10 Best Golf Simulators for Home and Indoors in 2022


Having a golf simulator at home is a dream and fantasy for passionate golfers. Being able to play golf anywhere at any time is just amazing. But finding the best golf simulator at a reasonable price is not an easy task. A high-end home golf simulator that PRO golfers like Tiger Woods or Rory Mcllroy use costs more than $50,000 (See the premium golf simulator reviews down below).

But for those of us who can’t afford that but still want to get the best golf simulator for our home, office, garage, outdoor lawn with a complete setup package, this article is for them. We tested, analyzed, and listed all the mentioned golf simulator packages and materials based on the customers’ feedback, buying experiences, and expectations. Also made a comparative review of the packages between top providers like Shop Indoor Golf, Rain or Shine, and Top Shelf Golf.

The 10 Best Golf Simulators of 2021

1. SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

This SkyTrak golf simulator is the highest-selling golf simulator because of its price reasonability and commercial grade accuracy. There are many Skytrak golf simulator packages available in the market. But in this package, Shop Indoor Golf (SIG) matched the accuracy of Skytrak with their handcrafted materials (made in the USA). It combines the best of both performance and quality at around $8000. We recommend the package mostly for beginners and amateurs. 

Along with all the necessary materials, this package includes more and a larger screen compared to other SkyTrak packages from SIG. This is the best home golf simulator we found for people who want a complete simulation experience but don’t want to spend a fortune. Not only us, but it is also well regarded by thousands of customers. Let's see in detail what this package has to offer.

What's included in the package

SkyTrak launch monitor: Featuring the photometric tracking system with commercial-grade accuracy, Skytrak is the best launch monitor you can get for $1,995. The precise Skytrak launch monitor is ideal for beginners and amateurs because of its minimal features. In addition, it’s very convenient to carry because of its size and portability. And with the rechargeable battery, you can play for up to 5 hours. 

SkyTrak measures all the necessary ball performance data like ball speed, ball flight, launch angle, backspin, and carry distance. However, remember that Skytrak doesn’t measure the club data; instead, it guesses the clubhead speed from the ball data. So if you want a simulator that measures club data as well, you need to go for an expensive one like Foresight GCQuad, Uneekor EYE XO, or QED.

Play and Improve Software: This software plan has a stroke play format, closest to the pin game mode and 12 world-famous WGT golf courses. You’ll need to pay $199 per year to purchase this plan and get access to World Golf Tour courses. The issue is that it's not compatible with PC and is only available on iOS.

We recommend WGT for those who want a budget-friendly option to start and be comfortable with single-player game mode. But professional golfers prefer E6 connect software more as it has multiplayer game mode and skill challenge features. The cost for a one-time purchase is $2500 and for a monthly subscription is around $115.

Choices of golf hitting mat: 3 flexible options are available here to choose for both right and left-handed golfers. Fairway Series mat (5'×5′) and SIGPRO mats (4'×7‘) and (4'×10′)

Both of the mat series are built by Shop Indoor Golf. The Fairway mat is a budget-friendly one. Recommended for the height below 6 feet. Giving ample space to practice with a driver, and costs around $500. 

The SIGPRO American mats on the other hand are made to be realistic and forgiving to prevent injury by removing the lead elbow and shoulder impact. The price is more than $700.

SIG10 golf simulator enclosure: The SIG10 is an easily assembled ceiling mount enclosure. A minimum 12'W x 9'H x 18'L room is required for this well-constructed premium enclosure to be set up. If you want a different size, you can choose either SIG12 or SIG8, where every material is the same except the enclosure size.

SIG10 enclosure lets you experience high-quality images on the entire viewable screen without any white space at the top or bottom. In addition, there is a well-built side barrier net included with the enclosure that can withstand ball strikes up to 250 MPH.

Additional included materials: 

  • Optoma HD Projector
  • Landing pad turf
  • Ceiling mount
  • Metal Protective Case

Final thought: how it compares with other packages

SkyTrak SIG10 is a complete home golf simulator package that includes all the required materials to play with comfort. The launch monitor accuracy and materials build quality will give you a great start towards your golf simulation journey. You also have some convenient options to add additional materials with the package, like a gaming PC, rubber ball, or sports camera.  

If you want more customization in a similar golf simulator, look at SkyTrak SwingBay golf simulator from Rain or Shine Golf, which costs around $10,000. SIG also has a similar but budget-friendly SkyTrak Bronze golf simulator package that costs around $5000. This is the second best-selling Skytrak golf simulator in the market. However, it doesn’t include the ceiling mount enclosure, landing pad turf, and flexible mat choice option.

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

2. TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator

TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator

A perfect golf simulator should have quality materials, great launch monitor accuracy, be best for commercial use, and have stunning graphics. Unfortunately, most mid-range simulator packages focus on one and sacrifice the other. 

But TruGolf simulator is the one that combines these all. It acts as a teaching tool and great source of entertainment for beginners and a game improvement tool for professionals. It can meet one's needs, whether it is for recreation or passion. PGA pro golfer Mike Malaska said,

“The reality is that TruGolf is no longer a simulator – it is exactly what happened. Real golf with real feedback.”

TruGolf has its own golf simulator packages made with TruTrack2, a short-throw projector, 1 year E6 connect, and other materials. SIG added sidewalls and overhead light bars with it without extra cost. That made us pick the package from them. All these make it a mid-tier golf simulator that costs more than SkyTrak but less than Foresight Sports. Vista 10 has two versions – Base and Pro. Let's see what's in these versions.

What's included in the package

TruTrack2: TruTrack2 Tracking System is the alternative to launch monitors. It calculates both ball and club data precisely by using high-speed optical sensors. After analyzing each shot, the sensors display a clear picture of the data on the screen. TruTrack2 provides instant data feedback to let the golfers know their performance and improvement accordingly. 

E6 Connect software: E6 Connect is an advanced software offering a high definition of the world's most challenging golf courses. It's an ideal choice for those looking for many courses to play and have club-fitting capabilities. E6 Connect is available with iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC. In addition, you can customize it according to your needs.

One-time purchase for a PC version will take $2500, whereas, for iOS, it will take $1500. If you want an expanded course play option, you need to pay $600 per year. Otherwise, choose a basic subscription that costs $300 annually. Jordan Spieth, who is a three-time major winner and the 2015 FedEx Cup champion, plays E6 by Trugolf.

Premium Fairway mat: TruGolf offers a soft and smooth premium Fairway mat. It's designed to last longer, giving a feel of playing on real grass. In addition, putting is more consistent on its surface. Hence taking a putting stroke over the sensors without any ball is easy with this mat.

Additional included materials:

  • Complete frame/enclosure
  • TruGolf level (1) computer
  • HD 720p projector
  • 136″ impact screen
  • 21″ touchscreen display
  • TruGolf level (2) computer (with pro version)
  • Portable audio speaker (with pro version)
  • Side nets (with pro version)
  • Sidewalls (with pro version)

Final thought: how it compares with other packages

TruGolf Vista 10 is the best-selling golf simulator among all the other vista packages. The base package cost around $16,995 and the Pro version costs $18,495. This is one of the best golf simulators among all the other mid-tier simulators.

But if you have the budget and want a bigger screen with more power, take a look at the Foresight GCQuad simulator before you choose the TruGolf Vista 12. For the budget-friendly options, check out our Vista 8 review down below.

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

3. Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 Golf Simulator

Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 Golf Simulator

Uneekor is always serious about golf speed, accuracy, and the performance consistency of their golf simulators. Shop Indoor Golf took it to a new level by creating the Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 golf simulator package where the EYE XO launch monitor combines with the SIG10 enclosure. Because of the ceiling-mounted launch monitor, it's ideal for both left-handed and right-handed golfers. This mid-range, high features, yet low complexity home golf simulator comes at around $16,000. 

Despite being so user-friendly, Uneekor EYE XO doesn’t sacrifice any features. There are a lot of features that come without any complexity. This golf simulator lets you strike the ball from a large hitting area, providing super speed and fundamental data readability. It uses dual high-speed cameras that precisely record club and ball movement before, during, and after the impact. Along with the data on the screen, you can also see the video replay of your club swing. That makes it much easier to improve your club alignment and swing shot. Let's check what's more on the package.

What's included in the package 

Uneekor EYE XO launch monitor: EYE XO is a ceiling-mounted launch monitor that uses non-marking ball technology to let golfers practice with any golf ball. Measuring the actual ball spin and club path movement, this launch monitor helps you land the ball exactly where you intend. 

It's compatible with TGC, E6, and Creative Golf software. EYE XO tracks both ball spin and club path, whereas TruGolf focuses on club path and clubface mostly. Though for money and accuracy level, both are of great value.

Software: EYE XO View is the base-level software manufactured by Uneekor. Including their upgraded 3 driving range modes, this software shows fitting data and swing analysis too. There are also 2 other software options that come with a short training mode, 20 golf courses, and a multiplayer option.

But the best option is having the combination of their base-level software and TGC software that offers 100,000-course selection options. Playing different golf courses in different environments will increase your entertainment and significantly improve your game than playing the same courses in the same environment. Not just the course selection option, you can design your own golf courses with this golf course designer software in a few clicks.

Choice of hitting mat and SIG10 enclosure: Here you get the same hitting mats and enclosure that we discussed in the SkyTrak SIG10 review above.

Additional included materials:

  • EYE XO ceiling mount
  • Panasonic VMZ50U projector
  • Side barrier net 
  • Landing pad turf 
  • 15'L HDMI cable

Final thought: how it compares with other packages

Everything you require to experience the utmost precision and stunning golf simulation is available with Uneekor EYE XO SIG10. But instead of the SIG10 screen, if you want a retractable screen for more convenience, have a look at the Uneekor EYE XO Retractable golf simulator from Rain or Shine that will cost $18,000. They also have a budget-friendly option of the retractable screen with a QED launch monitor.

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

4. FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator

FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator

FlightScope Mevo+ is a relatively new yet popular launch monitor based on which many golf simulator packages are made. FlightScope Mevo Plus Bronze golf simulator is such a package handcrafted in the USA quality. SIG created it for those who are looking for a budget-friendly option with good tracking accuracy and performance.

The Mevo Plus Bronze golf simulator helps train beginners through the essential accessories. Hence the package is recommended for beginner golfers. It requires $4,689 to buy and there are some additional materials choices to add to the package.

What's included in the package

Mevo+ launch monitor: Launched in January 2020, the Mevo Plus launch monitor has become one of the popular portable launch monitors in such a short time. Unlike SkyTrak, this portable launch monitor tracks both ball and club metrics. 

Though you will miss out on the club path and impact location data here, the 16 most necessary data fills this gap. In addition, it performs far better while playing outdoors than indoors. But if you want an indoor golf simulator, we recommend going for a SkyTrak Bronze Golf simulator package which is in the same price range. 

Battery power remains for up to 2 hours. Based on the user testing, it is more accurate with woods and irons than other golf clubs. Compared to other quality units, the Mevo Plus launch monitor is more affordable and within reach, priced at $1,799.

E6 Connect golf simulation software: Details about the E6 connect software are given above in the TruGolf Vista 10 golf simulator review.

The Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat: It's the same mat we discussed in the OptiShot golf simulator series package.

The Net Return Golf Net, Screen, and Enclosure: The name of this net indicates its specialty. There's no other golf net like the Net Return that automatically returns a golf ball back to the golfer. It's able to perform anytime, anywhere because of its very lightweight and portable design. It can handle ball speed up to 225 MPH and can withstand 250,000 golf swings effortlessly with the included side barrier net.

Additional included materials:

  • Optoma EH412ST Projector
  • Projector shield enclosure
  • USB charging cable, carrying pouch, and free app for mobile device
  • 50 metallic stickers
  • 15′ HDMI cable & lightning to HDMI Adapter
  • Two rubber tee's – 1.75″ and 2.25″

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Final thought: how it compares with other packages

FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze golf simulator is an affordable option for budget-conscious golfers for outdoor setup. But for those who can spend more for more quality turf, hitting bay, and have a gaming laptop, the Mevo+ SwingBay golf simulator from Rain or Shine is recommended for them which costs around $9000. And offering an entire net surrounding, the Mevo+ Retractable Golf Simulator can be an alternative to SwingBay that costs only $7,700.

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

5. Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG10 Golf Simulator

Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG10 Golf Simulator

“It’s awesome to have a GCQuad. I can use it indoors in what I like to call a ‘bubble’ – a controlled environment with no real variables.”

Rickie Fowler, five-time PGA Tour winner

When it comes to talking about the most reliable golf launch monitor, Foresight Sports GCQuad is the name that appears first. And when Shop Indoor Golf made a combination of GCQuad with SIG10 and other accessories, it became one of the best golf simulators in the market. So we recommend GCQuad for professional golfers who want to reach the professional level. 

This golf simulator package is on our top 10 list because of its durability, high-quality construction, and easy installation with excellent courses. With Quadrascopic imaging, this golf simulator gives real-time visual feedback both indoor and outdoor. All of this is for $20,799 which is a bargain when you compare it with the other high-end golf simulators that cost more than $50,000. No wonder Foresight got featured in Golf Digest Editors’ Choice list three times in a row. PGA Tour golfers love GCQuad for its professional-grade accuracy and flexibility.

What's included in the package

GCQuad launch monitor: It's one of the most accurate launch monitors in the golf industry. Measuring all the necessary ball and club data, this launch monitor delivers a detailed picture of each shot analysis. It works with a rechargeable battery and the power remains for up to 10 hours. With indoor to outdoor flexibility, branded software, more power, and accuracy, GCQuad launch monitor costs $14,000.

FSX software: Foresight comes with their most realistic golf simulation software FSX that includes a variety of exclusive golf courses. Whether you want to play in a virtual driving range or join in online competitions with golfers around the world, FSX has it all. It offers all in 4k resolution and helps you increase your skill with the challenges. It has no yearly subscription, and the one-time cost of this software is included with the GCQuad launch monitor. Keep in mind that FSX can only run on PC.

Choice of hitting mat and SIG10 enclosure: Here, you get the same hitting mats and enclosure we discussed in the SkyTrak SIG10 review.

Additional included materials:

  • Panasonic VMZ50U projector
  • Power adapter & cable, USB-C cable
  • Alignment stick
  • Club marker dispenser
  • Side barrier netting
  • Ceiling mount
  • Landing pad turf
  • 15′ HDMI cable

Final thought: how it compares with other packages

GCQuad SIG10 comes with a price. But using the same golf simulator that you see PRO golfers use on the golf channel is something you can hardly beat. Yet many of us may want a quality golf simulator package like this but at a more reasonable price. With the same accurate launch monitor, Foresight Sports GCQuad Flex Space Golf Simulator can be a budget-friendly option that costs $17,730.

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

6. TruGolf Vista 8 Golf Simulator

TruGolf Vista 8 Golf Simulator

The purpose of the TruGolf Vista 8 Pro is to ensure improvement and entertainment at the same time. Keeping the purpose ahead, TruGolf manufactured Vista 8 golf simulator package where Shop Indoor Golf included an additional turf and 116″ impact screen-recommended for all indoor users and those looking for an excellent commercial option as a cash cow to satisfy their customers.

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The whole package costs around $11,000. It's heard that even Tiger Woods has a TruGolf simulator set up at his home. So let’s check what features and benefits it offers.

What's included in the package

TruTrack2 and fairway turf: This is the same tracking system and fairway turf that TruGolf provides. We have talked about the TruGolf Vista 10 golf simulator package.

Side barrier net and HD projector: This golf simulator includes a protective side net that protects your screen from shots as well as any damage. TruGolf comes with its own high-resolution projector and gives the brightest view. Check Vista 10 for a detailed review. Along with it, Vista 8 has an overhead light bar, sidewalls, and containment brim for ensuring better performance overall.

Additional included materials:

  • Complete frame/enclosure
  • 116″ impact screen
  • Overhead light bar
  • E6 connect subscription basic (1) year
  • TruGolf level (1) computer (with pro version)
  • 21″ touchscreen (with pro version)
  • Premium fairway mat system (with pro version)
  • Sidewalls (with pro version)
  • Containment brim (with pro version)

Final thought: how it compares with other packages

With the combination of TruGolf and SIG, you get a high accuracy and quality simulator here. But the catch here is the materials. To make it more affordable, TruGolf put minimal accessories to this package and priced it at $10,995. It’s right there between Skytrak SIG10 and TruGolf Vista 10 Pro. If you want a hassle-free, accurate golf simulation experience, this can be the best golf simulator for you under $11,000

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

7. SkyTrak Golf Simulator Flex Space

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Flex Space

Many of us don't have the luxury to have a separate room for setting up a golf simulator. Regarding our issues, SIG comes with a SkyTrak Golf Simulator Flex Space package that can bring a room to its original form after playing. We can play in our living room, guest room, or our garage by using its retractable screen. 

Including training tools with entertaining materials, the Flex space golf simulator gains one of the top places among beginners. Those who want good performance to improve but cannot afford TruGolf, or Foresight, should take a look at this package. Let's check what it has within $6,399. 

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What's included in the package

SkyTrak launch monitor: This is the same launch monitor we reviewed in the SkyTrak SIG10 golf simulator package.

Game improvement software: Game improvement software is the part of SkyTrak game improvement plan. Up to 6 players can play with game improvement software. Skill assessment feature, immediate ball performance data, closest to the pin competition, and other features ensure improvement for both and high and low handicappers. It costs only $99 for a one-year subscription. 

HomeCourse Pro Retractable Screen: This is the screen the package is named after. Because of its wireless connection facility, it operates with the click of a remote control powered by the battery. All the setting takes not more than thirty seconds. Not just the Optoma, this screen can be used with any projector. It's priced at around $3000.

Net Return Pro Turf: Net Return Pro Turf (6'×10′) is exclusively designed for Net Return Pro net providing ball return service. It will automatically return your ball and protect it from getting lost. Also, the design allows golfers to store it easily for transport convenience. The size is larger than traditional ones. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and with any golf club. It works great as a putting surface too. You should consider around $500 to purchase the mat.

Additional included materials:

  • SkyTrak metal protective case
  • Optoma EH412ST projector
  • Projector shield floor mount enclosure
  • 15'L HDMI cable & lightning to HDMI adapter
  • HomeCourse accessories included: ceiling mount kit, wireless remote, easy reach pole, charging cables

Final thought: how it compares with other packages

SkyTrak Flex Space Package is what blends accuracy, affordability, and retractable screen facility. As already discussed, this package is ideal for portability. But if you have the extra space and are looking for a cheaper version, check out the  SkyTrak Practice golf simulator from Rain or Shine that is priced at $5,900. 

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

8. Uneekor QED SwingBay Golf Simulator

Uneekor QED SwingBay Golf Simulator

QED is where passion meets precision. The central material of the SwingBay golf simulator package is one of the most precise QED launch monitors. However, when Rain or Shine blends it with TGC software and their team makes quality accessories, the whole golf simulator package becomes something demandable. So if you are very passionate about improving your skill and having precision in every data measurement, try Uneekor QED SwingBay.

It can be an ideal pick for the high handicappers who want to shoot low scores in single or multiplayer mode because the training applications here will improve their game significantly. And the easy installation system will help beginners set it up quickly. Also, it is recommended for those who want high-level accuracy in each swing and shot feedback. QED SwingBay performs excellently to solve the problem of swing adjustments.

What's included in the package

QED launch monitor: Uneekor QED golf launch monitor provides real-time footage that can change your game level by keeping you informed about your performance. And the ultra-high-speed cameras ensure this activity of real-time footage. It tracks both ball and club data. 

QED has a swing video analysis tool that will tell how well you are swinging during each shot. Featuring multiple game modes, practice ranges, and skill challenges, it gives a great hitting surface for both right and left-handed golfers. We usually see these at mid to high-end golf simulators. But this package of Uneekor brings them under $7000. 

Uneekor QED VIEW and TGC software: Rain or Shine made a software combination of the Uneekor View and The Golf Club that offers an expanded number of golf courses. Along with the option of selecting golf courses, it allows one to design one's own golf courses through a designing function.

More and more online golf courses help golfers create a strong online community. Featuring multiplayer game mode, high resolution, and a high-performance graphics system, TGC performs great for beginners and professionals. The budget you should consider for a one-time purchase is $895 or yearly $479.

SwingBay hitting enclosure: Rain or Shine made QED SwingBay package with their new hitting bay that includes a projector screen too. Based on the customers' choice and recommendations, they developed it with an easy to assemble framing system. Not only this, it has black-out walls to ensure better projection, side barriers to protect from miss-hit shots, large dimensions to give the entire screen projection, and so on. All these come at an affordable price ($3,199).

SwingBay golf mat: Evaluating thousands of customers' feedback, Rain or shine designed SwingTurf golf mat crafted meticulously. With a forgiving hitting surface, this mat lets you hit with less vibration. A real wooden tee can be used on it. It also allows having real feedback on miss-hits and fat shots.

Gaming laptop: It's a bit tricky having the right gaming laptop to run golf simulation software. Regarding the fact, Rain or Shine includes gaming laptops for their home golf simulator packages. As running software requires enough power, they matched it with the golf simulator package to give that power and storage without any complications.

Also included along with these above-mentioned materials:

  • Laptop stand (optional)
  • Laptop sleeve & mousepad
  • 10′ x 10′ landing pad turf (optional)
  • Optoma 1080p HD short throw projector
  • SwingShield projector floor enclosure
  • 25′ 1080p HDMI cable
  • Birtees

Final thought: how it compares with other packages

Though this package is recommended for beginners, the ceiling-mounted QED is one of the most demanded launch monitors among beginners and professionals. This leads to the top providers making different packages with QED according to different level players' requirements. Uneekor QED SIG12 and Uneekoe EYE XO SIG10 are two golf simulators packaged by SIG priced at around $13,000 and $16,000 respectively.

Check Price at Rain or Shing Golf

9. FlightScope Mevo+ PerfectBay Golf Simulator

FlightScope Mevo+ PerfectBay Golf Simulator

Mevo+ PerfectBay golf simulator is the only package Top Shelf Golf created with Mevo to give golfers both gaming and entertaining convenience within $5000. The combination of a well-built hitting screen with durable net return pro turf and high-quality materials makes this one of the best golf simulators. Recommended for average golfers, especially for those who prefer outdoor setup.

It has flexible options to choose the best golf simulator size, hitting mat, and projector. TSG also offers additional materials to include with the package. One thing to consider before going further is that you need a minimum of 16 feet depth to use the Mevo+.

What's included in the package

Mevo+ launch monitor:  Check out the Mevo Plus Bronze golf simulator package for the Mevo+ launch monitor review.

Choices of golf hitting mat: There are two flexible options for mats. It includes Net return (6'×10′), and Fiberbuilt (7'×4′), (9'×4′), (10'×12′). The net return mat is made for both indoor and outdoor use costing $500 and providing continuous ball return features. The 10’ length of the mat makes it a great putting green whereas the traditional mats are 4’ or 5’ long. Giving a smooth feel, this mat ensures safe hitting without any pain or vibration in the wrists. 

But if you want a longer-lasting mat, we suggest Fiberbuilt for which you need to consider above $900. It's designed to withstand more than 300,000 shots from the same spot where a traditional mat will be worthless with just 50,000 shots. Offering natural grass feel, the Fiberbuilt mat lets golfers play without injury. 

Additional included materials:

  • PerfectBay golf simulator screen enclosure
  • 5 E6 golf courses and 17 practice range
  • Optoma projector
  • The Net Return Pro Turf

Final thought: how it compares with other packages

Mevo+ PerfectBay golf simulator can be a good choice if you skip SkyTrak and want one for outdoor use. Shop Indoor Golf offers FlightScope Mevo+ SIG12, a similar package with more materials whereas Rain or Shine offers Mevo+ Practice Golf Simulator, a similar package with fewer materials.

Check Price at Top Shelf Golf

10. OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Series Package

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Series Package

OptiShot golf simulator is an ideal pick for those who are looking for an affordable golf simulator to start off. Getting a golf simulator of a renowned brand for around $4000 with some of the best golf courses is like having the cream of the crop. 

OptiShot is good for fun and entertainment and not suitable for serious golfers who are actively trying to improve their game level because of its sub-par accuracy. if you are one of those who prioritize accuracy, better to go for GCQuad, TruGolf, or SkyTrak. 

There is a reason Optishot has the highest number of reviews on Google. The majority of the golfers today are buying an indoor golf simulator for entertainment purposes. SIG created the OptiShot 2 golf simulator series package with their quality yet budget-friendly materials and made it available at a fraction of the price.

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We recommend this golf simulator for high handicappers and for those who have just started golf. Because of its ease of use, quick setup, and swing reading capability, it perfectly fits the bill. The minimum room dimension for this golf simulator is 12′ W × 16′ L × 9′ H.

What's included in the package

OptiShot Infrared Optical Swing Pad: There's no launch monitor included with OptiShot to track data. But there are sixteen precisely tuned, high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors in the Optical Swing pad that provides precise swing analysis. It monitors all the club data before, during, and after the impact and gives real-time feedback. Thus you get precise and immediate golf swing feedback on every shot. Remember, you might have to consider its inability to track the ball data.

OptiShot2 software: It tracks 15 popular courses around the world. Various game modes are available to play. In spite of having multiplayer playing options, online courses, and other fun features, surprisingly it won't overpower your PC.

Net Return Pro Series Golf Net: Net Return golf net is a specifically handmade net to ensure authentic quality. It's designed to be compact for carrying anywhere and fit any golf simulator software. Although professional golfers want a bit sturdier net for their hitting convenience, beginners and amateurs like it just fine. 

Pro turf mat: Here you get the similar pro turf mat that we reviewed in the SkyTrak Flex Space package.

Additional included materials:

  • Adjustable rubber tee
  • USB cable
  • Two foam practice balls
  • OptiShot instructions
  • OptiShot software updates
  • Projector mount kit
  • 2 black carry bags
  • Rear and side black nylon
  • Side barriers

Final thought: how it compares with other packages

The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Series package is relatively affordable than other golf simulators on the market. In addition, OptiShot is so reliable that golfers have been playing with it for years, and it never disappointed them by giving a real feel. And if you want to skip the net, screen, and other accessories, and just get the basic package, try OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box which costs only $849. 

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

Premium Golf Simulators that Professional Golfers Use

Trackman Golf Simulator 

Trackman is the name that comes top of the world's best golfers' choice. Even President Donald Trump chose Trackman to install at the White House. Offering an extensive list of features, Trackman proves to be the most accurate and informative golf simulator within $50,000. It also includes online tournaments, club fitting software, swing video software, more than 100 golf courses, skills challenging features, and so on.

Full Swing Golf Simulator

“Using their patented technology provides the most accurate ball data allowing me to work on shaping my shots and get back into Championship form.” 

Tiger Woods – 15X Major Champion

Full Swing Golf Simulator is one of the best golf simulators mostly preferred by professionals. Being in love with this golf simulator, two world-renowned golfers Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth said they are with Full Swing. Featuring multisport and gaming mode, more than 93 golf courses, dependable ball flight and data feedback, cinema-quality projector, and energy absorbent diffuser screen, Full Swing Golf Pro Series ensures an exceptional course playing experience between $55,900 to $100,000.

HD Golf Simulator

Shop Indoor Golf comes with a new innovative idea to fulfill both the entertaining and training needs of every golfer. And for this, they chose HD golf among various premium golf simulator options. Based on the two purposes, they made the HD Ultimate Training package and Ultimate Entertainment package separately that are priced at $56,420 and $69,035 respectively. HD golf simulator is not only visually stunning and realistic but also offers very accurate and comprehensive measurements for course practice facilities. This statement proves it true-

“I love the HD Simulator because of its incredible realism & pinpoint accuracy. I was amazed at the technology and playing experience.”

Bryson Dechambeau, 5-Time PGA Tour Champion

Curve Golf Simulator 

Curve golf simulator from aboutGolf is made for both residential and commercial use priced over $60,000. One of the reasons why professionals choose this golf simulator to play is it has a larger curved screen that produces stunning high-resolution graphics. A professional golf instructor and TV host Michael Breed said,

“aG platform helps me give my students detailed feedback on their golf game so they can better understand what they’re doing and how to specifically improve their game.”

Golfzon Simulator

“Golfzon helps me keep my golf sense even if I train at home. I can practice any time regardless of the outside conditions. I also practice on Tour golf courses virtually, which has been amazing.”

Sungjae Im, Winner on PGA Tour

Starting from $38,500, most of the Golfzon simulator costs more than $50,000. For the advantage of its lifelike and accurate simulation, it is worth every penny. Hence Golf Digest named it the best premium golf simulator from the last 4 years. Having over 200 golf courses, the ability to hit on uphill, downhill, and sidehill lies, playing on rough, fairway, or sand surfaces- all these exceptional features made it a professionals' pick.

Buying Guide for The Best Home Golf Simulator

There are some specific things to know before buying the best golf simulator. It will help you make your decision. For example, what you should look for in a golf simulator, what will give you a better experience, what you need to consider etc. Let’s learn in detail. 

Importance of portability 

One of the most important things is that you need to find out the portability of the golf simulator you will buy. For example, you might want to play outdoors, or you might need to move your home golf simulator if you don't have enough space to keep it permanently in a room. Imagine a simulator that can always be carried with you wherever you are going, and you can practice golf everywhere you are going. So look for the screen, whether it is portable or not. If it can be carried, you can take it anywhere you want to play.

See the features

Look for the features. Different indoor golf simulators provide advanced features. Before buying a simulator, you need to check the features that you are looking for to practice your game. For example, features like training modes, quality of the camera, features relevant to swing and graphics, multiplayer capabilities, etc. If the features of a simulator can fulfill your requirements, you might want it on your buying list. Sometimes, if you want, you can search for extra specific features. 

Check the size of the room

As a simulator user, you need to know the space required for your golf simulator. First, you should check how much space is available for your simulator. There should be enough space for the screen and sensors as well. To help you select the perfect simulator for your available space, we arranged this section with the details of the room size required for a simulator. Three dimensions matter in considering your room space.  

  1. Ceiling height
  2. Room width
  3. Room depth

Ceiling Height: It will depend on your height and swing. Usually, it is required for a golfer to have a nine feet high ceiling while using a simulator. Besides, some require minimum ceiling height. So if you can't manage the area of 9 feet, look for the models that can fulfill your minimum height requirement. 

Room Width and Depth: The ideal room width and depth should be 12 feet. 10 feet is for your practice and extra two feet will allow you to swing your golf club. But some can be used within 5feet. For this, you need to check the screen and sensors of your simulator and how much space they require.

Make sure you have everything 

Check the whole golf simulator package whether it provides all products of your requirement or not. If something is missing, like a hitting mat or net or some other product, you will have to purchase it separately. And it's not so easy to buy something separately, you may face some difficulties such as troubles with the price, quality, etc. So it's better to have it all in a package. Check whether all of your required products are included or not.

Frequently Asked Questions about Golf Simulator

Can you make your own golf simulator?

Yes, you can easily make your own golf simulator in your home, studio, garage, or office. First, know the space requirement. Select the simulator that fits your space. Gather the equipment you need such as a launch monitor, projector, net, mat, etc. Follow the user manual, install it and start building up your DIY golf simulator.  

What golf simulator has the best courses?

Uneekor EYE XO SIG12 has the best courses. It offers more than 100,000 golf courses that are an unbelievable opportunity. EYE XO also allows you to design your own courses. It's up to you which courses you want to play and how to design them.

How do you putt on a golf simulator?

First, select the putting area of your golf simulator. It differs in various simulators. Take your position on the hitting mat before the launch monitor where you want to putt. Feel the stroke. Don't make a stroke that is too big and too fast. It will cause the ball to go too far. So, soften your stroke. 

What size room do you need for a golf simulator?

You need 10'L×10'W×7′-10'D room size on average for a golf simulator. The space requirement depends on the screen you are using. Sometimes you need more space to set up a large screen. Sometimes you can use your small room or basement to place your simulator if it's of small size.

How tall does the ceiling need to be for a golf simulator?

The ceiling needs to be at least 8′-8.5′ tall for a golf simulator. Because you should make your ceiling above enough so that you can get an easy movement. The ceiling height depends on what golf simulator you are using. Sometimes it goes beyond 15'H if the screen setup requires such dimension. 

How much does a golf simulator cost?

Typically, a golf simulator of basic level costs around $5000. If you want an advanced golf simulator with higher accuracy, consider $10,000 to $16,000. And the most advanced golf simulators with lots of features cost more than $20,000.

Are golf simulators worth it?

Yes, golf simulators are worth buying. When you can practice golf using the best golf simulator at your home within a controlled environment, whatever the season or the outside temperature is, if it doesn’t bother you playing, then it will obviously be worth buying.

What golf simulator do pros use?

Professional golfers like to use TruGolf Vista 10 Pro as it offers accuracy and instant feedback along with other game-improvement features. Tiger Woods use Full Swing Pro Series. Rickie Fowler loves to use Foresight GCQuad. Boyd Summerhays used to play with a TruGolf simulator and loved it.


Let's see in brief what you got above. You got the review of the 10 best golf simulators in detail providing information such as affordability, portability, durability, commercial uses, etc. If you have just started your game, don't choose a complex golf simulator. Try to complete your practice session with an easy golf simulator for the home. It won't cause any difficulties or troubles for you as a beginner and it will make your setting up and installation process easier. 

So does it seem to be useful to you? Did you get what you wanted to know? If it satisfies you, we will be happy to know. Share your views with us. If you find something important to add in these 10 best golf simulators for home, inform us too. We would like to include more if it is effective.

Hope you can now decide which golf simulator best suits you. Buy it within your budget and enjoy golfing.

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