Best Golf Gloves in 2020

Golf gloves are one of the most important golf accessories. Both pro golfers and beginners use this type of accessory. Now, golfers use only one golf, not a pair of gloves. Actually, the golf glove is worn on the top hand only because it is related to your grip position. So right-handed golfers wear golf gloves on their left hand and left-handed golfers wear their glove on their right hand.

Well, not all the players use it, but it's definitely useful for any golfer. But we recommend you to do so. The golf glove has a lot of benefits for you. Golf glove improves your grip. It creates more friction which is quite helpful for golfers. Golfers who have a loose grip can enjoy benefits from it. This accessory helps you hold the club perfectly because your hand is not sweaty and it prevents your club from turning in. 

Also, a golf glove helps you prevent blisters and callous which are very painful and disturbing obviously. So you see, though a golf glove is not a main part of golf it is a very important accessory for any golfer.

If you are thinking of buying a golf glove for you then you might be a little bit confused about the best golf glove for you because there are so many brands and products in the market. Just to make your work easy, we have designed this blog with the best golf gloves. So, let's check out the products now.


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10 Best Golf Gloves Reviews

1. Footjoy Men's Weathersof Gloves

Well, if you are looking for the best selling golf glove then it is Footjoy Men's Weathersof Gloves. It is a very famous product and also the best golf glove in the golf world. As it is a product of renowned sports brand Footjoy so you know that this company does not compromise with its products. So let's check the product details.

Top features

  • Footjoy Men's Weathersof Gloves are made out of advanced performance synthetic material. So it will run for a long time. You need not worry about the durability of the product.
  • The leather thumb and palm patch increase the feel, so it helps you with your grip on the club.
  • The exclusive fibers of material give you a comfort fit of the glove. It feels so soft and secures your grip 
  • Footjoy gloves are very breathable because they are made out of high-quality materials. The soft Power-net mesh around the knuckle improves breathability and flexibility.
  •  This glove provides you a secure closure. You won't lose your grip.
  • The special material prevents sweating. So you won't feel sweaty at all.


  • Only top quality materials have been used for this glove.
  • This glove is very much comfortable and it will fit you perfectly.
  • It will control sweat. So your hand will not be soggy.


  • As this glove is quite expensive, every golfer will not be able to buy it.
  • It is hard to get this glove everywhere.

2. Callaway Golf Opticolor Leather Glove

Our second product in this listing is Callaway golf Opti Color Leather Glove. Now it is totally needless to say anything about the brand Callaway because it is one of the best golf accessories providers. Callaway is renowned for its handy golf products and pro golfers love their products. This glove is the best selling golf glove of Callaway.

Top features:

  • This glove is made from high-quality leather. So it is a very durable and long-lasting glove.
  • The perforated leather gives you a comfortable feel. You will find it very soft on your hand.
  • Callaway golf gloves absorb extra moisture and keep your hand dry. 
  • Because of the moisture reduction, it will increase the breathability of the glove.
  • The outlook of this glove is just ravishing. It is very fashionable and you will just love to use it.
  • Callaway golf glove allows you to choose between seven different colors and different sizes.
  • The opti fit feature enables you to get a secure closure. It is thin, light, and adjustable.


  • This is a very good quality leather glove for you.
  • All the materials of this glove are very qualified.
  • You can choose between many vibrant colours.
  • Both man and woman golfer can use this product


  • Hard to find this glove in every sports store.
  • You might feel the price of this glove is a little bit high.

3. Titleist Men's Players Golf Glove

Titleist Men's Players Golf Glove is a product from the sports brand named Titleist. This product is very popular among both beginner and pro golfers for the following features.

Top features:

  • A Titleist golf glove is made from a special material that makes it so breathable. Your hand won't feel soggy with this glove.
  • This glove fits perfectly because of the closure fit technology.
  • The ultra-thin technology of this glove gives you maximum feel and you can handle your club comfortably.
  • Because of the ultra-thin technology and quality fit, it gives you a seamless connection with your club.
  • This glove is available for both male and female golfers.
  • The beautiful white color of the glove gives you an aristocratic look in the golf course.


  • This glove is very durable and long lasting.
  • It has a beautiful and modern outlook.
  • The golf glove is quite comfortable to everyone.


  • This glove is only for man. So if you are a female golfer, then you need to choose another product to buy.

4. Callaway Men's Patrol Glove

This is another best selling golf glove from the renowned sports brand Callaway. Callaway brand is always famous for their golf related products. And golfers love to use their products as these things are good in quality and can go well for a long time. So now we are talking about another Callaway golf glove. Let's check the product details.

Top features:

  • Callaway patrol men's golf glove is a well-constructed leather glove. The high-quality leather material makes this glove very very durable and long-lasting.
  • Because of this good construction, you will feel very comfortable to play with this glove.
  • The moisture reduction technique makes this glove quite breathable.
  • This glove has cotton Terry cuffs. It makes you feel much better. And also it increases the moisture absorption power.
  • The opti fit adjustable closure gives you a thin and perfect fit.
  • Callaway patrol gloves are very light in weight.


  • This golf glove is from the renowned brand Callaway and this thing gives you the guarantee that you are going to get the best golf accessory.
  • The cotton terry cloth is going to give you a very comfortable feel.
  • You can use this glove for a long time.


  • As it is a Callaway product so it is not a budget friendly golf glove for all.

5. Zero Friction Ladies Compression Fit Synthetic Golf Glove

If you are a lady golfer and you don't like to use the classic color of gloves then this product is for you. Zero friction ladies golf glove is a set of colorful gloves. This glove is really going to add some color to your game. It has some amazing features.

Top features:

  • Zero friction ladies golf glove is made from high-quality synthetic fabric. If you don't like leather then this is an ideal product for you.
  • This glove has lycra stretch throughout the fingers, plan, and on the back of the hand. Because of this, you will find extra comfort with this glove.
  • Actually, it is a set of golf gloves. Each set covers 6 colorful gloves.
  • Detachable tee and ball markers are for free with every glove set.
  • You can choose among 10 vibrant colors.
  • This glove is just marvelous for solid gripping.


  • These golf gloves are available in 10 different colours. So you can choose your favourite one easily.
  • Because of the Lycra stretch you will find it really very breathable and comfortable.
  • This glove is marvelous for your gripping.


  • This glove is only for girls. So boys won't be able to use it.
  • Price range of this glove is a bit higher than other gloves.

6. Footjoy Pure Touch Limited Glove

Footjoy pure touch limited glove is now quite popular among the golfers these days. The technology that has been used to design this glove is showing it's result in a good way. You will find this glove very much comfortable and also this product is long lasting.

Top features:

  • Footjoy pure touch limited glove is quite a popular one because of the comfort it has.
  • This glove is very durable and long-lasting.
  • The white color of the glove gives an outstanding look.
  • Both male and female golfers can wear this glove.


  • It is a very soft and comfortable golf glove.
  • This glove has a fashionable and dashing outlook.


  • This glove is available only in white colour.
  • You will not find this glove glove in every sports store.

7. Ping Golf MLH Sport Glove

Ping golf glove is a product of a brand named Ping. Well, Ping is not so renowned but their products are really very good. We have selected this glove for you after realising the good factors in this golf glove. So let's check the product details.

Top features:

  • All soft premium Cabretta leather is the main material of this glove. And because of using this glove, you will be able to use it for a long time.
  • Though it is a leather glove, it is perfect for any season.
  • It has a large lycra stretch over the knuckle which makes it very breathable and soft.
  • You will be able to wear this golf glove for a long time.


  • Though it is a leather glove, it is very breathable.
  • You will find comfort in this glove while playing.
  • This is a long lasting product.


  • You can find this product high on budget.

8. Puma Golf 2018 Flexlite Glove

Every sports person knows the sports brand Puma for their sports accessories. This brand is famous for each product they make. Now we are going to explore a golf glove from Puma. So let's check the product details.

Top features:

  • This glove is made out of 52% polyester, 42% polyurethane, and 6% Spandex. 
  • It has a pre-curved fit. So this glove fits your hand perfectly.
  • Puma golf gloves are very comfortable and breathable.
  • You can use this product for a long time as it is long-lasting. 
  • Gloves are very light in weight.


  • This glove has the best blend of materials. So it is going to work for a long time.
  • The Puma golf glove is very lightweight.
  • You will find this glove very soft to your hand.


  • Due to the polyester fabric, sometimes you may find it a little bit annoying.

9. Bionic Performance Grip Pro Golf Glove

Though this product is in number 9 on our list it is not a weak product. In fact, this is one of the best and most selling golf gloves in the golf industry. This product is specially designed for golfers with the help of hand specialists just to ensure your comfort zone. Product details are given below.

Top features:

  • The bionic performance golf club is made out of premium Cabretta leather. And it has Terry cloth pads inside.
  • Because of the Terry cloth padding, you will find this glove much comfortable.
  • Another surprising fact about this glove is, it has been designed with the help of a hand specialist. So it is a very healthy glove.
  • As this glove is designed perfectly, it will give you a perfect fitting. You will enjoy playing very much.
  • This glove prevents fatigue. So you can play for a long time.
  • The Lycra between the fingers and knuckle absorb the extra moisture and keeps your hand dry.
  • This glove has a modern outlook.


  • The unique technology of this glove is going to give you a very comfortable feel.
  • It's a long lasting product.
  • Due to the presence of Lycra, your hand will remain dry for hours.
  • Both male and female golfers can wear this glove.


  • This glove is quite expensive.

10. MG Golf Glove

Our last product in this listing is the MG golf glove. It is a very well-known product for its outstanding quality. Golfers love these gloves for many reasons. Our expert team has listed out this glove as one of the best golf gloves of 2020. Now it's time to check what features made these gloves so special for you.

Top features:

  • MG golf glove is famous for its quality. It has been made with top quality materials.
  • This glove has a very thin layer of Cabretta leather which is extremely expensive and strong.
  • Due to elastic waist hinge, the glove will not come out of your hand while playing.
  • This glove is very comfortable and breathable.
  • You can use this glove for a long time.


  • MG golf gloves are very comfortable.
  • It is a long lasting product.

Things that can be improved:

  • Quite pricey for some golfers 

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In this article, we have tried to draw your attention to the best golf gloves of the golf world. We have tried to point out every feature of each product so that you don't get confused about what to buy. Although a golf glove is not a mandatory accessory for golf courses, it can help you to play better. Because it can prevent blisters and callus on your hand. Also this product helps to improve your grip. So find out the most suitable one for you and buy it today. You can also check our other blogs for more golf accessories like golf net, golf simulators and many more.

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