having one of the best golf simulators and enclosures for a proper simulation experience. 

Polyester vs. Nylon materials 

Most golf nets are either made of nylon or polyester. Both the materials are suitable. But the nylon ones are more preferred by professional golfers as they are durable and easy to use. Apart from the net material, you should also consider the frame materials. For outdoor use, you should look for golf nets with frame features. And then, the frames should be lightweight but sturdy. 

Set a budget for the golf net

Fix a budget for the golf net. Golf nets are available starting from $50 and going above $500. Based on your use purpose, available space, and size, determine a budget and then look for the best golf net in that budget. We have included golf nets of different budget segments in our review section. You can take the price ideas from there as well. 

Is a Golf Net Worth it?

Yes, Golf Net is worth using. The biggest advantage of making a golf net or having one is it allows you to practice your golfing skill anywhere, anytime. If you love to play or practice golf at your convenience, a golf net can help you create a safe playing area and protect your house and surroundings from golf ball hits. 

How Tall Should My Golf Net Be?

We recommend a 7ft tall golf net as a minimum requirement. As golf clubs are made to produce lofted shots, you will require a longer area to hit, especially when you are playing with a golf driver or golf wedge. Stand close enough to keep your shots within the limit of your golf net. 

Concluding Remarks

There are plenty of golf nets available in the market. Most of them offer the basic features we analyzed in the buying guide. We considered those features too while reviewing. Hope these models help you find your one. 

You may also like to build your own golf nets. We have a complete guideline on DIY golf nets.

Share your experience in the comments section, and let us know how we may help you get the best golf products.

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