12 Best Golf Simulators of 2023 with The Ultimate Buying Guide

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Finding the best golf simulator is a challenge. You must have significant components like a high-quality launch monitor with tracking sensors for precise data measurement, a simulator enclosure, a hitting mat, and a projector with an impact screen to get the best simulation experience. Besides, there are specific considerations like budget, room space, software compatibility, etc.

So, we did the hard work for you by researching, analyzing, and testing hundreds of simulators and have written the following reviews so you can find a simulator based on your requirements.

In this article, we will combine the overall best and share our review of the 12 best golf simulators, followed by the ultimate buying guide to help you find the best match. We will also answer the frequently asked questions that may help you in this regard. 

Let’s start with the reviews first.

12 Best Golf Simulators Review

A Golf simulator contains several elements to play smoothly and have a realistic golf experience. When searching for the best, it has to be the best as a package rather than an individual golf launch monitor or projector. Let’s start with our 12 best review list.

1. SkyTrak SIG10 Package

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator Package Review

SkyTrak introduced its launch monitor back in 2014. Despite an old model, we recommend the SkyTrak SIG10 simulator package for its accuracy and affordability. Not just us; several top-rated authority sites agree too. SkyTrak launch monitor has won the “Best in Golf” award by Golf Digest for five consecutive years.  

This package includes an enclosure, an HD quality projector, and all the accessories, such as a hitting mat, landing turf, impact screen, and more, along with the launch monitor. All of these costs less than $10,000. 

As a simulator package, it is affordable but provides exceptional performance in terms of accuracy. Being a photometric launch monitor, SkyTrak is best for indoor use. However, you can use it outdoors too. You must ensure that the launch monitor is away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, you may not get accurate tracking results.

SkyTrak simulator tracking results

With the SkyTrak SIG10, you can get accurate golf ball data like ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and many more, along with estimated club data like club head speed and swing speed. You can learn more about it from our SkyTrak Launch monitor review

The package offers a metal protective case and a ceiling mount so you can place this launch monitor on the floor or the ceiling. But you will require a minimum room dimension of 9 ft high, 12 ft wide, and 18 ft deep to swing your longest club properly and have enough clearance. 

A SIG10 simulator enclosure with four options to select your hitting mat. We recommend you figure out your available space for the simulator and choose the ideal hitting mat. For professional golfers, the last option would be ideal.


  • The Simulator offers both options to place the launch monitor on the floor and ceiling.
  • This package can be installed indoors, in a garage, and outdoors. We recommend using it indoors.
  • One package, multiple hitting mat options. It also includes an option for compact space.


  • Some of the data it shows is estimated, which is not as accurate as the measured data.
  • The default simulation software with the package is not an ideal one. The E6 Connect would have been better.

If you are aiming for a simulator package under $10,000 that provide accurate data tracking, the Skytrak SIG10 is best. It serves the primary purpose of a simulator. You can also enrich your simulation experience with different simulator software, as the SkyTrak Launch monitor is compatible with E6 Connect, WGT, and the Golf Club 2019.

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

2. Foresight Sports GCQuad SIG 10 Simulator

GCQuad SIG 10 Simulator Review

Another top-quality package from Shop Indoor Golf is the GCQuad SIG10. Foresight was featured in Golf Digest Editors’ Choice list three times in a row. No wonder PGA Tour golfers love GCQuad for its professional-grade accuracy and flexibility.

It is one of the most accurate golf launch monitors under $15,000 for both indoors and outdoors. As the name suggests, the GCQuad has four high-speed, high-resolution cameras that can accurately analyze the most precise visuals and provides results like carrying distance, total distance, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, club head speed, smash factor, and many more. 

The SIG10 combines GCQuad, Panasonic VMZ50U projector, SIG10 enclosure, FSX 2020 Software, and other accessories as a complete home golf simulator package. Foresight comes with its most realistic golf simulation software, FSX, which includes a variety of exclusive golf courses. Whether you want to play in a virtual driving range or join in online competitions with golfers worldwide, FSX has it all. It offers all-in 4k resolution and helps you increase your skill with the challenges.


  • The simulator has one of the most accurate golf launch monitors.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Four high-resolution cameras analyze the visuals taken with precision.
  • It offers all-in 4k resolution graphics too.


  • Only compatible with FSX software. More software integration would have been better.
  • You need to buy additional equipment for putting practice.

The GCQuad SIG10 is recommended for golfers who want to reach the professional level. All of this is for $20,999, which is a bargain compared to the other high-end golf simulators that cost $50,000. 

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3. Unekoor EYE XO SIG10

Unekoor EYE XO SIG10 Golf Simulator Review

Our next simulator package in today’s review is the Uneekor EYE XO SIG10. Uneekor is a relatively new brand in the industry. But they have earned the trust of golfers by providing top-quality launch monitors like EYE XO and QED. We picked the EYE XO SIG10 simulator for its premium performance benefits like accuracy, durability, and multiplayer capability. 

The Uneekor EYE XO is a camera-based launch monitor with infrared sensors. The combination can provide fast and accurate data readings such as ball speed, carry distance, total distance, launch angle, club head speed, and many more. Look at our Uneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor review to learn more. The TGC2019 simulation software is among the most exciting, with more than 100,000 courses. Moreover, you can design your golf course with this software. The TGC also offers a multiplayer option applicable to the EYE XO.

At this price, the package includes an EYE XO launch monitor, a SIG10 simulator enclosure, a fairway series five-by-five golf mat, EYE XO View simulation software, a Panasonic VMZ50U Projector, and other accessories. But the package offers choices of different golf mats and simulator software. The choice of golf mats is similar to the other SIG10 packages we discussed earlier. To make your simulation experience more realistic, Shop Indoor Golf included a Panasonic VMZ50U projector. This projector is a premium option for golf simulators with 5,000+ Lumens for maximum brightness. Besides, this package includes a side barrier net, landing pad turf, 15 feet long HDMI cable, and an EYE XO ceiling mount.

Being an overhead launch monitor, it will be a challenge to use this launch monitor outdoors. Also, it requires more room space than many other golf launch monitors. So, we recommend this simulator only if you have a minimum room space of 9 ft high, 12 ft wide, and 16 ft deep. And, of course, the budget should be a minimum of $16,199. 


  • This simulator includes TGC2019 simulator software, allowing you to play on over 100,000 golf courses.
  • It is capable of providing precise data measurements.
  • You can play different games in this simulator. And you can play with multiple players at the same time.
  • The EYE XO doesn’t need any marked golf ball to measure ball data like the QED.


  • For being an overhead launch monitor, you need to install the EYE XO at the ceiling. And it makes it difficult to move once installed.
  • It is a heavy-weight simulator, and you need others’ help to install it properly.

The EYE XO SIG10 is a good choice for advanced golfers looking for the latest technologically advanced overhead simulation experience under a $20,000 budget. EYE XO can track any ball correctly, while QED needs specially marked golf balls.

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4. Foresight Sports GC3 SIG12

Foresight Sports GC3 SIG12 Golf Simulator Review

The GC3 is the latest model introduced in mid-2022. And has already gained appreciation from golfers for its performance. It features three high-quality cameras that track details of your swing, club, and ball data. The last two launch monitors were renowned for their accuracy. The GC3 is no exception though it is a budget-friendly foresight launch monitor. The significant difference is the number of cameras used. The GC3 is cheaper than GCQuad but provides similar output. 

The GC3 produces ball data like speed, launch, spin, and carry distance. It also tracks club head data like speed, efficiency, club path, and angle of attack. Not just these, you can get data metrics if you put the stickler to the club face. Besides, with the help of the FSX simulation software, you can enjoy a realistic simulation experience. Also, the package allows you to add a player-plus version of FSX where you can enjoy playing on ten more golf courses. 

Moreover, the Panasonic Projector included in the SIG12 helps you get the best experience with its 5000 lumens brightness and HD quality output. The package offers both options to place the projector on the floor or mount it on the ceiling. Other accessories in this package, such as the golf mat options, enclosure, and projector, are the same as any other SIG10 package. You get a premium, handcrafted enclosure with a Panasonic 5000 lumens HD projector.


  • The GC3 launch monitor has three high-quality cameras that accurately track the details.
  • It can track club and ball data within seconds.
  • You can use this simulator indoors and outdoors; it is lightweight and portable.


  • It is not compatible with any other simulator software apart from the FSX.

If you are searching for a budget-friendly simulator that provides accurate data tracking, the GC3 SIG10 is the best choice. At the $15,000 price point, this package offers valuable benefits. 

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5. TruGolf Vista 10

TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator Review

The TruGolf Vista 10 is chosen here for its graphics, durability, and commercial-grade accuracy. PGA pro golfer Mike Malaska once said, 

This Trugolf simulator makes practicing and playing easy for me. It’s right here in my house. I have access 24 hours per day. And the numbers I get from it are as good if not better than any launch monitor.

The TruTrack2 Tracking System is the alternative to launch monitors. It calculates both ball and club data precisely by using high-speed optical sensors. After analyzing each shot, the sensors display a clear picture of the data on the screen. You may get the results on your Android or iOS device by using the E6 Connect software. 

E6 Connect is an advanced software offering a high definition of the world’s most challenging golf courses. It also offers several game modes, tournament modes, and practice modes. In addition, you can customize your game mode. 

TruGolf offers a soft and smooth premium Fairway mat. It’s designed to last longer, giving a feel of playing on natural grass. As a result, putting is more consistent on its surface. Besides, this package also includes a simulator enclosure with an impact screen and touchscreen display. It also has a TruGolf level 1 computer and an HD 720p projector included in the package.


  • The data readings are accurate as it calculates by using high-speed optical sensors.
  • The simulator includes E6 simulation software. E6 Connect is currently offering the most beneficial features.
  • The fairway mat provided in this simulator is a top-performing one.
  • Side walls and overhead light bars are included in this package without extra charges.


  • Due to its size and installation difficulties, it is challenging to set up outdoors.
  • Even if you set it outdoors, the tracking results are not as accurate as indoors.

TruGolf Vista 10 simulator with E6 Connect software provides accurate results with the opportunity to practice on several golf courses. TruGolf provides the best simulation graphics. So, if you prefer a simulator with stunning graphics, the TruGolf Vista is Highly recommended.

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6. TrackMan Golf Simulator

TrackMan Golf Simulator Review

Don’t get surprised by TrackMan so late in our top chart. It’s just because of the price of it. Not many people are willing to spend that much for a golf simulator. TrackMan is one of the most talked-about golf simulator brands for its accuracy and premium features. It uses dual radar and camera technology to measure ball and club data. And it tracks almost everything a golfer needs to know to improve their swing, lower their score, and make the most of every minute they spend practicing the great game of golf.

TrackMan uses dual radar as a tracking mechanism. One tracks the club-related data, such as club path and face angle to swing direction and spin loft, and the other tracks ball-related data, for example, launch angle and spin rate. These radars track everything the club does before, during, and after impact. That is the reason the tracked results are accurate. TrackMan 4 includes their built-in app TrackMan Go, which is easy to use and compatible with iOS.

TrackMan offers the industry’s most advanced software that can help enhance individual performance. Even the world’s top players, coaches, and trainers are users of it. Apart from the product, you can also be confident in installing it correctly. Because TrackMan has a team that delivers the complete system and designs and builds your indoor golf simulator. They also tailor the setup to your specifications so that you can enjoy the best experience.

All these features come at a price, with custom TrackMan simulator pricing starting at nearly $50,000.  


  • Trackman has industry-leading accuracy in data tracking.
  • It has both radar and photometric technology to track club and ball details.
  • You can get the maximum type of data analysis with Trackman.


  • One of the most expensive simulators.
  • The simulator is compatible with the trackman app only. You can’t use other third-party simulator software with it.

The Trackman may be worth the investment if you are a tour player or an instructor. It is a system designed for professional needs – the price tag reflects that.

Check Price at Trackman

7. FlightScope Mevo+ PerfectBay

FlightScope Mevo+ PerfectBay Golf Simulator Review

When you search for the best golf simulator under $5,000, FlightScope Mevo+ will be on the top chart. And the Mevo+ PerfectBay from Top Shelf Golf is one of the most affordable golf simulators. The combination of a well-built hitting screen with durable net return pro turf and high-quality materials puts it on our list of the best simulators. 

The Mevo+ is one of the most portable golf launch monitors. Our research found Mevo+ as the most accurate golf launch monitor under $2,000 with simulation software integration. The base simulator package includes a perfect bay enclosure, net return pro turf, and the FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor. No projector is included in the basic package.  

There are options to customize the package and get the best from it. For example, it has both the fiberbuilt and the net return. If you want a more durable golf mat, we suggest Fiberbuilt, which you need to consider above $900. It’s designed to offer a natural grass feel and lets golfers play without risking injury. 


  • The package offers multiple options on the mat, software, and enclosure.
  • You can use this simulator indoors and outdoors as it is lightweight and easily portable.
  • The simulator can provide several ball and club data using its Radar technology.
  • Mevo+ is a very accurate golf simulator at an affordable price.


  • It is a basic package, and you need to spend more for better benefits like a projector, simulator software, and more.

We recommend the Mevo+ PerfectBay if you are a beginner, as the base package has the primary features for a beginner to play with a golf simulator.

Check Price at Top Shelf Golf

8. TruGolf APOGEE SIG10

TruGolf APOGEE SIG10 Golf Simulator Review

The latest addition to our list is the recently introduced TruGolf APOGEE SIG 10. Along with the SIG10 golf enclosure, this particular package includes a TruGolf Apogee golf launch monitor. It is an overhead ceiling mount launch monitor that is as accurate as its previous TruTrack2 tracking system. But the “Instant Impact” technology is faster than the previous one. 

The TruGolf APOGEE SIG10 price starts from $17,355 and goes up to $21,155, depending on the four choices of golf-hitting mats. As it is an overhead launch monitor with a minimum space of 25 inches gap to track the shot correctly, For this reason, the TruGolf APOGEE requires a 9 to 10 feet ceiling from the starting monitor to the clubface. Though there is no specific distance requirement from the device to the screen, we suggest having a more extensive hitting area.

Besides the launch monitor, this package includes a 5000-lumens projector from Panasonic. TruGolf is one of the best simulators for graphics. And this HD projector compliments the graphics performance from TruGolf. There is E6 Connect golf simulation software also included in the package. 


  • Provides an impressive graphics experience.
  • It measures information from both Club and Ball and simulates on-screen shots with no lag or delay.
  • Tracked data metrics are pretty accurate.


  • Requires more space than the usual one.
  • Limited portability option as the launch monitor must mount on the ceiling.

Golfers looking for the best graphics experience with accurate data tracking would love to experience the TruGolf Apogee SIG10. For a $20,000 budget, it is one of the best choices.

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

9. OptiShot Golf-In-A-Box 4

OptiShot Golf-In-A-Box 4 Review

Getting a complete golf simulator package under $4,000 is very challenging. A golf launch monitor and a projector cost more than the budget mentioned. But Optishot has brought a complete package, including an enclosure, impact screen, and projector, in this price tag. It is an ideal choice for golfers aiming for an affordable golf simulator. 

The Optishot Golf-In-A-Box 4 includes the famous OptiShot2 tracking system featuring high-intensity infrared sensors. It can track critical information such as club speed, carry distance, face angle, path, contact, and tempo. The accuracy is not like the industry standard but serves the purpose. 

Another top feature of the OptiShot2 is the graphics. The high-quality short-throw projector and 3D graphics of the golf courses in OptiShot2 create an authentic golf-like atmosphere. It offers multiple camera views as well. But you have access to a limited golf course only. 

Apart from the simulator and projector, the package includes a simulator enclosure with a stance mat. You have multiple choices. The 5’ by 4’ stance mat is made of high-density foam, and top-quality turf provides a better golf experience than most other hitting mats in this price range. 


  • It offers multiple customization options, such as mat size, enclosure length, and more.
  • The high-intensity infrared sensors in this simulator track primary club and ball data.
  • The graphical representation from the OptiShot2 is top-notch.
  • Good value for the price.


  • The Optishot is not designed to use outdoors.

All these features and benefits make the OptiShot Golf-In-A-Box 4 an ideal choice for an affordable golf simulator. And if you want to skip the net, screen, and other accessories and get the basic package, you can check the cheaper options

Check Price at Optishot Golf

10. Full Swing Pro Series

Full Swing Pro Series Simulator Review

When legendary golfer Tiger Woods credits a simulator for his comeback after his surgeries and physical issues, it needs no further introduction. His testimony says it all. But the $55,000 plus price tag is why we brought this simulator late on our list. This will be a top choice if you are looking for a commercial golf simulator.  

John Rahm and Gary Woodland also use this flagship golf simulator. So if you ask which golf simulator do professionals use? This is one of their favorites. It’s the only simulator that works with a combination of high-speed cameras and infrared lightwave technology. When both these technologies track your club and ball data, you can be very sure about the tracked results.  Data parameters such as ball speed, launch angle, carry ball direction, backspin, and smash factor are precise. 

The Full Swing Pro Series simulator also includes a solid wood enclosure and platform, a cinema-quality projector, an industrial-grade carpet and hitting mat, and much more. You can choose from 60 different size variations of the enclosure, hitting mat, and screen.


  • It works with a combination of high-speed cameras and infrared lightwave technology.
  • It offers premium features.
  • There are lots of customization options available for this simulator package.
  • It includes a multisport feature and many gaming modes.


  • Highly expensive. Only for those who can consider a high budget.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.

The Full Swing Pro Series can be ideal if you are searching for a commercial golf simulator with a unique simulation experience and are willing to spend big.

Check Price at Full Swing Golf

11. HD Golf Ultimate Training Package

HD Golf Simulator Ultimate Training Package Review

The simulator features real-time visual feedback and ball performance data with direct-to-screen output. With all the accessories installed, it provides plenty of data parameters, including video swing and balance transfer analysis. These data tracking facilities are hard to get from any cheaper simulators. The software of this package is another stand-out. It includes many famous golf courses such as Pebble Beach, Bethpage Black, Rich Harvest Farms, Doral Blue Monster, Quail Hollow, PGA National Golf Club, and more. Not only the courses but also includes several games and competitions to play with.

The package we are reviewing here is priced at $56,420. It includes a bundle of the best quality equipment. Here is the highlight of the package: 

  • Flat Standard System (10ft H x 13ft W x 19ft L) with Area Golf Turf in Green (15ft x 20ft) & Stance Mat 
  • HP Computer Business Workstation with Computer Vision Club and Ball Tracking System
  • Video Swing Analysis System (With Sony Audio 250W Stereo Receive & Paradigm Speakers Package)
  • Sony 4300 Lumen Projector & Mounting Bracket
  • 22in Wideview LCD Touchscreen Monitor
  • HD Golf Software Package (Deluxe Package), and many more. 

All these elements help you get pinpoint accuracy with amazing graphics and realism. And you won’t need extra space to place this simulator. It can fit into most spaces. You will need a space with minimum dimensions of 15′ Width by 20′ Length by 10′ Height.


  • It provides video swing analysis, balance transfer analysis, and club and ball data.
  • It includes a wide range of famous golf courses to play.
  • The simulator features real-time visual feedback.


  • It is one of the most expensive golf simulators.

HD golf is recommended if you are a golf instructor or trainer looking for a simulator to help you analyze golf swing and measure club and ball data. It is one of the best commercial simulators. 

Check Price at Shop Indoor Golf

12. aboutGolf Curve Simulator

aboutGolf Curve Simulator Review

Another commercial simulator is in our best simulator list. And we chose this for its unique Curve display feature. Not many manufacturers offer it. As suggested by the name, Curve includes a 180-degree screen curved around the player, giving a broader vision of golf courses that would leave you wondering in surprise.

Apart from the curved display, the aG simulator has other features to make it stand out from the rest. Firstly, the Curve simulator utilizes the selective 3Trak camera global positioning framework. Many pictures are caught of your swing, and exact ball and club information are estimated through machine vision innovation. 

The aG Curve simulator requires quite some space to install. Because it includes a 4K HD projection with custom lighting (programmed and dimmable), an elite exhibition PC, turf, and a tee box, you can check several size options and talk to their sales team for further assistance in measuring the space. 

The curve simulator alternatively accompanies a couple of extra solid highlights, including aG Flix and aG Balance. 

  • aG Flix: a coordinated video recording framework that permits you to dissect your swing from various points.
  • aG Balance: a golf equilibrium and weight estimation framework that continuously actions the heaviness of each foot throughout the swing.


  • It feels incredible to play with the curve display.
  • Tracking results are precise.
  • It can track many details from every swing.


  • Suitable for commercial use only and with high expense.
  • It requires enormous space to set up.
  • Difficult to install and shift it when necessary.

Maybe you’ve seen or caught wind of those golf simulators with dreamlike, super-vivid curved screens and cutting-edge equipment. Assuming that sort of simulator intrigues you, look no further than the Curve simulator by aboutGOLF. 

Technology comes with a price. The cost of the aG Curve is more than $60,000. If you plan to spend that much on a golf simulator, you’ll have the option to experience great benefits.

Check Price at About Golf

Buying Guide for the Best Golf Simulator Package

A golf simulator is an investment for a passionate golfer. It helps a golfer grow faster and develop skills quickly. It’s essential to consider all the factors that affect the experience and align them with your goals. You must know the facts, features, and alternatives to find the best golf simulator. Here is our guide for selecting the best simulator that suits your need:

1. Identify the best package that matches your interest

Golf simulators not only improve your skills, but they also make you confident. You can use the data analysis provided by the simulator to perfect your swing, learn how to choose the right club, and shape your shots to improve your skill and consistency.

To identify the best golf simulator for you, answer the following questions. 

  • Do you want to practice and develop your skill? 
  • Do you need realistic graphics indoors and outdoors? Or 
  • Are you aiming for a commercial setup to maximize your profit? 

There is plenty of golf simulator variation available in the market. And different models offer different features and benefits. For instance, TruGolf offers one of the finest graphics, whereas Foresight Sports is known for the accuracy and the number of data parameters it tracks. 

So, based on your answers, you should look for a golf simulator that best matches your interest. 

2. Measure your available space and room requirement  

You need a minimum space to swing fully to play and practice with a golf simulator. A minimum of 9 ft height and 12×12 ft room size is a must. It is a challenge to find simulators for smaller spaces. If you have a bigger space, you can always have plenty of choices, such as enclosures, golf mats, and more, to utilize that space. 

To help you select the perfect simulator for your available space, we arranged this section with the size required for a simulator—two significant dimensions matter in considering your room space.  

  • Ceiling Height: initially, it seems less important but critical. There should be enough space for the golf ball to fly without hitting the ceiling. It will depend on your height and swing. Usually, a nine feet high ceiling is the minimum while having a full swing with a golf driver. As a result, we recommend a room height of at least 10 feet. 
  • Room Width and Depth: The ideal room width and depth should be 12 feet or more. Ten feet is the minimum requirement for launch monitors to track the ball, and extra two feet will allow you to swing your golf club properly. There can be exceptions. Check the simulator user guide to learn more about it.  

Most importantly, you need enough space to swing your golf club safely. 

Caution: Do not swing the club or get too close to lamps, furniture, or other objects. We recommend moving all fragile items out of the way first. Then, stand in the middle of the golf simulator setup to test the course. 

3. Set a budget that can get your expected simulator

There are golf simulator packages starting from $1,000 up to $70,000. Though cheap golf simulators are available, expensive models are better, especially if you want to improve your golf skills. Because the pricey models often ensure more tracked data with accuracy and better simulation experience. Here are some suggestions for you.  

What you can expect from a simulator under $10,000

At this price point, you will get simulators primarily with a Skytrak or Flightscope Mevo launch monitor. SkyTrak has several packages in this price range, including the SkyTrak SIG packages. SkyTrak Home Simulator Training Pack can be an ideal choice for beginners. But note that the SkyTrak system only provides data about the ball, such as speed, spin, and distance. They don’t give you feedback on your swing, facial movements, angles, etc.

You can also get a Flightscope Mevo Plus package in this price range. However, FlightScope works well outdoors compared to SkyTrak. The FlightScope system uses radar technology to track the ball, while the SkyTrak system uses cameras. 

What you can expect from a simulator under $20,000

For a $20,000 budget, you will have the opportunity to explore more options. TruGolf, Uneekor, and premium SkyTrak packages are available at this price point. If you want a slightly higher quality package, check out the TruGolf Vista. The system includes everything you need to start, including impact screens, side nets, projectors, simulator software, and golf mats. This setup allows us to get more feedback data than the SkyTrak system. 

Another option for an indoor golf simulator roughly in the same price range as TruGolf is the Uneekor simulator. But, again, several packages are available based on user demands. The Uneekor golf simulator has two launch monitors. Both models limit your portability opportunity as they are ceiling-mounting models. 

If you want to know more about club impact, club angle, etc., the EYEXO simulator has these features. QED Conversely is good if you only need a little information. Uneekor simulator software includes various options, from driving ranges to fully simulated golf courses. The starting monitor uses infrared and high-speed camera technology to collect data about the club, ball trajectory, speed, and more. 

What you can expect from a simulator under $35,000

If your budget is around $25,000, the GCQuad is perfect for your home simulator. It gives you all the vital data you need for your golf game. Golf professionals such as instructors, pro golfers, and club fitters use this setup. They are very accurate, and the amount of data provided will help you improve your golf game and skills. 

In addition, foresight Sports recently launched a new sim-in-a-box indoor golf simulator. It is a complete package with all the accessories included in the package. Additionally, the Sim-in-a-Box package helps optimize available storage space in different configurations.

If you fancy an overhead launch monitor, the GCHawk is the way to go. The latest software update allows it to use in multiple sports, including soccer. 

What you can expect from a simulator over $35,000

Commercial golf simulators like Trackman, Golfzon, Curve, or HD golf simulators cost an arm and a leg. Starting from $35,000, they cost upwards of $50,000. These are for those with a reasonable budget and looking for high-quality golf simulators. 

4. Identify the data parameters you need to know

Usually, a golf simulator track numerous data. All these data can be classified into three major categories: ball, club, and swing. However, before buying a golf simulator, you must check the data it tracks. Here is a list of data parameters that your simulator should track at least: 

  1. Club Data
    1. Club Head Speed
    2. Club Path
    3. Dynamic Loft
    4. Loft Angle and Lie Angle
    5. Smash Factor
  2. Ball Data
    1. Carry Distance
    2. Total Distance
    3. Ball Speed
    4. Back Spin
    5. Side Spin
    6. Spin Rate
    7. Spin Loft
    8. Launch Angle
  3. Swing Data

Based on the technology, two types of launch monitors are primarily available in the market. They are Photometricic and Radar doppler. 

Photometric golf simulators use a camera-based launch monitor that tracks data by capturing high-speed images before, during, and after impact. They can track data within a limited space because it requires the ball movement and the space around it to capture images or take video footage. SkyTrak, Foresight Sports GC2, GCQuad, and Uneekor launch monitors use photometric technology. 

On the other hand, radar doppler golf simulators require more expansive space to track the entire ball flight, recording the ball’s and clubface’s motion. FlightScope Mevo+ and Trackman golf simulators offer radar technology. Radar technology is better for outdoor and portable simulators. 

5. Check the software compatibility

It would be best if you had software for your simulator. So check the software compatibility before buying a golf simulator to see whether you can run them on your preferred device. Some launch monitor offers branded software, whereas some are compatible with 3rd party software. 

For example, TruGolf and Skytrak do not have its software but have all-branded golf simulator equipment. E6 Connect is compatible with all TruGolf simulators. SkyTrak is compatible with three external software including E6 Connect, WGT, and TGC. All of them are compatible with PC and mobile devices. This software offers practice and game modes to improve your skill. 

On the other side, brands like Foresight offers built-in software named FSX. It is also compatible with windows, Android, and iOS. Similarly, Uneekor Golf Simulator offers Uneekor View, Refine, Succeed, and a combination of TGC and Uneekor View software. Some of them are compatible with Windows and iOS only. 

6. Check the package materials details and choose a complete one

A simulator refers to a package that includes a launch monitor, enclosure, golf mat, impact screen, hitting nets, projector, and accessories. Our guide lets you learn the most straightforward DIY Simulator Enclosure in 3 simple steps. But it would be best if you had a complete package.

Launch monitor: It is the most important element of a simulator package. Give it the highest priority and check the mentioned features, such as mounting choices, data parameters it tracks, software, and device compatibility.  

Golf mat: A golf mat should be a comfortable one to use. And the proper size of a mat is crucial. Generally, the ideal size is 5 feet by 5 feet.  

Impact screen or hitting nets: You should have either an impact screen or a hitting net to reduce your hardship while practicing. Else it would help if you collected the balls at regular intervals. Both impact screens and hitting nets help you protect the wall as well. 

Projector: As it gives you a virtual view of golf courses, choose a bright projector capable of clear projection. We suggest laser ones with a minimum of 4000 lumens. 

Enclosure and accessories: apart from the mentioned elements, an enclosure and a few accessories can help set up the simulator properly. 

7. Portability

If you lack enough space for a permanent simulator setup, portable golf simulators are ideal. For a portable golf simulator, 

  • It would be best if you chose a retractable screen that can be moved after use. 
  • Choose a golf mat that is easy to fold and store. 
  • Have a portable projector too. 

How We Picked 

We have consistently worked with golf simulators for the last few years. And keep updating this article by considering various types of users and the latest models introduced in the market. The process is challenging, and you must have an idea by now. 

We considered the value each model offers against the price. We tried to include models based on the different use cases. And selected the latest models ahead of old ones. We considered models from different price ranges. And user reviews on several forums played a critical role in our selection. 

We keep updating this article with the latest models like GC3 and APOGEE. However, we still have SkyTrak, OptiShot, and TruGolf in this article as they continue to perform at the top level even after ten or more years of launching. Similarly, we included TrackMan, aG, and HD golf for people aiming for the best commercial golf simulators. 

We will keep looking for the best choices to justify based on our research, users’ experience, and their reviews so that we can bring it here to help you in the best possible manner. 

How much does a golf simulator cost?

A golf simulator can cost between $1,000 and $70,000. If you want decent accuracy with the basic simulation features, it can cost around $5,000, whereas professional accuracy and advanced features can cost $25,000. In comparison, professional-grade simulators cost more than $35,000.

Price comparison of golf simulators

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

We tried to cover all the details you may need about the best golf simulators in this article. If we missed any information, let us know in the comments. We will get back to your suggestions at earliest. Besides, if you find our article helpful, share it with your fellow golfers, and feel free to share your experience in the comments.  

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