SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review: Benefits and Challenges

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review

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SkyTrak launch monitor is the first golf launch monitor that claims so. It measures equally precise data like the expensive golf launch monitors but costs like the affordable ones. Making a connection bridge between the luxurious and low-priced launch monitors, SkyTrak is priced under $2000. 

But is it true what it claims? Is it worth buying? What do experts say?

“SkyTrak helps me to produce my best golf!”

Like Ian Harold Woosnam, many PGA tour players gave feedback after using SkyTrak golf launch monitors that it improved their game skills without question. How will you feel if you can play with the highest peak of accuracies like Trackman or Foresight without breaking the bank? 

Well! In this Skytrak golf launch monitor review, you will get the answers. Let’s start with the features and benefits first. 

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor Review

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Features of Skytrak Launch Monitor 

Data parameters

Data parameters

SkyTrak records the most critical data and estimates some minor data by calculating those major data. The major parameters recorded are ball speed, swing speed, launch angle, side spin, and backspin. 

Then an accurate approximation of total distance, roll distance, carry distance, and club head speed is estimated. Though these data come from estimation, they are exact and reliable, like the measured parameters.

One of the considerable factors is that SkyTrak directly tracks only data related to the ball and calculates club data using those ball data.

What SkyTrak Measures What SkyTrak Calculates What SkyTrak Doesn’t Measure or Calculate
Ball speed Clubhead speed Club path
Launch angle Total distance Impact location
Backspin Carry distance Face angle
Sidespinn Roll distance
Side angle
Landing angle


Depicting the actual ball trajectory, the SkyTrak launch monitor accurately reads each ball flight data. After comparing it with other industry-leading golf launch monitors like Trackman, Foresight GCQuad, or GC2, we found Skytrak incredibly accurate. But yes, this high-level accuracy is for indoor use. Because while using outdoors, the sunlight can create troubles with the cameras, making the readings less accurate. 

If you’re interested in finding the best outdoor golf simulators that can provide accurate readings even in sunlight, be sure to check out our in-depth reviews and buying guide.

How accurate is SkyTrak?

SkyTrak is 95-99% accurate compared to the most accurate golf simulators like Foresight, Trackman, etc. Photometric launch monitors like SkyTrak use high-speed cameras that ensure the consistency of this extreme accuracy. The higher the speed cameras in a launch monitor, the more accurate the data measurement is.

Yet, SkyTrak is very popular for its reliable accuracy and affordability for indoor use.   The precise data measurement tells you whether your launch angle and spin rate data are too high or too low. Because if you don’t have the correct combination of launch angle and spin rate, you will lose distance.

Learn in detail how accurate golf simulators are.

Tracking system

photometric vs radar

Unlike Flightscope Mevo+ or X3, SkyTrak is a camera-based launch monitor that tracks data by photometric technology. It is different from radar doppler technology which we see in Uneekor QED, EYE XO, and Foresight GC Hawk. The difference is in the tracking system. SkyTrak launch monitor tracks by capturing high-speed images before, during, and after impact, while radar-based launch monitors track the entire ball flight, recording the ball’s and clubface’s motion. 

The camera-based launch monitors like SkyTrak sit above the golfer (on the ceiling) or in front of the golfer (beside the hitting mat) to view the hitting area. It just requires the ball movement and the space around it to capture images or take video footage. As it can directly capture the perfect view of the ball and hitting area, it helps them measure data accurately. Here, SkyTrak gives an advantage in that it can track the ball launch data within a limited space. But radar-based systems require more expansive space.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Both! Yes, you can use the SkyTrak launch monitor both indoors and outdoors. It depends on your choice and requirement. The wireless connection makes it easy to carry the device anywhere. 

When it’s not cold or windy outside, you can go out with your SkyTrak. But while playing outdoors, it won’t give as accurate data as it gives indoors because it is designed to be more accurate for indoor use. If indoor accuracy is 10/10, outdoor will be 7/10. So we recommend playing at home instead of going outside. 

Easy to set up

The launch monitor of SkyTrak is straightforward to set up. Because you get a user manual guide that eases the installation. The apps are easy to operate. It displays swing numbers without any complications. 

You can use SkyTrak either with a plug on or off. Even wirelessly! As it’s lightweight and portable, it’s easy to transport. Connect the launch monitor to your iPhone, iPad, or computer to play.


You can run the SkyTrak launch monitor for up to 5 hours by fully charging its rechargeable battery. Before starting to pay with SkyTrak, make sure it is fully charged. You can recharge it through the charging cable. 

We recommend using the full USB or Micro USB cable when you connect it to your computer because it will give your unit a constant charge to use all day long.

Game Modes in Skytrak Launch Monitor

Hitting hundreds of shots may make you feel monotonous. SkyTrak launch monitor has a solution for this too. Here you get a skill assessment challenge that will let you hit several targeted shots. And then, it will give you a score according to your performance. Thus you can challenge yourself to improve your performance.

Besides, to increase your golf skill, SkyTrak has more challenge modes like target practice, close-to-the-pin content, the ability to adjust to any situation, long drive competition, etc. You can even use multi-colored shot tracers to use different clubs. 

[N.B. Challenge mode is available with Game Improvement and Play & Improve Plan. Details about plans are in the latter section.]

Price and Plans

The SkyTrak launch monitor device costs $1995. The unit has three annual plans and packages- Basic Practice Range Plan, Game Improvement Plan, and Play and Improve Plan. 

Basic Practice Range plan

This plan has no extra cost. It gives free access to the 3D driving range app, including a shot tracer. Instant ball performance data, first-person camera view, and shot replay are also available with this plan. 

The Basic Practice Range Plan is recommended for you if you want to practice on the driving range and check your swing data. But if you are interested in more features and game modes, check out the other two plans described below.

Game Improvement Plan

The Game Improvement Plan comes with a yearly subscription fee of $99 and $299 every three years. It’s an upgrade to the basic practice range plan, including the launch monitor device, game improvement package, and SkyTrak metal protective case. 

This supports E6 and TGC simulation software with famous golf courses in multiplayer mode. The renewable plan gives access to more programs and game improvement features categorized as Standard and Advanced.

Game Improvement Features
Standard features Advanced features
Multi-color shot tracer Club compare
Numeric display Player skill assessment
Target practice Player skill assessment
Target practice SkyGolf 360 cloud storage
Long drive competition Bag mapping
Closest to the pin Wedge matrix
Session history
Environmental controls
Multiple cameras angles

The Kiawah Island Course is available with the SkyTrak Game Improvement Package. But if you are looking for more world-renowned golf courses, look at the Play and Improve Plan below.

Play and Improve Plan

This plan costs an extra subscription fee of $199 per year and $599 per 3 years with access to World Golf Tour courses. Being an upgrade to the Game and Improvement Plan, it includes everything that the Game and Improvement Plan has. WGT supports integration with iOS only.

In 18 WGT courses, you get closest to the whole challenge option; in 12 WGT courses, an entire course play option is available. It supports only single-player game modes. 

Full Course Play:

  • Pebble Beach
  • St. Andrews
  • Bethpage Black
  • Olympic Club
  • The Ocean Course — Kiawah Island
  • Chambers Bay
  • Erin Hills
  • Pinehurst #2
  • Congressional Country Club
  • Merion
  • Wolf Creek
  • Royal St. Georges

Game Improvement Plan or Play and Improve Plan?

From our experience, we recommend the Game Improvement Plan for being cost-effective and having renowned golf courses. It lets you train yourself by spending hours with the practice features like target practice, skill tests, etc. Yes, the GI plan has limitations in WGT simulation. But that won’t harm your training session.

On the other hand, if you are interested in playing an entire golf course with more challenges, you can go for the Play and Improve plan. But it will charge you an extra cost and won’t allow multiplayer game modes.

Golf Simulator Packages with SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Using the SkyTrak launch monitor, manufacturers created different golf simulator packages with different materials. We have tested a list of premium quality golf simulator packages that provide SkyTrak launch monitors. After research and analysis, we picked the top ones and reviewed them to help golfers know what they have. Check out the SkyTrak golf simulators review to find the package that matches you best. 

Benefits of Skytrak Launch Monitor

You can see where your ball ends up.

SkyTrack interface

You may ask, “Why use SkyTrak? I can practice golf by just hitting into a net.” Here’s the difference. Just hitting a net won’t give you the same accurate feedback the SkyTrak launch monitor gives. For example, you can see your ball flight in SkyTrak and know exactly where your ball ends up. It also shows you all the slices you hit. Without SkyTrak, you cannot.

Easy to know how well you are performing

SkyTrak will improve your accuracy. As you can select the distance according to your needs, the SkyTrak launch monitor will also target those distances. This will help you get an emotional handicap after each shot. And thus, it will let you know how accurate your shots are. So once all of your shots are measured, you get an idea of how well you are performing and what level you are at.

The direction of where to put your ball

SkyTrak has a laser to show you where to put your ball. This laser spot is missing in GC2 or GCQuad. So without SkyTrak, you will be unable to figure out where to put your ball. You can upgrade it and build it into an advanced simulator.

Fixing your 18 hole

SkyTrak launch monitor provides quality software that offers World Golf Tour courses! The more exciting thing is you get some fantastic courses and opportunities like E6 connect. This lets you fix your 18 holes sitting at your own home. 

For recreation

SkyTrak successfully revealed its launch monitors to entertain golf lovers. Recreational golfers especially love this as a golf simulator for home. As SkyTrak software packages offer world-famous golf courses, you can easily play anywhere in the world, staying at your own home. And golf courses don’t need club data. You can play just by ball data, which SkyTrak launch monitor measures.

The randomizer! What can it do?

One of the interesting things about the SkyTrak launch monitor is it features a randomizer to randomize the distance. To be more specific, you can select two different distances to hit. SkyTrak will randomly pick targets for you between those two distances. Randomizer lets you simulate different shots on different-shaped greens.

To turn on the randomizer, click on the practice area setting button. Then click on the greens. Now switch to the randomizer. You can set your distance from 10 yards to 350 yards. There are three difficulty levels of greens- easy, medium, and complex. Each of them is shaped differently. You can select any of the yardages.

Who is the SkyTrak Launch Monitor for?

The SkyTrak launch monitor is made for recreational golfers to keep entertainment and improvement purposes ahead. We see from our experience that there is no commercial aim behind the manufacture of the SkyTrak launch monitor. Both beginners and professionals can use this launch monitor for recreational purposes.

Golfers who want to improve their game can practice effectively with SkyTrak. Instead of costing an arm and a leg, it offers accurate simulation with the world’s top golf courses at an affordable price. That’s where SkyTrak succeeds by making it reachable to every recreational golfer.

Drawbacks at a Glance

Everything has some drawbacks along with benefits. SkyTrak is not different from this truth. Yes, compared to its benefits, the drawbacks are minor. Yet we would like to refer to it as we care about honest feedback. 

First, SkyTrak sometimes delays around 2-5 seconds to register a swing. You may see the ball fly a few seconds after the impact. If it happens to you, there is also a cure for this disease. Don’t let your mind get bored waiting 2-5 seconds. Utilize the time thinking about your shots, how you should hit, where it should go etc. 

Secondly, SkyTrak doesn’t directly track club data. It only tracks ball data. The clubhead speed is estimated by calculating the ball data. And you will miss club path data that SkyTrak doesn’t measure. So if you want a launch monitor that measures ball and club data, SkyTrak isn’t for you. You should look for Foresight GCQuad, Uneekor EYE XO, or QED.

Thirdly, Unlike the high-end launch monitors, SkyTrak won’t give you advanced data analysis of your putt shots. Uphill and downhill-breaking putts may not be perfectly stimulated. 

Things to Know Before Buying

SkyTrak is very accurate. But using a low-quality golf ball and mat may not bring the most accurate result. So to have the best from SkyTrak, use premium golf mats and balls. 

Don’t forget to buy a flexible mat. The mat should be large enough to stand comfortably and place your device. 

We recommend purchasing the SkyTrak metal protective case to protect the device from errant shots or other damages.

Though this launch monitor is both for left and right-handed golfers, it’s not perfect for those righties who want to play against the lefties. Because while playing a match, moving the device from one side of the hitting area to the other after each shot is required. This is critical for righties. But the lefties can play with ease against the righties.

Alternatives of SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

While comparing SkyTrak with other launch monitors like Foresight Sports GCQuad, GC2, Uneekor QED, or FlightScope Mevo+, we also see some similarities and some differences. One similarity is that all the launch monitors provide accurate data for indoor use. SkyTrak, GCQuad, GC2, and Mevo+ can be used indoors and outdoors, while QED is only indoors. 

SkyTrak and Mevo+ cost under $2,000, whereas the rest of the launch, as mentioned above, costs $7,000 to $20,000. There is another similarity between SkyTrak and Mevo+. Both measures only ball data, while QED, GC2, and GCQuad measure ball and club data. 

FlightScope Mevo+ can be an alternative to the SkyTrak launch monitor. With a similar price range, it comes with similar performance. Unlike SkyTrak, Mevo+ is more accurate for outdoor use than indoor use. SkyTrak costs $1,995, while Mevo+ costs $1,999. Like SkyTrak, it is lightweight, portable, and supports TGC software.

Mevo+ is different from SkyTrak and others in the case of the tracking systems. Unlike other photometric launch monitors, Mevo+ uses radar doppler technology. Besides, SkyTrak differs from its features too. Let’s see a comparison chart between SkyTrak and other launch monitors.

Foresight Sports GC2 can be another alternative to SkyTrak from the performance perspective. Though this launch monitor costs more than SkyTrak, it performs excellently indoors and outdoors like SkyTrak. The indoor accuracy is also as difficult to beat as SkyTrak. Starting from $8,400, GC2 can be 13,300. 

SkyTrak Vs. Other Launch Monitors

Price, Features, and Game Modes SkyTrak Foresight Sports GCQuad Uneekor QED Foresight Sports GC2 FlightScope mevo+
Indoor/outdoor Both indoor and outdoor (More accurate for indoor use) Both indoor and outdoor Indoor Both indoor and outdoor Both indoor and outdoor (More accurate for outdoor use)
Data parameters Ball data Ball and club data Ball and club data Both ball and club data Ball data
Price $1,995 $11,000 – $20,500 $7,000 $8,400 – $13,300 $1,999
Compatibility iOS, Android, and Windows (Except Mac desktop and laptop) iOS and Android Windows iOS and Android iOS and Android and PC
Tracking system Photometric Photometric Photometric Photometric Radar dopple
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Shot Data Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Live Shot Data Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Skill challenge Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Competitions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Putting Analysis No Yes Yes No No
Battery Up to 5 hours 6-8 hours No 6-8 hours Up to 4 hours

Frequently Asked Questions about SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

How much does SkyTrak cost?

The SkyTrak launch monitor unit costs $1,995. It comes with the free Basic Practice Range Plan. Including more practice features, SkyTrak has a Game Improvement Plan that requires a yearly subscription of $99 and $299 after three years. If you want to add WGT with the basic cost, it will cost an extra of $199 per year and $599 each three years.

How to reset SkyTrak?

To reset SkyTrak, keep the power on first. There is a tiny hole underneath the giant hole. It might have a rubber cap over it. Find it because it’s the reset button. Pull it down with a needle. You can do it with a diameter paper clip too. Pull down until the lights turn amber. You are done resetting it. It will take around 10 seconds.

How accurate is SkyTrak?

SkyTrak is 95-99% accurate compared to the most accurate golf simulators like Foresight, Trackman, etc. Photometric launch monitors like SkyTrak use high-speed cameras that ensure the consistency of this extreme accuracy. The higher the speed cameras in a launch monitor, the more accurate the data measurement is.

What info does SkyTrak give?

SkyTrak gives information of ball speed, swing speed, launch angle, side angle, carry distance, spin rate, and clubhead speed. SkyTrak accurately tracks the ball trajectory data and lets you know how it moves in the air or where it ends. It helps you improve your game.

Does SkyTrak measure swing speed?

Yes, SkyTrak measures swing speed. It also measures ball spin, launch angle, side angle, side spin, and backspin, providing you with more information about your swing. Thus SkyTrak gives a clear picture of your ball trajectory and total distance. And it lets you know how you should swing adequately.

Does SkyTrak give clubhead speed?

Yes, SkyTrak gives clubhead speed numbers but doesn’t measure it. It just uses ball flight data to calculate clubhead speed. SkyTrak gives no club data except the clubhead speed. This speed shows how far you can hit the golf ball.

What software is compatible with SkyTrak?

E6 Connect and WGT Golf are compatible with SkyTrak. Both are the most renowned software for world-class golf courses. Besides these two, SkyTrak is compatible with the Golf Club 2019, Creative Golf 3D, and Fitness Golf.

A Comprehensive Overview of Skytrak Golf Launch Monitor Review

Keeping the high-end expensive launch monitors behind, if you want a budget-friendly but accurate golf launch monitor for recreational purposes, SkyTrak is what you need. What we really think about SkyTrak, its features and game modes, what the benefits and drawbacks are, what to know before buying it, and everything we observed in our research is included in this article. 

Take your time before going for the SkyTrak personal launch monitor. If you are already playing with one, let us know how it goes. Don’t forget to share your simulation experience. If you can’t decide because of the questions in your mind, drop them here. We will be there to answer your issue.

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