The 10 Best Disc Golf Bags for Every Budget

Best Disc Golf Bag Review

You may think that discs are not as heavy as golf clubs, then why would you need a separate bag for that? Well, the game may just seem like carrying a few frisbees in your hand but the actual scenario is a bit different. As most golf courses have 9-18 holes, you need to walk miles to play a match. You will need water, markers, scorecards at the very least. With the increasing levels, the number of discs will increase too. 

But deciding whether you need a disc golf bag or not, is not as hard as choosing one. You need to consider the storage capacity, material, style, stability, weather protection, budget, and much more. The choice will also depend on the level you are in. Keeping all these in mind, we have come up with this list of the 10 best disc golf bags. If you are looking for your first, check out the buying guide at the end to choose the best one for yourself.

10 Best Disc Golf Bags Review

1. Dynamic Discs Trooper

best disc golf bag

Dynamic Discs Trooper comes with a main compartment and 3 additional pockets that can handle all accessories needed for a full golf round. In addition, there is a drawstring-enclosed water bottle holder on one side of the bag. And on the other side, there is a large side pocket. 

The bag is very light in weight. For making it more comfortable for you to carry, it has padded straps and a padded back panel. But it doesn’t have any dividers to keep the discs separate. If you don’t keep it fully stocked with discs, they will end up lying on top of each other. Also, it doesn’t have rubber feet.

Benefits at a glance

  • It can hold 18+ discs
  • Comes with a main compartment and 3 additional pockets
  • It is very lightweight
  • Comfortable for your back and shoulder

Drawbacks at a glance

  • There is no divider in it
  • The zippers are not much durable
  • No rubber feet at the bottom

Final thoughts

Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack is for those who keep the bag fully stocked with discs. It also has enough space to carry other accessories. However, as it doesn’t have rubber feet for support, it is not much suitable for playing on wet ground.

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2. Dynamic Discs Cadet Bag

Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag Review

Dynamic Discs Cadet Bag is a simple side satchel for casual play. There is an exterior putter pocket that can hold 2 discs. And inside the bag, you can keep 8-10 discs. There is a water bottle holder on one side of it.

It has a zippered mesh pocket where you can keep your keys, markers, scorecards, etc. It has adjustable shoulder straps to make it easier for you to carry. But the concern is that the strap is not padded. As a result, it may put pressure on your shoulder.

Benefits at a glance

  • It has a basic design
  • There are different color options to choose from
  • The carry strap is adjustable
  • It can hold 10-12 discs in total
  • The dividers keep the discs organized

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The strap is not padded
  • Not an ideal choice for professional golfers

Final thoughts

Dynamic Discs Cadet is a compact-sized bag for casual rounds with family and friends. Also, the different color options let golfers choose according to their taste.

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3. Throwback All Day Pack

Throwback All Day Pack Review

The Throwback All Day Pack consists of a built-in cooler that can fit all your beverages and snacks along with an ice pack or 2 to keep things cold for the entire round. You just need to unzip the main compartment and fill up your bag with all the refreshments you need for a day at the course.

As for the discs, the bag has 3 stretch pockets on both sides of it. And there is a 2 Putter pocket in the front. As all the discs stay outside of the bag, you have easy and quick access to them. But the concern is that it is not ideal for rainy weather and it doesn’t come with a rain cover either.

Benefits at a glance

  • It can hold 16+ discs
  • All the discs are on the outside of the bag
  • There is a built-in cooler
  • It has a top bottle holder too

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The bottle holder is a bit short
  • The high price is comparatively high
  • Not an ideal choice for the rainy season

Final thoughts

The Throwback All Day Pack is for the long golf rounds in the summer. The built-in cooler and quick access to the discs are what make this bag stand out.

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4. Disc Living Golf Bag

Disc Living Disc Golf Bag Review

Disc Living is one of the most lightweight bags built for recreational golf rounds. It has a lightweight design with a convenient padded sling belt. Thus, you can sling it across the shoulder or wear it on your waist. As the water bottle holder on one side of it is within your reach, you won’t need to take it off to get that. 

It has a pretty simple and minimalist design. The main compartment can hold 7-8 discs. While in the front putter pocket, 2 putters will fit. But it doesn’t have any room for a towel, snacks, marker, or other necessary accessories. That makes it suitable for casual and recreational golfers only.

Benefits at a glance

  • The design is minimalist and classic
  • It is comparatively inexpensive
  • Has a high quality reinforced stitching construction
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry

Drawbacks at a glance

  • Not ideal for keeping more than 10 disc
  • Don’t have space to carry other accessories
  • Not a suitable choice for professional golfers

Final thoughts

Disc Living Golf Bag stands out for its minimalist design and casual look that makes it a good option for the beginners and recreational golfers. But as it doesn’t have any space for extra discs and other accessories, it is not an ideal choice for professionals.

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5. Disc Golf Slinger Bag

Disc Golf Backpack Slinger Bag Review

Slinger Bag is a combination of traditional shoulder backpacks. It has 1 shoulder strap that can be adjusted for both shoulders. You can also sling it across your body or can simply carry it in your hand. As for the disc capacity, the inside pocket can hold 10 discs. 

It has an extra pouch for putters. 2 putters can fit in there. It is also fit for oversized discs. In addition, there is a zipper pocket on the back it. It is safer to keep your valuables there than the front zipped pocket system. But the problem is that this bag doesn’t stand on the ground well.

Benefits at a glance

  • It has a lightweight and stylish design
  • Available in 9 different color options
  • Can hold 10-12 discs
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable
  • The zipper pocket is on the back

Drawbacks at a glance

  • It doesn’t stand well on the ground

Final thoughts

Slinger Bag is the most stylish sling-style bag in our best disc golf bags list. It is a good option for both beginners and experienced players.

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6. Athletico Disc Golf Bag

Athletico Disc Golf Bag Review

The Athletico Ace Frisbee Golf Bag is designed for golfers of all ages. Because it has a very basic, compact, and lightweight design. It can hold 10-14 discs and putters. There is a water bottle holder and a large side pocket too. You can keep your markers, scorecards, gloves, keys, towel etc. in that side pocket.

And for comfort, it has an adjustable shoulder strap to make it more convenient to carry. But the concern is that the strap may keep sliding. You may need to adjust it again and again. As the fabric and stitching are not very strong, it may tear apart if you don’t take intense care of it.

Benefits at a glance

  • It comes at a comparatively affordable price
  • The adjustable straps help to make it more comfortable
  • There are 4 plastic feet on the bag
  • It is very lightweight

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The stitching and fabric quality is not strong
  • You may need to adjust the shoulder strap frequently
  • It may tip when placed on the ground

Final thoughts

The Athletico Ace Frisbee can hold all the essential accessories that a golfer will need. It is an affordable choice as a grab-and-go backpack for beginners and recreational golfers.

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7. Innova Adventure Pack Backpack

Innova Adventure Pack Backpack Review

Innova Adventure Pack Backpack has a stylish exterior design. You have 3 different color options to choose from. And you will get a free Innova wristband with the purchase of the bag. It comes with a padded handle and straps to ensure comfort.  This one has 4 zipped pockets to let you carry all of your accessories at a time. 

The main compartment keeps your discs well- organized. You can use the top pocket to keep your putters or other necessary accessories. But the concern is that it becomes a bit difficult to put the discs in or get them out of the big compartment when it is full.

Benefits at a glance

  • It has a stylish look
  • There are 3 different color options
  • It can hold 25 discs
  • It has a padded top handle and shoulder straps 
  • Innova wristband comes free with this bag
  • It is an ideal choice for professional golfers

Drawbacks at a glance

  • It’s hard to put the discs in and get them out of the main compartment when it’s full

Final thoughts

Innova Adventure Pack Backpack is a fashionable choice for professional golfers. The padded strap, top handle, and 4 zipped pockets ensure comfort and enough storage for gears as well.

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8. Discraft Weekender Bag

Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag Review

Discraft Weekender is one of the most affordable options available in the market. You can adjust the padded shoulder strap according to your convenience. The bag has a water bottle holder and comes with a rain cover to help you protect your discs and valuables from rain. 

But you need to consider that it is not a good option for professional rounds as it doesn’t have much space. It can only carry the basic things that a recreational player will need. Also, it may start to rip and tear if you don’t use it with intense care.

Benefits at a glance

  • It has a lightweight design
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • There is a zipped pocket inside of it

Drawbacks at a glance

  • It may start to rip and tear if you don’t use it with intense care
  • Not an ideal choice for professional play

Final thoughts

Discraft Weekender is an affordable option for casual play. It has a very compact design that is comfortable to travel around with. It also comes with a rain cover to protect all the accessories.

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9. Axiom Discs Cell Starter Bag

Axiom Discs Cell Disc Golf Starter Bag Review

Axiom Discs Cell is the most affordable option in our disc bags list. It is an entry-level bag that is built only to carry the basic essentials. It is pretty lightweight and has a compact design that you can carry it around easily. As the bag is made of water-resistant material, it keeps the discs dry to an extent.

The main compartment can hold 7-11 discs. It has a divider inside the main compartment to keep the discs separate and well-organized. As a bonus, there is a mesh pocket for mini accessories. This bag has a quick access putter pocket in the front and a water bottle holder on one side of it. But the concern is that the putter pocket can carry only 1 putter.

Benefits at a glance

  • The most affordable option on our list
  • There are 5 different color options available 
  • Can hold 10-12 discs
  • There is a divider inside it to keep the discs organized

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The putter pocket can carry only 1 putter
  • Not a suitable choice for professional play

Final thoughts

Axiom Discs is a very affordable choice for entry-level players. It has 5 different color options to fit different tastes.

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10. MVP Disc Sports Backpack

MVP Disc Sports Backpack Review

MVP Disc Sports Backpack can hold 18-24 discs. You can fit 12-16 discs in the main disc compartment. At the same time, the upper compartment can hold 4-6 discs. Or you may use it for other accessories too. It also has a side pocket and bottle holder. And to keep your markers, scorecards in your reach, you can use the small accessory pocket.

This bag stands comparatively well on the ground. It has a sleek and stylish design. And available in 5 color options. But the color options only change the lettering. The base color is gray for all the color options.

Benefits at a glance

  • It has a stylish look
  • Comes with 3 large pockets
  • It can hold 18-24 discs
  • This one is pretty durable
  • Comes at a comparatively affordable price

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The base color stays the same even in different color options

Final thoughts

MVP Disc Sports Backpack is an affordable choice for professional golfers. It has a sleek design and comparatively stands well on the ground.

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How To Choose The Best Disc Golf Bag?

Whether you are buying a disc golf bag for the first time or looking for your next bag, make sure to make a checklist of what you want in the bag. For example, you need to check the style, the minimum storage capacity, material, stability level of the bag etc. Thus, we have made a simple guide to help you make your checklist according to your preferences. Let’s get started.

1. Storage capacity

The primary consideration before buying a disc bag is the storage capacity of the bag. A basic disc bag can hold from 8 to 10 discs. But some models exceed even 20. The number of discs you need depends on the level you are playing and the purpose behind it. If you are playing just for fun, 1 disc may be enough. As for the competitive level, you usually need at least 3. They are a driver, a mid-range, and a putter. But it is preferred to have 6 discs by getting yourself 2 of each type. Of course, as you advance in the game, you may feel the need to add up more. So, choose accordingly.

2. Additional storage and water bottle holder

For an 18-hole round, you usually need to walk 2-3 miles. If you are playing in teams, you need to wait for your turn too. Thus, you may need other accessories like a disc retriever, towel, water bottle, snacks, marker, sharpie, etc. to play comfortably. Choose a bag that has some additional space for these accessories too.

Most of the modern disc bags come with bottle holders these days. They have pockets and pouches that allow you to store cans and bottles of different shapes and sizes. But pick the one where the water bottle holder is in your hand’s distance so that you don’t need to take the bag off to reach it.

3. Dividers

Some golf bags come with just one big compartment to hold all the discs and other equipment together. While the others have dedicated slots to hold discs and other accessories separately. Choosing the one with just one compartment may damage your discs as they will constantly move while walking on the course. It would also make it hard to find the particular disc you need. So, choose the golf bag that has dividers to separate the discs from other accessories too.

4. Material and Durability

The material of the bag determines how long it’s going to last. Thus, choosing the right one is essential. Disc golf bags are usually made of Nylon, Polyester, Leather, etc. For your information, Nylon and Polyester are pretty similar as both make the bags light and durable. Polyester bags usually look new for longer as polyester holds color better. It is more water-resistant and dries faster. And it comes at a lower price. On the other hand, the Nylon ones give out a softer feel. 

They are usually slightly lighter and stronger than Polyester bags. In comparison, leather bags are pretty expensive and last longer than nylon. But leather bags are heavier. Also, as there are various types of leather, it’s hard to say which one is actually the good one. However, disc golf bags may have a coating or combination of materials to make them durable and less expensive at the same time. Pick the one that is near to your preferences.

5. Shoulder Strap Style vs. Backpack Style

You mainly have 2 style options for a disc bag. They are the shoulder strap style and the backpack style. As for the shoulder strap style bags, you have easy access to them. You don’t need to take them off to the disc or other necessary things. But the problem is, these types of bags put pressure on one shoulder. That may make your shoulder hurt.

On the contrary, backpack-style bags usually have more storage capacity. In addition, they are easier to balance on your shoulders. But you need to take them off every time you need a disc. Also, don’t forget to check the padded straps and the panel design in the back to ensure that it would be comfortable for your back and shoulder.

6. Stability

The stability of the disc means how well it can stand on the ground. It is to make sure that the discs and accessories are right in their place when you put the bag on the ground. The bags with integrated rubber or plastic feet at the bottom are usually more stable.

7. Waterproof

If you usually play in a rainy area or go to different places, it is better to have a waterproof golf bag. It would help to keep your discs dry to make your game better. Or at least get the water-resistant one to save the equipment as much as you can. You may simply buy a rain cover separately. Most disc golf bags are waterproof or water-resistant just at the bottom.

8. Budget and brands

Now, how much is a golf disc bag? Well, that’s a tricky question to answer as they come at a very diverse price range depending on the material, size, style, brand, etc. As for the basic designed ones in our best disc golf bags list, you will need at least about $14 or more. And if you ask about the brand, Innova, Dynamic Discs, Discraft etc. are pretty famous for their disc bags.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here we have gathered a short guide on choosing the best disc golf bags, reviews of our top picks, and the FAQs you may want to know. Hope that it has helped you to have a clear picture of the disc golf bag. Yet, if you have any confusion, feel free to leave your inquiries in the comment section. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions that may help your fellow disc golfers. Also, if you are interested in golf too, you may visit our other golf bag article.

Happy disc golfing!

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