TruGolf Simulator Review

If you are looking for a golf simulator brand providing truly world-class simulation experience, then TruGolf simulator is suitable for you. This brand serves its clients as a standard of improving their game and gives them instant feedback for increasing their game techniques. For doing better in golf, Using the golf simulator of the TruGolf brand may be a good option for you. Do you want to know some certain things to choose the best one? Stay with us.  

Today we will introduce you to the brand TruGolf and help you consider the brand while choosing a simulator package or a certain product to use. TruGolf is considered to be the leader of indoor golf simulator technology. Providing crystal clear images of the new cutting-edge system in HD resolution, TruGolf is doing the best in the industry. Let’s see what the company offers.

Top 7 TruGolf Simulator Sets

1. TruGolf Vista 8 Base Unit

trugolf simulator

If you want a simulator relatively affordable among the vista series, then TruGolf Vista 8 Base might be the perfect option for you. This simulator is amazingly portable and designed with a new revolutionary tension system that will allow to have a crystal clear picture on the impact screen. The lightweight aluminium frame of this simulator is very easy to set up and take down.

What’s included in this Simulator

  1. Turf
  2. Complete Frame/Enclosure
  3. HD 720p Projector
  4. 116″ Impact Screen
  5. TruTrack2 Tracking System
  6. Overhead Light Bar
  7. E6 Connect Subscription Basic (1) Year
  8. 27 Golf Course Library
  9. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  10. Vista 8 User Manual

What’s special in this simulator?  

  • Realistic golf experience: This simulator will help you have the most realistic experience with your own set of clubs. The set has everything you need to play perfectly in the comfort. You can play with your friends anywhere in any weather in this simulator system. 
  • Portable design: Vista 8 Base unit is designed in such a way that it can be carried with you wherever you go. This portable design with sensors will allow you to practice your swing. Besides, you will have the opportunity to learn and enjoy playing golf.  
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble: You will be amused having the whole package easy to assemble and disassemble. It will make you feel better as everything will go according to your wish.
  • Features crisp and dynamic graphics: You can simply enjoy your game with the HD 720p resolution projector. It will give you a wide and extensive view of the golf course.

What big benefit does it provide?

You are going to enjoy a portable simulator under $10000. Yes, it’s the lowest price of all other simulators in the vista series. So if you are a beginner, you can keep this package into consideration.

Things we like:

  • Completely portable
  • Great for practicing
  • Surprisingly accurate 
  • Perfect dimensions
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Realistic experience

Things that can be improved:

  • The process of setting up should be faster


TruGolf Vista 8 Base is available at $9445. For a limited budget, this package is perfect as it is the most affordable option in vista series.

Final words:

If a portable golf simulator of a renowned brand can be found at a very reasonable price, golf lovers mightn’t miss this chance.

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2. TruGolf Vista 10 Base Unit

TruGolf Vista 10 Review

You will get upgraded core equipment with an amazing enclosure in Vista 10 Base simulator. It will allow you to have brighter and clearer pictures. Its portability will amuse you as you will be able to use it anywhere, anytime. The lightweight aluminium frame can easily be set up and taken down.

What’s included in this simulator

  1. Complete Frame/Enclosure
  2. Premium Fairway Mat System 
  3. Dimensions: 4’L x 9’W
  4. Mat Thickness: 3.5″
  5. TruGolf Level (1) Computer
  6. HD 720p Projector
  7. 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  8. 136″ Impact Screen
  9. 21″ Touchscreen Display
  10. TruTrack2 Tracking System
  11. Overhead Light Bar
  12. E6 Connect Subscription Basic (1) Year
  13. 27 Golf Course Library
  14. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  15. Vista 10 User Manual

What’s special in this simulator?

  • Amazing portability: This simulator is remarkable for its portability. You will have the chance of playing anywhere you want with this package as it’s carriageable enough. 
  • Trust in swing: This is designed in such a way that you will automatically improve your swing. If you know how to flight, shape & hit the ball straight, you can do better with this simulator.     
  • Upgraded components: Vista 10 Base Unit offers upgraded components which make the game easier. A deeper enclosure is also included that allows brighter pictures.

 What big benefit does it provide?

This simulator comes with the computer, projector, turf and all in one. Nothing else is left to buy. And the multiplayer option makes the simulator amazing where 8players can play at a time.

Things we like:

  • Larger screen
  • 1 Year limited warranty
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Brighter images
  • Reasonable Price
  • Courses on the E6 software

Things that can be improved:

  • Takes a little time to setup


TruGolf Vista 10 Base Unit is priced at $14,395. It’s a little more priced for the quality of clearer and brighter images. 

Final words:

For brighter images, clearer view, portable and lightweight simulator, this simulator can be the most preferable option for the golfers in spite of its high price.

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3. TruGolf Vista 12 Base Unit

TruGolf Vista 12 Review

Do you want to play in widescreen with upgraded equipment? If the answer is ‘yes’, Then TruGolf Vista 12 Base Unit is the solution for you. This simulator is uniquely designed with the capability of carrying anywhere. It’s for those players who want both the full sized screen and portability. So let’s know the unit elaborately.        

What’s included in this simulator

  1. Complete Frame/Enclosure
  2. Premium Fairway Mat System 
  3. Dimensions: 4’L x 9’W
  4. Mat Thickness: 3.5″
  5. TruGolf Level (1) Computer
  6. HD 720p Projector
  7. 16:10 Aspect Ratio
  8. 165″ Impact Screen
  9. 21″ Touchscreen Display
  10. TruTrack2 Tracking System
  11. Overhead Light Bar
  12. E6 Connect Subscription Basic (1) Year
  13. 27 Golf Course Library
  14. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  15. Vista 12 User Manual

What’s special in this simulator?

  • Lightweight & Portable: You will enjoy your game for it’s capability of taking out. This simulator is very lightweight & portable. 
  • Multiplayer Capability: It can be used with 8 players at a time. This feature amses the customers more. 
  • High Definition Graphics: Vista 10 Base Unit provides high definition graphics that will give a wider and clear view of your courses.   

What big benefit does it provide?

Large screen with spectacular graphics. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or pro, this simulator suits both. Though it might be an expensive price for you, the screen, graphics & portability help you get your money’s worth.

Things we like:

  • Large screen
  • Amazing portability
  • Stunning graphics
  • Up to 8 Player Simultaneous Multiplayer
  • Brighter and bigger
  • Improves the golf swing
  • Very durable

Things that can be improved:

  • Ball flight stats need to be a little longer on the screen


TruGolf Vista 12 Base is available at $17,095. It might be a little bit pricey but to get real experience, you can consider it.

Final words:

If you are looking for a simulator with a realistic assessment and incredible accuracy, TruGolf Vista 12 Base Unit might be an appropriate choice for you.

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4. TruGolf Indoor Golf Simulator Platinum Entertainment Package

TruGolf Indoor Golf Simulator Platinum Entertainment Package Review

Improved golf swing & accuracy in shots of this package will make you feel like playing real golf. You can play with all of your own golf clubs. And one more thing, you can even practice without any golf balls by this simulator.

What’s included in this simulator

  1. Complete Frame/Enclosure
  2. Premium Fairway Mat System 
  3. Dimensions: 4’L x 9’W
  4. Mat Thickness: 3.5″
  5. HD 720p Projector
  6. 116″ Impact Screen
  7. TruGolf Level (1) Computer
  8. 21″ Touchscreen
  9. TruTrack2 Tracking System
  10. Overhead Light Bar
  11. Side Nets, Side Walls
  12. Durable Frame Storage Duffel Bag
  13. Containment Brim
  14. E6 Connect Subscription Basic (1) Year
  15. 27 Golf Course Library
  16. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  17. Vista 8 User Manual
  18. Installation Videos

What’s special in this simulator?

  • Lightweight & portable: This simulator is carriageable with the golfers as it is lightweight and portable. You can play with your friends by taking your simulator without changing the size. 
  • Durability: It’s made for giving you a long time service. Choosing a durable simulator is one of the wisest decisions.
  • 8 players capability: Platinum package offers multiplayer capability. 8 players are able to play at a time in this simulator system.

What big benefit does it provide?

You are going to enjoy a long time durable simulator which will be worth your cost. Besides, if you want to play with your friends or family, get ready with this simulator as it has 8 players’ capability.

Things we like:

  • Amazing courses
  • Bigger, better, brighter
  • Spectacular graphics
  • Distinct and functional style
  • Incredible portability
  • Huge screen
  • Multiplayer capability

Things that can be improved:

  • Should make it quicker to set up


The Platinum Entertainment Package can be bought for $12,145 (10% can be saved). 

Final words:

If you are a price-conscious customer, it’s better to ignore this simulator as it’s an expensive one from the TruGolf brand available on the market. But if you have the ability to consider a large amount of your budget, note this one.

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5. TruGolf Vista 8 Pro Golf Simulator (Portable)

TruGolf Vista 8 Review

To take your game to a new level, TruGolf Vista Series is inimitable. Vista series is amazing for its high definition image quality, advanced swing analysis software, tension system. TruGolf Vista 8 Pro provides a truly portable design that will help you install easily. It’s the most solid simulator system in the vista series.

What’s included in this simulator

  1. TruGolf Level (1) Computer
  2. 21″ Touchscreen
  3. Premium Fairway Mat System 
  4. Dimensions: 4’L x 9’W
  5. Mat Thickness: 3.5″
  6. Side Nets
  7. Side Walls
  8. Durable Frame Storage Duffel Bag
  9. Containment Brim
  10. Complete Frame/Enclosure
  11. Turf
  12. HD 720p Projector
  13. 116″ Impact Screen
  14. TruTrack2 Tracking System
  15. Overhead Light Bar
  16. E6 Connect Subscription Basic (1) Year
  17. 27 Golf Course Library
  18. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  19. Vista 8 User Manual

What’s special in this simulator?

  • Most Portable: The vista 8 is the most portable simulator on the market. This simulator is built with solid lightweight aluminium framing. The frame storage bag is used to take the game anywhere.
  • Premium Design: Through the tension system, you will get a clear durable image.
  • Brighter Picture: To get a richer simulation experience and higher quality video, Vista 8 is second to none. At first turn your light on, then play and get clear high definition images.
  • Industry Leading Software: The software Vista 8 package provides is E6 Connect Software which will help you attend the exciting tournaments with your friends or other golfers from around the world.

What big benefit does it provide?

You will be benefitted by the quality products of this simulator with amazing accuracy, specially the courses of E6 Connect Software will make your day with its extraordinary ability of playing easily in the comfort.

Things we like:

  • 1 Year limited warranty
  • Amazing portability
  • Larger screen
  • High definition graphics
  • Multiplayer capability

Things that can be improved:

The projector can’t fill up the whole screen, cuts off a bit.


If you are not on a limited budget, you can consider the Vista 8 simulator for $12,145.

Final words:

This simulator is an ideal option for professional golfers. So if you are at that level, you can consider this one. Besides you can play with your friends together using this simulator.

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6. TruGolf Vista 10 Pro Simulator

TruGolf Vista 10 Pro Review

To experience clear visuals and raised analysis software, TruGolf Vista 10 might serve you well. You can improve your weak points by getting the advantages of this simulator system. A simulator may not be thoroughly perfect for you, but you can enjoy your game in the simulation and this can be bought by TruGolf’s new cutting-edge tension system as it will allow to display crystal clear images and crease-free viewing of the impact screen.

What’s included in this simulator

  1. TruGolf Level (2) Computer
  2. Portable Audio Speaker
  3. Side Nets
  4. Side Walls
  5. Durable Frame Storage Duffel Bag
  6. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  7. E6 Connect Subscription Basic (1) Year
  8. 27 Golf Course Library
  9. Vista 10 User Manual

What’s special in this simulator?

  • Easy Portability: Vista 10 is considered to be the most expedient portable simulator on the market for its handy frame storage bag. For being strong and lightweight, you can carry it anywhere anytime. 
  • Premium Brightness: You will have a brighter simulation experience for the video quality. It will make you feel that you are really on the course.
  • Amazing Design: Vista 10 high definition impact screen displays dazzling video. The new tension system of this simulator will allow you to get a clearer image. In this case, you don’t have to lose durability.
  • Advanced Software: The most stunning golf courses can be enjoyed in the comfort of your living room. E6 Connect is a breathtaking software that will allow you to take your shots at tournaments with the real players from around the world.
  • Accommodating to Use: This simulator is easy to set up, fast to install and accommodating to work with.

What big benefit does it provide?

All in one. Yes, you get everything you require to play indoors with a simulator system. The quality products & unique features will impress you more. You can give it a try.

Things we like:

  • Multiplayer Capability
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • User Friendliness
  • High Definition Graphics
  • Easy to set up
  • All in one (software, computer, projector, turf, etc)
  • The projector fills up the whole screen without cutting off a bit

Things that can be improved:


TruGolf Vista 10 pro is packed with all the products you will need. The whole package can be bought for $16,645 which is a little more costly. But it’s worthy of this cost as it provides quality products.   

Final words:

Realistic simulation experience might be in your demand list. In that case, you can consider this simulator.

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7. TruGolf Vista 12 Pro Simulator

TruGolf Vista 12 Pro Review

The Vista 12 has brought upgraded materials and customized options to help you get the most captivating simulation experience. It will ensure  you to get the high definition graphics. The world class analytic software will be a better option to improve your game. TruGolf’s new tension system provides full sized clear pictures on the wide impact screen.

What’s included in this simulator

  1. TruGolf Level (2) Computer
  2. HD 1080p Projector
  3. Wide Screen Projector Box
  4. Portable Audio Speaker
  5. Side Nets
  6. Side Walls
  7. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  8. E6 Connect Subscription Expanded (2) Year
  9. 42 Golf Course Library
  10. Vista 12 User Manual

What’s special in this simulator?

  • Amazing Portability: Vista 10 is very portable as it will allow you to pack it up in the durable frame storage. So you have the opportunity to carry it with you wherever you go.
  • Breathtaking Software: You can enjoy the most impressive golf course staying at your home in the comfort while using E6 Connect Software. The amazing game modes of this software will give you the chance to challenge your friends head to head. You can also compete with the other golfers around the world by using this software of Vista 12.
  • Brighter Picture: You will see stunning video simulation in this simulator system. It’s matte-box design will allow you to enjoy high definition, brilliant and clear pictures.
  • Cutting-Edge Design: TruGolf’s new revolutionary tension system provides a clear simulation that will help you get a realistic simulation on the screen.
  • Incredible Accuracy: The accuracy of Vista 12 pro golf simulator is amazing. You will enjoy your game as this simulator will help you enjoy your accurate shots.

What big benefit does it provide?

The E6 Connect Software & the opportunity of having 42 golf courses is the specialty of this simulator. It’s a little pricey. So you get what you pay for.

Things we like:

  • 1 Year limited warranty
  • Lowest price guaranteed
  • Amazing portability
  • Spectacular Graphics
  • Fun feature 
  • Brighter pictures
  • Incredible accuracy
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Up to 8 players can play at a time
  • Huge Screen
  • Durable

Things that can be improved:

  • It should be faster than now while setting up


Vista 12 pro simulator is expensive for its quality. If you are a pro golfer, you can consider this simulator for $20,695 on the market.

Final words:

We would like to recommend this simulator for experienced golfers. So if you are a beginner, you can skip this simulator. But if you are at the professional level, this simulator will improve your game.

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Products That TruGolf Brand Manufacture

1. Replacement Hitting Mat:

As the fibers of the hitting mat go deep down and let one hit the ball down, it diminishes the speed of the club head.

By this hitting mat, you can correct your drive, practice with your club and work on your pitch.

And as it is designed to replace, you can carry it wherever you want to play and improve every stage of your game.


2. Golf Course Packages:

TruGolf offers the most prominent golf course library. Currently more than 87 courses are available there.

According to the information of Golf Digest, 18 of their courses are ranked in the 100 courses in America.

There are various types of golf course packages and their prices vary in their quality.

Golf Course Packages

3. Replacement Microphone:

This device catches audio by making electrical signal after converting sound waves.

Microphone in simulator works to improve directional sensitivity for better sound quality.

Replacement Microphone

4. Rubber Golf Tee:

Rubber Golf tee can be used on hard ground or winter tees and won’t fly away during tee shot.

It’s ideal for using indoor golf. Size of the tee differs from height such as 11mm, 16mm, 22mm, and 37mm.

Tees are also different from colours. They may be yellow, red, dark blue or light yellow.

Rubber Golf Tee

5. Philips Ecovantage Par30 Light Bulb:

This bulb provides a bright light that creates a refreshing atmosphere. It will fit all the models of Tru Golf Home Simulators.

This halogen bulb doesn’t contain any mercury and saves money by reducing energy costs. It’s also preferable for being easy to use.

Philips Ecovantage Par30 Light Bulb

6. Simulator Replacement BULB Parts:

There are different types of replacement parts such as replacement hitting mat, replacement microphone.

Simulator system with replacement parts can be considered as a perfect technological system.

It’s a great advantage for the golfers to use these products as replacement parts of the simulator.

Simulator Replacement BULB Parts

7. Trubalance Mobile:

Every shot can be recorded and saved by trubalance mobile. It can be used on the driving range or on the course during a round.

Target your best shots and then review them through trubalance mobile.

Trubalance Mobile

How Much Is a TruGolf Simulator?

TruGolf simulators vary in price according to their quality and durability. They run from $7,995 to 55,000. If you give importance in quality, you can consider an expensive simulator. It will be worth your money for its high-quality products. But if you are conscious of your budget, you have the option of buying affordable simulators.

TruGolf Simulator Buying Guide

Before buying a golf simulator, some questions may appear to your mind, which simulator is good in quality, which will be durable, which can carry out, which will be in your budget, which one can improve your game. There are a lot of things remaining in your demand list. So while choosing a simulator, you need to consider certain things. Let’s know those things:


Look for accuracy in a golf simulator. If you get accurate results using a simulator, it will improve your game. So check which one provides accurate data.


Price is another significant thing required for you to select a good quality simulator. You will get what you pay for. If you are a beginner, don’t spend much to start your golf. Use the cheap one with practice features. But when you are at the professional level, you need to compete against your friend or for a tournament. Then you must need a flawless simulator. So in this case, you might need to consider your budget.

Instant feedback:

Some simulators provide instant feedback, some don’t. To analyze your swing and ball trajectory, you need to have instant feedback. So look for this feature.

Setting up the process:

The setting up process of a simulator should be very simple and quick. If you have to spend a lot of time on installation and set up process, improving your game will be difficult for you.

Practice features:

Before buying a simulator, look for the features of your requirement. If something required is missing in your simulator, you can’t enjoy your simulation.

Portability and durability:

As simulators are made for unfavorable weather, you might need to carry it wherever you want to use it. To find out the portable one. And one more thing, the durability of your simulator will allow you to practice for years. Look for this feature in your wanted list.

Frequently Asked Questions About TruGolf Simulator

What are the dimensions of the TruGolf Simulator?

Model  Footprint Space Requirements 
Height  Width Depth Height  Width  Depth 
Technique Personal   8′ 8′ 11'6″ 9′ 14′ 16′
Technique Professional   8′ 8′ 11'6″ 9′ 14′ 16′
Technique Prestige  8'8″ 10′ 12′ 9′ 14′ 18′
Signature 9'8″ 15′ 20′ 10′ 15′ 20′
Premium  9'8″ 15′ 20′ 10′ 15′ 20′

What are the power requirements of the simulator?

All simulators draw 3-4 Amps and need one 15A 125V duplex receptacle (except the signature)

Is there any pre-wiring that needs to be done prior to the installation?

No, not on the most simulators. Only the Signature needs pre-wiring. It requires video and data for each component. It varies in components such as the projector requires power, display, video, etc.

What projector is used for a trugolf simulator?

It will depend on what simulator you are going to buy. If the computer or projector is already in the purchase, then you don’t need to use your one.

Can I choose which golf courses I want?

Yes. Every TruGolf simulator appears with at least 15 courses up to 57 courses. Besides, sometimes there are additional courses available on the purchase. So you can choose the courses you want.


Let’s see once again what we included above. We have talked about the TruGolf brand, its products, and the top 7 golf simulator tru golf packages in detail. After helping you know Tru Golf simulators elaborately with its review, can we expect your feedback? It will make us happier to know your opinion about the article. You can now make your decision about purchasing a perfect simulator for you. 

Does it seem helpful to you? What things are satisfying? What seems disappointing? Let us know your view in detail. It will inspire us. We will also be able to improve if anything should be improved in your opinion. 

So give us your review. Inform every word of your mind freely and make us grateful.

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