10 Best Affordable Golf Simulators under $5000

Best Affordable Golf Simulators under $5000

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A few years back having a home golf simulator was a matter of cost. But now, while researching the best affordable options available on the market, I wondered how golf simulators cost under $5000 today compare to $20,000 before. 

So, in today’s world, it really doesn’t matter how much your budget is. You can afford any budget-friendly golf simulator according to your needs. You don’t need to go to any local club to play a round of golf. 

We got you covered by revealing our picks of the 10 best affordable golf simulators. It’s a result of our long-time research and analysis. Let’s dig in.

10 Best Affordable Golf Simulators for under $5000

1. SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package 

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package Review

Everyone wants to use an accurate golf simulator like SkyTrak. And if it’s available for under $5000, won’t it be cool? Yes, besides the expensive packages of this cool brand, we found many affordable golf simulators like the Skytrak training package. It includes a SkyTrak launch monitor, protective case, golf nets, side barriers, turf, rubber tee, and duffle bag.

SkyTrak is the best because, first, it accurately tracks the ball. Tracking the ball is more important for a golfer. You can quickly figure out where your ball ends. Then using the ball data, SkyTrak estimates clubhead speed. Thus you get the stats of all your shots.

Secondly, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. So you are able to take this simulator out of your home to play in the sunshine. You can carry it even when you are on a trip although we recommend using SkyTrak at home. Because it’s designed to be more accurate for indoor use.

Third, it provides game improvement features to train you on how to take your game to the next level. And that’s why this is named SkyTrak training golf simulator.

Finally, the world-famous online golf courses are available here. But you may consider the fact that you need a yearly subscription if you want an extension to more golf courses. The minimum room dimension required for this golf simulator is 14ft in length, 10ft in width, and 8ft 6inch height.

Advantages of SkyTrak Training Golf Simulator

  • Portable
  • Very accurate
  • Visual feedback and ball performance data
  • Skill challenge options
  • A lot of game improvement features
  • Shows how far you hit your clubs with full and partial swing
  • One of the best golf nets
  • The net return feature of the mat works well
  • Easy to set up and use

Disadvantages that can be improved

  • Less adjustable on grass and so less accurate for using outdoors
  • Yearly subscription fees for SkyTrak software plans

If accuracy is your concern, grab the SkyTrak golf simulator training package. Providing accuracy like high-end golf simulators, SkyTrak will give you a great simulation experience. And it’s one of the best SkyTrak golf simulators that cost under $5000.

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2. FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package

FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package Review

For those who like outdoor golfing besides playing indoors, the FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze golf simulator can be a good choice for them. Mevo+ launch monitor uses radar doppler technology to measure shot data. This tracking system works great for both indoor and outdoor use. 

What is to consider is the required room dimension. You need enough space for this golf simulator setup. The minimum space requirement is 15ft in length, 10ft in width, and 9ft in height. Radar doppler tracking systems require a large area for data tracking. That’s why it’s more preferred outdoors. 

Besides the Mevo+ launch monitor, this package comes with E6 software, Net Return Pro Series V2 net and frame, side barriers, screen, short-throw projector, projector shield (projector floor mount enclosure), and Net Return 6ft by 10ft Pro Turf mat.

The E6 Connect software comes as a package of 5 golf courses and 17 practice ranges. This golf simulator has two Net Return Home Series and Pro Series net choice options. Both have commercial-grade performance. The home series net is a bit smaller and less portable than the Pro series. So even though the Pro Series net version costs $5,029, you can spend it for ease of transport. 

Advantages of  FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator

  • Both screen and net are included 
  • Portable launch monitor and net
  • Pro Turf mat features a continuous ball return
  • 5 golf courses, 15 data parameters, 17 practice ranges
  • Accurate tracking system 
  • One of the best projectors providing 4000 lumens
  • Portable projector shield enclosure
  • Entertaining for indoor and outdoor use

Disadvantages that can be improved

  • Pro Series Net version requires $29 more than $5,000
  • No skill challenge feature 
  • No multiplayer mode

Mevo+ is accurate in data measurement no doubt. If you are willing to spend a bit more than your budget, you can go for this portable golf simulator. 

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3. OptiShot 2 Simulator Series Package

OptiShot 2 Simulator Series Package Review

Among the golf simulator packages of the OptiShot brand, OptiShot 2 Simulator Series is relatively a bit expensive. Yet the package costs under $4000. Here you get an OptiShot2 infrared optical swing pad, OptiShot2 software, foam practice balls, Net Return Simulator Series golf net, Net Return Pro Turf, projector mount kit, and side barriers.

OptiShot2 software offers 15 golf courses and a multiplayer game mode. Up to 4 players can play together in multiplayer mode. You can play with any golf club in your golf bag, even with the putter. OptiShot will also let you practice with real golf balls, foam balls, or no-ball. 

This golf simulator tracks club data by using infrared sensors. It’s only for indoor play. But yes, for being portable, you can move the device. The whole setup requires a minimum of 16ft in length, 12ft in width, and 9ft in height room to set up. Make sure you have enough overhead space.

No simulator screen or projector comes with the package. But you can practice with the net as Net Return Simulator Net is included. Also, there is a Net Return Pro Turf mat available which is as large as the traditional mats. It’s 6ft by 10ft in size. 

Advantages of  OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Series

  • Portable and easy to transport 
  • Easy to use and simple installation 
  • 15 golf courses 
  • Includes one of the best hitting mats
  • Comes with side barriers 
  • Affordable
  • Allows to play with any club and ball
  • Requires no ball to practice 

Disadvantages that can be improved

  • Measures only club data
  • Large space needed
  • Not suitable for outdoor space

We recommend this golf simulator for all handicapped golfers who can compromise a bit lack of accuracy for entertainment and fun features. Check other OptiShot 2 golf simulators here.

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4. SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator Package

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Practice Package Review

The name of the package describes its purpose. Yes, I am talking about the practice features. Practicing indoors or outdoors, whatever the reason, SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator meets the needs. Starting from $3,961, the price varies according to the customizable materials. 

Including the SkyTrak launch monitor and protective case, the package comes with Game Improvement Software, Net Return Pro Series net, side barrier netting, choice of mat, landing pad turf, and golf simulation gaming laptop. You have the option to skip the laptop bundle with which the package costs beyond $5,000.

SkyTrak launch monitor uses photometric technology that tracks data as accurately as the expensive golf simulators without costing much like them. Playing with TGC software in multiplayer mode is available with the Game improvement plan. It offers more features with access to more programs but requires a yearly subscription.  

You don’t actually need a large room to place this portable golf simulator. It requires a minimum of 12ft in length, 10ft in width, and 9ft in height room for the whole setup. There is no simulation screen but a Net Return Pro Series net and the choice of four sizes of SwingTurf hitting mats.

Advantages of the SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator

  • Choice of golf hitting nets
  • Additional tech bundle option
  • Doesn’t require a large space 
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors 
  • Durable mat
  • Portable materials 
  • Accurate data measurement 

Disadvantages that can be improved

  • Comes with no enclosure or screen
  • Doesn’t measure club data

We recommend SkyTrak Practice golf simulators for all types of players, especially if the practice is a must for you to get prepared for the next tournament play. 

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5. FlightScope Mevo+ Training Package

FlightScope Mevo+ Training Package Review

For those who want to consume all training facilities with a budget-friendly golf simulator, FlightScope Mevo+ Training Package will be a worthy investment for them. Starting from $3,419, this golf simulator has variations in price according to the net choices. 

What you get in the package is a Mevo+ launch monitor, E6 simulation software, choice of golf net, side barrier netting, and Net Return pro turf mat. Mevo+ is a radar-based launch monitor suitable for indoors and outdoors. Offering real-time visual feedback and 15 precise ball performance data, it helps to train and improve games. E6 Connect software comes with 5 golf courses and 17 practice ranges. 

Instead of a screen, the package has 2 choices of golf nets that include Net Return Home Series V2 and Net Return Pro Series V2 net. Both are lightweight, handcrafted in USA quality, and as large as the traditional nets. The minimum room dimension required for this golf simulator is 15 feet in length, 10 feet in width, and 8 feet 6 inches in height. The portable launch monitor, net, and mat make the package easy to transport. 

Advantages of  FlightScope Mevo+ Training Package

  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Choice of golf nets
  • Large and durable golf mat
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors 
  • Automatic ball return feature 
  • Traditional game modes like stroke, scramble, match play, etc.

Disadvantages that can be improved

  • No projector or screen included
  • Limited golf courses 

FlightScope Mevo+ Training package will fit any type of golfer who simply wants to be trained and entertained. 

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6. OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box 3 Golf Simulator Package

OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box 3 Golf Simulator Package Review

Even under $5000, there are budget-friendly options as well as relatively costly options. The OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box 3 is one of those budget-friendly golf simulators. Including OptiShot SwingPad, adjustable rubber tee, practice balls, hitting net, mat, projector, and attachable impact screen, this golf simulator costs $3,350.

Compared to the other options, OptiShot offers the best affordable golf simulator on the market. It’s not the most accurate one, yet, it’s good for showing swing and distance feedback. Know how accurate golf simulators are.

Until you are starting mis-hits, this golf simulator will represent accurate ball flight. But there’s also a solution to avoid mis-hits. If you can reduce the amount of reflection your clubs produce, it will help with the mis-hits. And to do this, you just need to tape the bottom of your clubs.

The online play system is available here. So playing golf courses is a cool breeze for you. Besides, the multiplayer playing option ensures you can play with your friends together. We recommend a minimum of 12 feet in height, 10 feet in width, and 9 feet in height for this golf simulator.

OptiShot doesn’t necessarily require a real ball or a foam ball. You don’t even need to use a ball. Cool, isn’t it? You can check our top picks of best practice balls.

Advantages of OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box 3 Golf Simulator

  • Instant data feedback
  • Best for the double digits players
  • Requires no tool to install
  • User-friendly
  • Flexible to carry
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Able to create ball data without a ball

Disadvantages that can be improved

  • Not for high handicappers
  • Less accurate than SkyTrak or Trackman

OptiShot 2 golf in a box 3 allows you to reap the benefits within a very reasonable budget. I Recommend this affordable golf simulator for you if you want to have fun and save your money at the starting level.

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7. FlightScope Mevo+ Practice Golf Simulator Package

FlightScope Mevo+ Practice Golf Simulator Package Review

Mevo+ Practice golf simulator comes with everything you need to have a complete golf setup. Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, the included pieces of equipment will give quality service. You just need to buy the projector screen separately if you want both net and screen to hit into. 

Excluding any iPad or gaming laptop bundle and including the E6 Connect software, the package costs $3, 661. The price also varies according to the choice of golf hitting mats. It’s a portable golf simulator. There is a net included instead of a screen. It requires a minimum of 9 feet high, 11 feet wide, and 17 feet long room for the whole setup. 

Here you get a Mevo+ launch monitor and carrying case, the choice between E6 Connect or TGC simulation software, the Net Return Pro Series net, side netting barriers, landing pad turf, iPad Pro, or gaming laptop. Choice of hitting mats includes 4 large-sized SwingTurf golf hitting mats (two with landing pad turf, two without). 

Advantages of  FlightScope Mevo+ Practice Golf Simulator

  • Choice of golf hitting mats with landing pad turf 
  • Easy to carry
  • Net Return Pro Series Net
  • Multiplayer game mode 
  • Accurate ball performance data 
  • Visual feedback 
  • Side barriers
  • Choice of simulation software 

Disadvantages that can be improved

  • E6 Connect software could have more golf course play options

Whoever prefers practicing outdoors more than practicing indoors will love this simulator package. It’s a good choice for practice and improvement as well.

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8. OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box 2 Golf Simulator Package

OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box 2 Golf Simulator Package Review

OptiShot is one of the renowned branded golf simulators that works great for beginners. Especially if you are a mid or high handicapper, OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box 3 is made for you. Although it’s a branded golf simulator, it’s one of the most affordable golf simulators under $5,000 as well. 

Including OptiShot 2 infrared optical swing pad, OptiShot 2 software, OptiShot hitting mat, and Pro Series hitting net, the package costs $1500 only. OptiShot tracks club data by using infrared sensors which don’t make the output as accurate as the photometric or radar doppler tracking system. 

OptiShot’s own software comes with 15 world top golf courses as well as software updates. Designed with high-quality dense foam, the OptiShot golf hitting mat gives a realistic simulation feel. There is a Net Return Pro Series net included with the package that is of premium quality and requires no trouble to set up.

Advantages of  OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box 2 Golf Simulator

  • Portable mat and net are easy to use
  • Lifelike simulation experience 
  • 15 world-renowned golf courses 
  • Most affordable 
  • Durable net
  • Immediate data feedback 

Disadvantages that can be improved

  • Less accurate 

We recommend at least a 12 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 9 feet High room for this simulator setup.

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9. SkyTrak PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package

SkyTrak PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package Review

Compared to the SkyTrak Practice golf simulator package, the SkyTrak PerfectBay golf simulator is more expensive with more materials. Including both screen and net, this golf simulator costs $4,849. Depending on the size, software, mat, and projector, the price varies. 

What you get in this package is a SkyTrak golf launch monitor, a basic practice range software plan, PerfectBay golf simulator screen enclosure, side nets, and the Net Return Pro Turf. We already know SkyTrak is a camera-based launch monitor that tracks ball data by using photometric technology. The minimum space requirement for this golf simulator is 16ft in length, 12ft in width, and 9ft in height.

There are three software plans for SkyTrak. Details are in the buying guide section. This package has two of them – a basic practice range and a Game Improvement Plan. If you purchase a basic practice range, it will let you practice on the driving range without any golf courses. We recommend having Game Improvement software for more practice features. 

Advantages of  SkyTrak PerfectBay Golf Simulator

  • Durable premium quality impact screen
  • Crisp clear and brightest images
  • Includes both net and screen
  • A lot of software choice options – WGT, E6 Connect, TGC, Creative Golf 3D, Fitness Golf 
  • World’s top golf courses 
  • Portable, compact, and high-quality golf mat

Disadvantages that can be improved

  • Less accurate in daylight 

If you want a ‘all in all’ golf simulator package under $5000, this one is highly recommended. 

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10. SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen and Enclosure

SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen and Enclosure Review

Rain or Shine arranged an exceptional golf simulator package that comes without any launch monitor but other quality materials. It’s SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen & Enclosure. If you already have a launch monitor at your home, just buy the rest. You should consider $3,499 for this setup.

Along with the SwingBay screen and enclosure, this package has commercial-grade polyester blackout side and upper walls, a bungee system for fastening the screen to the frame, and 2x side barriers. 

The SwingBay enclosure frame is very sturdy and the screen is made of heavy metal as well. No difficulties are in the setup process. The required space requirement for this setup is 16 feet in length, 12 feet in width, and 9 feet in height.

Advantages of  SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen and Enclosure

  • Easy assembly 
  • Provides a good and durable frame
  • One of the best impact screens
  • Affordable 
  • Well built
  • Large hitting area

Disadvantages that can be improved

  • A bit tight to attach the screen to the frame
  • Requires two people for the ease of setup

SwingBay Simulator Screen and Enclosure will effectively work for every level golfer who wants to enjoy good simulation with quality materials. 

Check Price at Rain or Shine Golf

Best Affordable Golf Simulators under $5,000 Buying Guide

Yes, like other best golf simulators, there are buying guides. Don’t think the best affordable golf simulator for under $5000 requires no guides to be on your list. Although your budget is fixed, pretty more options in this price range are available now than it was before. You might get confused about which one you should buy. Some simple guides can make your simulation experience more interesting. On the other hand, without any prior experience, you cannot bring an optimal golf simulator. So let’s find out what you should know to practice properly or have fun.

Golf simulator room size

Size is the first thing you need to have a clear idea of. Playing with the<longest club or playing in the smallest space depends on what size golf simulator you are using. Check the width, length, and height of your room and match it up with the minimum space requirement of your affordable golf simulator

Make sure the materials you are going to purchase fit in your simulator room. Also, make sure you have enough overhead clearance to prevent hitting the ceiling with your driver. Playing outside has no such complicated issue with size as outdoor golf simulators are designed to fit into most spaces. You need to be careful of indoor use.

Net or screen? 

Both net and screen can be used with a projector while playing in a golf simulator. A projector will show the data result on the projector screen whereas, with a net, it will appear on a phone or computer. You can hit on both. Now it’s your choice whether you like to enjoy your simulation on the big display by using a projector screen or you are comfortable using a net with a mobile or computer. Some golf simulator packages include both for golfers’ playing convenience. You have already gone through the review of some of those above.


Handicap is what describes your score. You can change your handicap by practicing on a simulator. If you are a double-digit player, you should better go for OptiShot. For average golfers, SkyTrak will perform better. To lower your handicap by practicing outdoors, we recommend FlightScope Mevo+. Select the one that you need most. Otherwise, it may bother you playing in your own style.

Tracking system

The tracking system of a golf simulator is another important thing to consider. Some tracking systems incredibly track all the data accurately whereas some do less accurately. For example, the infrared tracking system of OptiShot calculates data less precisely than the photometric or radar doppler tracking systems. That is why an OptiShot golf simulator is less accurate and not much preferred by the low handicappers. On the contrary, the radar doppler tracking system of a golf simulator under $5000 is absolutely accurate in data measurement. So think, for which one will you invest?


Among the most affordable golf simulators for under $5000, some are very lightweight and much easier to carry. If you love the idea of moving your device and playing anywhere inside or outside your home, you should consider portability. 

Besides, many of us don’t have the luxury of using a separate golf simulator studio or keeping the setup permanent. If the simulator is lightweight and simple, putting it down after playing will be easier for you. 

Not just the launch monitor, your golf hitting net, impact screen, and floor mat should also be portable for ease of transport. Golf simulators under $5000 have less equipment than the expensive golf simulators and thus they are relatively more portable.

Fun Fact: You can even build your own golf nets.


Different types of game modes and practice features are added to the software. Selecting a software or software plan depends on your choice of game activities. SkyTrak has its own software plans that include Basic Plan, Game Improvement Plan, and Play $ Improve Plan. 

The basic Plan doesn’t require any subscription fee. It comes with just a virtual driving range whereas the other two have yearly subscriptions and offer multiple game features. Whether you want WGT courses or play with TGC software will be according to your choice of software plans in SkyTrak.

FlightScope Mevo+ comes with TGC and E6 Connect software where world top golf courses, various practice modes, tournaments, stroke play, skill challenges, match play and so many features are available. OptiShot has its own software and practice features. What are you interested in? Playing top golf courses or practicing multiple game modes? Make your decision based on it.


When it comes to quality, you cannot compromise whether you are buying for under $5000 or $1000. Everyone wants quality first. So even if the budget is for golf simulators under $5000, you have plenty of options to choose quality golf simulators. That’s when budget really matters. 

If you are paying for $1,000-$2,000, you are not having a complete setup with all the required materials. Besides, you might miss advanced techs and effective features. But if you are willing to spend $2,000-$5,000, you will get quality materials and better setups. Considering a little more money in your budget will add more bang for your buck.

Check the reviews

Last but not least, check the reviews of each product. Reviews and feedback from users express their experience of playing. And that experience will help you have more ideas about the product. Both positive and negative feedback can be there, note that as a buying guide. You can also ask users if any question appears on your mind. Talk to them, gather more information, take time and then buy.


Best golf simulators give you the best simulation experience. Affordable golf simulators save your money. But the best affordable golf simulators do both. And if it is under $5000, you are definitely going to reap the benefits. Never miss an opportunity. Know how a golf simulator can help your game. Don’t forget to share if the reviews help you make your decision. Also, drop your queries below. We will be there to let you know anything you are interested in!

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