6 Fundamental Tips For Beginner Golfers

golf swing tips for beginners

We have this section for those of you who have just started playing the game. These tips are, and no matter how advanced lessons you are going to take, these will stay with you as long as you play.

Many of these tips you can find in the rest of the article above, here and there. We have shortlisted a few.

6 Tips For Beginner Golfers

1. Check alignment every time you play

For as long as you play, remember to align your knees, hips, shoulders, and clubface to the target. This is a basic mindset that if you develop once will help you lifelong.

2. Make your stance solid

You want your stance to be balanced, wide and forced against the ground. You might play 20 years of golf, you might develop hundreds of skills, but this is what you need to have everytime you aim for the hit.

3. Marry your golf grip

Not literally though! But you should know your grip position even if someone puts a club in your hands when you are sleeping.

Whenever you get a club in your hand, try gripping it properly.

4. Lower body should be the leader

When you make your downswing, you want your upper body to follow your lower body. This is a default that you need to install in your system permanently.

5. Use lofted clubs

When you are starting out you can lose confidence with low loft golf clubs. Gain confidence first hitting with short and lofted clubs.

Avoid the driver until you have mastered your first 18 months with shorter clubs.

6. Par 3 course should be your destination

For beginners, a Par 3 course will enable them to concentrate more on the game. So, you will spend less time finding balls and more time developing skills.

The learning curve depends on how you take each lesson and what amount of it you apply in your games.

But remember playing more is essential than practicing more!

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Written by Emily Clark

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