Titleist is now nearly a hundred years old brand in the golf industry. They produce almost all the equipment for golf that you may need to play. Their clubs, balls, gears are now globally renowned. Scroll down to learn more about Titleist.

About Titleist Golf

Titleist, derived from the word “titlist”, meaning “title-holder” is an American brand for golf equipment headquartered in  Fairhaven, Massachusetts, United States. Today Titleist is one of the oldest brands for golf equipment. The brand was introduced by Philip E. Young back in 1932 as a golf ball manufacturer. Along with the age, Titleist is one of the most trusted golf brands in the market.

History Of Titeist

The history of Titleist getting started is very interesting. Titleist might not have started if the founder Phil Young missed a well-stroked putt against his friend who was head of the x-ray department at a local hospital. Because of that miss, Phil Young wanted to find out why he missed that stroke and his friend convinced him that it was the ball’s fault. He proved to Phil Young that the core of the ball was off-center and that resulted in the miss. 

That discovery inspired Phil Young to develop the highest quality and the best performing golf ball in the world. It took a lot more time and effort to produce the first perfect Titleist golf ball. But coming into the market, the Titleist ball was a huge success. After that, the brand just got better with the ages.


Titleist reached the $1 billion mark in annual revenues for the golf industry


Titleist was purchased by American Brand known as Fortune Brands



Titleist became the most used ball at the U.S. Open Tournament


Acushnet Process Company (golf division) produced the First Titleist golf ball

Titleist in Numbers

Titleist owns the industry’s largest portfolio of golf ball intellectual property with more than 1,6000 patents. Since 2010, Titleist has been awarded 50 percent of all golf ball patents issued in the United States.

Founded (Year)

Golf Ball Patents

Revenue US$ (FY 2020)

Products Titleist Manufactures

Titleist Clubs

Titleist golf clubs are also very popular as golf balls. And in recent years Titleist has produced lots of new golf club models. The golf clubs are loved and admired by lots of professional experts too.

Titleist Bags

Stand bag, cart bag, travel bag, and many more. Titleist has a wide range of golf bags; almost all sorts of golf bags.

Titleist Balls

There are hardly any other brands with such a wide range of golf balls. There is a golf ball for every golfer regardless of their skillset or age difference.

Titleist Gears

Apart from the golf balls, golf clubs, golf bags Titleist has a lot of gears available in the market too.

Achievements of Titleist Brand

It’s now 88 years since Titleist has been leading the most played golf ball top chart across the worldwide. Not only the professionals of different championships but also the amateurs, and the intermediate golfers trust Titleist than all other brands combined. Titleist has won ‘The World’s Best Golf Club Brand’ award several times. This award is judged by a panel of industry experts to determine the industry’s number one among a lot of brands in the industry.

  • Most played golf ball across the worldwide
  • Titleist Pro V1 player Chez Reavie won the Travelers Championship
  • The largest portfolio of golf ball intellectual property

Titleist Clubs Review

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