The 10 Best Golf Clubs of 2023 – Individuals and Sets

Best Golf Clubs

Golf has a massive impact on the lives of many individuals. For some, it’s just a game to enjoy with family and friends, and to many, it’s a matter of pride and expression. You might be any of them, but you need clubs for playing golf. If you are looking to play golf for fun, only a single club might be enough. But on a competitive level, you will need a set of them.

The number of available best golf clubs on the market is huge. And there are new clubs introduced in the market by the brands every year with the latest and innovative technological developments as well. Golf clubs can be bought individually or in a complete set. You can also go for custom fitting clubs. For budget golfers as well as golfers who tend to enjoy the game a lot, we recommend getting a complete set of clubs to save time and money both.

In this article, we are going to review high-end golf clubs with their features, performance, pros, and cons. Besides an in-depth knowledge will be shared on golf clubs classification, brands, buying guides, and frequently asked questions. We will be sharing tips and suggestions from our experts throughout this article so that you have a clear idea which one to select that best matches your needs.

Best Golf Clubs by Each Category

You might have already known about the 6 types of golf clubs: driver, fairway woods, hybrid, iron, wedges and putter. Every golf club has its own unique features and purposes. Each individual club has its own variations. Before going deep down into the variations of the clubs, Check these best golf clubs on the market in each category.

Best Golf Driver: TaylorMade M4 Driver

TaylorMade M4 Driver Review

In 1779, a salesman of golf components named Gary Adams established the TaylorMade Golf Company. M4 Driver appears with two new latest things to build a new formation of direct distance and farthermost forgiveness. It’s based on Twist Face Technology announcing a new flexure that minimizes side spin.

Why is it best?

  • Controlled and stable side spin
  • Greater sweet spot to hit longer distance
  • Geocoustic shape for a real & acute sound 

Things we liked

  • Excellent sound & feel
  • Forgiveness
  • Control over distance
  • One of the most technologically advanced drivers
  • Reasonable price

Things that can be improved

  • Performance improvement isn’t satisfying
  • Lack of adjustability

Consideration before buying golf driver

There are certain factors and features you need to watch out for getting the best golf driver. You need to be sure about the club head size, materials, drivers length, and loft angle. 

  • Loft:  Typically ranges from 8.5° to 15°, Be sure that it matches your swing speed.
  • Length: Your driver’s shaft length should be adjustable so that you can make some adjustments in future if needed. It would be wise to play shots with proper sized drivers. Longer ones will slow you down and shorter ones will require more effort. 
  • Club head size: Bigger heads of a driver allows more sweet spots than smaller ones. But bigger ones may weigh heavy too. Make a balance of weight and head size according to your gameplay style. 

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Best Golf Fairway Wood: TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner Fairway Wood Review

The TaylorMade AeroBurner Fairway Wood will amaze you with its features and performances. This club has an aerodynamic shape that helps produce faster swing speeds. The aerodynamic shape means it has a shallow face, raised center crown, and new hosel fin. The aeroburner fairway wood from TaylorMade has a new speed pocket for a bigger sweet spot in the club head that reduces spin for longer, more forgiving shots on off-center hits.

White color matte finished body with black PVD face looks fantastic on the golf course. It surely gives you a premium feel and inspires confidence off the tee. Some other features include highest strength face material and Matrix Speed RUL-Z shaft.

Why it is best

  • New aerodynamic shape with a shallow face
  • New Speed Pocket increases the size of the sweet spot and reduces spin
  • Matte white finish gives a premium look

Things we liked

  • Very Forgiving
  • Better sound & feel
  • Longer distance 

Things that can be improved

  • Not much adjustable

Consideration before buying golf fairway wood

Check the following factors prior to buying a fairway woods. These will help you get the best woods. 

  • Clubhead size: Large clubheads offer more forgiveness on shots, whereas  a smaller head can offer more playability and control over the shots. Choose wisely that matches your playing style. 
  • Look for higher lofted drivers so that you can cover more distance. 
  • Clubs with 3-wood loft help you gain more flight than any other club.

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Best Golf Hybrids: Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids Review

This club comes with a graphite shaft with perfectly weighted head. It is designed like a fairway wood with a different shape. It is based on jailbreak technology and provides low Center of gravity for simple hits.

Why it is best

  • Short graphite made shaft 
  • Has a great balance of weight
  • Attainable in 8 different lofts

Things we liked

  • Enhances & broadens the sweet spot
  • The unique shape offers to use the club from multiple lies
  • More forgiving
  • Allows to replace irons
  • Affordable price
  • Very Versatile

Things that can be improved

  • Not much consistent
  • Less pros for average players

Consideration before buying golf hybrids

Hybrids clubs are versatile. They can be used to replace irons as well as fairway woods. And they are actually very good replacements sometimes. Look for the shaft size, length and loft angles before buying a hybrid.

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Best Golf Irons: Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Individual Iron

Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Individual Iron Review

If you are looking for a lighter, longer & stronger iron, Men’s Rogue will perfectly suit you. You will have all these three in one. These irons are accurate and very easy to hit. For a balanced performance, you might not have a better option. It’s also based on advanced industry leading technology.

Why it is best

  • Features high ball speed with 360 face cup technology
  • Provides optimal flight and control
  • Gives phenomenal sound and feel

Things we liked

  • Easy to launch and great playability
  • Longer distance & more ball speed
  • Versatile, accurate and forgiving with satisfying sound and feel
  • Balanced performance for average golfers
  • Very reasonable price for such quality

Things that can be improved

  • Not much adjustable

Consideration before buying golf iron

Choosing a quality golf irons has been made easy with the growing popularity of hollow body irons. Because this material offers more forgiveness than regular irons. You can improve your game performance with this kind of irons. There are forged irons seen using by lots of tour players. You can try forged irons as well. 

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Best Golf Wedge: Square Strike Wedge

This wedge is for chipping, pitching, and bunker shots. This seems to work more than a putter for its unique design. You can hit from various lies and it will definitely perform very well.

Why it is best

  • 45 degrees of loft
  • It has a massive sole

Things we liked

  • Creates one’s interaction with the club with the turf
  • Makes the ball easier
  • More playable
  • Great for low chips and flop style shots
  • Consistently square impact position

Things that can be improved

  • Takes time to get the speed of the swing down for getting used to the club

Consideration before buying golf wedges

Before buying a wedge let’s have a look at what our experts have to share with you. These tips will surely help you select the best golf wedge.

  • Cavity-backed wedges offer better accuracy and consistency on shots. Experts recommend buying cavity-backed wedges. 
  • A 2017 test just backed up the fact that rusty wedges had no real impact on spinning the balls more. So, rusty wedges are not recommended by our experts. It is a myth that rusty wedges give better spin to golf balls.

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Best Golf Putter: Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Review

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter, Black provides the standard blade head design which makes sure the demand of performance of the elite players. The finish of the putter will diminish the glare and increase its durability.

Why it is best

  • It is a timeless blade putter 
  • There is a restructured white hot face inserted to enhance sound & feel

Things we liked

  • Improved sound & feel
  • More accuracy & consistent strokes
  • Enhances forgiveness and responsiveness
  • Affordable price

Things that can be improved

  • Takes time to get used to
  • Some golfers may find it difficult to consistently get the ball to the hole

Consideration before buying golf putter

Putting can be a decider of a game. A quality putter can be very handy in such tricky situations. Here are a few tips from our experts that you might need to read before buying a putter. 

  • Try the new red putters than black putters. Because the color contrast will help you increase focus and attention. 
  • Larger grip can give more advantage. But be comfortable with a larger grip first. If you are not comfortable then there is no need to play with a bigger grip. Professional golfers tend to like the bigger grip a lot in recent times.

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Which Golf Clubs to Have in Your Golf Bag

You can carry a total of 14 golf clubs in your bag. The rules of golf are not too many to trouble you. But, yes, that’s a rule and there is a penalty for carrying an extra golf club will be two strokes per hole. Which is something that can cause a defeat in a game of golf. 

So, you need to plan ahead on what clubs you need to have in your bag so that you can cover maximum shots with efficiency. You can carry 14 irons or even 14 hybrids. No one is stopping you from that. But within the rule of carrying 14 clubs, you need to get your combinations right. The combination can vary from person to person based on their gameplay and skill set, but more often than not, you might need to use all 6 types of clubs for better performance. So it is recommended to have and carry a set of golf clubs

There are a lot of companies that sell a complete set of clubs and they are quite handy. For beginners these sets can be very useful who are unsure of investing big on particular clubs. Here are 10 best golf clubs sets reviewed to ease your selection. Yes, you might not find all the clubs that match your gameplay, but they are quite good to start off.

10 Best Golf Clubs Sets

You know how hard it is to find a set that has quality golf clubs. Our experts have reviewed more than 50 golf club sets based on their combination of different clubs, features and performances of clubs, user ratings and others pros and cons.

1. Wilson Golf Men’s Ultra Complete Package Set

best golf clubs

The Wilson golf ultra complete set is a straightforward golf set that delivers what it says. The features say it all.

Main features:

Set composition: you get 3 woods, Iron 5-PW and a driver with this set.
In the precise M5 you got only 1 hybrid, but here you get 4 hybrids along with a putter.

Materials: Graphite and iron are both used in this set. The woods and the driver are made of graphite shafts. This means you have 5 lightweight clubs. On the other hand, the hybrids and irons are made of steel, giving you durability and strength.

Putter: Not all golf sets will have a modern putter. This set has so. If you are a beginner, it is a big difference as you can improve your putting skills.

What’s more: Like most sets, you get a golf bag and covers for your clubs. That’s very handy

Why is it best?

This golf set has 4 hybrids, which means you can replace the long irons with these hybrids. The clubs have innovative design and functions that can help improve beginner’s games.

Things we liked

  • Highly affordable 
  • 3 covers to protect your clubs
  • The clubs are of the standard size
  • The extra bag you get with this set has more storage space. 
  • 4 hybrids are good enough for a set

Things that can be improved

  • Less durable clubheads
  • Sand wedges are not included in this set.
  • Only 1 color option to choose

Final verdict: There are numbers of cons in this set. But if you look at the price, you can certainly spend a little more money to get it covered. You get 4 hybrids with the set, and there is nothing more to complain.

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2. Confidence GOLF Mens POWER Hybrid Club Set

Confidence GOLF Mens POWER Hybrid Club Set Review

Let’s check out this brand. Although it’s not as popular as Callaway or the Wilson, sure Confidence is getting quite a recognition as they have consistently manufactured quality golf product.

Main features:

Irons: You get 6 through 9- irons in this set along with a pitching wedge. That’s great. The irons have a full cavity back which is excellent for forgiveness.

Hybrid: You get a 24 degree lofted hybrid with this set. This is useful for playing challenging shots that you cannot play with irons.

Driver: The driver is a 460cc driver and comes with 12-degree loft. This is good for getting more distance on forgiveness on shots.

Putter: A semi-mallet putter will do the job perfectly.

What’s more: You get a very high-quality stand bag with the set. That’s more value for money

Why is it best?

For golfers looking to get a hold on some quality clubs in a budget can fancy the set. We definitely recommend this for the lowest budget golfers.

Things we liked

  • The best value for money you can get buying this set. Undoubtedly this is the USP of this product.
  • The sweet spot is large as the clubhead is large in size. This means beginners will have more freedom.
  • The titanium driver is a win-win for golfers along with all the other clubs in this set.
  • The extra bag you get with this set can cost you almost half the overall price of this set if you buy separately. That tells a lot about this brand.

Things that can be improved

  • Not durable. Definitely one of the top disadvantage of the product
  • The steel shafts on the driver and hybrid is another negative point. Graphite would have made the set perfect.
  • The putter is heavier than most other putters. Not a problem for experts but a pain for beginners.

Final verdict: If you want to get the best value for your money, you can buy this set now. But keep in mind that you need to upgrade as soon as possible for better game performance.

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3. STRATA Women’s Golf Set Package Set (Golf Club Set For Women)

STRATA Women's Golf Set Package Set Review

The clubs in this set are designed to make it comfortable for women. They are a great combination of distance, control and forgiveness. A total of 11 items in the package from callaway.

Main features:

Set composition: The set of strata women’s complete golf set is composed of 7 pieces of clubs and 1 piece stand bag along with 3 head covers. The 7 pieces clubs includes 1 pcs of Driver, 1 pcs of Wood (5), 1 pcs of Hybrid (5), 2 pcs of Irons (7 & 9), 1 pcs of Sand wedge and 1 pcs of putter.

Materials: Stainless steel has been used making the irons and sand wedge, which offers you control and forgiveness. And the putter you get in this set is one of the finest in the market considering putters in golf club sets. It is a mallet putter with alignment to help give you incredible accuracy.

Stand Bag: The stand bag that comes with this package is a lightweight and durable golf stand bag with five (05) convenient pockets. Other than this the bag has a strap system to use it as a backpack.

Why is it best?

This golf club set includes a total of 7 golf clubs and they are equally distributed to complete a game of golf. The clubs are good in providing distance and forgiveness at the same time. It can be a very handy gift option for someone who loves the game of golf.

Things we liked

  • Value for money
  • Includes putter and sand wedges
  • Better controlling clubs
  • Easily portable

Things that can be improved

  • No brand logo of callaway visible, which may create confusion with fake products.
  • No loft adjusting feature available on the clubs

Final verdict: Don’t get yourself confused with the 11 set title. the 11 piece is composed of head covers and a stand bag. So, you will get 7 clubs all together, which is enough to complete a game. Quality of the products are satisfying. You can also check our full list of the best golf clubs for women.

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4. Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Club Set (For Young)

Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Club Set Review

Palm Springs has produced a great quality golf set for the young golfers that includes all types of clubs like driver, woods, irons, hybrids, putters. Each club is a quality one. They have pure graphite shaft and regular flex. You can easily carry this full set with you anywhere.

Main features:

Set composition: The set composed with at least one of each type of clubs you may need. Besides it includes a stand bag, rain cover, headcovers and towel ring as well. 2 hybrids, 6 irons and each of a driver, wood and putter is included in this package.

Stand Bag: The stand bag is lightweight and made of nylon construction. It has enough storage space to carry our balls, tees, waterproofs as well as the clubs provided in the package.

Why is it best?

You can call this set a complete one because it has everything you need to play a competitive game. Just have it and start playing.

Things we liked

  • Easy to use
  • Forgiving and straight
  • Complete package

Things that can be improved

  • Flimsy shafts

Final verdict: This set is one of the best golf clubs set for the young golfers. It’s a complete package. Waterproof stand bag and matching head covers look stylish and add durability to the clubs.

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5. Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women's Complete Golf Set Review

Wilson has been consistent in producing regular golf equipment for some time now. And the quality of their products is getting with time. The set we are talking about is specifically designed for women golfers. Shafts are made with graphite to ensure lightweight. Only the putter has a different shaft.

Main features:

Set composition: 10 clubs in total including putter and sand wedge which you may not find in other packages.

Bag Feature: The set includes a cart bag which you can use as a stand bag and carry it on you shoulders as well with its shoulder strap. It is lightweight but very durable. It has enough storage space to carry all your needed golf items.

Why is it best?

Wilson offers multiple size options to match your playing style. The drivers has large sweet spot to give you greater distance with accuracy. Moreover, the stainless steel irons are very durable and provide a very low center of gravity.

Things we liked

  • Specially designed loft for women’s 
  • Grips are suitable to use all weather 
  • Graphite shafts make the clubs lightweight

Things that can be improved

  • Built-in stand for bag would have been better

Final verdict: Another complete set from Wilson that includes quality clubs for all sorts of strokes. Multiple size options make this set more acceptable to most of the potential buyers. And the quality ensures the value for the money.

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6. Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set (For Tall Men)

Aspire X1 Men's Complete Golf Set Review

The Aspire X1 men’s package set is designed to improve your game by playing with various types of clubs in different situations. Each of the clubs of this set are tested to deliver more distance, forgiveness, and accuracy. No matter if you are a beginner or an intermediary golfer,it will be a value set to practice and develop.

Main features:

Set composition: The set includes 1 titanium driver, 1 fairway wood, 1 hybrid club, 6-PW Irons, 1 Putter along with a stand bag, and 3 head covers.

Why is it best?

The set is specially designed for golfers with a height of 6’1″ and above. The set has enough clubs to play golf right away and it is made of such materials that lasts long.

Things we liked

  • Standard looking bag and clubs
  • Stainless steel made woods and irons
  • 100% Graphite shaft on Woods 
  • True temper steel shafts on Irons

Things that can be improved

  • No wedges

Final verdict: If you are more than 6 in height and find it difficult to match a golf club set to your size, you can buy this set right now. Quality of the set is that good.

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7. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set Review

The 18 piece Callaway men’s Strata should be your go-to club set if you are struggling with your shots. Once you get through the features, you will know why they are so good.

Main features:

Set composition: You get 6 irons, 2 woods, 2 hybrids with the set. Don’t forget the 460cc driver you are getting with this set. Yes, a putter as well.

Putter: The putter is nothing out of the blue. It’s a typical Callaway putter that can make your aiming easier.

Irons: The 6 Callaway irons can help you play almost every shot in the game. Helpful for those who prefer irons over hybrids.

Fairway woods: The woods are made of stainless steel and graphite shafts. Two 3W and two 5W wood will be enough for hitting distance shots.

Driver: The driver is the show stopper in this set of clubs. The 460cc driver can help you cover more distance with the large sweet spot you are getting.

Hybrids: For challenging you can get away with the two hybrids in this set, you get a 4H and 5H that offers more forgiveness and flexibility on your shots.

Weight: 18 clubs with just 25 pounds of weight. That’s super lightweight mate.

What’s more: You get a golf bag with this set. The main feature of this extra bag is that it is very light and durable. Also, you get to have many pockets in the bag for storing your golf gears.

Why is it best?

The golf set is ideal because of all the clubs you are getting from a high-quality manufacturer. 18 clubs and you won’t have to worry about anything more.

Things we liked

  • The grips are highly comfortable in your hands. We found users very satisfied with the grips.
  • For beginners, the forgiveness of the clubs is a real blessing
  • The pricing is affordable for most beginner golfers
  • The 18 club set will help you cover almost all shots in the book
  • The extra bag has proper storage for multipurpose use.

Things that can be improved

  • We found the shafts to snap very easily. This is the area the brand must improve on.
  • The driver must be upgraded as soon as you buy. So keep that in mind if you are in a tight budget.
  • The clubs are made without the Callaway logo. This is a great regret as you are buying from a top notch brand but cannot show to your mates.

Final verdict: The price range allows you to buy an extra driver and few shafts. But if you are just starting and have a budget issue go for it. You get everything you need to start your golf career in this set

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8. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set Review

The Callaway men’s strata is one of the best golf club sets for beginners. The clubs are of high quality that you can carry to all sorts of golf courses.

Main features:

Driver: Like the strata ultimate, the driver is a 460cc driver with a large sweet spot so that you won’t miss your shots.

Fairway woods: You get a 3-wood in this set. The head has an aerodynamic design so that you can hit long and lofted shots.

Irons: The irons are made of stainless steel, and so they are highly durable. The club combination will offer excellent control and forgiveness on shots.

Hybrids: The set includes high-quality hybrids to take your game to the next level. Forget the long irons, hybrids are here.

Putter: The T-style alignment of the putter adds accuracy to your shots. This is a stand out feature of this putter you are getting with the set.

What’s more: As usual you get a stand bag with this golf set. But 5 added pockets to the bag helps in carrying more golf gears. You can also carry the bag on your back as the bag comes with a backstrap.

Why is it best?

This golf set is ideal in the sense that you get 12 clubs within a budget. Although we have better golf sets in our category than this.

Things we liked

  • The bonus sand wedge makes this set entirely complete.
  • Steel made durable irons 
  • All the clubs you need to get started are included.

Things that can be improved

  • The putter is less durable and looks cheap as well.
  • The problem with the sand wedge is also found in this set. You need to buy the sand wedge additionally.
  • Many users have reported the rough feeling of the grips. If you wear gloves, then this should not be a problem.
  • The driver is also a bit hard to use as reported by many users.

Final verdict: Overall we think the strata ultimate is a better choice than Strata complete set. But then again if you have a low budget, this set should do the job. Beginners would find it quite handy.

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10. Golf Girl Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag

Golf Girl Junior Golf Club Set with Stand Bag Review

This is a very standard golf club set for junior golfers that features 5 different clubs in a very lightweight stand bag. The clubs will be a proper fit for kids ages between 4-7 years. You will get a driver and a putter along with 3 lightweight irons.

Why is it best?

This set is recommended as the price is just under a hundred dollar and it serves the purpose. The set consists of enough clubs for a 4-7 years old kid.

Things we liked

  • Includes all basic clubs like driver, irons and putter.
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight

Things that can be improved

  • Pink color may not be liked by many kids
  • Flimsy

Final verdict: If you junior just started loving golf and you are looking for a set of clubs to make them focused in golf then this golf club set from Golf Girl is highly recommended. Because it just provides the clubs your kid needs to start off and it is very much affordable.

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Ultimate Golf Club Buying Guide

How to choose the right woods?

Smaller head won’t compromise forgiveness

Golfers tend to view large clubheads offering more forgiveness on shots. But a smaller head can offer more playability and control over the shots. This is a thing of individual preference. You might consider this when buying your clubs for the first time.

Higher lofted drivers

The more flight you can create on your shots, the more the distance you can cover. That’s exactly what you are going to get with higher lofted drivers. If you are confused about this part of the golf club, then go for higher lofted drivers. There is less chance of regretting later.

Don’t miss the 3 wood loft

If you see modern-day golf balls all of them are made to spin less. The result is more distance and flight. But that also creates problems for hitting shots from short grass.

Why do you have to worry if you can grab a 3-wood loft? These clubs help you gain more flight and can even last longer than any other club.

Narrow body vs. wide body

If you sweep with your hybrids as you do with irons, wide body hybrids should be your go-to choice. But a narrow body should do the job for those who hit down on hybrids like irons.

How to choose the right irons?

Growing popularity of hollow body irons

If you haven’t used a hollow body iron, you can try your hands on it. It offers more forgiveness than your regular irons. You can improve your game performance more even if you are a good player.

Forgot about forged irons?

Yes, the forged irons are back. You might have seen lots of tour players using forged irons. Why not grab one of them? Forged irons are made out of soft steel which can give you a better feeling and feedback.

Consistent golf club length

Yes, many acknowledge the one-length idea of irons. This will allow you to hit with a repeatable swing every time.

How to choose the right wedge?

Cavity-backed wedges

You might see most golfers, or you yourself use a cavity back short iron. But times have changed. Cavity-backed wedges are now in the market. These wedges offer better accuracy and consistency on shots.

The rusty wedge myth

Golfers believe that rusty wedges help in spinning the ball more. But that is a pure myth. A 2017 test just backed up the fact that rusty wedges had no real impact on spinning the balls more.

Throw the worn out clubs

Worn out clubs won’t do any good. If you play more you lose more speed on your shots. A new club and an 8 year old club will differ by 1200rpm, the latter being less.

Match bounce with your attack angle

A mismatched bounce of your wedge with your attack angle can create a huge difference in the spin. The difference can be as much as 5000 rpm.

How to choose the right putter?

Go for the new red

Red putters are quickly replacing black putters. The redhead and the green background is a great contrast that increases focus and attention when you are making shots. The color combination can help you focus on little details that you can miss playing with blackheads.

Larger grip can give more advantage

Putters are built big these days, thanks to the demand of the golfers. But you can play with any size you want and change your grip preference. Make sure that you are comfortable with the one you have.

Golf club grips

The grip is the only part of the club that is in contact with you. So, it certainly has to give you a good feeling when you grab it. You can go for a rubber or a leather grip. Fiber cords are also available for the grip material. Whatever material you choose should make you comfortable gripping the club.

Now you can change your own grips when they wore out. Days have changed for good.

Golf club shafts

Golf club shafts are either made from steel or graphite. It’s the connecting material between the head and the grip. The shafts made out of steel are strong and provides better swing control. And it comes in budget too.

The graphite shafts have an added advantage of flex. This feature has a dual nature of being a weakness and strength of the shaft. The flex can help generate more power through the shots. But you have to compromise on the control.

The hybrid steel-graphite combination and titanium offers added advantage to golfers. Although it’s a matter of debate.

You can also get semi-custom golf clubs. So, you get to choose your own shaft for a specific clubhead.

You may also like: Best Wedge Shaft

The shaft length is also crucial when buying clubs. If you choose a club with a longer shaft, you can get more distance on your shots. With shorter shafts, you get more control.

Golf clubheads

Clubheads with lower loft angle are used by players for more control. If you have a good swing speed, then you can do with it.

But golfers with low swing speed can get an advantage with higher loft angle.

Clubheads come in various sizes as well. A larger clubhead might give you more surface area for hitting the sweet spot if you are struggling. But a smaller clubhead is used for better control and maneuver of the golf balls.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Club

Where to buy golf clubs?

Most commonly golfers either buy from pro shops or from retailers. It’s the physical way of buying clubs.

In the digital era, retailers have shifted online, and golfers can buy clubs from the comfort of sitting at home.

But there is one other way that you can buy golf clubs. Whether you buy from offline or online shops, you get a finished golf club with a head, shaft and a grip. So, component golf clubs are available now.

These golf clubs are offered by custom golf club fitters who buy each part separately from suppliers. So, you get to choose from brands who specializes in each component of the golf club.

If you require a longer shaft with a smaller head and a leather grip, you can get all of them from these custom fitters. You can take control of your game with component golf clubs.

Should I get a short iron or a long iron?

Longer clubs with low loft can be hard to hit for any golfer. Yes, they have a specific use.

But if you are a beginner, then a short iron will be easier to hit the balls.

Golfers with high athleticism and swings speed can handle long irons better. Alternatively, you can also go for the hybrids which can replace the long irons without compromising the control.

Is pitching wedge not a wedge?

Pitching wedges are often sold along with the irons in a complete set. Although its name classifies it into the wedges category, it falls in the category of the irons.

So, whenever you see a list of wedges, you don’t see the mention of a pitching wedge.

Individual clubs or full set? What should you go for?

When buying clubs, you have two options. You can either buy a whole set comprising all the clubs starting driver to putter, or you can buy clubs individually.

Both the option has their own pros and cons.

Pros of buying the whole set

When you the whole set of clubs, you can save a ton of money. And you can also get extra things like bags and covers which you have to buy when buying individually.

You can also save quite a lot of time if you buy a whole pack of clubs at a time. As there are various manufacturers offering clubs of varied features, it’s efficient to buy from a single manufacturer.

Cons of buying the whole set

If you play less, then chances are you only need a few clubs, So, in that case, buying a full set of clubs will be expensive for you.

Pros of buying individual clubs

When you buy individual clubs, you can choose between different brands and buy the best.

Also, if you don’t play golf regularly, you can save more by buying less. You will not need a full set.

Cons of buying individual clubs

The downsides are time-consuming and also expensive if you buy every club individually,

Which brand of golf clubs should I buy?

There are several brands who produce quality golf clubs each year. You can buy any from those renowned brands. But our experts suggest clubs from Callaway, TaylorMade and Titliest best match as they offer more options and most users say positive about them. 

How much is a good golf club set?

The price range for a good golf club set varies from about $200 to $500. But you will find some sets in less than $200 too. 

Are expensive golf clubs worth it?

Yes, Expensive golf clubs are worth it. If you are looking for a career in golf or love competitive golf, you should definitely spend high on the clubs. But if you are just a golf passionate who loves the game and plays it occasionally then you may try one or two expensive clubs at first whether it suits your taste or not, then decide.

What are the best golf clubs for an average golfer?

If you are a beginner or an average golfer the Wilson 2017 club set might be a best option to buy. It includes all the necessary clubs you may need to play.


In this article we tried to cover all the information you may need to select a high quality golf club and golf club sets.  From individual clubs of each category to several golf club sets for Men, Women and kids have been reviewed by our experts and selected only the best from the lot here.

Besides, our experts shared their tips that they use to select a golf club. If you still have any questions feel free to inform us. Our experts will write back to you soon.

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