How to Arrange Your Golf Bag (7 Steps to Follow)

How to Arrange Your Golf Bag

Imagine that you are going to play golf tomorrow and you need to carry your golf club and golf balls to the court. You are going to use your golf bag to carry all the equipment. But many of us don’t know how to organize a golf bag.

So, we have designed this blog for beginners just to give them the idea of arranging the golf bag. So without wasting any more time, let’s check the details.

What is a Golf Bag and How is it Made?

Golf bag is basically used by golfers to carry all the golf equipment. Golf bags are very fashionable and handy. They help you transform your necessary golf equipments easily. Generally golf bags are made out of nylon, canvas or leather with metal or plastic framing. Golf bags are available and can be easily found in supermarkets and online stores.

The price of golf bags depends on the brand of the bags. The price range of golf bags starts from $65 and it can go up to thousands of dollars. But we recommend spending at least $150 to buy a good one.

There are different types of golf bag in the market. You may get confused if you are buying a golf bag for the first time. In order to know which golf bag is the ideal one for you, let’s know about the types of golf bags that are available in the market.

3 Types of Golf Bags

1. Carry Bags:

You need to carry these types of bag across your shoulder. The features of this type of are

  • This type of bags are very light in weight.
  • It reduces the pressure on your back.
  • There is enough pocket for your belongings.
  • Carry bags have straps like backpacks so that you can carry them easily.

Do you want to buy a carry bag? Then we have the details of the best carry bag for you. And the product is Jones original carry golf bag. It’s totally needless to say something about this product.

Because it is the most successful carry bag in the history of golf which is famous from the production year 1971. Jones original carry golf bag has 2 zippered ball pouch. It has a full-length outerwear pocket. It has an exterior umbrella sleeve which is very handy.

This bag is made out of 1260 nylon and Jones vinyl. It is the original product of Jones sports company 

2. Staff Golf Bag:

This type of bag is heavier than average. Features of Staff Golf Bag are given below:

  • It is made out of leather and sometimes it has some embroidery on to it.
  • Usually the size is about 8 to 12 inches.
  • But, the positive side of this bag is that you can place your entire set of golf clubs and other things in this bag.

If you want to buy a stuff bag, then Wilson staff tour bag is a great choice. This bag has 10 inch×9 inch top steel ring construction. It has six dividers. It has a large front belly pocket, 1 accessories pocket, two insulated beverage sleeves. And it has a 3 point padded strap. The width of the product is 10.5 pounds. It comes with rain hood.

3. Cart Golf Bag:

Cart bag is a very modern and stylish choice. It is a little bit heavy in weight but very easy to carry. Let’s check the features of this type of golf bag-

  • This type of bag has enough pockets to keep your equipment.
  • Cart bags are very easy to move as you can pull them across the golf course.

Taylormade Golf 2019 select cart bag is a product of Taylormade golf company. It is one of the best cart bags of the market. This product is 14 way top and has 7 pockets in it. This bag is very well constructed.

It has oversized front facing pockets. This bag also has velour lined valuable pocket and an oversized putter well. Overall, buying this cart bag will be a great deal for you.

How Many Clubs You Can Have In Your Golf Bag

According to the rules made by USGA 14 clubs are allowed in a golf bag. Ideally, you should carry three woods ( driver, 3-wood and 5-wood), eight irons ( 3-9 iron golf club and pitching wedge) and a putter. And you can add two hybrid driver in your bag too.

If you are a beginner and wish to know more about the types of golf clubs in details, check out our exclusive blog on 6 types of golf clubs.

How to arrange a Golf Bag

Arranging your golf bag is not an easy task. Your comfort on the golf course depends much on how you have organised your bag. An organized golf bag will help you find your necessary equipment in a short time. And it will help you focus more on your shots. You can arrange your golf bag by following the given steps.

Step 1. Know your bag

First of all, you need to know your golf bag evenly. It is important for you to know which type of golf bag you are using. It will help you to arrange your golf bag easily.

Step 2. Clean your bag

The next step is to clean your bag. Take out all the equipment from the golf bag. Unzip all the pockets, side pockets and remove all the things. Clean your bag with a damp cloth.

Step 3. The Bottom Compartment Of Your Golf Bag

Generally a golf bag has three sections. The bottom compartment is a perfect place to carry your longer clubs. Place your 7-iron, 8-iron, 9-iron in the bottom compartment. And if you have sand wedge golf club and pitching golf club, place them in this compartment too.

Step 4. The middle compartment of your golf bag

Use the middle compartment to carry your mid to long iron golf clubs. Your 3-iron, 4-iron, 5-iron and 6-iron can be placed in this compartment. And if you have a 2 iron, you can carry it through this compartment too.

Step 5. The top compartment of your golf bag

The top compartment of your Golf bag is the best place to carry your shorter clubs. You can put your hybrid, wood and putter clubs in this compartment. It will be easy for you to find them out later.

Step 6. Side pockets

Use the side pockets of the golf bag to reserve your golf balls and tees. You can carry your golf shoe if you have another long pocket in your bag.

Step 7. Maintain the cleanliness

Always try to keep your golf bag clean and dirt-free. Use a piece of soft fabric or a golf towel to remove dirt. By any chance if anything gets wet that should be taken out from the bag.

Allow wet equipment and the bag to dry completely before placing it into the bag again. And always store your golf bag in a clean and dry place.


A well-organized golf bag helps you find your necessary equipment in a minute and saves your precious time. So before going to the golf court to play, arrange your golf bag according to the steps given above.

If you don’t have a golf bag and want to buy a good one, we would recommend buying this one. You can check it.

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