OptiShot 2 vs SkyTrak : The Launch Monitor You Should Have

optishot 2 vs skytrak launch monitor

The OptiShot2 and the SkyTrak are two of the most popular and affordable golf simulator options on the market. Both these models are a good choice for entry-level golf simulation. However, there are some critical differences between these two products. 

Starting from the technology they use and the benefits they offer, you should know the differences to make the right choice. If you are looking for a comparative analysis between optishot 2 vs Skytrak, this article can help because we will explain both models and their differences to help you with your selection decisions. 

Difference Between Optishot 2 and SkyTrak

The OptiShot2 is one of the most affordable simulation packages. You can get this package starting from $800. The simulation package that comes with OptiShot2 is also robust. You’ll be able to practice on a virtual driving range and play 15 complete courses. 

On the other side, another popular launch monitor priced under $2000 is the SkyTrak. They are known for their accuracy. SkyTrak can provide as accurate results as industry-leading Trackman and Foresight Sports but in a much more affordable price range. 

Let’s find the differences between them. 

Data tracking system

SkyTrak uses photometric technology like the Foresight Sports to measure several data points. It records significant parameters directly. And shows some estimated results. It is a camera-based launch monitor and uses high-speed camera sensors to capture images before, during, and after impact. 

Optishot2 uses infrared sensors to track club data. And the sensors can provide pretty accurate data readings. But the accuracy depends on several factors like light and angle of shot playing. And the sensor only tracks the club motion. So you can’t get any ball data from it. 


OptiShot 2 can give you pretty accurate results than most other golf simulators in the same price range. But it requires ideal lighting conditions for the infrared sensors. Fluorescent or LED lighting would be the best for OptiShot. Besides, sodium vapor and metal halide may also work well. While using outdoors, you must keep the device away from direct sunlight. Optishot2 is not very accurate for outdoor use. 

In comparison with the industry-leading golf launch monitors like Foresight GCQuad and Trackman, SkyTrak is very accurate indoors. But the SkyTrak fails to provide accurate results when it comes to outdoor use. 

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Compatibility with simulator setup

You can use the SkyTrak launch monitor with your indoor golf simulator setup as it is compatible with simulation software like the TGC. Besides, you can use the launch monitor’s free SkyTrak app. 

Find the best SkyTrak golf simulator package from our dedicated post on them. 

On the other hand, though Optishot is compatible with an indoor golf simulator setup, it requires specific simulation software provided by OptiShot. The optishot2 golf simulator contains 15 world-renowned courses. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with any other third-party simulation. 

Battery Performance

Battery performance is a vital metric for golf launch monitors. SkyTrak offers a Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a Micro USB charging cable included in the box. Once you fully charge it, you can continuously use it for up to 5 hours. Whereas OptiShot2 can back you for four hours only. 

Comparative Analysis Between OptiShot 2 vs SkyTrak 

Now, you know both the products well. So let’s put the points on a table and find the differences. 

FeatureOptiShot 2SkyTrak
Technology usesRadarPhotometric
Multiplayer abilityYou can play with four players at a time. No multiplayer feature in it. 
Accuracy isLess accurate than SkyTrak,Very accurate
Best at usingIndoorIndoor
Battery PerformanceYou can play for four hours when fully charged. You can play for five hours when fully charged. 
Simulation software compatibility,Not compatible with any third-party simulation softwareE6 CONNECT, The Golf Club 2019, Creative Golf 3D, Golfisimo, WGT Golf, Fitness Golf, ProTee Play
The tracking result is Delayed compared to the SkytrakInstant with a visual experience. 

Final Words

After reviewing all the features and benefits of both the launch monitor models and cross-matching them, we suggest you answer the following questions to find the better choice: 

  1. How much are you willing to spend on an indoor golf simulator? 
  2. What accuracy is best for your gameplay. 

Both models have two significant differences. Firstly,  OptiShot is cheaper than SkyTrak. Secondly, SkyTrak provides data parameters with accuracy. 

  • OptiShot 2 is a good simulation package for golfers looking for golf simulators. You will get reasonable accuracy and access to a nice collection of courses to play for no additional costs.
  • SkyTrak is a better option for golfers who have more budget, want more accuracy, and have access to plenty of software options. It is one of the best value launch monitors in a home simulation.
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