How to Hit The Golf Ball With Power

golf swing with power

When you can hit the ball high and far, it means you are hitting with more power.

To get this smash factor in your skill set, you need to conquer two things: vertical pressure and the clubhead position.

Vertical pressure

Using the ground is essential in many sports. You can take Basketball for example. Those long passes and shots will never be possible without using vertical pressure against the ground.

In golf, the same physics comes into play. If you hit your shots with a horizontal force, you cannot get that power in your shots.

Once you know how to hold your ground and use your knees to bend and apply the vertical pressure, you can hit explosive shots at will.

Drill for vertical pressure

Step 1: The set up must be as same as we did earlier: the iron hit set up.

Step 2: Make a backswing and stop just about the waist height. Mimic as if you are hitting a ball.

Step 3: You must keep yourself as low as possible using your knees. The flex in your knees will help to gain that vertical pressure we are talking about.

Step 4: This is the final step. Make the full swing pushing yourself vertically against the ground. You will feel a force transferring through your body to your shot.

Clubhead center controls clubhead speed

Do you think the speed of the ball is essentially the speed of the clubhead? If you think so, you are wrong.

Players who can control the position of their clubhead and the point of impact can control the speed of the ball.

There is a geometric center on the clubhead, and that’s the point you want to hit with for the higher power.

Although, pros don’t hit with the center every time they sure know which part of the clubhead they are hitting with.

In playing conditions the toe and the heel of the clubhead, all have a specific purpose, and you don’t want to miss out on those.

Even with lower swing speed, you can produce higher speed on the balls if you can hit from the center of your clubhead.

Drill for practicing power shots

You need a foot spray for this drill. Apply the spray on the clubhead thoroughly. After the spray dries, you are ready to try the drill.

Now every time you hit the ball, you can know where the ball is hitting the clubhead.

You can set goals and practice hitting with a specific part of the clubhead. In this way, you master the art of power hitting.

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Written by Emily Clark

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