Best Golf Ball Retriever To Buy In 2021

Best Golf Ball Retriever

Golf ball retriever might seem like a must have item if you are playing the beautiful game of golf in a course with a lot of water. Otherwise, you might want to skip it hence it will kill a lot of time  and the penalties need no introduction. There are lots of golf ball retrievers available that look like just another golf club and do the job of recovering your golf ball which might be confusing for you to choose from.

So I analyzed quite a number of ball retrievers and picked the best 10 golf ball retrievers in this article based on their features, performance, quality and durability from my experience and reviews posted by customers.

10 Best Ball Retriever Reviewed

1. Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

The Callaway Pocket and Ball Retriever comes in with 2 different size extenders. One is a 15’ length and another is a 6’ length. When it is covered with a dual zip head cover provided in the package, it looks like another club and fits in your bag easily so that none can even identify it. The ergonomic sure-grip used in this ball retriever makes it easy to hold the ball while you’re fishing your ball out of the water or trying to grab balls from hard to reach areas. 

Stainless Steel mechanism and aluminum alloy ensures quality and flexibility help minimize bending when it’s fully extended. And the pocket version fits nicely in most bag apparel pockets. No more stepping in the water to fetch your ball. 


  • Ergonomic sure-grip
  • Stainless steel retriever mechanism
  • Looks like another club when covered


  • Poor design 
  • Sturdiness, top part breaks in few use

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2. ProActive Sports Sports Hinged Cup Retractable Golf Ball Retriever

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ProActive Sports has produced an easy to use hinged cup ball retriever. It is a great device that allows you to retrieve your ball from hard to reach places like bunkers, water and small trees where you can’t put yourself in. The telescoping pole mechanism of the hinged cup retriever is very easy to use ensuring your reach to the ball in almost any situation.

It just traps and secures the ball. The lightweight design makes this retriever easy to carry and maneuver. You will find this retriever in 3 different sizes of 12 feet, 15 feet and 18 feet extended poles. 


  • Hinged cup design easily traps and secures ball
  • Telescoping pole extends to 12 feet
  • Lightweight aluminum tubing
  • Rubber Handle


  • Flimsy

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3. IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever

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IGOTCHA is popular for their patented shafts, head designs and easy locking devices. The ball retriever comes in a compact size with collapsible stainless-steel shaft which makes it easy to store the ball retriever in the golf bag. And it weighs only 10 ounces and hides in the side pocket of the golf bag. This is the best-selling model for its convenient portability.

The ball retriever from IGOTCHA is ultra compact, its telescoping shaft design collapses less than 21 inches and stores easily in your golf bag but capable of reaching a maximum of 14 foot distances. 


  • Patented spring-release ready head
  • Patented stainless steel shaft
  • Ultra-compact with telescoping shaft 
  • Spring release-ready head and locking clip
  • Ultra-compact design collapses to less than 21 inches and stores easily in your golf bag


  • The shaft bends too easily

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4. ProActive Sports Player Select Super-Lite Golf Ball Retriever

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The Ultimate Golf Ball Retriever from ProActive Sports is maybe the lightest golf ball retriever in the market weighing only 7 ounces with a ball locking head design feature that you can’t ignore. The push button release unlocks the shaft to allow it to extend up to 9 feet while the high visibility neon green head makes seeing dark places much easier.

The ball retriever is made of fiberglass instead of heavy metals to ensure quality and durability with lightweight. The unique head with push button shaft lock and release system securely captures the ball to be effortlessly retrieved.


  • Fits in your golf bag
  • High visibility head
  • Push-button shaft lock/release
  • Non-corrosive
  • Fiberglass construction


  • 9 feet long is a bit less than other retrievers in the market

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5. Search and Rescue Retriever

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You can recover the ball by placing your retriever head over the ball and lift it. The easiest way to recover a ball mechanism introduced by Search and Rescue (JTD Enterprises). It is constructed with durable stainless steel rings and weather resistant powder coated aluminum assembly.

The dual zip head cover protects the retriever head and makes it look like just another club in the bag. 


  • Dual zip head cover
  • Weather resistant powder coated


  • Plastic Body

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6. Search ‘N Rescue Stretcher Golf Ball Retriever

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The Rescue Stretcher Retriever by Search ‘N Rescue is the longest retriever ever, with its 35 foot heavy duty nylon cord. This design has a 8 ball capacity so this head can make quick work of any pond. Just drag the head back toward you by pulling the cord and you can feel the balls go in the retriever.

Hang on to the loop end of the cord and like a lasso fling the basket out into the hazard. You can store this retriever easily in your golf bag. Orange colored head is highly visible even under water. 


  • High visibility with orange colored head
  • Easily stored in the golf bag side pocket


  • Difficult to use
  • Not very sturdy

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7. Stainless Telescopic Extendable Golf Ball Retriever

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Stainless Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever comes with a telescopic stick which is composed of stainless steel. It will not get rust even though it is immersed in the water. It is very lightweight (weighs only 7 ounces), even though it is made with steel. Stainless steel shafts look metallic that match your irons.

The retriever can grab the ball on the ground sturdy, you do not need to bend over to retrieve the ball any longer. The automatic locking mechanism on the head prevents the golf ball from being dropped when recovering.


  • Telescopic design
  • Lightweight but Strong Enough
  • Automatic Locking Scoop Cup Design
  • Can be used with golf putter clubs


  • Hard to use

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8. JP Lann Golf Ball Retrievers

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JP Lann Golf Ball Retriever features a telescoping shaft design that makes the retriever easy to carry and extend upto 15 feet when needed. The ball retriever is constructed with black anodized aluminum shaft to ensure its durability and quality. Recovering a ball with this retriever is as easy as you like.

It traps the ball and the ball will not fall out until turned completely upside down. The orange head remains very much visible even under water. 2 variants available. The other is with a hinged cup. 


  • Telescoping design
  • Black anodized shaft
  • EZ-View orange pressure head


  • Push button feature would have been better

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9. Golf Equipment 2M Golf Ball Retriever

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The golf ball retriever from Bleou helps to recover your golf ball or any other similar size balls from anywhere; no matter whether it is in a pond, or beyond a boundary fence. The ball retriever features a telescopic design shaft, which can reach a max distance of 2m. The quality of the product is ensured with a stainless steel shaft also making the ball retriever lightweight and strong. The automatic locking device on the scoop prevents the ball from being dropped on retrieval.

You will get an easy holding with its comfortable handle grip. And it turns into a compact size when folded to fit easily into a soft bag. 2 colors available; balcka and silver, choose the best according to your preferences. 


  • Telescopic design
  • Stainless steel shaft, lightweight and strong.
  • The automatic locking system
  • Comfortable handle grip


  • Flimsy and unstable

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10. Pelican Golf Ball Retriever

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Pelican golf ball retriever is constructed with aluminum alloy shaft which makes this retriever as lightweight as only 1.6 lbs. The telescopic design allows you to adjust the length of the retriever up to 18 inches. Yellow nylon cup on top looks great and helps you know where the retriever is directing to even under water. Available in 3 sizes of maximum length 12′, 15′, 18′.


  • Yellow Nylon Cup 
  • 12 and 18 Foot Maximum Retracted Length 
  • Aluminum Alloy Shaft


  • Cup keep rotating
  • Flimsy

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How To Choose The Best Golf Ball Retriever

There are quite a few factors that you need to consider prior to buying any ball retriever. Have a look at the factors i mentioned below: 

Ball Security:

There are few different designs available in the market but you can’t retrieve it if you can’t secure the ball. Watch out for those which feature auto lock. 

Shaft Length:

Size does matter for a good ball retriever, because if you have a ball retriever with short length, you won’t be able to reach balls deeper in hazards or ponds. The longer the shaft, the greater your chance to retrieve your ball.


Choose a retriever with a comfortable handle. If you don’t feel comfortable using it, you will hardly use it. 


Here stability means, when the retriever is extended to its full length, does the ball retriever bend or even break? Definitely you will be looking towards those retrievers that are lightweight but remember, they tend to bend more and are less durable than heavier options. If you find any with lightweight but very sturdy, own that one. 

If you are worried about your golf ball falling out when transporting out of a hazard, look for a retriever that has a lock mechanism associated with it for added ball security.

To allow more room to get your clubs in and out of your bag, pick a ball retriever that is small and compact and fits in your side pocket.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why do you need to buy a golf ball retriever?

Golf lovers claim that golf is a relaxing game, at the same time they also say how frustrating it is to chase stray golf balls around the course. It is especially irritating when the ball gets stuck in a water hole or sand trap. It is also difficult to see golf balls that are in the water. You can waste a lot of time trying to chase the golf balls by hand.

If you have the luxury of hiring a personal caddy to chase their runaway golf balls you may not need this retriever. Quality golf balls are expensive. Losing golf balls on the course is like throwing money away. If you are tired of spending money on lost balls and bending over and wearing your back out, it is high time to own a golf ball retriever.

How does a golf ball retriever work?

Ball retrievers are devices that assist you to retrieve balls from water hazards, deep rough or even the occasional sand trap, where they would not otherwise be able to reach them.

It looks like another club but is a telescopic extension that can extend and grab the balls to be lifted from water using the swivelling cup at the end.

Does a ball retriever count as a club in your bag?

According to USGA, Umbrellas and ball retrievers are not golf clubs as described in Appendix II. Thus, they are not counted as part of the player’s 14 clubs for the purposes of applying Rule 4-4.


If you play golf in a course with lots of water hazards, a ball retriever might be a must. Else, you might want to skip it. Ball retrievers are legal to use and very much handy in use. It reduces time and hazards when a ball gets stuck to an unplayable condition or even falls into a water hazard. I have reviewed 10 best golf retrievers you find in the market based on their quality, durability and features.

And I suggested some tips if you wish to purchase a ball retriever for yourself or a gift to others. Besides I have answered frequently asked questions to make sure you get answers to all your queries. Feel free to get back to us if you have any further query.

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