SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus : The Better Launch Monitor

skytrak vs mevo plus launch monitor

If you search for the most affordable launch monitor that serves the best performance, the two models most experts would suggest would be SkyTrak and Flightscope Mevo plus. Both the models have their pros and cons. And it can be a challenge to differentiate them to choose one over another. 

If you are having the same confusion and looking for some expert opinion to help you, you are at the right place now. This article will share a comparative analysis between the SkyTrak launch monitor and the Flightscope Mevo+ golf launch monitor. 

Difference Between SkyTrak and Mevo Plus

As you are searching for a comparison, you will likely know both products well. If not, check the following review articles for a better understanding. 

  • SkyTrak is one of the most popular golf launch monitors for its accuracy and affordability. After using SkyTrak golf launch monitors, many professionals like Corey Gavreau, and Paul Elvin shared their feedback and accepted that it helped them improve their skills. Learn more about SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review
  • Flightscope Mevo+ has created hype in the PGA merchandise show at their launch. Since then, they have been a top priority for professional golfers like the way SkyTrak is. Both these models have a similar price, which is why golfers often compare them. Learn more about FlightScope Mevo Plus Review

Let’s move on to comparative analysis right away. 

Data Tracking System

The Mevo+ from FlightScope uses a 3D Doppler radar sensor to track several clubs and ball data such as clubhead speed, ball speed, carry distance, roll distance, angle of attack, smash factor, and many more

SkyTrak is a camera-based launch monitor. It uses photometric technology to measure ball and club data. SkyTrak delivers the results by recording them directly, and some minor data are estimated. SkyTrak records significant parameters, such as ball speed, swing speed, launch angle, side spin, and backspin. 

The photometric technology is entirely different from radar doppler technology. Photometric technology tracks data by capturing high-speed images before, during, and after impact. On the other side, radar-based launch monitors track the entire ball flight, recording the ball’s and clubface’s motion. 

Besides, SkyTrak provides estimated data of total distance, roll distance, carry distance, and clubhead speed based on the ball speed, swing speed, and launch angle data it tracks directly. 


Mevo Plus is very accurate for the radar doppler tracking technology, but due to its tracking system, it shows more accurate results while used outdoors. Yet for its limited price, it’s worth buying for indoors too.  

SkyTrak is very popular for its reliable accuracy and affordability for indoor use. We compared the tracked data with other industry-leading golf launch monitors like Foresight GCQuad and Trackman. The results are pretty accurate indoors. But the SkyTrak fails to provide accurate results when it comes to outdoor use. The direct sunlight onto the camera lens could be a possible reason for such behavior. 

But you can still use it outdoors. If indoor accuracy is 10/10, outdoor will be 7/10. So we recommend playing at home with SkyTrak instead of going outside. 

Compatibility with simulator setup

The flight scope mevo plus golf launch monitor is compatible with simulation software like E6 and TGC2019. Using this software, you can experience five different courses using an indoor golf simulator. 

Mevo+ allows you to enjoy another outstanding feature. It captures your swing and analyzes your stats by automated video clipping. You can quickly figure out how moderate your swing speed is and what level you are playing on. And you connect it to your mobile using the free mobile app. 

Knowing your shots’ launch angle and spin rate can help you improve your swing and gain more distance. These data parameters are exact as the SkyTrak launch monitor tracks them directly. 

You can use the SkyTrak launch monitor with your indoor setup as it is compatible with simulation software like the TGC. Besides, you can use the launch monitor’s free SkyTrak app. 

Find the best SkyTrak golf simulator package from our dedicated post on them. 

Battery Performance

Once you fully charge the battery, SkyTrak can continuously support you for up to 5 hours. Whereas Mevo Plus can back you for three to four hours only.

If you are planning to use your launch monitor outdoors then Skytrak is a better choice. SkyTrak offers a Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a Micro USB charging cable included in the box. 

Comparative Analysis Between SkyTrak and Mevo Plus

Now, you know both the products well. So let’s put the points on a table and find the differences. 

FeatureSkyTrakFlightscope Mevo Plus
Released in20142020
Number of data it tracks1116
Technology it usesPhotometricDoppler Radar
AccuracyPretty accurateMore accurate than SkyTrak
Best at usingIndoorOutdoor
CompatibilityiOS, Android, and Windows iOS and Android and Windows
Battery Life5 hours4 hours
Simulation software compatibilityE6 CONNECT, The Golf Club 2019, Creative Golf 3D, Golfisimo, WGT Golf, Fitness Golf, ProTee PlayE6 CONNECT, The Golf Club 2019, Creative Golf 3D, Golfisimo, Awesome Golf, GSPro
Display ScreenYesNo

SkyTrak vs Mevo Plus: Which One is Better? 

The Mevo plus is better than the SkyTrak launch monitor if you count it outdoors. But for indoors, SkyTrak is the better option. And when you consider both indoor and outdoor use, Mevo Plus is a better choice. 

Because Skytrak fails to impress outdoors as it tracks data using photometric technology, sunlight can impact the tracking system.

On the other hand, mevo plus uses radar technology equally accurately while outdoors. 

Final Words

Two crucial questions you need to answer before selecting a launch monitor between SkyTrak and Mevo plus. First, how much space do you have to use the launch monitor, and where are you more likely to use it. 

As we said earlier, Mevo plus requires more space from the hitting position to track the club and ball data, whereas SkyTrack needs less. Also, SkyTrak is suitable for indoors, and Mevo plus is better outdoors. 

Apart from these factors, hardly any significant difference can impact your choice between these two affordable but accurate golf launch monitors. All in all, both launch monitors are great tools to analyze and improve your performance. 

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