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In a golf game, you are going to need a bunch of golf clubs to hit the ball from a different position. Based on its use and construction, golf clubs are categorized in 6 types- Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges, and Putters. Each golf club has two parts- a shaft with grip, and a wooden or metal club-head.

How We Review Golf Clubs


We conduct qualitative research to review the best golf clubs. We make a product list of the best seller golf club sets on the basis of price, level of a player, material of the club, swing speed of players and etc. And then we conduct individual research on each club in the set and its customer reviews

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Golf Club Technology in 2019


With the persistent advancement in the golf club technology, there is a lot to understand about a golf club now. By the term ‘golf club technology’ it means either the technology used in the Shaft or in the Club-Head. Drivers, Putters, Hybrids, Irons- each has a different shape and construction of Club-head based on its use. Similarly, the shafts of various types of golf clubs are also made with different material and grip best suited with its use.

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