The 5 Best TaylorMade Wedges for Every Skill Level

Best Taylormade Wedges

Picking the right golf wedge makes the short game better. Of course, the game depends on the golfer’s skills. But the wedges that match golfers playing style and course conditions can improve the game. Thus, today we are going to talk about the best TaylorMade wedges. 

After long research and analysis, we have pointed out both sides of these wedges to help you have a clear concept. We have also pictured comparisons among these wedges to make them more transparent. Because no matter how big the brand is or how equipped the wedge is with technologies, it is no use to you till it matches your style. Thus, without further delay, let’s dive in.

The 5 Best TaylorMade Wedges

1. TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 

aylorMade Milled Grind 2 Review

TaylorMade introduced the Raw Face Technology through the Milled Grind 2 (MG2). It is the key feature of this wedge to provide added spin, precision, and feel. Instead of having a raw clubhead like the Milled Grind (MG1) wedge, MG2 only has a raw clubface. Except for the face, the clubhead sticks to the original finish. That makes this wedge more durable than the previous model. As for the finish, it is available in matte black and satin chrome.

The ZTP RAW Groove of this wedge is sharper, narrower, deeper than MG1. Also, it has laser etching in between grooves that make it more rough and aggressive. That whole design is to add friction, enhanced spin, and more consistency. But the downside is, it may go quite rough on the golf balls and damage its cover. Also, the compact clubhead may not give much confidence to the high handicappers. 

If you want to check your handicap yourself, feel free to read our article about calculating golf handicap.

Things we liked

  • Offer more spin and control
  • It is more durable than MG1
  • The TPU insert provides a solid feel
  • There are loft options available from 48° to 60°
  • Offers clean turf interaction
  • It is available in 2 different finishes

Things that can be improved

  • It is much expensive than MG1
  • Mainly designed for elite and low handicappers
  • It is pretty rough on the ball

Final thoughts

TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 offers increased spin, solid feel, and consistency in the performance. Though beginners and high handicappers won’t face issues while using it, it is more suitable for low handicappers and elite players as it was designed to keep them in mind.

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2. TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Review

TaylorMade continues the Milled Grind series with the Milled Grind 3 (MG3). The signature technology of this series, the milled grind sole, enhances the game with increased consistency. Taking the good things from the MG2, the MG3 also comes with the Raw Face Design. That rusts over time, adds friction, and increases the spin rate.

What is new in this wedge is that the MG3 comes with all new Raised Micro-Ribs. It is placed between the full grooves to add more texture to the clubface. That is to provide enhanced spin and improved performance around the green. It mainly offers more spin and precise shots than the MG2. Despite this new technology, the performance of the MG2 and MG3 is not huge to notice at once. But it is comparatively more expensive than the MG2.

Things we liked

  • It provides enhanced consistency
  • The raw face rusts over time to add friction
  • Offers more precise shots than the MG2
  • The look is pretty traditional and elegant
  •  Available in 2 different finishes and many loft options

Things that can be improved

  • The performance of MG2 and MG3 may look the same
  • The rough clubface may damage the golf ball

Final thoughts

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 offers a little more spin and precise shots than the MG2. But the difference is too small to notice at once.

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3. MG Hi-Toe Raw Wedge

MG Hi-Toe Raw Wedge Review

The MG Hi-Toe Raw wedge brings back the taste of the MG2 with the milled grind sole and Raw Face Technology. Then what’s the difference? It is the full-face scoring line and the expanded toe area in the MG Hi-toe model.  This version of the MG series is designed to offer a lower launch and high spin, even on full swings. Other than the standard model of MG Hi- toe raw wedge, there is a unique addition. That is the Hi-Toe Raw Big Foot. The difference is the 6 mm wider sole than the standard model to provide more forgiveness. This makes it a good match for, As a result, beginners. If you are a beginner or high handicapper, feel free to see our golf tips for beginners.

Though the MG3 is the latest one, both the MG Hi- toe Raw and MG3 are releases of 2021. And both are a part of the MG series. But the MG3 is a bit more of a traditional wedge compared to Hi-toe Raw. Whereas the Hi- toe Raw is more versatile. As the grooves of this model go all the way out the toe, it can be utilized for off-center strikes on rough.

Things we liked

  • It has full-face scoring and expanded toe area
  • Comes with Raw Face Technology
  • Provides lower launch with enhanced spin
  • It is suitable for the off-center strike or flop shots
  • A wide range of bounce options is available
  • Offers more versatility
  • More greenside spin even in wet conditions

Things that can be improved

  • The unusual looks may not be appealing to some golfers
  • Though it is a bit older model than the MG3, the price is the same
  • Only available in copper finish

Final thoughts

The not-so-traditional look of MG Hi-Toe Raw wedge may not be appealing to some golfers. However, it is more of a versatile wedge. It is suitable for flop shots and off-center strikes. In addition, the MG Hi-Toe Raw Big Foot model offers the forgiveness that beginners and high handicappers look for. 

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4. SIM2 Max Wedge 

SIM2 Max Wedge Review

The SIM2 Max Wedge is a combination of different technologies. It comes with an all-new Cap Back design. This technology offers increased forgiveness in the common mishit areas. They are high toe areas and low heel areas that even the better players tend to miss from. This design also enhances distance and feel to offer improved overall performance. The ECHO Damping System also works to provide an enhanced feel by channeling away harsh vibrations. While the Inverted Cone Technology increases ball speed from a more significant part of the face around the sweet spot. 

Though the SIM2 Max wedges are full of different technologies to improve the game, they were actually designed as a part of the SIM2 Max iron set. As a result, the lofts are fixed. For pitching wedges, the loft is 43.5°. In the same way, 49° loft for the approach wedge, 54° for the sand wedge, and lob wedge have 59° loft. That makes it hard to adjust an individual wedge of this model with the other clubs you already have.

Things we liked

  • The Cap back design offers forgiveness in the common mishit areas
  • Provides a feel with less harsh vibrations
  • It helps to have consistency
  • It offers an increased ball speed 
  • Available in both graphite and steel shaft

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Things that can be improved

  • It was designed to be a part of the SIM2 Max iron set, not an individual wedge
  • The loft options are fixed for wedges with no additional options
  • The bit higher lie angle may have a bad effect on the accuracy

Final thoughts

The SIM2 Max Wedge is for mid to high handicappers because of its forgiveness and distance. It is designed for players who are struggling with the most common misses. Though this is actually a part of an iron set, the SIM2 Max wedge as an individual offers spin and consistency to improve the game.

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5. SIM2 MAX OS Wedge

SIM2 MAX OS Wedge Review

When the SIM2 Max OS was released, TaylorMade claimed it as the longest and most stable iron in the TaylorMade family. This model has 4 wedge options; 42° pitching wedge, 48° approach wedge, 54° sand wedge, and 59° lob wedge. Clearly, the loft angle of the pitching wedge and approach wedge has a bit stronger loft than the SIM2 Max. That results in more distance. The main difference between them is the additional offset, wider sole, and deeper cavity of the OS model. Thus, the OS model helps to hit the ball higher and reduce the number of slices. Feel free to visit to learn more about how to hit a golf ball and how to fix a slice.

The concern with both Max and Max OS models is that they have a 64.5° lie angle in their wedge. Whereas the MG2, MG3, Hi- toe Raw have a lie angle of 64°. This increased lie angle may damage the accuracy of the shots.

Things we liked

  • Helps to make a higher launch
  • It offers more forgiveness than the SIM2 Max model
  • It makes it easier to hit
  • It helps to reduce the amount of slice or fade
  • Provides more forgiveness
  • It has a deeper cavity than the Max model
  • As individuals, it comes at the same price as SIM2 Max

Things that can be improved

  • The fixed loft angles of wedges may cause gapping issues while adjusting these with the other clubs of the bag
  • The lie angle is a bit higher, which may affect the accuracy badly
  • The clubface may get scratched up easily

Final thoughts

The SIM2 Max OS is for beginners, mid and high handicappers because of its forgiveness. It is more forgiving than the SIM2 Max model. 

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TaylorMade as a Brand


The start of TaylorMade is pretty much like a story. A golf equipment salesman named Gary Adams took a loan on his house and founded TaylorMade Golf Company in 1979.

At first, the company only had 3 employees and 1 product. That was a 12-degree driver cast of stainless steel which performed differently than the traditional ones. That’s when it started. With a long history of 42 years, TaylorMade managed to become one of the best golf club brands.

About TaylorMade Wedges

TaylorMade claims that they combine innovation with authenticity. How true is that? How true is that for their wedges? They design the clubs according to the feedback of players. Let’s have a look at some of the technology and designs that they have in their wedges.

Raw Face Technology

The Raw Face design was first introduced in MG2 wedges. In this design, the clubface rusts over time while the other part of the clubhead maintains the club’s finish. It makes the clubface rougher than before. It is for added spin, precision, and feel. It reduces the skidding up of the golf ball to provide a more consistent ball flight. The tour players prefer this design but the rusted face does not look appealing to many golfers.

The rusting pace and extent vary as this happens naturally with the oxygen and moisture. To prevent the face from rusting before the purchase, TaylorMade features an air-tight sticker on the face. After the purchase, the sticker needs to be removed to get the rusted face over time.

TPU insert

It was designed in the MG2 to enable a thicker clubhead without adding weight as the clubhead in the MG2 was 1.4 mm thicker than the MG1. The TPU insert is a vibration-dampening design. It dampens the vibrations to create a solid and positive feel at impact.

Raised micro-rib technology

It was first introduced in MG3 wedges. In this technology, raised micro-ribs are placed between the full grooves. Those tiny ribs are 0.02mm tall and 0.25mm wide. It is for added texture on the face to improve the spin and performance around the green. 

Cap Back design

The SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max OS wedges have the Cap Back design on them. It is mainly designed to reduce the number of misses in the common mishit area. They are high toe and low heel areas. The engineers designed the sweet spot according to their data analysis to cover more of these areas. It also enhances distance and forgiveness. This design gives out an aesthetic look too.

ECHO Damping System

This system is to bring out the forged-like feel in wedges. The ECHO Damping System provides a better feel without sacrificing performance. This damper is uniquely shaped and driven by the dampening channels. These reduce unwanted vibrations to give away an enhanced feel to help the golfers enjoy the game more.


Though it is common among golfers to have a soft corner for a specific brand, it is always important to know the worth of a wedge before buying. Though we have discussed the best Taylormade wedges today, there should be no compromise in quality just because of the brand. What matters is which wedge suits the golfer’s preferences most. 

You may also see our discussion about Titleist and Callaway golf club to know more about different golf brands. Comment the name of your favorite wedge of any brand. Also, feel free to leave your opinions or inquiries. It will be our pleasure to connect with you.

Happy golfing!

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