7 Best SkyTrak Golf Simulators Reviews

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Do you know that having suitable home golf simulator materials with your SkyTrak launch monitor can increase the chance of improving your skill to a great extent? If you are using SkyTrak and looking for a good match with high-quality materials, you can pair it with the top packages.

But if you are not using one, you might wonder, ‘Why SkyTrak?’. 

Well! First, SkyTrak entertains golfers with its sill challenge features and game modes that accurately reflect golfers’ performance. It provides golf swing shot results allowing year-round practice and costing far less than the 5 figure simulators. SkyTrak has become one of the leading golf launch monitors in the industry for over half a decade. We recommend having this precise launch monitor of professionals’ choice and finding a good pair. Or we recommend just having a complete golf simulator package.

Pairing other materials with the SkyTrak personal launch monitor, manufacturers created different golf simulator packages for different needs and budgets. Here we will review the best packages we picked after researching for hours. Before that, look at what things you need to pair your SkyTrak with a complete golf simulator setup.

7 Best SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages

To save extra money, you can buy a package! SkyTrak’s launch monitor and all the necessary things are available in the simulator packages reviewed here. Nothing requires buying extra. It’s a piece of cake for the golfers looking for an easy but complete purchase. Like the launch monitor, golf simulator packages are made for game improvement and entertainment at a relatively affordable price compared to the alternatives.

1. SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator – Best Choice

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

Best choice! Yes, the SkyTrak SIG10 golf simulator from Shop Indoor Golf has become golfers’ best choice for its combination of premium simulation experience with skill improvement tools at $7,999. Is it worth buying? How? You will get your answer. First, let us say who the package is for.

SkyTrak SIG10 golf is for those who

  • want full-screen golf simulation with well-built and long-lasting materials.
  • can consider around $8k budget.
  • have a large space with a 9′ ceiling to set up the screen.

Recommended room dimension for this golf simulator setup is 12′ W × 18′ D × 9′ H. Depending on your swing and height, sometimes it may require more than a 9′ ceiling. Make sure there is enough space to let you swing with comfort.

SkyTrak SIG10 is our top pick because we found no other similar package in this price range. Besides, users’ feedback and our test say that the package is exceptional compared to others on the market.

Like the standard SkyTrak packages, this package has similarities with the SkyTrak launch monitor, metal protective case, and user manual guide. But SIG10 has a remarkable 10′ USA handcrafted screen, enclosure with side barriers, and a landing pad turf that we haven’t seen in other simulator setups before. 

Along with these, SkyTrak SIG10 includes 

  • Play & Improve Simulator Software
  • Choice of Golf Hitting Mat
  • Golf Simulator Projector
  • Ceiling Mount
  • 15′ HDMI Cable and HDMI to Lightning Cable

Offering 12 WGT courses like Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, and Royal St. Georges, the Play and improve plan comes with a yearly subscription at $199. Both single (WGT) and multiplayer modes are available with other practice features.

Shop Indoor Golf adds an easy-to-assemble simulator flooring installation at an extra charge. It is an alternative to hitting mats and saves space by giving enough chipping and putting surfaces.

Unlike other comparable SkyTrak golf simulators, except for the flooring system, SIG10 has three golf hitting mat choice options: 5’×5′ Fairway Series mat, 4’×7′ SIGPRO, 4’×10′ SIGPRO double mat. 

For a natural grass feel, we recommend the Fairway Series mat for injury prevention, SIGPRO single mat, and left/right modes, SIGPRO double mat. SIG10 also includes a BenQ 4K projector that ensures crystal clear and brighter images.

Check out the alternative SkyTrak SIG8 and SIG12 packages except for screen and enclosure size.

Check Price at Shopindoorgolf

2. SkyTrak Flex Space Entertainment Golf Simulator – Best for home

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Flex Space

This is one of the exciting golf simulators that can be used anywhere in your home, even in your living room, because it lets you return your room to the last look when you are done with playing. How? Again after going through the review, you will get the answer. Let’s know first who it is for.

SkyTrak Flex Space Entertainment package is for those who

  • if you want the best SkyTrak golf simulator.
  • Have budgets under $7,000.
  • If you don’t have any extra room for making a simulator studio.

We recommend this golf simulator at least 12’W × 12’L × 8’6″H room dimensions. You may need more than the recommended space if your swing requires so. In this case, ensure you have enough clearance while swinging comfortably.

Unlike the remaining SkyTrak golf simulators, The Shop Indoor Golf pairs its retractable screen with the SkyTrak launch monitor and other things like a metal protective case, Optoma projector, and user manual guide

This screen ensures an accessible flex space facility with entertainment features at the click of a button. Our test and observation listed it as our second-best pick with SkyTrak.

Along with these, the entertainment package includes 

  • SkyTrak Game Improvement Software 
  • The Play & Improve Plan (a $199 value per year)
  • Pro Turf Mat 
  • Projector Shield Floor Mount Enclosure
  • HomeCourse Accessories

The Flex Space Entertainment golf simulator package has both the Game Improvement software and Play & Improve software that offers instant ball performance data and different game modes. Besides 12 WGT golf courses, single and multiplayer modes are available. 

Then comes the flexible pro turf mat (6’×10′) that will let you use it as a carpet and fold it after use. There is an Optoma short throw projector included with the package. It provides 4000 lumens, while 3000 lumens are sufficient to give enough brightness. Instead of mounting your projector from the ceiling, you get a portable projector shield enclosure to place your projector on the floor. 

Check out the SkyTrak Flex Space Training package at a bit lower price that we recommend as an alternative to this golf simulator. 

Check Price at Shopindoorgolf

3. SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator package – Most Affordable

SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator package

If the single launch monitor costs $1,995 and the whole package costs $3,149, isn’t it one of the most budget-friendly options? We saw Top Shelf Golf had created SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator as an affordable one among SkyTrak packages on the market. Who is it for, and why is it in our top three picks?

SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator is for those who

  • don’t have enough space
  • and are looking for an affordable setup with the required accessories.
  • Want premium quality, durable net

The package requires a minimum of 10’W × 12’L × 8’6″H space to set up. While other SkyTrak packages don’t include any Net Return golf net or mat with a SkyTrak launch monitor, this home golf simulator package has both. From our experience, we can say these two are highly demanding for their quality and performance. 

If you are looking for a mat that can be used indoors and outdoors and features automatic ball return, the Net Return Pro golf turf (6’×10′) is recommended. Unlike the traditional mats, this one is large enough to practice comfortably.

Along with these, the Home golf simulator package includes

  • Basic Practice Range Plan
  • The Net Return Home V2 Net

The Net Return V2 Net is a premium quality net providing ball return and easy-to-transport features. You can quickly store it after playing. This net requires no tools to set up. 

There are some additional materials with extra charge:

  • Basic Practice Range+Protective metal case (+$149)
  • 1 year Game Improvement plan + Protective metal case (+$249)
  • Golf mat
  • Fiberbuilt 7’×4′ (Single hitting mat)
  • Fiberbuilt 9’×4′ (center hitting mat)
  • Fiberbuilt 10’×12′ center hitting combo mat

Game Improvement Plan has compatibility with TGC and E6 Connect. The metal protective case will protect your launch monitor from any damage. Fiberbuilt golf mats eliminate turf shock and prevent injury. 

Try the SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator from Rain or Shine, which can be another affordable golf simulator alternative to this.

Check Price at Topshelfgolf

4. SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator Training Package – Best for Beginners

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package

SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator Training package can be your first choice as an entry-level golf simulator. You don’t always need a screen or projector to play a virtual round. With a launch monitor, mobile device, golf mat, golf club, and golf ball, you are ready to bring golf simulation to your home. This golf simulator reflects all of them and costs $3,649. Let’s know who it is for.

SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator Training package is for those who

  • have just started playing or getting prepared to start.
  • Want a budget-friendly option

You need a minimum 10’W × 14’L × 8’6″H room to set it up. The ceiling height will vary according to your height. Make sure there is enough clearance around you when you swing. 

Compared to other SkyTrak golf simulators, you won’t have any projector or screen. But with the SkyTrak launch monitor, a metal protective case will protect the device from any damage. 

Along with these, the Home golf simulator training package includes

  • SkyTrak Play & Improve Plan 
  • Choice of golf net
  1. Net Return Home Series V2 net and frame
  2. Net Return Pro Series V2 net and frame
  • Side Barriers
  • Net Return 6′ x 10′ pro turf

Play and Improve Plan has 12 WGT golf courses in single-player game mode. You need a yearly subscription of $199 and a three-year subscription of $599 for this plan. 

You get two net choice options from the home and pro series. Both are lightweight, handcrafted in USA quality, and offer net return play with easy assembly. We recommend the Pro Series V2 net if you want the larger one. Otherwise, you can go for Home Series V2 net.

For an alternative to this beginner-level golf simulator, visit the SkyTrak PerfectBay golf simulator from Top Shelf Golf. 

Check Price at Shopindoorgolf

5. SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package – Best net and mat

SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package

If you want a complete golf simulator package with an affordable net, projector, and screen, you should have a glance at the SkyTrak Bronze golf simulator. The whole package costs $5,399. Let’s know who the simulator is for.

SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator is for those who

  • want easy assembly
  • have a budget between $5k to $6k

The minimum room dimension for this golf simulator is 10’W × 14’L × 8’6″H. Remember, it’s the most minor requirement. You may need more depth than this. It depends on your height and ceiling height.

There is a metal protective case included with the package. SkyTrak launch monitor comes with Play and Improve software with advanced features like skill assessment, target practice, instant ball performance data, etc.

Along with these, the SkyTrak Bronze golf simulator package includes

  • Net Return Home or Pro Series V2 Net & Frame
  • Side barriers and golf simulator screen
  • Optoma 1080p HD short throw projector
  • Projector shield (projector floor mount enclosure)
  • Net Return 6′ x 10′ pro turf mat

The Net Return Home and Pro series V2 Nets are well-built and durable that are made to return the ball automatically. With these nets, you can handle golf ball speeds up to 225 MPH!

You get an Optoma HD short throw projector providing 4000 lumens, while 3000 lumens are enough to produce crystal clear images. There is a projector shield with the projector so that you can place your projector on the floor.

Check SkyTrak Retractable golf simulator as an alternative to this package.

Check Price at Shopindoorgolf

6. SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator – Best Value

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator

According to our long research and analysis of customers’ feedback, it seems to us that the SkyTrak SwingBay from Rain or Shine is one of the best value golf simulators under $10,000. It’s designed for quick setup and easy use. This golf simulator is almost similar to SkyTrak SIG10 from Shop Indoor Golf. Here we will compare these two. But before that, let’s see who the simulator is for.

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator is for those who

  • have a good budget
  • are starting the game or getting prepared for the world long-drive championship
  • have larger space

It would be best if you had the same width and height as SkyTrak SIG10, at least 12’W × 16’L × 9’H room to set up the SwingBay Golf Simulator. Practice with your driver and take a few slow swings to ensure you have enough clearance within this space. 

Here you get a SkyTrak app with Game Improvement software that requires a yearly subscription at $99 and three years at $299. This software supports E6 Connect and TGC in multiplayer mode. A protective case is included with the SkyTrak Launch monitor

Along with these, the SkyTrak SwingBay golf simulator package includes

  • The SwingBay hitting enclosure and screen
  • SwingBay side netting
  • Choice of golf mat size
  • Landing pad turf
  • Optoma 1080p HD short throw projector
  • Projector floor enclosure or ceiling mount

The SwingBay hitting enclosure is made of high-grade sturdy aluminum. It’s designed to be durable and easy to install. The hitting screen size is large enough to let you enjoy full-screen simulation. It can withstand ball speeds of up to 250 MPH.

Like SIG10, this package has a choice of golf mats: SwingTurf golf mat (5’×5′) and (4’×4′). These two mats are made to give less tension to joints. This golf simulator has a landing pad turf to cover the space between your mat and the screen.

If you can consider a budget of $9,781 for a complete setup, we recommend this package for you.

Check Price at Rainorshinegolf

7. SkyTrak Simulator Series Premium Package – Full-screen simulation

SkyTrak Series Premium Golf Simulator Review

It’s better to practice with a projector and enclosure. But that’s not always required for a complete golf simulation experience. You can start your game with a launch monitor, screen, net, and turf. SkyTrak Simulator Series Package is a flexible golf simulator package with these major components to play and additional options for projector and enclosure. Who is the package for?

SkyTrak Series Premium package is for those who

  • are comfortable to hit without a projector and mat
  • want to have a full-screen gaming experience
  • can consider a budget of around $5k

The minimum room dimension for this golf simulator is 12’W × 9’H × 12’D. Unlike the previous golf simulators we reviewed, there is an additional option for a SkyTrak protective case with the SkyTrak launch monitor. It’s not included in the basic package. 

Along with the launch monitor, the SkyTrak Simulator Series Premium package includes

  • Basic practice range software
  • The Net Return Simulator Series Net and Screen
  • The Net Return Pro Turf

The primary practice range has ball performance data, shot tracer in 3D practice mode, shot replay, etc. The Net Return Pro Turf will let you swing on a 10′ long surface. This makes it a great putting green. Compared to the traditional mats, it’s more significant enough to practice with comfort.

We already mentioned in the previous product about the Net Return Series Net and Screen. It’s specially made to return the ball automatically after each shot. Here you get a projectable screen. You can purchase a projector with the package, spending some extra charge to project on the screen. 

There are some additional materials with extra charge:

  • Optoma projector
  • Fiberbuilt golf mats
  • Basic practice range + Protective metal case
  • 1 year Game Improvement Plan + Protective metal case
  • Net Return projector mount
  • Projector floor mount
  • Projector ceiling mount 

We recommend this golf simulator for those who want a full-screen simulation experience at $5,049.

Check Price at Topshelfgolf

What You Need to Setup SkyTrak Golf Simulator

You cannot play only with the SkyTrak launch monitor. There are more materials to set it up. Though the launch monitor measures each of your data and works as the central part of SkyTrak golf simulator materials, it cannot project the ball flight. Besides, you must hit your shots into something the launch monitor doesn’t do. Let’s know elaborately.

Plenty of space

First, you need plenty of space. Any package requires at least 12” L × 10” W × 8.5” H room to set up the simulator. This is the minimum space required to have a comfortable swing. The larger the space, the more comfortably you can swing. A smaller room allows tracking swing and shot data properly, yet it cannot give you the same comfort zone as a larger one. Details are given here about golf simulator room dimensions.

A protective case 

To prevent your device from any mechanical damage, you need a protective case. It creates no trouble through viewing the LEDs. SkyTrak has its own metal protective case that protects the device from mishits. Most branded golf simulators don’t have this official case. That’s where SkyTrak differs from.


You should have a projector that will project your shots on the screen. The more lumen a projector provides, the brighter images you can enjoy. And the more contrast ratio it has, the clearer view you get. Check the list of our recommended best golf simulator projectors.

Golf-hitting net or screen 

A golf hitting net or screen is essential for practicing your golf swing. You have two options: you can choose either a hitting net or a screen, or even consider purchasing both. Opting for a screen allows you to see the projection of your shots, whereas hitting into a net lacks this feature. However, if you prefer a DIY approach, you can learn how to make your own hitting net.

Mat or Green

You need a mat or putting green to strike at impact. The SIGPRO mat can be an ideal choice as a traditional mat. The Fairway Series mat (5’×5′) is recommended for a realistic feel. We want to refer to a (10’×4′) sized mat for a flexible swing and our other blog for the best indoor putting greens.

AV cart or a projector mount

If you want easy projector transport, an AV cart can help you. Placing your projector on the floor requires an AV cart. On the other hand, mounting your projector on the ceiling requires a ceiling projector mount. This ceiling mount is for a permanent setup, whereas AV carts can be relocated.

A gaming PC/Smartphone 

SkyTrak works wirelessly via wifi and other wireless access. SkyTrak is compatible with iPad, iOS, Android, and PC when you go for the hardware option. So you need one of these to run the simulator. The rest options are available even if you don’t have a PC or laptop.

Landing pad turf and side barriers.

These two materials are optional. Landing pad turf smoothly softens the landing of your ball after hitting. Thus it lets you protect your floor from ball strikes. So it’s better to have one. If you want the miss-hit balls not to pass the hitting area, you can include a side barrier net with the SkyTrak golf simulator setup.


SkyTrak golf simulators are recommended for both high-handicapped and low-handicapped golfers. The packages are also available at all price ranges. So what level of player you are or how much budget you have doesn’t matter for SkyTrak. Besides, we found SkyTrak comparable to no other launch monitors available on the market. Check it yourself by comparing the best launch monitors. But if you want to try other branded golf simulators, visit this list of the top rated golf simulators. Don’t forget to tell us whether we can make this article helpful for you or not.

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