The 10 Best Golf Stand Bags of 2024

best golf stand bag

Cart bags are spacious but too heavy to carry around the golf course, even occasionally. They are not designed to do so. In comparison, carry bags are lightweight but may not have enough space for all of your stuff if you are starting for a long golf round.

What automatically comes next is a stand bag. Usually, these are 1-5lbs lighter than cart bags and more spacious than carry bags. The built-in legs in stand bags save you from bending too much. Additionally, your bag stays away from the dirt, giving you a neat and stylish look.

It’s for those golfers who prefer walking, using a golf push cart, and riding a golf cart at the same time. So, if you are one of them or simply want to switch to a new golf bag, let’s get the best golf stand bag for you.

How We Picked

We have picked up the products mainly, keeping the dividers, pocket number, waterproof feature, and comfort in mind. Customer experience and reviews of every product have been a significant part of our research too.

We have added hybrid golf bags, which are combinations of stand bags and cart bags. All the stand bags on our list have more than 3 dividers and 3 pockets to make them a convenient choice for you. The top of the bags are mostly made of Nylon or Polyester, that are water-resistant by nature. 

To know more about the considerations you need to have while buying a golf stand bag, you may skip to the buying guide section first.

10 Best Golf Stand Bags Review

1. Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Golf Stand Carry Bag

Sun Mountain 4.5 LS Golf Stand Carry Bag Review


  • Weight: 5.2lbs
  • Divider: 14
  • Pocket: 9
  • Color: 10

If you intend to carry the stand bag all the time, comfortability is the first thing to consider. This Sun Mountain stand bag is one of the best in that part. It has an E-Z Fit Dual Strap System. You can adjust the straps according to your convenience. These straps also come with padding to make this bag comfortable on your shoulder. 

There is a top handle for your ease of use. What makes this bag extra cozy is the hip padding.

5.2 lbs is pretty lightweight for a 14-way golf bag. The dividers keep all your golf clubs organized and make it easier to pull out the clubs. 9 pockets are included to store your other necessary stuff for a long 18-hole or 36-hole round.

And if you decide to ride a golf cart on the course, you can secure the bag with its cart strap pass-through. The bottom sits nicely in the cart too.

Things we liked

  • The dividers are full-length. They go all the way down to separate the golf clubs. It prevents the club shafts from clattering into each other.
  • The legs are sturdy. They fold out easily.
  • It fits well on push carts or electric golf caddies.
  • The 14-way top also has sufficient space for oversized grips.

Things that can be improved

  • The legs may not stay upright on the tile floor. 
  • This bag doesn’t have a cooler pocket.

Final verdict

What makes this stand bag the first on our list is its 14-way top, lightweight, and comfortability. However, if you are looking for an affordable stand bag with 14-way top, you may consider EG Eagole Light Golf Stand Bag.

2. EG Eagole Light Golf Stand Bag

EG Eagole Light Golf Stand Bag Review


  • Weight: 5.7lbs
  • Divider: 14
  • Pocket: 11
  • Color: 4

14-way golf bags are usually more expensive. It’s because they have separate slots for every single club. But this Eagole stand bag comes under $130. That is a comparatively cheap price for a stand bag with 14 dividers.

Additionally, there are 11 pockets to store all your necessary items for the next golf round. There is a waterproof pocket too, that helps to keep your valuables like phone, money bag, golf rangefinder secure. 

What makes it more attractive is the insulated pocket that keeps your drinks refreshing.

The legs are comparatively sturdy for this bag. The stand spreads wider to help in keeping the bag in a good position while you are hitting the golf ball on course.

In addition, the leg stand doesn’t hinder fitting the bag in a caddy or a golf cart. 

Things we liked

  • The dividers are full-length.
  • It has quality zippers.
  • The finishing of the bag is good.
  • There is a molded handle to pick up the bag easily.

Things that can be improved

  • The shoulder strap padding may not be much comfortable for you. The bag may not stay square on your back.

Final verdict

Both Sun Mountain 4.5 LS and EG Eagole are 14-way golf stand bags. What makes this Eagole stand bag better is the lower price and 2 extra pockets. But if the weight and comfortability are your priority, you may consider Sun Mountain 4.5 LS. Expect to spend more than $200 for that.

3. COBRA Ultralight Pro+ Stand Bag

COBRA Ultralight Pro+ Stand Bag Review


  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Divider: 5
  • Pocket: 8
  • Color: 4

Cobra Golf Ultralight Pro+ is an upgraded version of Ultralight Pro. While the previous model had 4 dividers and 7 pockets, Pro+ has 5 dividers and 8 pockets. Thus, it is easier to keep your golf clubs and necessary stuff organized in Pro+.

The most attractive point in the Pro+ version is the oversized cooler pocket. It can easily fit 10 canned drinks.

However, this bag has better contact with the ground because of the easy flex base feature. This increases the stability of the bag.

Things we liked

  • It is made of Polyester. That makes it a good choice for humid places.
  • There is a separate rangefinder pocket.
  • This stand bag comes with dual shoulder straps to balance the weight and save you from sprain.

Things that can be improved

  • 5 lbs weight is a comparatively heavier option for a 5-way stand bag.

Final verdict

This bag and Sun Mountain 4.5 LS come in a similar price range. Unlike Sun Mountain, this bag has an oversized cooler pocket. 

4. PROSiMMON Golf DRK 7 Stand Bag

PROSiMMON Golf DRK 7 Stand Bag Review


  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Divider: 4
  • Pocket: 5
  • Colors: 14

This Prosimmon bag comes under $100 and weighs 3 lbs. It’s the most lightweight bag on our best golf stand bags list.

Seeing the weight, you may guess that this bag has a minimalistic design. The top has 4 dividers. There are 5 pockets to keep you equipped with the necessary items.

To balance the weight, this bag has a dual shoulder strap. There is also a velcro strap to secure the legs while you are carrying the bag on your back.

The legs are sturdy and sit well on the golf course, letting you play at ease.

Things we liked

  • This bag comes for under $100.
  • There is a golf towel buckle that gives quick access to the towel.
  • Velcro glove patch allows you to set them on the bag after the game. That gives the gloves time to dry.

Things that can be improved

  • It may become a tight fit for a full set of golf clubs. It is more suitable for holding less.

Final verdict 

This bag is similar to the Izzo stand bag on our list. If we compare, DRK 7 is lighter and comes under $100. It also has the most color combinations of all the products.

5. Nike Air Hybrid Golf Stand Bag

Nike Air Hybrid Golf Stand Bag Review


  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Divider: 14
  • Colors: 4

For a golf bag with 14 dividers and many extra pockets, this bag is pretty lightweight, weighing only 5.5 lbs. You get separate slots and pockets for your clubs and other necessary stuff without having to carry much extra weight.

The padded shoulder straps are adjustable. Buckles on the straps work pretty smoothly, making the adjustments easier.

As for the material, the top is made of Polyester, which is water-resistant by nature. Additionally, there is also a water-resistant rain cover to protect your valuables.

Things we liked

  • The dividers are full-length.
  • There is an insulated pocket for your drinks and food.
  • The base of the bag is car compatible.

Things that can be improved

  • It is comparatively more expensive than most other options on our list.

Final verdict

Woode Hybrid 8 is also a Hybrid bag that comes in the same price range as Nike. In comparison, Woode has an 8-way top and doesn’t have a cooler pocket.

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6. OGIO Woode Hybrid 8 Stand Bag

OGIO Woode Hybrid 8 Stand Bag Review


  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Divider: 8
  • Pocket: 9
  • Colors: 8

This Woode Hybrid is mainly for separating your woods from your golf irons. With the 8-way top, this bag does that pretty well. There are 9 pockets in the bag. That includes a quick access pocket for your valuables. 

The attraction here is the big-sized key loops. These let you open the pockets easily, even when you are wearing your golf gloves. Coming to the carrying part of the bag, it has double shoulder straps. You can adjust them according to your convenience. 

Things we liked

  • The ball slot saves your time. You don’t need to go into pockets to look for your golf balls. You will have quick access to them.
  • The dividers are full-length.
  • Shoulder straps have foam padding to make the carrying comfortable.
  • There is an umbrella holder and pen holder too.

Things that can be improved

  • The price of this bag is comparatively high. 
  • 6.5 lbs weight is relatively heavier for an 8-way stand bag.

Final verdict

TaylorMade 8.0 of our best golf stand bags list has the same number of dividers. Woode has 3 more pockets and 5 more color combinations. For its price range, you may also consider Sun Mountain 4.5 LS, the first product on our list with 14 dividers and 9 pockets.

7. Cleveland Golf Stand Bag

Cleveland Golf Stand Bag Review


  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Divider: 14
  • Pocket: 13
  • Colors: 5

This 14-way Cleveland golf stand bag comes for under $200. That is the first reason to consider it. What makes it more desirable is the 13 pockets. It has space for pretty much everything you may need on a golf course.

As for carrying, it comes with adjustable dual straps. You can adjust the clubs on your back to balance the weight. Additionally, there are multiple handles in different positions. It gives you the option to grab this bag from different sides while keeping it in your car or golf cart.

Things we liked

  • This bag has an insulated cooler bottle pocket to keep your drink warm or cold.
  • It has an umbrella holder.
  • Tee slots are deep.

Things that can be improved

  • Some sections may not have enough space for your oversized grips.
  • The bag is comparatively heavy for a 14-way golf stand bag. This will make it hard to carry.

Final verdict

This bag is for those golfers who want a 14-way top with 13 pockets for under $200. As this bag is 7lbs, it is a better choice for those who are mostly cart-riders and occasionally carry the bag. You may consider a comparatively lightweight option like EG Eagole. Only if you don’t mind having a 14-way top with 2 less pockets. This also comes for under $200.

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8. TaylorMade Stand Bag 8.0

TaylorMade Stand Bag 8.0 Review


  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Divider: 8
  • Pocket: 6
  • Colors: 3

With an 8-way top, this stand bag has 6 pockets. That includes a water-resistant stretch pocket to save your phone, scorecard, golf GPS, etc. from high humidity or sudden drizzle.

What adds on is the material used for the top of the bag is polyester, which is water-resistant by nature.

Coming to the carrying system, it has dual self-adjusting straps. That assists in balancing the overall weight. Added padding makes it more comfortable for your shoulders.

The stand legs are of pretty good quality, providing the stability you need. It is easier to make them stand too.

Things we liked

  • The pockets are well-placed.
  • The zippers are sturdy.
  • This bag is comparatively lightweight for a stand bag with 8 dividers and 6 pockets.

Things that can be improved

  • It may not work comparatively well with a golf cart.
  • The rain cover may have a cheap quality.

Final verdict

Both TaylorMade 8.0 and Woode Hybrid 8 come with 8 dividers. If we compare, this TaylorMade bag is 2 lbs lighter and comparatively more affordable with 3 less pockets. 

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9. TaylorMade Select ST Stand bag

TaylorMade Select ST Stand bag Review


  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Divider: 7
  • Pocket: 6
  • Colors: 6

You may find it troublesome to insert all 14 golf clubs separately. At the same time, a 4 way top may give you a headache while looking for a specific golf club. A 7 way top can be a good solution for that. That’s what this Select ST version does for you.

It also has 6 pockets to keep your golf balls, tees, rangefinder, towel, etc. with you on the golf course. The large zipper pocket is deep enough to hold your extra golf shoes as well.

It has dual shoulder straps to balance all the weight to your comfortability. That helps to distribute the weight on both of your shoulders.

Things we liked

  • Both shoulder straps are padded.
  • This bag stands pretty well.
  • It features both top and side handles for easy pickup.

Things that can be improved

  • The colors may not be the same in person. This may not be a good choice if you are picky about colors.

Final verdict

This stand bag comes at a lower price than TaylorMade 8.0. Both have 6 pockets, but TaylorMade 8.0 is 0.5 lbs lighter, even with 1 extra divider.

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10. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag

Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag Review


  • Weight: 3.2 lbs
  • Divider: 4
  • Pocket: 4
  • Colors: 6

Just like its name, this golf bag is a lightweight option in our best golf stand bags list. 

It has a minimalistic design with 4 dividers. This top has enough space for a standard 14 club set.

There are 4 pockets. The zippers are smooth. The bag has a waterproof pocket for your valuables. The bag itself is made of Polyester, which is water-resistant by nature. 

Coming to the carrying system, the dual-carrying straps are adjustable. There is a side handle to pull this bag out easily from the car.

Things we liked

  • The bag stands upright even without the legs.
  • The carrying straps are padded.
  • This bag is easy to get in or out of the car as it is comparatively smaller.

Things that can be improved

  • There isn’t any water bottle holder.
  • It doesn’t have any small pockets for tees.

Final verdict

This bag is for those golfers who are looking for a basic lightweight stand bag at an affordable price. You may consider EG Eagole if you want a 14-way top stand bag at a comparatively lower price. It comes under $130.

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7 Things to Check Before Buying a Golf Stand Bag

1. Weight

Golf stand bags weigh 3-7lbs in general. They are 1-5lbs lighter than cart bags, which makes them a better choice to carry. However, depending on how much you walk on the golf course, you need to consider the weight of the stand bag.

The leg material does add some weight. But mainly with the increased number of dividers and pockets, the weight increases. So, if you are going to walk all 18 or 36 holes with the bag on your shoulder, it is better to go with the bags that have 4-8 dividers or have a weight of less than 6 lbs.

2. Dividers 

14-way golf stand bags are very common nowadays. It keeps all your golf clubs separate. So that they don’t get scratches accidentally. As this keeps the shafts separate, it is easier for you to pull the clubs out of the bag.

However, these types of bags are usually heavier. Dividers also take up a lot of space. That mostly does not leave you with the option to take extra golf clubs during practice sessions. You may also find it difficult to organize all the golf clubs separately.

In comparison, golf stand bags with 4-8 way tops are a better choice in terms of weight. There are better chances to fit extra clubs or the golf ball retriever in there. But these types of bags have disadvantages too. It may get disorganized easily and make it hard for you to pick the club you need. Shafts may also get stuck with each other or make more noise while walking.

3. Pockets 

Other than the golf clubs, you need pockets for the scorecard, tees, rangefinder or GPS, water bottle, snacks, umbrella, towel, etc. Having extra pockets keeps all of them organized. Insulated pockets will be a plus as that helps to keep your food or drink warm or cold for the time being.

4. Shoulder straps and padding

Reinforced shoulder straps with extra padding is the best choice. That lets you carry the bag comfortably. It’s a significant factor to check. Uncomfortable ones may leave you with blisters and injury as you will be carrying the bag for a long time. So, make sure to check the quality of the straps. Some golf bags also have padding near the hip and back area to make the bag more comfortable for you.

5. Material

For the fabric part, golf stand bags are mostly made of Nylon or Polyester. Both of them are lightweight and durable. Polyester holds color better. It also fades slower than Nylon when exposed to the sun. Additionally, it dries out faster than Nylon, making it a good option for humid areas. In comparison, Nylon absorbs water and may become heavy when wet. But same-weighted Nylon can be stronger than Polyester. They can hold more weight than Polyester. 

For the stand legs, you will usually see Aluminum or Carbon Fiber. If you compare, carbon fiber legs are typically lighter, stiffer, stronger, and more weather-resistant than Aluminum. As Aluminum legs are heavier, they are more stable. They can hold up your golf clubs in a more stable way.

However, a Nylon stand bag might be more water-resistant, or a Polyester one might be able to carry more weight depending on the fabric quality of the bag. Because manufacturers don’t use equivalent fabrics. We have just stated the usual. Same goes for Aluminum and Carbon fiber legs.

6. Waterproof

Though equivalent polyester is more water-resistant than Nylon, none of them is fully waterproof. So, the waterproofness of the bag doesn’t really depend on the material. That may make it partially water-resistant but not waterproof. This depends on the water-repellent coating or waterproof finishing of the bag. Manufacturers usually mention waterproofing features in the specification. 

For obvious reasons, waterproof bags usually cost more. While you can simply use a golf umbrella or rain cover as an alternative. Even if the stand bag isn’t waterproof, try going for the one with at least one water-resistant pocket for valuables.

7. Stand leg stability 

The frame, opening system, and closing system of the leg stand are important. In addition, the legs need to remain closed when you are carrying it on your back. Those bags with leg lock systems are better for keeping the bag upright. 

Coming to the material, the Aluminum legs are more stable because of the weight.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can I put a stand bag on a golf cart?

Yes, you can put a stand bag on a golf cart or push cart. Many stand bags even come with cart straps to tighten them with the cart. 

2. How do you carry a golf stand bag?

Stand bags usually have shoulder straps to carry them. First, fold the legs. Then, adjust the shoulder straps. The clubs should be placed below your lower part of the back. This way, the weight gets distributed on both of your shoulders.

3. Can you convert a cart bag to a stand bag?

No, you can’t convert a cart bag to a stand bag in an easy way. Even if you do with extra leg attachment, they typically won’t work as an actual stand bag. Because of the heavier weight and different weight-distributing design, there will be stability issues.

4. Can golf stand bags be used on trolleys?

Yes, you can use stand bags on trolleys. You can use tightening straps or bungee cord to fasten it with your trolley. That will keep the bags in place. 


Cart bags are still a more conventional option if you always ride the cart. You get a lot of space. The straps make the design of the bag easily accessible from the forward. At the same time, if you are a recreational golfer or don’t usually carry many things to the course, a carry bag is a more affordable and practical choice. In comparison, a stand bag is like something in the middle.

When choosing a stand bag, the key decision is to decide whether you want a lightweight top or one with more dividers and pockets. We have added options that have a combination of lightweight and 14-way top like Sun Mountain 4.5 LS. There are also minimalistic and affordable options like PROSiMMON Golf DRK 7. Pick the one that fits your needs most.

Hope we have been helpful in the process of getting yourself the best golf stand bag. Feel free to leave your queries or opinion in the comments section. 

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