10 Best Golf Simulators: Best Value for Every Need in 2021


As a golf enthusiast, I can already tell how excited you are to learn about golf simulators. With a home golf simulator, you can play golf anywhere, regardless of the weather. 

But, how to find the best one that comes with game improvement features, authentic data feedback, budget-friendly options, and so on? 

To help you with your navigation, my team and I created a list of the best golf simulators after researching dozens of in the market to make every penny of yours worth. Stay with us to read our in-depth buying guide and FAQs at the end to learn what you should look for before getting one. But if you're in a hurry, here are the key things to consider.

  • Room size: Before you pick the suitable golf simulator for you, make sure you have enough room to set it up. Most golf simulators require a good amount of space.
  • Portability: Unless you have a big house or a spare garage, it's better to go for a portable golf simulator. It will allow you to use that space again for holidays, parties, and other occasions.
  • Features and compatibility: Some golf simulators only work well with certain golf clubs, while some only give few data points of your swing shot. So it's crucial to know the launch monitor features when selecting a golf simulator.

The 10 Best Golf Simulators Reviews

1. SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator

skytrak sig12 golf simulator package

SkyTrak is the combination of accuracy, performance, and affordability. The SkyTrak SIG12 golf simulator offers almost all the necessary equipment within one golf simulator. That’s why it’s our top pick for the best golf simulator for home.

For a premium simulation experience with high-quality equipment, this is the best golf simulator we found. Let's see in detail what this package has to offer.

What's included

SkyTrak launch monitor: The SkyTrak launch monitor can be used by both beginners and professionals. It's famous for its excellent value, user-friendliness, and fun features. It offers precision in measuring launch angle, backspin, carry distance, and other things. 

This precision measurement tells you whether your launch angle and spin rate are too high or too low. Because if you don’t have the correct combination of launch angle and spin rate, you will lose distance.

Learn in detail how accurate golf simulators are.

Panasonic PT-vZ580U Projector: The specialty of Panasonic PT-vZ580U Projector is it gives 5,000+ lumens for maximum brightness. The more lumen a projector provides, the brighter images you can enjoy. All the required cables are included with this projector.

Choices of golf hitting mat: You get 3 options for golf hitting mat. Choose the one that fulfills your requirements. The Fairway Series mat (5’ x 5’) will give you a realistic feel. The SIGPRO 4’ x 7’ and 4’ x 10’) suits both right-handed and left-handed golfers. But for a more extensive simulator like this, a 10'×4′ mat would be more flexible for you.

If you have a choice of a smaller screen, check the alternatives of SkyTrak.

This complete home golf simulator comes with a metal protective case, play and improved software, SIG12 enclosure, side barrier netting, landing pad turf, and so on.

Game modes and data feedback

  • 12 world-famous WGT golf courses
  • Multiplayer golf course play options
  • Instant ball performance data
  • Skills assessment feature
  • Larger screen, instant feedback, and real course play
  • 3D driving range with the software

How to set up the Skytrak SIG12 Golf Simulator

First, make sure that your SkyTrak unit is fully charged. Then register your SkyTrak and install the SkyTrak app. Pair it with your PC or iPad. Ensure enough space and a safe environment to set up all the pieces of equipment. Now press the power button to turn it on. To know in detail, follow the user manual guide included with the package. You must follow the tips and maintenance rules too.

What people are saying about this golf simulator

People loved the simple setup and top-notch accuracy of SkyTrak SIG12. They said that the simulator helped them improve their game just after playing the first round. Also, they found the graphics and courses absolutely good and realistic. The game improvement module helped them improve. But they recommended E6 connect software instead of WGT. Because WGT acts like video games and you might not like this.

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2. Mevo+ PerfectBay Golf Simulator

fllightscope launch monitor with simulator studio

A lot of golf simulator packages come with many additional tools. However, some golfers look for a friendly budget option that can give exactly what they need: no extra accessories and no extra charge. If you are one of them, the Mevo+ PerfectBay golf simulator is suitable for you. It comes with the necessary equipment, performs better, and gives authentic simulation.

What's included

Mevo+ launch monitor: The Mevo+ launch monitor is not as accurate as SkyTrak, yet it has a great appeal to the users because of its outdoor performance and the use of radar doppler technology.

As it’s flexible, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. One thing to remember, Mevo+ is more accurate with irons than other clubs.

Choices of golf hitting mat: There are two flexible options for mats. It includes Net return 6'×10′, Fiberbuilt 7'×4′, and Fiberbuilt 9'×4′. The net return mat is made for both indoor and outdoor use. And what makes this mat unique is the 10’ length, whereas the traditional mats are 4’ or 5’ long.

But if you want to use your mat for years, we suggest Fiberbuilt. Because Fiberbuilt is made to be long-lasting and durable, it gives you a natural grass feel and guarantees a game without injury.

Optoma Projector: You get a flexible option to choose the projector. Either you can select Optoma 4000 lumens or beyond 4000 lumens. Both provide crystal clear images with a bit of difference in brightness. Though this won't bother you as 4000 lumens are enough to enjoy bright pictures, it's up to you. Make your decision.

Though there are alternatives of Mevo+ available on the market, we recommend the Mevo+ PerfectBay golf simulator for the cost.

This golf simulator includes a Mevo+ launch monitor, Net return pro turf, and PerfectBay screen enclosure. Optional software is included too.

Game modes and data feedback

  • Radar doppler technology 
  • For both indoors and outdoors
  • 5 golf courses and 17 practice ranges
  • 1 Darts mini-game
  • Immediate trajectory data and audio feedback

How to set up the Mevo+ PerfectBay Golf Simulator

First, remove the battery isolation tab. Use the supplied adapter to charge Mevo+ fully and connect it to your PC or laptop for up to 12 hours. Now download the FS Golf app on your mobile and connect it to Mevo+. Press the switch on the button and hold it until the unit beeps. There are two setup modes, indoor and outdoor. Follow what you need. Set up all the pieces of equipment carefully by following the user manual guide.

What people are saying about this golf simulator

People were talking about the forgiving mat included with this package. It lets them have a real grass experience. Users recommended this golf simulator for its easy setup and user-friendly feature. And the accuracy impressed them by giving an idea of their shot shape, distance, and ball spin accurately through data parameters. What they get a bit tricky is the proper alignment while playing outdoors.

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3. Uneekor EYE XO Golf Simulator

uneekor eye xo golf simulator

The Uneekor EYE XO SIG12 is the combination of Uneekor EYE XO and Uneekor SIG12 Enclosure. This combination makes this golf simulator a unique one.

If you have limited space, you should skip this simulator and go for another one. But If you have enough space to set up a 12-inch screen, you can consider it as a good golf simulator for home.

What's included

Uneekor EYE XO launch monitor: EYE XO launch monitor uses non-marking ball technology that makes it unique. Because of this technology, you can practice with any golf ball you want. In addition, this launch monitor is as accurate as SkyTrak. But it's more expensive than SkyTrak. 

Choice of hitting mat: There are 3 options to choose a golf mat. It includes a Fairway 5’ x 5’ mat that is notable for giving a fairway feel. Not only that, this mat is durable and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 

But if you are a professional golfer, we suggest you choose from the other two options of SIGPRO mats. Because SIGPRO keeps the balance between forgiveness and firmness. It provides a tee line of turf that allows you to take a tee for hitting. SIGPRO mats are available at 4′ x 10′ and 4′ x 7′.

Panasonic PT-vZ580U Projector: Uneekor EYE XO SIG12 comes with the most fantastic projector. It’s Panasonic! For maximum brightness, this projector with 5,000+ lumens is second to none. If you want brighter images with a clear and detailed view, it is for you. Because its high resolution and high contrast ratio ensure you this advantage.

This simulator package includes a ceiling mount, screen and enclosure, side barrier netting, 15 HDMI cables, landing pad turf, and AV cart.

Game modes and data feedback

  • More than 100,000 courses to choose
  • Non-marking ball technology
  • More vital optix feature with enhanced resolution
  • Up to 6 players can play together

How to set up the Uneekor EYE XO Golf Simulator

First, you need to install two things – hardware and software. To install hardware, you should setup the mount bracket, slide sensor and connect it to your PC. Switch the power key on to activate it. Make sure the EYE XO sensor and PC are paired. Now do the software installation. To ensure a safe setup, you need to follow the warnings, be cautious and do things you should never do. For this, follow the installation manual here.

What people are saying about this golf simulator

The most interesting thing people are saying about Uneekor EYE XO SIG10 is it's better than all the $60k golf simulators. Because it provides more data and better graphics. Everything you require to have a nice-looking golf simulator is available with this package. In Fact, some users complimented that it is more accurate than their expectations.

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4. Foresight Sports GC2 Golf Simulator

foresight gc2 golf simulator

If this is not your first time searching for “golf simulators”, you definitely heard about the Foresight Sports GC2 golf simulator. It is one of the most realistic and accurate golf simulators. It's very easy to use and performs great. In this golf simulator package from Shop Indoor Golf, the GC2 launch monitor pairs with the 12′ screen enclosure. This screen is considerably large but allows you to swing your longest club with comfort.

What's included

GC2 launch monitor: No doubt GC2 is an amazing portable launch monitor for its realism and precise data calculation. Basically, GC2 calculates ball speed and carry distance. If you know your ball speed, you can detect how far your ball should carry distance. 

GC2 measures horizontal and vertical launch angles, spin, and sidespin. The data of launch angle and spin is a must to improve the distance. Because launch angle and spin rate are the key components that help you do better in height and distance. So GC2 plays a significant role here.

Panasonic PT-vZ580U Projector: The specialty of Panasonic PT-vZ580U Projector is that it gives 5,000+ lumens for maximum brightness. The more lumen a projector provides, the brighter images you can enjoy. If you want more colorful pictures with a clear and detailed view, it is for you.

Golf hitting mat: Fiber-built golf hitting mat is best for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you are a right-handed or left-handed golfer, will be able to practice with a 4′ x 9′ fiber-built golf hitting mat. It is portable and allows tee placement anywhere

Foresight Sports GC2 SIG12 is a complete package including side barrier netting, ceiling mount, FSX software, landing pad turf, and AV cart.

Game modes and data feedback

  • FSX 2020 software with 5 renowned courses
  • Skill challenge feature
  • Verifiable accuracy and all-in-one simplicity
  • Visual data feedback
  • Image fills up entire screen in HD

How to set up the Foresight Sports GC2 SIG12 Golf Simulator

First, open the top of the GC2 launch monitor until it stops. Then lift the display screen from the bottom of the device. Turn the GC2 on. Now you get the system options on the screen. Place the ball in the hitting zone. If it is placed properly, the LED screen turns green. Replace the flash unit, connect the USB cables, and power on the unit. Place all the materials included with SIG12. You are ready to play.

What people are saying about this golf simulator

Foresight Sports GC2 SIG12 fits most spaces and lets golfers enjoy full simulation with the longest club. GC2 launch monitor is well known as the ‘original game changer.’ This golf simulator is most preferred by professional golfers. The data measurement process impressed the users because it measures data directly instead of calculating. Overall, the users recommended GC2 SIG12 as one of the most realistic golf simulators.

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5. TruGolf Vista 10 Pro Golf Simulator

trugolf vista 10 pro golf simulator package

A lot of tags are required to describe the TruGolf simulator. However, when it comes to the most accurate, best commercial use, or best graphics, TruGolf combines these all. Vista 10 Pro is considered to be one of the best commercial golf simulators.

Even if you are a beginner, this device will act as an amazing teaching tool. And it can meet your needs whether it is for recreation or passion.

What's included

TruTrack2: TruTrack2 Tracking System is the alternative to launch monitors. It calculates more accurate data than that of a launch monitor. TruTrack2 tracks a lot of necessary measurements including clubface angle, club path, and ball flight.

The clubface angle gives you the starting direction of your ball flight. The more clubface angle on your swing path, the more sidespin on the ball. And the data of ball flight lets you learn how to draw the ball, how to slice, or how to pull.

TruGolf projector: TruGolf comes with their own projector. This HD Short Throw projector has high-quality features such as more brightness, more contrast ratio, more detailed and crease-free viewing. It provides a new cutting-edge tension system that ensures you crystal clear images on a larger screen.

Deluxe Fairway turf: This home golf simulator offers a Deluxe Fairway turf that is very soft and smooth. This long-lasting turf is designed in such a way that it gives you a fairway feel. You can take the fee of playing on real grass.

The is a complete golf simulator package with a TruGolf level 2 computer, 21″ touch screen monitor, deluxe fairway turf, portable audio speaker, and protective side nets.

Game modes and data feedback

  • Multiplayer capabilities including peer-to-peer gaming
  • E6 software included with it offers the most standard golf courses
  • Light canceling matte-box for brighter simulation experience
  • Skill challenge features

How to set up the TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator

To setup the whole package, you need to assemble the frame first. Then attach the enclosure to the frame. First, setup the top of the enclosure, then the side walls, and the side baffles. Next what you should do is to unfold the turf and place it on the ground. Connect the microphones to the hitting mat. Now position the projector so that the lens is centered with the screen. Follow the user manual guide for details.

What people are saying about this golf simulator

TruGolf Vista 10 comes with E6 software which is liked much by golfers because of its variety of golf courses. They found the putting to be more consistent for which they could take a putting stroke over the sensors without any ball. The setting up process was quite easy but they suggested if you are not much handy, you should take others’ help. Golfers who are low handicappers could use the analysis tool on the driving range.

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6. SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Studio 

skytrak retractable golf simulator studio

Many of us don't have extra room to spare for a golf simulator studio. Still, we want to take advantage of it and play indoor golf. If you wish for a system where you can return the room to its original form after using a simulator, SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Studio by Rain or Shine got you covered.

Along with the screen, you get a launch monitor that gives accurate data results. A high-quality projector is also available for giving you the brightest view.

What's included

SkyTrak launch monitor: It provides accurate data and gives wireless connection. The lightweight design allows you to carry it anywhere. 

We found SkyTrak comparable to no other launch monitors available on the market. Check it yourself by comparing the best launch monitors. SkyTrak is also compatible with iOS, Android, and PC. That means you get a wireless connection on any flexible device.

Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projector: This golf simulator comes with the Optoma short throw projector that proves these two statements true. So if you want to enjoy your projection in high resolution, this simulator gives you the ideal projector.

Hitting mat: Here you get a flexible option of choosing a hitting mat. Select the size between SwingTurf 4′ x 9′ and SwingTurf 4′ x 5’. Swing turf hitting mat is a crafted fiber-built system made both for beginners and pro golfers.

This package of SkyTrak includes a protective case, game improvement software, retractable screen, ceiling, and wall mount kits, ceiling mount, etc.

Game modes and data feedback

  • Hd projector and crystal clear images
  • Instant feedback
  • Real course play
  • Real-time shot tracking facility

How to set up the SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator

To set up the whole SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator studio, first, charge the SkyTrak launch monitor fully. Download the SkyTrak app to your iOS, iPad, Android, or PC. Then open the app and register your device. Pair it with your device and then connect to the projector. Complete the alignment and ball placement process with the user manual guide. And don't forget to follow the setup tips.

What people are saying about this golf simulator

This golf simulator is remarkable to golfers for its retractable screen. They are very pleased with the simple setup and data feedback system. The TGC software seems very fun and enjoyable to the users. They recommended it as a great golf simulator to work on your swing anytime you want. SkyTrak launch monitor is told to be one of the most accurate devices on the market. Users kept a message that people won’t regret considering this retractable home golf simulator.

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7. FlightScope Mevo+ Premium Golf Simulator

Flightscope Mevo+ golf simulator

FlightScope Mevo+, a new home golf simulator of Top Shelf Golf. If you are looking for a budget-friendly choice of accessories like projectors, projector mounts, or hitting mats, Mevo+ will be the best golf simulator. Wouldn't it be cool to enjoy real-time visual feedback with every single piece of data of your performance? Mevo+ gives you that.

What's included

Mevo launch monitor and software: The Mevo+ launch monitor can be used both indoors and outdoors. But it's best for outdoors and more accurate with irons than other clubs.

Mevo+ comes with E6 software that has 5 golf courses. These golf courses give you the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience. USGA says golf courses improve health and reduce stress for more than 24.5 million golfers.

Net Return pro turf: This golf simulator comes with The 6’ x 10 Net Return pro turf which gives long-time service. Besides, it offers a lot of space to practice and returns the ball continuously while playing. You can also use this turf as a putting green store by rolling it like a carpet. It’s great for outdoor use too.

Optoma projector: You get a choice of projector selection. Each of the four projector options offers 4,000 or beyond 4,000 lumens. Usually, Optoma provides around 2800 lumens. But here you get almost double that of usual. So make your own choice along with the best simulator.

In this golf simulator package, the Mevo+ launch monitor and E6 software pairs with net return series net, screen, net return pro turf, and net return side barriers.

Game modes and data feedback

  • 5 E6 connect golf courses
  • 17 practice ranges
  • Offline and online golf course play
  • Immediate trajectory and data
  • Premium simulation experience
  • Action video clips with data overlay

How to set up the Mevo+ premium Golf Simulator

To setup Mevo+ premium, you need to setup the launch monitor first. And for this, make sure Mevo+ is fully charged. Download the FS Golf app on your device. Pair it with an iPad or PC. Turn on to activate. Follow the indoor and outdoor setup modes according to your location. After that, place the projector and attach the screen carefully. For a detailed process, take help from the user manual guide.

What people are saying about this golf simulator

The FlightScope Mevo+ premium golf simulator appears to the golfers exactly as advertised. E6 software has a variety of golf courses. People reviewed it saying the setup was a breeze and the included mat was very forgiving. According to the users' opinion, this golf simulator worked great in the backyard. And they were able to see the ball flight instead of hitting aimlessly. They said that it was very helpful to feel like playing on the range but just staying in the backyard.

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8. Uneekor QED Golf Simulator

uneekor qed golf simulator

If you are very passionate about golf and want to have precision in every data measurement, try Uneekor QED from Rain or Shine. QED is where passion meets precision. But keep in mind that you need to have enough ceiling height to place this golf simulator.

What's included

QED bar: Uneekor QED golf simulator comes with a QED bar that works as a launch monitor. It provides real-time footage that can change your game level by keeping you informed about your performance. And the ultra-high-speed cameras ensure this real-time footage. 

Uneekor software: Uneekor QED offers one of the most interesting simulation software where you get 3D driving range, actual club impact, fitting data, and swing analysis tools. This club impact data corrects your distance to make it accurate. With the swing analysis tool, you can perfect your swing speed and play with the utmost entertainment.

Optoma projector: Optoma HD projector is always best for its quality and performance. More lumens, high resolution, more pixels, and high contrast ratio gives you the brightest pictures in clear view. And these features made Optoma one of the popular projectors on the market.

QED SwingBay golf simulator is a complete package of ceiling projector mount, software, screen and enclosure, choice of the mat, side barrier netting, and 60′ HDMI cable.

Game modes and data feedback

  • 24 Bridgestone specialty marked golf balls
  • Actual club impact and ball spin videos of each shot
  • Swing motion analysis tool

How to set up the Uneekor QED SwingBay Golf Simulator

Before setting up the whole simulator materials, you should set up the QED launch monitor. First, you need to set up the mount bracket, slide sensor to install the hardware. Connect it to your PC and turn it on. Pair the EYE XO sensor with your PC properly. Now install the software. Don't forget to follow the warnings. Learn in detail from the user manual guide.

What people are saying about this golf simulator

Customers shared their reviews about Uneekor QED SwingBay where they appreciated the software and course play. The training applications helped them improve their game significantly. And they are impressed with the accuracy of the simulator. Though it was a bit tricky to get the right gaming laptop to run the software, yet they loved the easy installation system. For those who struggled with swing adjustments, this golf simulator helped them a lot.

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9. TruGolf Vista 8 Pro Golf Simulator

trugolf vista 8 pro golf simulator

The purpose of the TruGolf Vista 8 Pro is to ensure improvement and entertainment at the same time. You can take your game to a new level with its advanced technology and facilities. TruTrack tracking system may amaze you with its unbeatable accuracy in data measurement. It's heard that even Tiger Woods has a TruGolf simulator set up at his home.

What's included

TruTrack2: TruTrack2 tracking system fills the gap of a launch monitor. It calculates all the required data. As you get the measurements of various data including clubface angle, club path, ball flight, it is easier for you to correct your distance. Clubface angle is the key component to make your ball flight data accurate.

Fairway turf: Here you get the deluxe fairway turf. It is very durable and gives a fairway feel. No doubt you will have a smooth feel of playing on real grass.

Side barrier net and projector: This golf simulator includes a protective side net that protects your screen from shots as well as any damage. TruGolf comes with their own projector that is of high resolution and gives the brightest view. 

TruGolf Vista 8 pro includes a level 1 computer, 21″ touch screen display, TruTrack2, deluxe fairway turf, protective side nets, containment brim, frame storage duffel carry bag. A complete package of TruGolf!

Game modes and data feedback

  • Realistic golf simulation software
  • 27 amazing courses
  • Multiplayer capability
  • Exciting tournaments around the world

How to set up the TruGolf Vista 8 Pro

First, follow the user manual. Check your room size and the ceiling height whether the height is 10 feet or not. Now set up the screen frame and unfold your impact screen. Adjust the screen into the frame. You are done.

What people are saying about this golf simulator

TruGolf Vista 8 golf simulator was so easy to set up that it took no time for the users. But yes, they had to cut back the grass as the system needs to read the shadows. Golfers said that the ball flight and distance measurements were very accurate. What every golfer loved about Vista 8 is that it comes with E6 software. It offers a lot of amazing golf courses. They recommended it for high-resolution images with a fixed screen and rated it as the best value on the market.

Check Price at Rain or Shine Golf

10. OptiShot Golf in a Box 2 Simulator

optishot golf simulator with a net

If money is your concern, the OptiShot golf simulator is an ideal choice for you. It's great to have a simulator of a renowned brand. Besides, OptiShot offers the easiest installation with the quickest manipulation.

But if you want the most accuracy, you should better go for another golf simulator. Because OptiShot cannot give the utmost accurate result.

What's included

OptiShot Infrared Sensors: OptiShot comes with sixteen precisely tuned, high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors. These tracking sensors measure your favorite clubs, before, during, and after contact. And thus you get precise and instantaneous feedback on every shot. 

Net Return Pro Series Golf Net: Net Return golf net provides ball return service. That means it will protect your balls from getting lost. There is a hitting mat that allows you to swing properly. It’s designed to fit OptiShot.

OptiShot2 Hitting Mat: OptiShot2’s high-quality golf mat gives a life-like golf experience. It's easy to store and transport.

If you want more golf simulators from the OptiShot brand, try alternatives to OptiShot 2 golf simulators. And to have more affordable options, read the best affordable golf simulator from our other blog.

Along with these, it includes OptiShot 2 software, USB Cable, 2 foam practice balls, and adjustable rubber tees.

Game modes and data feedback

  • Multiplayer capability
  • 15 standard courses and many fun game types
  • Instantaneous feedback on every shot

How to set up the OptiShot Golf in a Box 2 Simulator

First, check the minimum space requirement. Then select a secured suitable area. As OptiShot uses an infrared system, you should set up the lightings properly. Now you need to install the hardware. Plug in one end of the USB cable to the PC and the other end to the SwingPad. Face the SwingPad to the area you want to hit. Now install the latest version of OptiShot 2 software. Start by registering your device. You are ready to go.

What people are saying about this golf simulator

People are satisfied with OptiShot’s quick setup, simplicity, swing reading capability, and portability. What they especially liked is OptiShot’s ability to work with both real and foam balls, even without any balls. Golfers have been playing with the simulator for years and it never disappointed them by giving a real feel. Customers let the manufacturers know that it improved their game as well as allowing them to play with fun. Though some users found the simulator less accurate, yet they love it for the price it costs.

Check Price at Amazon

Best Golf Simulator Buying Guides

There are some specific things to know before buying the best golf simulator. It will help you make your decision. For example, what you should look for in a golf simulator, what will give you a better experience, what you need to consider etc. Let’s learn in detail.

Importance of portability 

One of the most important things is that you need to find out the portability of the golf simulator you will buy. You might want to play outdoors or you might need to move your home golf simulator if you don't have enough space to keep it permanently in a room. Imagine a simulator which can be carried always with you wherever you are going and you can practice golf everywhere you are going. So look for the screen whether it is portable or not. If it can be carried, you can take it anywhere you want to play.

See the features

Different home golf simulators provide various features. Before buying a simulator, you need to check the features that you are looking for to practice your game. For example, features like training modes, quality of the camera, features relevant to swing and graphics, multiplayer capabilities, etc. If the features of a simulator can fulfill your requirements, you might want it on your buying list. Sometimes, if you want, you can search for extra specific features.

Check the size of the room

As a simulator user, you need to know the space required for your golf simulator. First, you should check how much space is available for your simulator. There should be enough space for the screen and sensors as well. To help you select the perfect simulator for your available space, we arranged this section with the details of the room size required for a simulator. Three dimensions matter in considering your room space.

  1. Ceiling height

2. Room width

3. Room depth

Ceiling Height: It will depend on your height and swing. Usually, a nine feet high ceiling is required for using a simulator. So if you can't manage the area of 9 feet, look for the models that can fulfill your minimum height requirement.

Room Width and Depth: The ideal room width and depth should be 12 feet. 10 feet is for your practice and extra two feet will allow you to swing your golf club. But some can be used within 5feet. For this, you need to check the screen and sensors of your simulator and how much space they require.

Make sure you have everything 

Check the whole golf simulator package whether it provides all products of your requirement or not. If something is missing, like a hitting mat or net or some other product, you will have to purchase it separately. And it's not so easy to buy something separately, you may face some difficulties such as troubles with the price, quality, etc. So it's better to have it all in a package. Check whether all of your required products are included or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make your own golf simulator?

Yes, you can easily make your own golf simulator in your home, studio, garage, or office. First, know the space requirement. Select the simulator that fits your space. Gather the equipment you need such as a launch monitor, projector, net, mat, etc. Follow the user manual, install it and start building up your DIY golf simulator.

What golf simulator has the best courses?

Uneekor EYE XO SIG12 has the best courses. It offers more than 100,000 golf courses that are an unbelievable opportunity. EYE XO also allows you to design your own courses. It's up to you which courses you want to play and how to design them.

How do you putt on a golf simulator?

First, select the putting area of your golf simulator. It differs in various simulators. Take your position on the hitting mat before the launch monitor where you want to putt. Feel the stroke. Don't make a stroke that is too big and too fast. It will cause the ball to go too far. So, soften your stroke.

What size room do you need for a golf simulator?

You need 10'L×10'W×7′-10'D room size on average for a golf simulator. The space requirement depends on the screen you are using. Sometimes you need more space to set up a large screen. Sometimes you can use your small room or basement to place your simulator if it's of small size.

How tall does the ceiling need to be for a golf simulator?

TThe ceiling needs to be at least 8′-8.5′ tall for a golf simulator. Because you should make your ceiling above enough so that you can get an easy movement. The ceiling height depends on what golf simulator you are using. Sometimes it goes beyond 15'H if the screen setup requires such dimension.

How much does a golf simulator cost?

Typically, a golf simulator of basic level costs $500 to $3000. If you want a more advanced golf simulator with game improvement features, consider $4000 to $10,000. And the most advanced golf simulators with lots of features cost more than $10,000.

Are golf simulators worth it?

Yes, golf simulators are worth buying. When you can practice golf using a golf simulator at your home within a controlled environment, whatever the season or the outside temperature is, if it doesn’t bother you playing, then it will obviously be worth buying.

What golf simulator do pros use?

Professional golfers like to use TruGolf Vista 10 Pro as it offers accuracy and instant feedback along with other game-improvement features. Some pros also like Foresight GCQuad for its high-quality simulation.

Let's see at a glance what simulators do the renowned golfers use.


Let's see in brief what you got above. You got the review of the 10 best golf simulators in detail providing information such as affordability, portability, durability, commercial uses, etc. If you have just started your game, don't consider a complex one. Try to complete your practice session with an easy golf simulator. It won't cause any difficulties or troubles for you as a beginner and it will make your setting up and installation process easier.

So does it seem to be useful to you? Did you get what you wanted to know? If it satisfies you, we will be happy to know. Share your views with us. If you find something important to add to these 10 best golf simulators packages, inform us too. We would like to include more if it is effective.

Hope you can now decide which golf simulator best suits you. Buy it within your budget and enjoy golfing.

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