The 6 Best Cleveland Golf Wedges of 2024

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Using a branded golf wedge increases the possibilities of high-quality performance around the green. Though it’s a fact about any golf club, the ultimate success depends on how much you can adjust with a wedge. So look for the adjustments first and then match them with your swing style. The same goes for Cleveland golf wedges. Here we will talk about the 6 best Cleveland wedges: Cleveland pitching wedge, Cleveland gap wedge, Cleveland sand wedge, and Cleveland lob wedge. Let’s know.

6 Best Cleveland Golf Wedges Reviews

1. Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedge

cleveland smart sole 4 wedge review

The Cleveland Smart Sole 4 golf wedge comes with 42°, 50°, and 58° loft angles. 42° is considered a pitching wedge, 50° is considered a gap wedge, and 58° is preferred as a lob wedge.

Smart Sole 4 is the latest and updated version of Smart Sole 3. It performs well for high handicap golfers. There are a lot of shaft options in this wedge. Both steel and graphite shafts are available. Learn more about the wedge shaft from our other blog.

It’s a very durable wedge at an affordable price. But it might be heavier for some golfers. In this case, graphite shafts are recommended. The sole grind is larger and more forgiving. 

It has sharper grooves than Smart Sole 3. Sharper grooves create more spin on the ball and help the ball avoid sticking to the high grass or sand. It’s a cavity-back wedge. High handicappers like this design very much because it lets them score less on the short-range. 

How this golf wedge will benefit you

  • It’s a versatile golf wedge.
  • New aggressive milled grooves make the short game easier.
  • It’s very forgiving.
  • The three-tiered sole helps the club to get up and down from any lie.
  • It offers a soft feel.
  • Golfers can easily play bunker shots with the wedge.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.

What would have been better in this golf wedge

  • The club is not designed for low handicappers.

Final thoughts

Cleveland Smart Sole 4 wedge comes with good quality and design. It performs better as a pitching wedge. Recommended for high handicappers who want to do better on the short game or chip shots.

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2. Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Satin

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge Review

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge comes with a lot of loft options. All lofts between 46°-64° angles are available in this wedge. In addition, it can act as 4 types of wedges; 46°-48° pitching wedge; 48°-52° gap wedge; 52°-58° sand wedge, and 58°-60° lob wedge.

It’s a traditional cool-looking wedge that creates a good ball spin on full shots. The sole grinds are versatile and forgiving. It performs excellent around the green. There is a well-designed and wide sweet spot that helps to move the center of gravity.

The grooves are designed deeper and sharper to lift the ball from the roughs without clinging much. It balances a good weight on the clubhead. That’s why the clubhead helps the ball glide into the high grass, sand, or any debris. 

Check variations in chrome finish of RTX ZipCore – RTX ZipCore Black Satin Wedge and RTX ZipCore Tour Rack (RAW) Wedge.

How this golf wedge will benefit you

  • The sole grinds are versatile.
  • Various loft options are available.
  • The wedge is very user-friendly and forgiving.
  • It comes with a good look and feel.
  • It gives reasonable control over the fairways.
  • The club balances with weight and helps to have a consistent shot.

What would have been better in this golf wedge

  • A straighter leading edge is preferable to some experienced golfers.

Final thoughts

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge is recommended for all skill-level players. Its excellent design, high-quality materials, and performance impress golfers much.

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3. Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge

cleveland golf cbx2 wedge review

Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge is designed for all handicap golfers. Gofers love the hollow cavity design of this club. Though it comes with various loft options, it performs better as a 46° pitching wedge.

For golfers who want to lift the ball quickly from the roughs, CBX2 helps them get it out. Besides, the sole grinds are so forgiving that they can avoid sticking to the bunker. And thus, the club can quickly lift the ball out of the bunker. There are various shaft options too. For example, you can select between steel and graphite shafts. 

There is an insert in this club that stops the vibration at impact. The wedge is great for giving a smooth feel. It comes with Cleveland’s traditional tour zip grooves that generate a high spin on the ball. These grooves are large. They help to have consistency on every shot. 

Check the Black Satin finish wedge of this model.

How this golf wedge will benefit you

  • CBX2 is significant in its excellent balance and forgiveness.
  • The wedge comes at an affordable price.
  • The large grooves create a high ball spin rate.
  • Golfers enjoy a solid feel and sound using this wedge.
  • Players can hit pure and straight with the club.

What would have been better in this golf wedge

  • The design may seem a bit bulky to experienced golfers.

Final thoughts

This wedge is recommended for its high-performance quality and ability to deal with all turf conditions. Recommended for both high and low handicappers who want good shots around the green.

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4. Cleveland RTX Full Face Tour Satin

Cleveland RTX Full Face Tour Satin

Cleveland CBX Full Face Tour Satin comes with a lot of loft options. Gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge are available in 50°-52°, 52°-58°, and 60°, 64° respectably. There is no loft angle for pitching wedges. As a result, this wedge performs best both as a sand wedge and lob wedge.

The club has a low-density core at the full face that helps to reposition the center of gravity. The sweet spot is designed to let you hit more shots in the short game. It creates a reasonable rate of ball spin. It also offers a smooth feel and good contact.

The grooves are made sharper so that they can slice through high grass or debris. And it also adds spin to the ball. These are powerful and durable grooves. This is a bit heavier club because of the steel shaft. But this shaft made it cheaper than other wedges. Besides, steel shafts are great for average swing speed players.

Check another chrome finish of this model – Cleveland RTX Full Face Tour Rack Raw Wedge.

How this golf wedge will benefit you

  • It’s relatively affordable.
  • The grooves are sharper and long-lasting.
  • It generates a high swing speed rate.
  • More shots in the short game.
  • The club offers a good feel and contact.

What would have been better in this golf wedge

  • It’s a bit of a heavier club.
  • Pitching wedge lofts are missing.

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Final thoughts

This wedge is highly recommended for beginner and professional golfers who want to improve their short game shots. But if you are a senior pro or a beginner woman, you can look for one weight and easier to hit.

5. Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Wedge

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Wedge

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Wedge comes with two loft angles. Only gap wedges and sand wedges are available here in 49° and 54° lofts respectively. It performs excellently both as a sand wedge and gap wedge. 

The shaft is made of graphite. It doesn’t include a steel shaft. But the graphite shafts work excellent. Though it’s a bit heavier for some golfers, the lightweight graphite shaft makes it easy for those who need to gain normal swing speed. In addition, the clubface is designed thinner to increase speed and give more distance.

Golf launcher Turbo has a new HI Bore design that has a good weight to create high ball flight. It comes in two most preferred colors – silver and black. The progressive hollow shaping offers a smooth transition that lets you control the club where you want. 

How this golf wedge will benefit you

  • The club offers maximum forgiveness.
  • More precise and higher shots.
  • Golfers can easily hit this club.
  • It is designed to create high ball flight. 
  • It offers reasonable control over each shot.
  • The clubface helps to increase ball speed.

What would have been better in this golf wedge

  • The wedge is heavier for some golfers.
  • It’s suitable only for men.

Final thoughts

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Wedge is made for those who want accurate and longer shots. Both high and low handicappers can use this wedge effectively. Recommended for the golfers seeking a high trajectory to improve their game.

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6. Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge

Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge Review

CBX Full Face Wedge comes with 4 loft angles – 56°, 58°, 60°, and 64°. The wedge is neither suitable for pitching nor works as a gap wedge. But it’s well known as the best Cleveland sand wedge and Cleveland lob wedge. There are a lot of shaft options available in this wedge. It includes both steel and graphite shafts. 

There is a high toe profile with a half cavity design. It helps the club to slide under the ball with its large toe portion. The sweet spot is positioned in such a way that you can hit precisely on it. In addition, it offers an improved feel and forgiveness.

The wedge has a soft C-shaped sole that is optimized for open-face shots. It’s designed to give the highest versatility in the short game. Besides, the name of this club shows that it has full-face grooves, which create a significant impact area. It helps to add more spin to the ball.

How this golf wedge will benefit you

  • The wedge offers maximum versatility with high spin.
  • The large toe portion lets the golfers hit a massive hitting surface.
  • Full face grooves give a significant impact area.
  • It gives forgiveness to the most challenging shot in the short game.
  • The wedge gives better control.

What would have been better in this golf wedge

  • Pitching wedge and gap wedge lofts are not available. 

Final thoughts

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge is recommended for all golfers with average swing speed.  Both high and low handicappers can effectively use this wedge as a sand wedge or lob wedge. Also recommended to deal with open-face shots.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Cleveland Golf Wedges

Cleveland has been manufacturing golf wedges for the last four decades. The wedges are designed to match all skill-level golfers. They offer tour-proven wedges with game improvement features in each of their wedges. Cleveland claims PGA tour champions trust them in the wedge industry. Let’s see the reason why they claimed this and what uniqueness they provide.


Cleveland comes with the innovative ZipCore technology that offers a forgiving club. Basically, this club raises the moment of inertia (MOI). And the higher the MOI, the more resistant it will be. Thus a golfer can easily have consistency on each shot. Besides, the club adds more spin to the ball as well as gives more control on the shots.

UltiZip Grooves

Another uniqueness of Cleveland wedges is their Ultizip grooves that are sharper, deeper, and narrower than other branded clubs. The sharper the grooves, the more spin they add on the ball. They offer good contact per shot by removing debris.

Hollow-cavity design

Cleveland innovated a hollow cavity design in their wedges. The club is hollow constructed for ultimate forgiveness. It is designed with a hollow chamber near the heel that increases the moment of inertia as well as club resistance. Thus the club becomes more forgiving in each shot, especially in the short game.

Dynamic sole

There are three different sole grinds in Cleveland wedges. They perform great for their versatility. Basically, they are optimized by loft angles. The manufacturer designed them to help you deal with any shots around the green. It increases the stability and consistency of all shots. 

HI bore Crown

Cleveland appears with the latest golf wedges that have a redesign to their crowns. It’s named HI Bore Crown. It is designed with low and deep weighting to ensure golfers an easy ball swing. For this crown shape, the club helps to hit easily with a high ball trajectory.


Golfers always look for a high-quality golf club that offers the best performance. But sometimes, even a high-quality club cannot give you an optimal solution according to your swing and play style. That’s the reason you need to go through all clubs’ reviews to have the best match for you. Hope you can choose golf wedges from the Cleveland brand after going through the reviews we presented above. But if those are not your types, you can check the best Callaway and TaylorMade wedges from our other blogs. Find your one and share your experience with us.

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