The 8 Best Golf Balls for Higher Swing Speeds in 2024

Best Golf Ball For Higher Swing Speeds

Golf can be a game of inches, and your choice of ball can make all the difference. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, a high swing speed demands a ball that’s designed to fly faster and farther while offering precise control on the green. Among countless choices out there, the Titleist Pro V1 2023 stands above the rest for high swing speeds, boasting a high compression rating and three-piece construction that minimizes spin and maximizes distance. Its unique core design and urethane cover balance out speed and control, making it a top-notch choice from tee to green.

But why does all this matter? A ball tailored to your swing speed can transform your game, lending consistency to your shots and shaving points off your score. While the Pro V1 might have a steeper price tag, its premium features justify the cost for golfers with lower handicaps and swift swings.

So stick with us as we delve deeper into the world of golf balls for high swing speeds. We’ll cover everything you need to know to choose the best ball for your game, along with a closer look at the Pro V1 and other top picks. Your perfect swing deserves the perfect ball – let’s find it together.

Not all golf balls are created equal. To get the most out of your game, you need a ball that is made for your swing and speed. You can play more consistent shots and score better with the right ball. 

Comparison of Top Golf Balls for Players with Higher Swing Speeds

Product NameBest ForCompressionCoverConstructionPrice
Titleist Pro V1 2023Golfers with low handicaps and fast swing speeds87UrethaneThree-pieceCheck Latest Price
TaylorMade TP5x Golf BallsPlayers with high swing speeds98UrethaneFive-pieceCheck Latest Price
Callaway Chrome Soft X 2022High-performance golfers with fast swing speeds90UrethaneFour-pieceCheck Latest Price
Bridgestone Tour B XS 2022Golfers with fast swings who want great control and feel85UrethaneThree-pieceCheck Latest Price
Srixon Z-STAR XV Golf BallSkilled players with swing speed of 100 mph or above102UrethaneFour-pieceCheck Latest Price
Titleist Pro V1x 2023Golfers prioritizing distance and spin control90UrethaneFour-pieceCheck Latest Price
Volvik S4Players with only one handicap and a fast swing speed105VU-X urethaneFour-pieceCheck Latest Price
Mizuno RB Tour X 2023High-performance golfers with faster swing speeds110UrethaneFour-pieceCheck Latest Price

Top 8 Golf Ball For Higher Swing Speeds Review

1. Titleist Pro V1 2023

The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is widely considered the greatest golf ball on the market. With a high compression rating of around 90, which is perfect for golfers with swing speeds of 90 mph or more.

With its three-piece construction, great distance, low long-game spin, penetrating trajectory, and the best spin control around the green, the Pro V1 is an excellent choice for any golfer. 

The high-gradient core of the Pro V1, which is soft in the middle and hard on the outside, reduces long-game spin even more, giving you more distance. The resilient, high-flex casing layer also speeds up the ball and reduces spin in the long game. 

Finally, the cast thermoset urethane cover gives the golfer maximum control and spins around the greens for their short game.

The newest Pro V1 model features a 388-tetrahedral-dimple design tiled onto the ball’s spherical surface for maximum distance and flight time.

The soft urethane cover that Titleist put on the Pro V1 makes it spin better around the green, which is the opposite of what it does for distance. 

Overall, the Titleist Pro V1 is an excellent choice for golfers with low handicaps and fast swing speeds who want the best results from the tee to the green.


  • Minimal spin in the long game but a consistent flight path that gets the ball exactly where you want it to go.
  • The consistent 2.0 ZG Process central core improves shot accuracy.
  • The 388-dimple spherical tile shape of the shell ensures powerful, rapid, and straight flight.
  • The club’s exterior is padded for comfort, but the impact feels solid and solidly made.


  • Expensive compared to other golf balls.

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2. TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

TaylorMade has made a lot of progress in the last few years with its golf ball technology, and the TP5x is an excellent example of how dedicated they are to making high-performance golf balls. 

Because of its high compression rating of about 98, the TP5x is especially well-suited for players with high swing speeds. Its firmer construction helps the ball go as fast as possible, giving you an explosive distance off the tee. It also has a high launch angle and a steep angle of fall, which lets it go farther and hit targets more accurately.

The TP5x is excellent from the tee to the green and fabulous at a distance. Its five-piece design contains a Tri-Fast Core, which comprises four increasingly stiff layers known as the Speed-Layer System. This core design increases carry distance, reduces drag, and increases greenside spin. This gives players more control over their shots and more consistent performance.

It features a dual-spin cast urethane cover that makes it more durable and gives it the best feel and control during the game. The cover gives the ball ample spins and controls around the greens, so players can make accurate shots and get the stopping power they want on approaches and short-game shots. 

In addition to its core and cover technologies, the TP5x has other features that improve its performance. The High-Flex Material (HFM) works like a tightly wound spring. When the ball hits it, it bounces back more, giving it more distance off the clubface. 

The new Tour Flight 322 Dimple Pattern, which has a shallow overall dimple design, reduces drag when the ball rises and keeps lifting when the ball is falling. This makes the ball’s flight more consistent and easy to control. 

This golf ball comes in different colors, such as white and yellow, and models with logos also; it features a personalized option that can be customized with numbers, text, and custom graphics.


  • With its HFM Speed Layer Technology, golfers with faster swing rates can generate a lot of ball speed.
  • A smooth tour flight dimple pattern makes the accuracy better.
  • Created to help you hit more precise approaches, especially with longer irons.


  • Not recommended for low swing speeds.
  • The ball may not perform well with excessive spin.

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3. Callaway Chrome Soft X 2022

Callaway Chrome Soft X 2022

The Callaway Chrome Soft X is a high-performance golf ball with fast swing speeds for players. The ball has a new High-Speed Dual-Mantle System that gives the ball the most speed off the face of the club. 

In addition, the Larger High-Speed Core Design increases distance and ball speed with the mantle system. The ball also has a new, thinner Urethane Cover that helps control spin and gives it a better feel. It makes full shots spin less but keeps a high spin on the green.

The Chrome Soft X also has a New Optimized Aero Design that reduces drag, giving the ball a deeper flight path and more distance. It is made of 4 pieces and has a 90 compression, which gives it speed, distance, and control. 

With its dual SoftFast core and graphene, which both contribute to increased speed and distance, the Chrome Soft X is one of the fastest golf balls available. The thin outer cover, made of a blend of Ionomer, also helps distance by transferring energy better and making the ball feel soft.

Callaway’s Precision Technology is also integrated into the Chrome Soft X, allowing for manufacturing accuracy of 1/1000 of an inch in the club’s design. This makes the ball move faster, spread out less, and perform better overall. 

Also, the Hex Aerodynamic dimples do a great job at reducing drag during the ball’s launch while enhancing lift as it descends.

Chrome Soft X golf balls are available in both white and yellow, and they include unique Triple Track lines that employ Vernier acuity to improve putter accuracy. It has gotten high ratings, including a 100% recommendation on the Callaway store, and is a popular choice among advanced players who want maximum distance and control.


  • Its four-layer design offers the ideal balance between feel and distance.
  • The Hyper-Elastic SoftFast Core improves both the speed and accuracy of the ball.
  • The aerodynamic construction provides reliable ball flight in any climate for golfers.


  • Players with high clubhead speeds may need a greater compression rating.

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4. Bridgestone Tour B XS 2022

Bridgestone Tour B XS 2022

The Bridgestone TOUR B XS golf ball is the best option for golfers with fast swings who want great control and feel on the course. This ball was designed with the help of legendary golfer Tiger Woods to meet the needs of players who want both distance and spin. 

The TOUR B XS has a low compression rating of 85, which results in a soft feel, and improved spin control for shots around the green, and is, therefore, an ideal alternative for players with a high golf swing speed.

With Bridgestone’s latest REACTIV Cover Technology, the TOUR B XS has a smart urethane cover that reacts differently depending on the impact force, giving more control and spin on slower shots and more distance on full-power shots. In addition, the gradational compression core gives the ball more distance and forgiveness, with less side spin and a faster start.

Also, the DUAL DIMPLE Technology improves aerodynamics and gives you more distance, and the SEAMLESS COVER ensures that the ball’s performance and flight are always the same. The perfectly balanced dimple pattern gives it stability in the air, giving you the most control and feel.

The Bridgestone TOUR B XS is a three-piece golf ball with a lot of speed and less spin off the tee, excellent accuracy and control with irons, and a soft feel with a lot of spins around the green. It’s available in white and bright yellow so that you can pick the best shade.

Since Tiger Woods was a big part of making this ball, you can be sure it is one of the best at every part of the game. So try it out and get a great control and feel on the course.


  • The new REACTIV iQ technology from Bridgestone makes the Tour B XS’s cover even more responsive, leading to longer drives and greater accuracy.
  • A golfer can generate a lot of spin with an approach shot.
  • Aerodynamic improvements in this product guarantee a constant ball flight with every swing.


  • The cover is more delicate and might easily be damaged by repeated hits.

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5. Srixon Z-STAR XV Golf Ball

Srixon Z STAR XV 8 Golf Ball

The Z-Star XV is an elite Tour ball that focuses on distance without giving up spin around the green. It spins less when hit with a driver but still stops very well when hit with an approach shot.

This ball is different from the standard Z-STAR in feeling a bit firmer. It will give you incredible distance off the tee, with a mid-high trajectory and less driver spin. It caters to players looking for maximum performance, with a compression rating of 102 and a swing speed of 100 mph or above.

As a 4-piece ball in its 6th generation, it excels at giving skilled players tour-level performance on all shots while giving them a lot of lengths.

It has a new FastLayer Core and 4th generation Spin Skin with SeRM technology to improve the player’s experience. This gives it a satisfying feel on contact. 

And the SeRM coating’s flexible molecular bonds grip the grooves of the irons and wedges, giving them a lot of spins, better control, and more stopping power. 

Also, the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern lowers drag and increases lift, which makes the ball go farther and more accurately, even when the wind is strong.

The flexible inner core amplifies the energy that is passed from the clubface. This means the driver goes a long way, and the ball always goes from mid to high.


  • SeRMA coating gives wedge shots the most spin and control.
  • The ball has 338 dimples to boost its speed.
  • Even in windy conditions, your ball will travel straight and high.


  • The cover isn’t as sturdy as other brands.

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6. Titleist Pro V1x 2023

Titleist Pro V1x 2023

Titleist’s Pro V1x golf ball is an improved version of the company’s popular Pro V1 type. It is designed explicitly for high-swing speed golf players prioritizing distance and spin control. Its reformulated 2.0ZG process core and faster casing layer increase ball speed and reduce long game spin, resulting in longer distances. 

The softer cast urethane cover offers a great feel around the greens and enhances spin for accurate shots. In addition, the tetrahedral dimple pattern promotes a higher trajectory with improved consistency, making it easier to achieve longer distances with more accuracy.

Compared to Pro V1, Pro V1x offers a slightly higher spin and trajectory with a firmer feel, making it an excellent choice for players who want more stopping power and greenside control. 

The ball has a high-flex casing layer, a high-gradient dual-core, and a soft cast urethane cover. Together, these components make up the ball’s four-piece construction. The spherically tiled 348 tetrahedral dimple design assures that the ball will go the maximum distance possible while maintaining consistency.

The Pro V1x is available in white, pink, and yellow making it a versatile ball for different playing styles and preferences. It is a high-performance ball ideal for low-handicap players who prioritize distance and spin control. In addition, the ball’s low spinning and higher launch properties make it suitable for use in windy conditions.

This ball is also durable and can maintain its aerodynamics and whiteness even after frequent use. Combining a revolutionary painting system and a urethane elastomer cover ensures consistent aerodynamics whenever the ball is put into play. 

Its advanced construction, superior materials, and innovative design make it a top choice for professional golfers and low-handicapped players worldwide.


  • Offers great speed, distance, and control of spin
  • It has a soft feel, making playing around the greens easier.
  • It Includes a tough urethane cover for long-lasting use.
  • It stops where it should.


  • A bit pricey

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7. Volvik S4

Volvik S4

For golfers with higher swing speeds, the Volvik S4 stands out as a top contender in the search for the best golf ball. Often compared to the well-known Pro V1x, the S4 has all the essential features that top players look for and is easy on the pocket.

It has a unique four-piece construction that makes it stand out. The more layers you have, the farther you can go. The Volvik S4 is a good choice if you want to hit the ball farther and play like a pro, which softer balls might not do.

The cover of the S4 has VU-X urethane, a unique material that makes Volvik’s tour-level golf balls last longer and spins faster. The ball has 336 dimples on its surface, which help it fly more consistently and accurately.

Along with the new cover material, the S4’s heart has a double layer and BISMUTH, a unique material that Volvik invented. Because of these improvements, the core is very responsive and feels soft, despite its high compression value of 95. 

A significant power core also allows the wedge to spin more while the driver spins less, making it easier to hit the target more accurately.

Overall, the Volvik S4 is a tour-level golf ball that stands out because it has a low driver spin rate, a high velocity, and great distance. It’s one of the best choice for players with only one handicap and a fast swing speed, giving them the performance they want on the course.


  • The ball’s VUX Urethane cover increases its longevity and spin control.
  • More impact energy from the Bismuth Dual-Power Core means greater distance traveled.
  • Most golfers prefer this ball for the short game because of its soft feel.


  • The compression rating may be too low for some golfers.

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8. Mizuno RB Tour X 2023

Mizuno RB Tour X 2023

The Mizuno RB Tour X 2023 is a high-performance golf ball with faster swing speeds for players. With a compression rating of 110, it is among the best on the market, meaning that golfers with a fast swing will get more distance from this ball.

The RB Tour X 2023 is made of four pieces and has a soft, high-energy core that gives the clubface a soft feel and gives the ball a fast speed. The mantle layer is a high-strength polymer that speeds up the ball and makes the driver spin less. It makes shots off the tee go farther and straighter.

The ball’s cover is made of a unique blend of Urethane that gives it better durability, feel, and spin control. In addition, the cover has Mizuno’s Micro-Dimple technology, which covers more surface area to improve aerodynamics and make the ball fly more consistently.

The RB Tour X 2023 golf ball has 360 dimples on its surface. The dimples are in a unique pattern that maximizes lift and minimizes drag for maximum distance and control. In addition, the bright white color of the ball makes it easy to see in any light, which makes it easy to track during play.

This golf ball works very well in the wind, too, thanks to Mizuno’s C-Dimple technology, which reduces drag.

Overall, the Mizuno RB Tour X 2023 is a great golf ball that gives you the most distance, control, and feel of the club.


  • The unique dimple’s shape gives it a better aerodynamic advantage and makes the ball fly farther.
  • Its urethane cover feels great and performs well on shots around the green.
  • The mantle gave the ball more power and distance from the tee.


  • After only one or two rounds, the cover gets nicks and cuts easily.

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Things To Consider When Buying the Best Golf Ball for Higher Swing Speeds

When looking for the right golf ball for your higher swing speeds, there are a few essential things to consider. These things will help you choose a ball that lets you hit it as far as possible off the tee and gives you control and spin with your irons. This section will discuss what you should look for in a golf ball and why.


When choosing the right golf ball for a fast swing, the compression rating is one of the most important things to consider. 

Compression rating measures how hard the golf ball is, affecting how far it goes and how well it performs. If your swing speed is 100 miles per hour or more, you need a ball with a compression rating of 90 or more. 

High-compression golf balls tend to be firmer and have more layers. These layers help speed up the ball, reduce driver spin, and improve your short game. If you have a high swing speed, you should go with a ball with high compression. It will help limit the amount of bounce off the clubface and lower the launch for better control and spin with your irons. 

Low Spin

Golf balls with low spin are perfect for players with high swing speeds. Too much spin can make the ball fly too high, which can cause it to lose carry and distance. 

Golfers with fast swing speeds tend to make more spin, so finding a ball that reduces driver spin while giving enough spin on approach shots and around the green is essential. 

Golf balls with an ionomer mantle work well for fast swing speeds because they can help reduce driver spin and keep spinning on shorter shots. 


The 2-piece golf balls feature covers composed of Ionomer or Urethane, with the core typically comprising rubber or elastic material. Their levels of compression change, and their hardcover and low spin make them perfect for 100 mph swing speeds. The two-piece balls are effective for low spins and come at a lower cost.

There is also the option of the 3-piece to 5-piece golf ball. It has different layers that work together to give you a high swing speed. They are best for high-speed swings with a long range. 


For outside of the ball, you’ll want to use something that can keep up with your fast pace and long distances. Surlyn and Urethane are the critical components of the external layer.

Surlyn has a stronger feel on contact yet provides greater spin. The outer surlyn cover on golf balls is more effective at producing speed than Urethane. Although they are more expensive, they are ideal for shorter games.

On the other hand, Urethane provides a more consistent feel and dead stop for pinpoint accuracy when shooting. Because of this quality, they are ideal for players who prefer to keep the ball off the green. In addition, urethane covers are long-lasting and more suited to the long haul.


The distance from the starting line is quite important. If your swing speed is high, you could use it to your advantage and smash the ball as far as possible. Find a golf ball with a dimple pattern that reduces friction and a core with a lot of energy.

A high-swing speed golfer shouldn’t have trouble getting distance, but the compression needs to be high enough for players to profit. 

Unfortunately, high-swing speed golfers and low-compression golf balls do not work well together. Players will get frustrated when they reach the maximum distance they can travel.


While shopping for golf balls, price is essential. Some people would rather not pay $50 or more for a dozen balls. Unfortunately, most high-performance golf balls, known as Tour balls, are significantly more expensive than others. 

The construction complexity, feel, energy transfer, and overall performance of more expensive golf balls might justify their higher prices. However, our guide includes a wide range of what we consider high-quality golf balls because we know that players’ budgets can range significantly.


Golf balls have dimple patterns that determine how the ball reacts in flight. Round, smooth balls have a straight flight path. Even so, dimples provide ideal spins that help the ball gain speed and go farther in a swing. A golf ball’s standard number of dimples is between 300 and 500.

Unlike smooth balls, dimples are essential for getting the aerodynamic performance you want from golf balls. Along with the number of dimples, they can also be different in shape and pattern. 

Balls with shallower, larger dimples have a longer launch and carry. In addition, by decreasing air resistance, they can boost flight time. If you swing your golf club at high speed, consider purchasing golf balls with dimples.


The color and finish of a golf ball can play an essential role in your game, although it’s something that many golfers might overlook. 

While the traditional white ball is the go-to choice for most golfers, high-visibility golf balls are available in various colors, such as green, yellow, red, and orange, with a matte finish to minimize glare.

Colored golf balls are great for adding a personal touch to your game and making it easier to track the ball in the air and locate it on the course. For instance, orange balls work best in bright sunlight, yellow balls are great for lower-light conditions, and green balls are optimal for overcast conditions.

If you have vision issues and tend to hit the ball high and far, using a high-visibility ball could make your game on the course much easier. While sticking with a white ball is fine, using a colored one can add fun to your game and improve your performance. Be sure to check if the golf ball model you’re interested in comes in high-visibility colors.


Does the golf ball affect your swing speed?

Absolutely! Depending on how fast you spin, the golf ball you choose can significantly affect your game. Many golfers think any golf ball will do, but it could lose critical distance off the tee if you don’t notice. To avoid making this common mistake, you must take the time to figure out how fast you swing and choose a golf ball with the correct compression rating. 

What is considered a fast swing speed in golf?

A high swing speed in golf is typically a driver swing speed of approximately 100 miles per hour. But swing speeds that are faster than 105 mph are really fast. For example, male golfers have an average swing speed of about 93.4 miles per hour, but tour players and long-drive competitors often have over 105 miles per hour swing speeds.

How can a golfer test their swing speed?

Golfers can now quickly check their swing speed by using portable launch monitors, which measure how the ball flies and the speed of the swing. But before that, you have to visit a high-end fitting center or wait for a demo day at a local golf club to determine your swing speed. You need to know how fast you swing to choose the correct golf ball compression for your game.


Choosing the right golf ball for the speed of your swing is a vital part of improving your game. To get the most out of your game, you need to match the speed of your swing to the speed of the ball.

High-compression golf balls are best for golfers with fast swing speeds who want to hit the ball farther, while low-compression golf balls are best for low spins and have a softer feel. Try out a few balls before settling on the one you will use for the game.

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