10 Best Electric Golf Caddies to Save Your Energy for Golf

Best Electric Golf Caddies

Electric golf caddies save your energy for the golf swings. While you can still enjoy the health benefits of walking. Even pull or push carts put pressure on your forearm muscles. You may want to go on a golf cart to save your energy for the game only. Then, you won’t get much time to think about your next shot. Your groupmate may end up hurrying you to make the shot as soon as you reach there. You won’t get much exercise either. And for a fact, walking helps to calm down your mind during the game. So, an electric golf caddy is an answer to get a bit of the benefit of both worlds. 

A friendly reminder is that golf carts are still a better option for those who may lose all their strength walking 5 miles or more of the course or have injuries. Getting exercise from walking the course is surely a good thing. But not when it affects your health and game.

10 Best Electric Golf Caddies Reviews

We have created a list of the 10 best battery-powered golf caddies keeping different requirements of different golfers in mind. Check the comparison with previous or upgraded models in the reviews to find the best electric golf caddy for you.

1. Cart Tek GRi-1500Li V2 Remote Control Golf Caddy

Cart Tek GRi-1500Li V2 Remote Control Golf Caddy

Cart Tek GRi-1500Li V2 is the upgraded version of the GRi-1500Li model. Cart Tek took the initiative to make a better version as the previous model, the GRi-1500Li, had been Cart Tek’s best-selling motorized golf caddy for a long time. GRi-1500Li V2 combined customer experience over the years with Cart Tek’s innovative ideas and the basic design of the previous model.

Now, what’s different? Coming from the top, the adjustability of the handle has increased. The remote control is a bit heavier than the previous model. Unlike the 2015 model, this upgraded remote golf caddy has built-in antennas. Wheels are wider than before. They come with removable treads. That means you don’t need to change the wheel just because the tread got damaged. It also means you can change the color of rims whenever you want. The new model’s battery is slightly lighter with the weight of 3 pounds, which was 3.5 pounds for the previous one.

However, the basic 4 factory speed settings to carry your golf clubs are still the same. Here you can program the setting of your own. Both the electric golf push carts have 2 efficient 24v high-torque motors to maintain the speed. In addition, you get free accessories over $100 value. The golf umbrella holder is the same as the previous model. While the drink holder got bigger and the scorecard holder got moved to the side. This makes it more convenient for many to keep the golf score

Benefits at a glance

  • The frame is made of 6061 Aluminum, meaning it has quite good corrosion resistance.
  • This electric golf trolley folds up easily to fit anywhere.
  • The axle tube protects the motors so that they last longer.
  • The 45″ max height in the previous model has changed to 46″ in the upgraded version. 
  • It has slope control to help correct the deviations.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • In Spite of being a battery powered golf cart, it doesn’t show the battery percentage. You may need to buy a battery power LED cable separately to read the remaining charge.
  • The remote holder isn’t very strong. It may fall off when the cart hits bumps.

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2. NovaCaddy X9RD Remote Control Electric Golf Trolley

NovaCaddy X9RD Remote Control Electric Golf Trolley

The time advance function of NovaCaddy X9RD makes it more than just a basic electric golf caddy. It lets you set a time after which this remote control golf cart will move forward automatically. The remote can make the cart move in all 4 directions. It has a wide range. You go after the golf balls, then call the cart with the remote. There is no need to go back to the handle of this remote golf caddy.

It comes with 2 powerful motors of 200W. You can load up this motorized golf push cart to a maximum weight of 40 kg without worrying much about the weight decreasing the speed. In addition, there are different speed settings with the maximum speed of 5 mph. But we don’t recommend running it at high speed. It may tip over. The rear anti-tip wheel may not work all the time.

Benefits at a glance

  • Motors don’t make a lot of noise.
  • You can fold it very easily just by unlocking the joints.
  • The remote control has 6 different functions. 
  • This battery-powered golf cart recharges quickly.
  • It has an aluminum frame. It protects the cart from corrosion and adds more stability.
  • This electric golf trolley comes with free accessories. They are an AC adapter, scorecard holder, cup holder, umbrella holder, and tool kit.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • Though there is a rear anti-tip wheel, it tends to tip over easily if you increase the speed.
  • It doesn’t have a drink holder and remote holder.
  • Bigger scorecards may not fit in the scorecard holder of this remote golf caddy.

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3. NovaCaddy S2R Electric Trolley 

 NovaCaddy S2R Electric Trolley

NovaCaddy S2R and X9RD come at the same price range. Therefore, almost all of the basic settings are the same. Both have 2 powerful 200-watt motors, 40 kg maximum weight capacity, and the same speed settings with a maximum speed of 5mph. 

Then how are they different? Well, the differences are in the additional features. The X9RD only shows the battery status on the handle. S2RS shows speed level and time program along with the battery status. Though the difference is 1-2 inches, the S2R is slightly smaller when you put it in full size. But the folded size is bigger than X9RD. The difference here is 2-5 inches. In addition, S2R uses clip lock to unfold the caddy, and X9RD uses screw lock.

If you ask which one to choose, it’s a question with different answers for different people. NovaCaddy S2R is more suitable for hilly courses than X9RD. The triangle back design of S2R provides it with more stability. In addition, it is preferable to keep the hands on the handle on a hilly course. Making that happen, the S2R has more functions on the handle. But the concern is, the handle is not adjustable according to the different heights of golfers.

Benefits at a glance

  • This motorized golf push cart is easy to set up and fold up.
  • It is more lightweight than the X9RD model with 9.5kg without battery and 12kg with Lithium battery. Whereas for the X9RD, it is 9.9kg without battery and 12.1kg with Lithium battery.
  • It comes with a Digital control panel with “On-Off” and 7 speed settings.
  • The combination of aluminum alloy frame, dual stainless steel gear box, and polymer component make this caddy last longer.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • Handles are not adjustable for different heights.
  • Folded size is bigger than X9RD. That may make it harder to fit it anywhere compared to X9RD.

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4. PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Electric Golf Trolley 

PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Electric Golf Trolley

Through FX7, PowaKaddy came out with a new logo. The sleek design of this model was already eye-catchy. And the new logo added more to it. However, it’s is just the talk of appearance. That may not be a factor for many golfers. 

So, let’s talk about the main attraction of this electric golf push cart. It is the GPS system with LCD touchscreen. It shows the remaining battery charge, works as a digital scorecard, counts calories, and, most importantly, comes with 40,000 preloaded golf courses. You just need to tap the “Play Golf” button, and it will come up with the local courses list. Then, you can see the yardages and select your golf clubs accordingly. With the power save mode, the black light goes off when you don’t use it for 20 minutes.

Moving on to the other parts of the cart,  the handle is adjustable according to different heights. This motorized golf push cart comes with a 30V 230-Watt motor. That helps to maintain the speed. You have the option to change the speed in 9 different levels. This electric golf trolley runs on a lithium battery. But it may be troublesome to remove the battery to charge it.

 Benefits at a glance

  • The touch screen is quite responsive and visible in daylight too.
  • The accuracy of the green is good.
  • You can update the golf courses by connecting it with iOS and Android.
  • You can remove the added features that are not allowed in competitive rounds through the ‘Competition Mode.’
  • The built-in calorie counter is a plus for calorie-conscious golfers.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • You need to set up the front wheel and bar. They don’t come assembled.
  • The Key-Lock bag system may not work with your golf bags. The slot is mainly made keeping PowaKaddy bags in mind.

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5. Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart 

Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart

You must be thinking, why bring the Bat-Caddy X3R when there is X4R and X8R on the market. The main reason is the price. You can get the Bat-Caddy X3R for under $900. 

The basic design is the same for 3 of the models. They all come with a remote control that has 9 forward and reverse speeds. You can choose the speed according to the pace of the game. To control the speed of the caddy more effectively, they have downhill speed control and cruise control with speed recall. You also have the option to switch to manual control whenever you want. These electric golf caddies come with dual 200-watt motors to run on different terrain, maintaining the speed. Other features like the auto- timed distance control, battery indicator, USB port, compatibility with caddy seat, basic accessories package are the same too.

Then what’s the difference? The main difference is the frame. X3R has a One-Click Locking Frame. While X4R has Dual-Lock Z-Fold Frame and X8R has No-Lock Euro-Wave Frame making it more convenient for you to fold these electric golf trolleys. In addition, the X3R has a single anti-tip wheel. In comparison, the X8R has dual anti-tip wheels to balance the caddy better. 

Benefits at a glance

  • All the basic features are the same with the upgraded models. But you get them at a lower price.
  • X3R is comparatively lightweight than X4R and X8R. Excluding the battery, the weight is 22.4 lbs for X3R, 23.3 lbs for X4R, and 25.1 lbs for X8R. 
  • As additional accessories options, a golf GPS holder, rain cover, and sand dispenser are available.
  • The aluminum frame saves this motorized golf push cart from corrosion.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The handle isn’t adjustable.
  • Remote buttons are quite sensitive, which may lead to running the cart in the wrong direction accidentally. 
  • Don’t have a parking brake.

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6. CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart

CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart

The word ‘Smart Robotic’ in the name must have given you an idea that this electric golf cart features follow mode. CaddyTrek R2 combines Ultrasound and RF signal technology to track the golfer’s movement and follow accordingly. What adds topping to this feature is that you can also make it march before you. You won’t have to look behind repeatedly to check on your electric golf trolley. You always have the option to control it with the remote too.

About the other parts, it comes with 250 W dual motors. This electric golf push cart runs on a 24V Lithium-ion battery. You get a battery indicator with the caddy. That makes it more convenient for you to know when to charge this motorized golf push cart.

Benefits at a glance

  • The Follow mode and the march mode are the main attractions of this battery-powered golf cart.
  • It is quite affordable for an electric cart with follow mode.
  • The adjustable handles are suitable for golfers of different heights.
  • 4 CaddyTrek accessories are included with the trolley. They are umbrella holder, cupholder, scorecard holder, and golf cart phone holder.
  • The maximum load capacity is 44lbs.
  • You can choose ‘Designer’ CaddyTrek R2. The features are the same, yet you can stand out with style.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • You have to clip the handset to your waistband to make the cart follow or march. Many golfers may find it awkward to clip the handset to the front or back of the waistband.
  • The comparatively heavier weight of this electric golf caddy may make it harder for you to carry after folding.

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7. Motocaddy M7 Remote Trolley

Motocaddy M7 Remote Trolley

The Motocaddy M7 remote control has a lock system. Even if you push any speed buttons, that won’t work when you lock it. So you don’t have to worry about accidentally running the cart. You can continue to hit the golf balls stress-free, keeping the remote in your pocket. The remote has 9-speed settings. This allows you to run it at different speeds depending on the situation. 

As an additional feature, this remote golf caddy has automatic downhill control so that you don’t have to slow down. There is an anti-tip wheel too for saving it from tipping over. The wide wheelbase adds stability. While the aggressive tread adds more grip. It decreases the number of doesn’t tip overs. However, this tread design may result in harming the course grass.

Benefits at a glance

  • It folds up in a portable piece that easily fits in your car trunk.
  • The remote control is rechargeable.
  • The handle is adjustable for different heights.
  • You can remove the rear anti-tip wheel to clean them. Or to make it take less space to store.
  • The lithium battery usually goes for 1 round and more.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The aggressive tread of the wheel will be harmful to the golf course grass. 
  • The EASILOCK system works for Motocaddy cart bags only. 
  • The latches are comparatively stiff at first. It may take some time to loosen up.

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8. Bat-Caddy X4R Sport Remote Control Cart

Bat-Caddy X4R Sport Remote Control Cart

In the X4 series, Bat-Caddy came with Dual-Lock Z-Fold Frame. X4R being a part of the series has it too. This frame has a more efficient and compact design than before. It has an adjustable handle to make it convenient for golfers of different heights. As the frame is made of aluminum alloy, it is lightweight and durable. What makes this better is that the components like the axles and motor housing are made of stainless steel to last longer despite staying on the run.

Talking about the technology of the cart, it comes with a FCC Authorized Remote Control. With the basic 4 directional controls, there is a Cruise Control feature too. This feature lets you set a certain speed that works best for you. And the Timed Advance Function makes the cart automatically go based on the distance and time you have set. You can also switch this remote control golf cart to freewheeling mode by turning the main power off. Then, the caddy becomes just like any other manual push cart.

Benefits at a glance

  • It is easy to fold up and operate.
  • The 30 degrees of climbing ability makes this battery-powered golf cart go uphill more smoothly.
  • It has a standard-width wheelbase. This helps it stay stable.
  • There are 2 independent 200 Watt motors to maintain speed on different terrain.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 77 lbs. That is more than double the weight you usually need for your 14 golf clubs bag.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • It doesn’t have a brake to stop it completely. So, when you hit stop, it will slide slowly downwards. You need to be careful.

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9. Bat-Caddy X8R Electric Golf Push Cart

Bat-Caddy X8R Electric Golf Push Cart

The Dual Anti-Tip Wheel is a major attraction of the Bat-Caddy X8R. It is known as “Mountain Slayer” too, as it makes going uphill more smooth along with the combination of 30° climbing ability. The Downhill Speed Control complements it by maintaining the set speed while going downwards. 

This remote control golf cart has 9 forward and reverse speed functions. In addition, there is cruise control and auto-timed distance control like most Bat-caddy electric trolleys. What is new is the True Freewheel Mode. It allows you to push the cart more easily. It also decreases wear and tears to the cart’s dual motors.

Benefits at a glance

  • This electric golf caddy comes with No-Lock Euro-Wave Frame which makes the setup easy for the golfers.
  • You can charge your golf rangefinder, GPS, or phone with the USB port.
  • The motors don’t make much noise.
  • It tips less.
  • This motorized golf push cart enhances both uphill and downhill experience.
  • The handle is adjustable.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • This remote golf caddy is comparatively expensive.
  • It may move slowly sometimes, even when you have pushed stop.

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10. Alphard Club Booster V2

Alphard Club Booster V2

You may not agree to including Alphard Club Booster V2 on the electric golf caddies list. It’s not exactly a whole electric golf cart, it’s the device which can turn your push or pull caddy into an electric one. You just need to attach it to them. In addition, this comes with a Tethered Follow Sensor. As you may already know, you can’t usually get a cart with follow mode under $1000. But Alphard Club Booster V2 lets you experience that in your budget.

The main reason to add it to the best electric golf caddies list is that those who already have manual push carts can turn them into an electric one with this. About the other features of Alphard Club Booster V2, there are different speed settings. It comes with electric brakes and wheelie bars. This makes it more convenient for you to stop and lessen the number of tip overs.

Benefits at a glance

  • It is easy to set up.
  • You can operate it through the Club Booster V2 eWheels app as well.
  • It doesn’t tip easily.
  • The battery usually lasts 2 rounds of golf smoothly and more.
  • It has a 6 axis gyroscope so that the caddy continues tracking straight.
  • The remote is rechargeable.
  • It is weather-proof and water-resistant.
  • It has dual hub motors to go on in different terrain.

Drawbacks at a glance

  • Turning may not be effortless with the follow sensor. 
  • You need to pay extra for the brackets. It’s not free.
  • You don’t get an umbrella holder, drink holder.

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6 Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Golf Caddy

There is no definite answer when you ask ‘which is the best electric golf caddy for you?” It depends on what you are looking for in an electric trolley. You may want different additional features for your cart. 

But there are some basic things you need to consider no matter what advanced features you want after. For obvious reasons, an electric golf push cart won’t come with all the perfect features you need unless you customize it. Still, try to consider as many as possible from the recommendations below.

1. Type of electric golf caddy

You mainly have 3 options here. They are manual, remote control, and follow.


Don’t get worried seeing the word manual here. You still don’t have to pull or push the trolley manually. It is an electric golf caddy too. The word manual here means that you have to set the instructions through the handle of the caddy. You can’t control it wirelessly. These models often have built-in GPS with preloaded courses. That lets you choose the spot where you want this motorized golf push cart to stop next. It is usually the most affordable option among the electric golf push carts. 

Remote control

While the remote control models are relatively a bit more expensive, you can control the caddies wirelessly from a distance. You don’t have to walk toward the caddy and reach the handle to give instructions.

Follow Mode

Last but not least, the electric golf caddies with the follow feature. They are more advanced. These electric golf caddies use artificial intelligence to follow you around without you having to control them manually or with a remote. But these types of trolleys are quite expensive than other types. Golfers also often complain that these models take time to sense them. It can be troublesome sometimes. 

2. Battery

Battery Type

You will mainly find 2 types of batteries when you buy an electric golf trolley. They are lithium and lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are lighter in weight and take less time to charge. But they are usually more expensive. In comparison, lead-acid batteries are heavier in weight. When the lithium batteries add up to around 3-6 kg to the cart, lead-acid batteries add around 6-11 kg. That means the added weight is almost double. The benefit of lead-acid batteries is, they make the electric golf push cart more stable with the weight. They are also relatively cheaper and usually have more runtime.

Battery runtime

The next thing you need to check on a battery is how long it lasts. You don’t want to go in the middle of the course and embarrass yourself by pulling your electric golf caddy, right? So, it is better to consider this before buying. Battery-powered golf carts usually last 18 holes, 27 holes, or 36 holes. More than that is a plus point. But the caddy should last 18 holes at least. The battery will have different runtimes depending on the weight you have put on it and the speed you are using to run the caddy.

But in general, more amp hours (Ah) means more runtime. For courses with flat surfaces, 20 Ah or more is good. While for hilly areas, 30 Ah or more is good. And the voltage (V) specification of the battery determines the power. With the increase in voltage number, the power increases too.

3. Motor

Powerful motors help to maintain the speed in different terrain with golf clubs weight. You can’t really point out how powerful motor you need. Usually, a golf caddy with a motor of 180 Watt or more is good to go for a round. It is safe to go for 200 Watt or more for hilly courses.

4. Material

When you ask about the material of the trolley, it mainly refers to the material of the frame. Most electric golf trolleys are made of aluminum frame because of its lightweight and low price. It is a good choice for those who want a lighter electric golf trolley or have a limited budget. 

While the more long-lasting options are steel or stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber frame, etc. All of these are stronger and are a bit expensive options. Here Titanium or carbon fiber frame is lightweight and strong. But it is very costly. In comparison, steel or stainless steel frames are strong but heavy in weight. They are not less expensive than Titanium but still more expensive than aluminum. 

5. Foldability and weight

The electric trolley needs to be foldable and lightweight for you to haul it easily in your car trunk. Lightweight trolleys also take up less energy to run. However, too lightweight electric golf push carts become unstable when you dial more speed. It is also not suitable for rough or hilly terrain. Keep in mind that companies sometimes state the trolley’s weight without batteries. Have the added weight in consideration too. 

The weight capacity of the trolley is also a vital factor to consider. Usually, a bag of 14 golf clubs weighs 20-30 lbs. It is better to have an electric golf trolley with 36 lbs maximum load capacity or more. Because the golf ball retriever, cup holder, phone holder, umbrella, golf towel, golf gloves, etc., will also put on some weight. You may need to get some extra golf clubs when you go on practice rounds. Moreover, loading the cart with its maximum weight may slow it down. 

6. Additional features

To the very least, your motorized golf push cart needs to have enough space to carry your golf clubs. Additionally, it may have a ball, tee, and scorecard holder to make a better trolley for you to use comfortably. The umbrella mount and golf cart cover will be a plus for the rainy days. Some advanced caddies even feature a USB port to charge your devices at the golf course. 

Related Questions

1. Are electric push carts allowed on every golf course?

Not all golf courses allow electric push carts. These trolleys are often very harmful to the grass. Bad weather conditions can be the reason too for not allowing electric carts during a certain time of the year. It is better to check with the course staff before going whether they allow it or not.

2. How much does an electric golf caddy cost?

You need more than $500 for a very basic electric golf caddy. The remote control ones will take more than $800. And for the ones with follow mode, you usually need $1,500 or more. If your budget is lower, you can always get a good non-electric push cart in the $200-$500 range. 

3. What kind of bags work with an electric golf trolley?

Most motorized golf push carts are capable of carrying different kinds of bags. However, there are golf cart bags that fit better in golf trolleys. As the weight is evenly distributed in these bags, they stay stable. Especially when you raise the speed or go on rough terrain, they don’t drop.

In comparison, golf stand bags don’t fit in there well because of the uneven weight distribution. It may be a bit troublesome to fit in the big golf travel bags too sometimes. Lightweight electric golf trolleys often struggle to keep them stable while moving. But these are not a problem if you have a relatively heavy electric golf trolley with enough room for golf bags.


You definitely won’t want to push an electric golf trolley from the middle of the course. That will be more energy-consuming than pushing a manual push cart, as non-electric ones usually weigh lighter. It will be troublesome too if the functions are complicated. Thus, choosing the right best electric golf caddy for yourself is crucial to let you focus on the game only. We hope that we were helpful to you in this process. 

If you have any query about battery-powered golf carts or anything related to golf, feel free to leave your questions in the comment section. Your opinions and participation is precious to us. 

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