The 10 Best Pitching Wedges Reviews and Buying Guides

Best Pitching Wedge

A pitching wedge is far more effective than a gap wedge or sand wedge. Wondering why? Because a golfer plays with a pitching wedge more times than those clubs. Whether you need to lift the ball from the fairway, sand, water, high grass, or you just need a short high-pitch shot around the green; a pitching wedge can give you an approach to the hole.

Manufacturers produce this club, keeping the idea of generating more spin and distance. They design it to give better control and accuracy over the short games. So having a good pitching wedge is necessary. But choosing the best one among hundreds of options might be a bit confusing. The major things to find the best one are:

Loft: Pitching wedges are between 42° to 48° lofts. But you should find one that is 5 degrees more than your short iron.

Shaft: The steel shafts are the players of normal swing speed and the graphite shafts are for those who have a lower swing speed. Steel shafts are heavy but cheap. Graphite shafts are lightweight but expensive.

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Design: Design shows whether the club creates a high spin or low and for whom it is made. Cavity back wedges are designed for beginners whereas muscle back wedges are for professionals.

To know more in detail, stay with us and read the buying guide at the end. Let’s look at the pitching wedge reviews and find one that suits you.

10 Best Pitching Wedges Review

1. Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge

Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge Review

Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge is designed for all digits players, especially for double digits. They can adjust with the hollow cavity design of this club. If you struggle much to lift the ball from the roughs, this wedge can help you get it out. It has a forgiving sole grind, and it raises the ball quickly from the bunker instead of sticking to it.

We made this wedge our top pick for its high-performance quality. It comes with various loft options for PW that start from 46°. This is the standard loft angle in this category. Both steel and graphite shafts are available. The vibration at impact doesn’t occur much as Cleveland puts an insert in this wedge. That gives a smooth feel and sound.

When it comes to the grooves, Cleveland CBX 2 offers their traditional tour zip groves. These grooves are the maximum in size and add high spin. However, the more important thing is that these grooves add consistency to give good control over each shot.

Things we liked

  • It’s very forgiving.
  • It has good value for money.
  • The grooves offer an excellent ball spin rate.
  • The wedge gives a solid feel and sound.
  • It hits pure and straight.
  • It’s a well balanced club and easy to swing.

Things that can be improved

  • Skilled golfers may find the design a bit bulky.

Final thoughts

This is considered to be the most versatile golf wedge as it can deal with any type of turf. It is designed for both high and low handicap golfers. So, for a good shot on the fairway or around the green, CBX 2 is definitely a good one to consider.

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2. Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge Review

Callaway comes with MD5 JAW by combining the features of the Mack Daddy and Jaws series. Mack Daddy 5 Jaws is an ideal choice for both beginners and professional golfers. Roger Cleveland, chief designer of Calaway, designed this wedge by implementing Jaws Groove design. As a result, it offers better turf interaction.

MD5 Jaws includes 23 lofts and bounce options, with 46-48 degrees lofts ideal for pitching wedges. Both graphite and steel shafts are available. Either you can select according to your swing speed, or you can simply match the shaft with your short iron to fill in the gap.

The Groove-in-Groove technology ensures a sharper edge of the grooves, giving maximum grip and spin from any type of turf. It helps to lift the ball from the bunker without any complexity. It also makes any greenside shots easier.

Things we liked

  • The wedge offers a soft and satisfying feel.
  • It has a beautiful look and sound.
  • It’s a highly forgiving club.
  • The club gives amazing spin and grip with a consistent swing.
  • It’s easy to hit and offers precise control with better turf interaction.
  • The wedge is best for high and low handicappers.

Things that can be improved

  • Some golfers would like a straighter leading edge for better alignment.

Final thoughts

Callaway Mack Daddy 5 Jaws is highly recommended for golfers of all skill levels. Players who prioritize spin and feel first, this club can help them. However, it’s relatively costly but it’s one of the top-rated pitching wedges.

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3. Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge Review

Titleist Wedge comes with their latest model Vokey SM8 that gives maximum control. The difference between Vokey SM7 and SM8 is the progressive center of gravity which ensures an improved feel from the previous ones. Bob Vokey says,

“A player playing a Vokey PW is looking for a scoring club that offers versatility and maximum spin.”

There are a lot of loft options starting from the standard 46°. So you get two options (46° and 48° loft angles) to choose your pitching wedge. There are also multiple eye-catching shaft options made of both steel and graphite. You can select the shaft according to your club set.

SM8 has spinned milled grooves that offer higher spin and better consistency. It’s also the most durable groove in golf. In addition, Vokey SM8 is designed with tour-proven sole grinds for higher flight on full shots. 

Things we liked

  • Golfers like the forgiveness and long lasting spin of this club.
  • It gives more consistency in ball trajectory.
  • It offers maximum control, improved feel and versatility.
  • The design is innovative. 

Things that can be improved

  • The wedge might be a bit expensive for some golfers.

Final thoughts

Titleist Vokey SM8 pitching wedge is recommended for increased spin and versatility from any lie. Though it’s best for low handicappers, players of all handicaps get benefit from it.

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4. Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge

Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge

Mizuno T20 Golf wedge is perfect for those who are looking for soft feels. If you play on wet turf, this pitching wedge can deal with it. Whether you are a low or high handicapper, it’s ideal for both. Especially if you are a high handicapper and have just started golfing, Mizuno T20 will help you increase your confidence.

This club comes with a tapered blade design that is more forgiving than a cavity back design. Sharp blade wedges offer increased spin too. In addition, it has hydro-flow micro-grooves that are designed to remove moisture in wet conditions. 

It comes with various loft options. But only 46° loft angle is available for pitching wedge. And the shaft is steel made which is perfect for those golfers who have regular swing speed. On the other hand, if you are a senior golfer or woman, you should better look for a graphite shaft that can increase your swing speed.

Things we liked

  • The wedge offers consistent spin.
  • It’s a very forgiving club.
  • It offers a great feel with a good look.
  • The design is eye-catching.
  • It is well performing in wet conditions.
  • The wedge is preferable for good weight.

Things that can be improved

  • There is no sole grind marker on the head.

Final thoughts

We recommend Mizuno T20 for players of all skill levels who want increased spin and consistent feel. It’s a good choice for the combination of cost and quality.

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5. Square Strike Wedge

Square Strike Wedge Review

If you are at the entry-level of your game, you can start with Square Strike as your pitching wedge. The green cavity back design is ideal for beginners. Though it looks a bit funny to some golfers, it gives more flexibility to adjust quickly.   

It’s a 45° lofted pitching wedge. That means it goes longer in the air but rolls less in the ground. Its wide sole will prevent any digging. The grooves are shallower, and hence it creates less spin. Learn how to sharpen your grooves. But these grooves are legal in tournaments.

The shafts are made of steel. Two colored shafts are available in this wedge- Black stainless steel and Green stainless steel. Both offer good control on every shot. In addition, the steel material makes the wedge affordable for all. 

Things we liked

  • The club gives a very soft and pleasant feel.
  • It’s a great wedge for forgiveness.
  • It’s best for the mid and high handicappers.
  • Offers maximum lift for pitch and chip shots.
  • It has good value for money.
  • Golfers can easily make good contact from a very tight lie.

Things that can be improved

  • The sole is not as versatile as other wedges.
  • It’s not suitable for professionals.

Final thoughts

Square Strike Wedge is ideal for short pitch and chip shots with maximum lift. We recommend this pitching wedge for beginners.

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6. Cobra Golf- King SB Chrome Wedge

Cobra Golf- King SB Chrome Wedge Review

Cobra Golf- King SB Chrome Wedge comes with a 48° pitching wedge. Though there are various loft options for different wedges, 48° is the standard loft angle for a PW. This loft helps the ball fly longer and stops where you want.

The wedge includes a steel shaft that offers more control and accuracy. Though steel shafts are heavier, they are preferable to most golfers for their durability. And the steel shaft material makes the wedge affordable for golfers.

This is a snake bite groove-designed wedge loved by both tour players and amateur golfers. This design tightens the groove tolerance. As a result, the grooves are sharper and deeper, which creates maximum spin. In addition, it gives you good control to stop the ball around the green.

Things we liked

  • The wedge gives maximum spin to the ball.
  • It offers consistent ball flight.
  • It’s a great club for a fantastic feel.
  • The club comes with a decent look.
  • It has a large hitting surface.
  • It’s a very forgiving wedge.

Things that can be improved

  • Only one finish is available.

Final thoughts

Cobra Golf- King SB Chrome is recommended for both amateur and skilled golfers who want good control for pitch shots. If you want a more versatile wedge, try another one.

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7. Cleveland RTX ZipcoreBKS

Cleveland RTX ZipcoreBKS Review

If you are looking for a long-lasting wedge designed with the latest technology, Cleveland offers you RTX ZipcoreBKS. This is a 46° pitching wedge, and only this loft is available here. However, it gives you enhanced control and consistency on all your shots. 

This ZipcoreBKS pitching wedge is made for low handicapped players. The sweet spot is located partially on the heel. It helps you find the center of gravity near the center of the clubface. The overall design of this wedge is better than blade wedges. 

The shaft of this club is made of steel. If you are a player of average swing speed, you can use this wedge and check the feedback. It’s not suitable for seniors or female golfers. The grooves are sharper and deeper enough to remove the debris from the way. 

Things we liked

  • The club is great for its forgiveness.
  • It creates a high spin rate to the ball.
  • Three finish options are available.
  • It’s amazingly forgiving.
  • Golfers prefer this for its soft sound and feel.
  • It’s a durable club.

Things that can be improved

  • It’s not suitable for mid and high handicappers.

Final thoughts

The combination of consistency and durability in Cleveland RTX ZipcoreBKS makes it an ideal choice for golfers. Recommended for low handicappers.

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8. Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge Review

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge is designed for mid and high handicappers. It’s a very user-friendly pitching wedge. The cavity back design ensures a wide and forgiving sole. It helps to get the ball out of the roughs without gliding through it.

It comes with 46° and 48° pitching wedge lofts. Both the wedge and shaft materials are made of graphite. That’s what made this wedge very lightweight to use and best for beginners. Women golfers will also love it.

It is designed with Callaway’s traditional Jaws grooves. These grooves can deal with any turf conditions. Hence it is exceptional. But yes, these grooves are legal in tournament play.

Things we liked

  • The club offers soft and satisfying feel.
  • It’s very forgiving with precise center of gravity.
  • There are various sole grind options available on this wedge.
  • It creates a high spin on the ball.
  • It comes with a decent look and sound.

Things that can be improved

  • Versatility of the club is limited.
  • It’s a relatively expensive wedge.

Final thoughts

We recommend Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge for beginners who want effective chip and pitch shots around the green—also recommended for bunker shots.

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9. MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge

MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge Review

If you struggle with shots close to the green,  MAZEL Golf pitching wedge can help you improve your game. It’s easy to hit from the tight spots. The club comes with a stainless steel shaft with a green-colored head. Steel-made wedges are a bit cheaper than graphite-made wedges.

It has 4 loft options where 45 degrees loft is available for pitching wedge. When it comes to the design, the MAZEL golf pitching wedge is made of cavity back design. Beginners like this wedge very much.

It has a wide sole to prevent digging into the deep grass or sand. The grooves are shallower, which reduces the friction and increases accuracy.

Things we liked

  • The wedge gives better control.
  • It has a high-performance rubber grip.
  • Golfers can easily pitch with this club.
  • It comes with a reasonable price.
  • It’s a forgiving pitching wedge.

Things that can be improved

  • The wedge is relatively less versatile.
  • It’s not suitable for professionals.

Final thoughts

MAZEL Golf Pitching wedge is recommended for beginners who struggle with chipping. Because this club increases one’s confidence at the very beginning level.

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10. Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedge

Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedge Review

Cleveland Smart Sole 4 golf pitching is designed for high handicappers who need an excellent chipper for their game improvement. It’s a 42° pitching wedge made of a steel shaft. This wedge is a bit heavier, but it’s suitable for its durability.

It provides milled grooves on the clubface that are sharper and more aggressive than the previous models of Cleveland. And these sharp grooves help the ball lift from the bunkers. The sharper the groove, the more spin it creates. 

It’s a cavity back wedge that has a large wider sole grind. And it gives more forgiveness. Cavity-back wedges help golfers to score better on the short-range. Smart Sole 4 is also the best pitching wedge for money.

Things we liked

  • It offers an improved feel.
  • Golfers find maximum forgiveness in this club.
  • Playing in the bunker is easier with the wedge.
  • The price is relatively reasonable.
  • It creates a better spin rate to the ball.

Things that can be improved

  • The wedge is not suitable for low handicappers.

Final thoughts

Cleveland Smart Sole 4 wedge is highly recommended for short games, especially for chip shots. But it’s not recommended for low handicappers.

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Buying Guide of Best Pitching Wedge

Pitching wedges are effective for approach shots while striking from roughs. They are also great for creating spin and distance from the fairway. So it’s essential to have the right PW for your game. And that’s why you need to test different things before buying a PW. To help you understand what to look for in a PW, we arranged this buying guide section. Just go through a bit further and learn what to do.

Match with your irons

According to the USGA, you can carry only 14 clubs in your golf bag. So for this, you should arrange your golf bag with the vital 14 clubs and avoid those that won’t match your golf club set. And when it comes to selecting a pitching wedge, make sure it fits your iron set because it keeps the consistency between the irons and wedges. And the consistency won’t make you feel like you are playing the wedge for the first time. So consistency in golf clubs is significant for a consistent feel.

Yes, your pitching wedge should be a bit shorter than your 9-iron. Because pitching wedges are always slightly shorter than the short iron, they can cover shorter distances. But to prevent a massive change in your game or to ignore a dramatic drop, you should match it with your iron set. 

Check the loft options

The loft is what makes the pitching wedge different from other golf wedges. So it’s a crucial factor, no doubt. Generally, pitching wedges are lofted from 42 to 48 degrees. So we recommend 46 to 48 degrees as the standard loft angle for a pitching wedge. But yes, it’s better to check the club’s specifications and have the one with many loft options because this will help you adjust the loft with your iron. 

Generally, golfers maintain a 6 degrees gap between irons and wedges. So your pitching wedge should be 4/5 degrees more than your iroN. However, the gap shouldn’t be too long or too short. For example, if your iron is 42 degrees, your golf pitching wedge should be 45/46 degrees. 

Consider the shaft material

Select the shaft of your pitching wedge that matches your golf iron set, especially the 9-iron. For example, if you use steel shafts throughout, you should also select a steel shaft for your PW. Or, if you play with a graphite shaft throughout your game, you should stick with a graphite shaft for your PW. 

Having a suitable shaft material is also necessary for a durable PW. And if the shaft goes with your swing type, it lets you have an easier hit. We recommend steel shafts for players of average swing speed. These shafts are heavier and long-lasting. Some of them are made with stainless steel, and some are from carbon steel. Both come at an affordable price. For more control and more accuracy, use the steel shafts. 

But if you are a senior or woman golfer who cannot produce faster swing speed, we recommend a graphite shaft for you. Because graphite shafts are lightweight and easy to hit. Though they are less durable than steel shafts, they can significantly increase your swing speed. However, they are a bit more expensive than steel shafts. So think again about which shaft you are going to buy.

Find the proper groove shape

You should check the latest groove design for your pitching wedge. Because the better the groove shapes are, the more spin they create and the more control you gain. Though grooves are now strictly regulated by USGA rules, they are significant to removing dirt or water and giving a higher spin rate. Learn about the importance of grooves and look for the sharpest grooves before making your buying decision.

Adjust your game level with the design

Yes, design matters in choosing a pitching wedge. Different skilled golfers are comfortable with different designs. If you are a professional golfer, you would probably like muscle back designs to match your irons. This design provides a higher center of gravity location, which produces a lower ball trajectory.

Besides, this type of wedge is thin and solid and gives more flexibility. On the other hand, we recommend cavity back wedges if you are a beginner. These wedges have a more forgiving sole grind that will help you avoid digging into the roughs quickly.


The usage of a good golf pitching wedge can fill the gap of the rest of your wedges. It makes the short game easier. So having such a PW in your bag can benefit you more than having a sand wedge or gap wedge. Keep one thing in mind that you shouldn’t carry a club that doesn’t help you get an approach or make your shots effective. Know more, learn more, and then make your choice according to your needs.

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