The 10 Best Lob Wedges Reviews and Buying Guides

best lob wedge review

When it comes to striking from a bunker, the first golf club that comes to a golfer’s mind is a golf wedge. But when it’s almost near to the green, you just need to cover a shorter distance, then comes the lob wedge. 

Lob wedges are one of the shortest clubs in one’s golf bag. They are designed with high lofts to lift the ball from the roughs without clinging much. To score good on-chip shots or to take a full swing for distance wedge situations, lob wedges are significant. 

For effective shots in those cases, a golfer needs to use a well-performing wedge. Therefore, we researched and analyzed an excellent number of lob wedges from the market. Finally, we picked the 10 best lob wedges to give a review.

10 Best Lob Wedges Reviews

1. Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge 

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge Review

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge for those who want good spin control and excellent forgiveness over full shots. This wedge has a lot of loft options as well as grind options. In addition, it comes with a traditional cool look.

The included sole grinds are designed for versatility to the shots around the green. It has a well-aligned sweet spot that moves the center of gravity away from the hosel. 

Then comes the UltiZip Grooves that are sharper, deeper, and narrower. As a result, they can perform better in the rough. Besides, the clubhead’s weight lets it glide into the sand, rough, or any debris. 


  • This is a versatile wedge.
  • It’s a user friendly club.
  • It keeps consistency on each shot.
  • The club offers better control from the fairways
  • It’s great for its looks and feel.
  • Golfers prefer this wedge for its forgiveness.
  • It keeps a perfect weight balance.


  • Some more skilled golfers might like to have a straighter leading edge.

Final thoughts

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge is recommended for excellent design, materials, forgiveness, and feel. It can meet the needs of both high and low handicappers.

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2. Mizuno T20 Blue Ion Wedge

Mizuno T20 Blue Ion Wedge Review

Mizuno T20 comes in the latest technology with three chrome finishes. Mizuno T20 Blue Ion Wedge is one of them. The club is remarkable for its eye-catching Blue Ion. It’s designed in a shape that helps to move center gravity up in the head. This will help to maintain consistency on the ball trajectory on each shot.

Mizuno T20 Blue Ion is available at 46 degrees to 60 degrees wedge that suits all the gapping of a golf club set. However, we recommend 58 and 60-degree wedges as a well-performing lob wedge. In these high lofted wedges, the shape is more rounded that helps versatility around the green. And here, the CG moves up the face a bit more to control the ball in the green. 

There are hydro-flow micro-grooves on the face that create a bit of a complicated sound. The grooves are vertically curved in the front. It helps the club to release moisture. That’s what will let one maintain spin in wet conditions. This lob wedge gives a slightly firmer feel around greens. 


  • The club looks very nice behind the ball.
  • It has a high spin rate.
  • In both short and long shots, it gives a solid feel.
  • It creates more backspin on chip shots.
  • The club balances a good weight.
  • In wet conditions it performs excellent.
  • It has a versatile sole.


  • The blue wears off quickly.

Final thoughts

Mizuno T20 Blue Ion is recommended as one of the most spinning lob wedges in the market. It’s for low handicappers or skilled golfers because the soles are designed in a versatile way that might be difficult for beginners to use correctly. You can check out the beginners’ golf clubs from our other blog.

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3. Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge

Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge Review

Mack Daddy 5 is the latest installment of the Callaway MD series. The main difference between this model and previous models is that the latter slightly improves the shaping. It’s shaped round. And the grooves ensure to get moisture away from the ball with a consistent spin off the clubface.

When it comes to looks, yes, it’s a bit duller than MD4. But the combination of four blue ports and a black nickel sole makes this wedge unique. In addition, there are two high-end finish options – Platinum Chrome and Tour Grey. 

MD5 comes with many loft options, among which 58°-64° lofts are recommended for lob wedges. The club has a wide sole that gives very effective bounces. Even while striking from the bunker, the club won’t dig down. Instead, it will glide off the roughs. 

The grooves of the clubface are V-shaped with sharp edges. In addition, it is designed with groove-in-groove technology that offers more sharpness and more spin to the flight. 


  • This club creates better spin on lower strikes.
  • Comes with a premium look.
  • It’s suitable in any turf conditions.
  • It gives a soft feel with consistent swing.
  • This can create more sharpness in the clubface.
  • It offers good control with excellent grip.


  • It’s an expensive wedge. 

Final thoughts

Callaway Mack Daddy5 Jaws is appealing for its excellent feel and performance. Though it’s a bit pricey, it’s definitely worth buying. Highly recommended for all golfers. 

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4. Ping Glide 3.0 Wedge 

Ping Glide 3.0 Wedge Review

When it comes to talking about Lob wedges, the first thing a golfer will mention is spin. Ping Glide 3 is best for its high spin rate. The bottom groove is not white. It might impress a golfer or might not. But the important thing is that the grooves are deep and sharp that will surely give a lot more spin over full shots. 

There are some little arrows on the extended grips that will help to do better on short shots in different yardages. The wedge has an elastomer insert in the back to give a soft feel. 

Ping Glind 3 is designed to reduce moisture and increase friction even on deep roughs. This wedge looks spectacular around the green. It has multiple lofts and four different sole options. 


  • The club is great for its lightweight and soft feel.
  • It gives good control on full shots.
  • The wedge is very versatile.
  • There are multiple sole grind options. 
  • It’s best for high handicappers.
  • It comes with an excellent look and design.


  • Some sole grinds are less versatile. 

Final thoughts

Ping Glide 3 wedge is best for the highest spins. Among the lob wedges, we recommend a 60-degree wedge for flop shots in the bunker. But if an experienced golfer wants more feedback, he can go for another one. It’s perfect for high handicappers.

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5. Cleveland CBX2 2 wedge

Cleveland CBX2 2 wedge Review

If a golfer prioritizes forgiveness first, Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge is the wedge he needs most. It’s effortless to hold because of its lightweight design and comfortable feel. And this makes the wedge suitable for golfers of all skill levels.

The clubface has a large sweet spot that helps to hit at the right place. And its hollow cavity design ensures the proper movement of the center of gravity. What makes the CBX2 different from the original CBX model is its sole design. It’s an S-shaped lighter sole that gives more heel relief. 

When it comes to grooves, the sharp Tour Zip Grooves appear first. Manufacturers designed this to create more spin by removing debris from the roughs. In addition, this has 58°-60° loft options for lob wedge. And the lob wedges have a C-shaped grind that offers versatility in the greenside.


  • The club is very forgiving. 
  • It’s suitable for all golfers.
  • It gives a pure feel at impact.
  • Golfers can easily put spin on the ball.
  • It gives good control in the short game.
  • The club is great for bunkers.
  • It’s well balanced and easy to swing.


  • Grind options are limited.

Final thoughts

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge is recommended for those who want the combination of versatility and forgiveness and also recommended for its overall quality. Cleveland doesn’t compromise with quality.

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6. TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe Wedge

TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe Wedge Review

This lob wedge review is for those who want higher spin rates on shots around the green. Most of the tour players prefer unfinished wedges for bunker shots. TaylorMade Hi-Toe milled grind wedge belongs to this category that doesn’t have a finish on its face. And this unique design helps to create a high spin.

Not only this, it has sharper and deeper grooves too. The sharper the grooves are, the more spin it creates. The taser etching design in the grooves helps to generate more friction. 

Hi-toe wedges have more sole and bounce options. It creates more center gravity for a lower launch. There are three trapezoid-shaped pockets in the sole cavity that help to balance the weight. This wedge comes in multiple sole grind options and two loft angles for lob wedges.


  • Offers incredible versatility around the green.
  • Balances perfect weight to get through thicker rough around the green.
  • It’s a good club with excellent control.
  • The wedge gives a great feel.
  • It creates a high spin rate on the ball.


  • The wedge is not too long.
  • Its clubhead is a bit heavier.

Final thoughts

TaylorMade Hi-Toe milled grind wedge is recommended for a high spin rate. It’s suitable for all skilled golfers. Even for a high handicapper, this club can help to have effective shots. 

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7. Titleist SM8 Wedge

Titleist SM8 Wedge Review

Isn’t a versatile wedge in a golf bag very significant for bunker shots? How about the most versatile lob wedge? Yes, Titleist SM8 is the most versatile lob wedge in a golf bag. The more versatile a wedge is, the more spin it creates around the green.

This wedge offers 6 tour-proven sole grinds, any of which will easily fit a any swing type and course conditions. No doubt about the improved distance it ensures. 

SM8 comes with variable hosel length that places the center of gravity before the clubface. And this gives a resounding feel. In addition, the wedge provides spin-milled grooves that help to create higher spin. It gives the ultimate control with maximum spin.


  • The wedge is great for consistent distance.
  • It comes with a great look and feel.
  • It gives excellent spin control.
  • It’s a very accurate and forgiving club.
  • There are various custom fitting options in this club.


  • It’s an expensive wedge. 

Final thoughts

Titleist SM8 wedge is recommended for those who can invest a fair amount of money for a more consistent distance, versatility, and solid feel. Good value for money!

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8. Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge Review

Every golfer wants to have a well-performing club in their bags. Callaway comes with such a wedge which becomes a favorite club to the golfers. Yes, I am talking about the highest performing Mack Daddy CB Wedge. 

For using Groove-in-Groove technology in the design, this wedge creates more spin over the shots. You get four sole grinds to match your playing style and course conditions. Also, there are a lot of loft options and bounce variations.

It comes in two finishes – Platinum chrome and Black Matte finish. The club is made of mild carbon steel to a smooth feel. It also locates the CG accurately. The club has a large face for optimal distance control.


  • The wedge is very forgiving and smooth.
  • It offers a solid feel and sound.
  • Golfers get great control over distance and flight.
  • It comes with a user-friendly design. 
  • It creates a good spin on the ball.


  • The wedge doesn’t give good contact over the ball.
  • It’s not so versatile.

Final thoughts

Callaway Mack Daddy CB is highly recommended as the best lob wedge for high handicappers. Also suitable for mid handicapped golfers.

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9. Wilson Staff Model

Wilson Staff Model Golf Wedge Review

To have short game confidence and long-time consistency, Wilson staff Model can be an ideal choice. World-class tour players design this wedge. And that’s why it’s undoubtedly great for design and performance. 

The head of the club is made of carbon steel. This makes the head softer and gives a smooth feel around the green. And the milled face of the club ensures consistent contact, which results in high spin and control. 

Manufacturers designed the club so that it gives direct feedback and increases the confidence of every golfer. You can select the loft from 58°-60° and shaft materials from the given options. But if you are tall, this club can be a bit shorter for you.

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  • The club is great for giving maximum spin and control.
  • The Look of the wedge is great.
  • It’s well balanced with a good grip.
  • It’s a versatile club.
  • It has the perfect weight for a lob wedge.
  • The club comes with a sweet sound and feel.


  • It should create a little more spin.
  • The club could be a little longer for the taller.

Final thoughts

Though the Wilson Staff model doesn’t give as much spin as other expensive wedges, it is an excellent choice for the money. Highly recommended for great control on short game shots. 

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10. Taylormade MG1 Chrome Wedge

Taylormade MG1 Chrome Wedge Review

MG1 chrome is a milled grind wedge designed to give consistent performance and optimal turf interaction. This wedge uses an advanced surface milling technology that ensures good control over shots. 

It comes with a lot of loft options from which you can select your lob wedge. The grooves of this wedge are sharpened edges that produce maximum spin. It’s effective for flop shots. It will automatically make you confident during each strike. 

The 60° loft can be a good lob wedge to lift the ball out of a bunker. Despite being a high-quality club, this wedge is available at an affordable price. However, it doesn’t sacrifice its quality for the price. 


  • The wedge offers increased precision and feel.
  • It comes with a decent look.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • It keeps a good balance with weight.
  • The grip is standard.


  • The clubhead could create more spin.

Final thoughts

This mid bounce wedge with a very sharp trailing edge is recommended for the high and mid handicappers. It will be worth every penny. 

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Lob Wedge

Lob wedges are made for the shots around the green. As they are lofted to lift the ball from the roughs, they should do it with ease. So make sure you are buying the best performing lob wedge among the ton of clubs. And for this, look for some specific things before making your buying decision. 

Check how good the spin rate is!

The spin of a lob wedge is essential to know how high the ball will go and how much you can control it. Generally, spin is created when friction occurs between the golf ball and the clubface. 

As a lob wedge has a high loft, spin plays a vital role here to let you hit the ball higher than other wedges. Whether you should stop golf on the green or make it roll, the spin will help you control this. So while buying a lob wedge, you should check the spin first.

Look for the sharpest grooves

Grooves are relevant to spin. The sharper the grooves are, the more frictions it creates and the more spin you get. Grooves ensure you have solid contact between the ball and the face of the club. 

While hitting the ball from the sand or water, grooves are what make these shots effective. They can move all the obstacles in a bunker. There are three types of grooves –  Square groove, U groove, and V groove. 

The square groove gives a high spin and a steep landing angle. It ensures better control and less challenge to hit from the rough. U groove provides less spin rate and lower landing angle than square groove. Also, it offers less control while hitting the green. But the U groove makes the ball travel higher than the V groove. V groove gives the slowest spin and least amount of control. 

According to the USGA rules, some grooves are legal in golf with some conditions. Despite this, golf grooves are very important before buying a lob wedge.

Check how it feels when you first hold it!

The feel of a lob wedge is significant for any golfer. If a lob wedge cannot give you the response you are expecting from it, it won’t benefit you. But, on the other hand, the more comfort it can provide, the more confidence you will gain. 

When you hold the wedge for the first time, it should give you the impression, “Yes, it is what I was looking for.” The combination of weight, shape, and design of the club needs to give you a good feel. Balancing with the weight is the most important thing in this regard.

If you are a low handicapper, you will probably need a more concentrated sweet spot. It gives more accuracy. On the contrary, large sweet spots are helpful for high handicappers.

Can lob wedges hit longer shots?

Lob wedges play a significant role in letting you win the short games. You can hit quick shots easily in roughs to clear the bunker for the elevated loft of a lob wedge. But lob wedges are effective for short shots doesn’t mean you cannot hit longer shots. They are versatile, and they can lift the ball high into the air. That gives you a longer shot with a soft landing.

You can hit a lob wedge around 75-84 yards if you’re a professional golfer, whereas a beginner can hit less. This is because the loft angle of lob wedges is between 58-64 degrees that can hardly hit a pitch shot. But you can get a good result from a lob wedge if you need to hit a chip or bunker shots with it. 


Lob wedges ensure you a clean contact with the ball when striking in high grass or sand. And that’s the reason they are such important clubs for every golfer. Here we reviewed 10 of this important club with their detailed looks and performance. Make sure you are getting it right and having the best one according to your swing type. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas about the products.

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