Unveiling the 9 Best Bridgestone Golf Balls: Find Your Perfect Fit

Best Bridgestone golf balls

Bridgestone has been in the golf ball market for more than 85 years. As one of the most renowned brands, its reputation received an extra boost after Tiger Woods’ endorsement. It’s the 3rd most popular ball brand with 9% of the top 100 golfers choosing Bridgestone balls.

So, what makes Bridgestone balls so special? Which one is best for you? To answer these questions, we have chosen the 9 best Bridgestone golf balls depending on different skill levels, swing speeds and preferences. 

Standing out from the rest, the Bridgestone e12 Contact is the best choice, particularly for beginners and high handicappers. Its unique features, like low sidespin, increased straightness and distance in shots, and enhanced ball-to-club contact, make it a superior choice. While it’s great for slower swing speeds, it’s not ideal for higher swing speeds.

In addition, we have also explored the overall designs of Bridgestone balls. They’ve nailed it in many areas, but we’ll also point out where they can up their game to stay ahead in today’s competitive golf ball market. Let’s dive in.

Comprehensive Comparison of Bridgestone Golf Balls

Product NameBest ForCompressionCoverConstructionPrice
Bridgestone e12 ContactHigh handicappers and beginners60Surlyn3 PieceCheck Latest Price
Bridgestone Lady PreceptWomen golfers50Ionomer2 PieceCheck Latest Price
Bridgestone e9 Long DriveAverage golfers75Surlyn2 PieceCheck Latest Price
Bridgestone e6Slow swing speeds50Surlyn2 PieceCheck Latest Price
Bridgestone Tour B RXSSenior golfersAround 65Urethane3 PieceCheck Latest Price
Bridgestone Tour B RXMid handicappersUnder 80Urethane3 PieceCheck Latest Price
Bridgestone Tour B XSLow handicappersAround 85Urethane3 PieceCheck Latest Price
Bridgestone Tour B XFirmest Bridgestone ballAbove 90Urethane3 PieceCheck Latest Price
Laddie ExtremeCheapest Bridgestone golf ball35Ionomer2 PieceCheck Latest Price

9 Best Bridgestone Golf Balls Reviews

1. Bridgestone e12 Contact (Best for high handicappers and beginners)

Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Ball Review

Compression: 60
Cover: Surlyn
Construction: 3 Piece

Beginners and high handicappers are the ones who need to fix slices the most. They also need a golf ball that offers good distance and greenside spin with slower swing speeds. Bridgestone e12 Contact ball has an impressive combination of all of that.

The comparatively low compression and surlyn cover of the ball produces less sidespin. That results in straighter shots. Here the lower spin makes the drives longer as well.

In addition, the FLEXATIV cover technology and Contact Force dimple design help have better contact when you hit the golf ball. It aids in producing increased greenside spin. 3-piece construction assists in making that happen.


  • Helps lessen mishits
  • Soft feel off the putter
  • Good spin with golf wedges as well


  • Not suitable for higher swing speeds

Final verdict

This golf ball helps hit straighter, longer and offers balanced greenside spin for swing speeds under 90 mph. That’s also the swing speed range of most beginners and high handicappers who struggle with slices. This combination is quite good for a mid-priced ball.

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2. Bridgestone Lady Precept (Best for women golfers)

Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Ball Review

Compression: 50
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2 Piece

Gaining distance and higher launch are the most common things the majority of women golfers struggle with. Bridgestone Lady Precept ball is a solution to both of these problems.

The 2-piece construction, under 60 and graduational compression help to make the golf ball go farther. Especially for swing speeds around 65-70 mph, it gets easier to make longer drives. At the same time, the 330 seamless dimple design assists in getting a high launch.

However, it is not for those looking for higher greenside spin. Mainly golfers with swing speeds above 80 mph, might struggle to gain distance and short-game spin with this golf ball.



  • Comparatively less durable
  • Not a great choice for chip shots

Final verdict

It’s Bridgestone’s best golf ball for women since it performs best for swing speeds around 65-70 mph, which is also the driver swing speed of most average women golfers. Besides, these balls are cheaper than Bridgestone e9 and e12 golf balls. That makes Lady Precept a budget-friendly option as well.

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3. Bridgestone e9 Long Drive (Best for average golfers)

Bridgestone e9 Long Drive Golf Ball Review

Compression: 75
Cover: Surlyn
Construction: 2 Piece

Bridgestone and World Long Drive Association collaborated to make the Bridgestone e9 long drive balls happen. As the name says, it is designed to offer longer drives.

With a lower compression core and surlyn cover, it offers comparatively lower spin off the spin. That adds extra yards to the drives. In addition, the aerodynamic 330-dimple and the outer area of the uniquely designed core help increase the ball speed. It goes pretty far even when hit with lesser force.

Though it is mainly designed to provide distance on the long game, it has pretty good short-game playability compared to well-known distance balls like Callaway Reva or Wilson Duo Soft


  • Helps get higher launch
  • Responsive feel
  • Great shot shaping ability 


  • Harder to gain distance for swing speeds under 75 mph

Final verdict

This ball works best for average golfers with an above 80 mph swing, who are looking for great distance and a balance of greenside spin as well.

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4. Bridgestone e6 (Best for slow swing speeds)

Bridgestone e6

Compression: Low
Cover: Surlyn
Construction: 2 Piece

E6 is designed to offer increased distance and soft feel. When we see its design, it comes with the main attributes of distance ball, which are low compression, 2-piece construction, and surlyn cover. 

What’s more is the larger and softer core that also helps hit longer drives with slower swings. While the specially designed cover technology provides enhanced feel.

When we look back, the original version of this ball had a 3-piece construction. Bridgestone later made significant changes. The latest version now comes with 2-piece construction and softer core to focus more on the distance.


  • Offers higher launch
  • Soft feel
  • One of the best Bridgestone balls for cold weather


  • Not great control with putters

Final verdict

Bridgestone e6 is one of the best distance golf balls for slow swing speeds. It is easier to hit farther even in cold weather, because of its lower compression.

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5. Bridgestone Tour B RXS (Best for senior golfers)

Tour B RXS

Compression: Around 65
Cover: Urethane
Construction: 3 Piece

Urethane covered 3 piece balls usually come with higher compression, which is great for high swing speeds. But it makes it harder to gain distance for slow swingers. As a result, slow swingers often have to play with ionomer covered 2 piece balls not to lose distance. Especially for senior golfers, it might feel uncomfortable to switch after playing with urethane covered 3 piece balls for years. 

Bridgestone Tour B RXS is a solution to that. Many senior golfers, even professionals like Fred Couples and Rocco Mediate, have liked this ball for their game. 

The Tour B RXS comes with comparatively lower compression, and REACTIV iQ. These help to transfer energy efficiently when you hit the golf ball. It gets you longer drives. In addition, REACTIV iQ assists in providing greenside spin to keep the short-game in check.


  • Offers soft feel
  • Increase ball speed
  • Help make higher launch
  • Pretty durable cover


  • Not a great option for shot-shaping

Final verdict

Tour B RXS is the lowest compression-rated golf ball of the Bridgestone Tour B series. It’s the best premium ball for those looking for a ball that is easier to gain distance with and offers a soft feel. Additionally, the yellow color option makes it a great golf ball for senior golfers for higher visibility.

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6. Bridgestone Tour B RX (Best for mid handicappers)

Tour B RX

Compression: Under 80
Cover: Urethane
Construction: 3 Piece

Bridgestone Tour B RX ball has new REACTIV iQ and Dual Dimple technology. The REACTIV iQ is designed to increase distance off the tee and greenside spin for short-distance shots. While Dual Dimple technology helps gain a higher launch and stable ball flight.

Although it’s a ball of choice for LPGA player Lexi Thompson, there is no denying that B RX is more of a golf ball for comparatively slower swing speeds to gain increased distance and good spin around the green. Bridgestone classifies Tour B RX as a golf ball for swing speeds under 105 mph. It offers better distance than Tour B X and Tour BXS balls for comparatively slower swings.

The main difference between Tour B RX and RXS is that RX balls are a bit firmer than RXS. For anyone that prefers a softer feel, RXS is a better choice.


  • Offers longer drives
  • Performs great on windy days as well
  • Color and cover are pretty durable


  • Not great control with putters for golfers with driver swing speeds above 100 mph

Final verdict

Mid handicappers usually have swing speeds above 80 mph and under 105 mph. That’s also the swing speed Bridgestone Tour B RX balls perform the best by providing a balance of distance and greenside spin.

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7. Bridgestone Tour B XS (Best for low handicappers)

Tour B XS

Compression: Around 85
Cover: Urethane
Construction: 3 Piece

The new Tour B XS is made with the assistance and feedback from Tiger Woods. 

This ball comes with REACTIV iQ, above 80 compression, and Dual Dimple technology. All those together help to have a high, long, and consistent ball flight for swing speeds above 105 mph. As for the short-game performance, you get increased spin on the wedge shots.

There is also a TW (Tiger Woods) edition of this ball. Both the original and TW version are the same in terms of performance. The only difference is the Tiger themed marking and packaging.


  • Increased spin around the green
  • Offers a softer feel
  • Performs great in wind as well


  • Higher driver spin might cause slices

Final verdict

This ball is for golfers with faster swing speeds who prefer a soft feel. It enhances both the distance and greenside spin to help become the winner of the game.

8. Bridgestone Tour B X (Firmest Bridgestone ball)

Tour B X

Compression: Above 90
Cover: Urethane
Construction: 3 Piece

Tour B X is the firmest Bridgestone ball, even among Tour B series. It gives off a solid feel and clicks at impact. Many golfers, including professionals like Jason Day and Chris Gotterup, have preferred its feel.

This ball comes with the REACTIV iQ cover that gives off a firm feel and increased distance in the long game. Additionally, Dual Dimple technology helps the ball go longer and offers great performance on windy days too.

As for the short-game performance, the uniquely designed cover produces more traction. That makes the ball perform better on the pitch and chip shots. This ball also stops faster, making it a great choice to lessen missed putts.


  • Great distance with faster swings
  • Offers increased accuracy


  • Not a good choice for cold weather

Final verdict

Bridgestone Tour B X is for the low handicapper fast swinging golfers who prefer a higher compression-rated golf ball and a firmer feel. It is even firmer than the Tour B XS balls.

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9. Laddie Extreme (Cheapest Bridgestone golf ball)

Precept Laddie Extream

Compression: Low
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2 Piece

Losing golf balls is a common struggle for golfers. And hitting into water or slices are typical reasons for losing golf balls. Laddie Extreme helps to lessen that struggle. 

The enhanced Muscle-Fiber core and lower compression of these balls help to make the golf ball go straighter and longer. Even without putting much force, slow-swinging golfers can add extra yards to their drives. Additionally, the core and 372 aerodynamic dimple design help to make a higher launch, which many beginners struggle to achieve.

Know that you can’t expect the performance of these balls to be as good as many other Bridgestone golf balls on this list. It’s more of a golf ball which you won’t feel much bad after hitting into water. But distance and spin performance are still pretty good for beginner golfers at this low price.


  • Offers higher ball flight
  • Good choice for cold weather


  • Very less spin on wedge shots

Final verdict

This is an entry-level golf ball for those with slower swings looking for something affordable. It’s also a better choice than practice golf balls or mixed golf balls to improve skills. 

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Inside Bridgestone Golf Balls: An Exploration of Technology, Design, and Compression etc.

This section is focused on understanding the Bridgestone golf balls better. It’s to help you decide whether a Bridgestone golf ball is a better fit for you or not. If you are looking for the factors you need to consider when buying golf balls, feel free to visit our post on how to select a golf ball

1.Bridgestone golf ball series: Know the options

Bridgestone mainly has 3 series. They are ‘e’, ‘Precept’ and ‘Tour B’. All balls of Precept (Laddie Extreme, Precept Powerdrive, Lady Precept) are distance balls and also the most affordable Bridgestone balls. While the e series (e12 Contact, e6, e9 Long Drive) balls perform best for swing speeds under 105 mph. 

In contrast, the Tour B series (X, XS, RX, and RXS) instead of being just for mid or high swing speeds, come with soft golf balls as well. Tour B balls with ‘R’ in the name are labeled for swing speeds under 105 mph. 

2. Compression and ball name: A closer look

Bridgestone provides golf balls of different compressions ranges. However, they don’t widely advertise the compression. Instead, they state which golf ball is for whom in the product description to make it easier for golfers to choose.

But for some balls like the Bridgestone e9 long drive, there are higher chances of misunderstanding. Although it is designed for longer drives, it will make it harder to gain distance for swing speeds under 70 mph compared to other ultra-soft compression-labeled golf balls like Wilson Duo Soft or Callaway Reva. 

Also, the Bridgestone Tour BRXS, despite being a part of the Tour B series and premium balls, is mainly designed for slower swing speeds with a comparatively lower compression. But typically premium balls perform better with faster swings.

So, Bridgestone could benefit from more transparent communication of the compression levels of their golf balls, as this information plays a significant role in when buying the balls. Since they don’t do that yet, you need to pay more attention while choosing.

3. Construction and cover

Bridgestone has gone quite versatile for the combination of construction and cover. Precept balls typically have 2-piece construction and ionomer cover. In comparison, Tour B balls usually have 3 piece construction and urethane cover. Balls of e series have different combinations.

4. Bridgestone’s innovations

Bridgestone came up with many advanced technologies for a better golf ball performance.

For example, REACTIV iQ and Dual Dimple technology in Tour B series. The REACTIV iQ is designed to respond differently for different golf clubs. It helps increase ball speed with drivers and spin on wedge shots. The Dual Dimple technology assists the ball to go farther by reducing drag.

Another example of Bridgestone’s impressive innovation is Contact Force dimple and FLEXATIV cover technology in e12 contact balls. FLEXATIV cover offers distance off the golf driver and control around the green. Additionally, FLEXATIV cover works with Contact Force dimple to increase surface contact when you hit the ball. That enhances speed and accuracy.

5. Logo and alignment aid: Bridgestone’s minimalist approach

Bridgestone keeps things quite basic for their logo design, which isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, many golfers prefer that. 

For alignment aid, Bridgestone goes for the simplest design. Their balls’ typically either have line alignment or logo written in a straight line can be used for alignment too. 

But they aren’t very visible for golfers to easily line up the ball with it. TaylorMade golf balls, despite entering the golf ball market a lot later, have a better alignment system to offer. Plus alignment and 360° ClearPath Alignment are examples of that.

6. Bridgestone golf ball fitting tool 

There is a quite detailed ball fitting tool on Bridgestone’s website. It offers 2 ways to find the right Bridgestone golf ball for you. Both ask what golf ball you play and whether you prefer distance or spin for the golf balls’ performance. 

But the difference is, the 1st option only requires you to know your driver distance range. On the other hand, the 2nd option is only for those who know their exact driver distance, swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, backspin, and sidespin. 

7. Price: Affordable and premium options in Bridgestone’s lineup

The Bridgestone Precept balls are its most affordable ones, having price tags around or under $25/dozen. Besides that, Bridgestone e6 balls come in the same price range as the most expensive Precept golf ball model, Lady Precept. In comparison, all Tour B balls are the premium options of Bridgestone, costing above $40.

Related Questions about Bridgestone Golf Balls

What pros use Bridgestone golf balls?

Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Bryson DeChambeau, Lexi Thompson, and many more golfers use Bridgestone golf balls. The most famous Bridgestone model among professional golfers is Tour B X. However, Tiger Woods uses Tour B XS TW Edition. While Lexi Thompson has used Tour B RX for professional competition as well.

What is the cheapest Bridgestone golf ball?

Laddie Extreme and Precept Powerdrive are the cheapest Bridgestone golf balls. Both of them are ionomer-covered golf balls that are designed to offer increased distance. After these, the Lady Precept and e6 golf balls are the most affordable ones compared to other Bridgestone golf balls.

What is the best Bridgestone golf ball?

Bridgestone’s best golf ball for you depends on your skills and preferences. For example, e12 Contact is the best Bridgestone golf ball for beginners and high handicappers. Lady Precept is the best for female golfers. While Bridgestone e6 is their best ball for slow swing speed. Laddie Extreme is for those looking for something budget-friendly.

What is the best Bridgestone golf ball for high handicappers?

The best Bridgestone golf ball for high handicappers is e12 Contact to maintain a balance throughout the round. Its lower compression and surlyn cover help make the drives longer, even with slower swings. It reduces sidespin, meaning a lesser number of slices. Additionally, the FLEXATIV cover technology and 3-piece construction offer good greenside spin.

What is the best Bridgestone golf ball for the average golfer?

The best Bridgestone golf ball for the average golfer is the e9 Long Drive. Average golfers usually need a ball that performs best for swing speeds under 100 mph and offers increased ball speed, distance, and enhanced spin on wedge shots. Bridgestone e9 Long Drive provides a combination of all of them.

What Bridgestone ball is similar to Pro V1?

Bridgestone Tour B XS is similar to Titleist Pro V1 balls in terms of performance. Both of them are made for fast swingers with a higher compression, urethane cover, and 3-piece construction. They provide longer drives and impressive greenside for above 100 mph swing speeds.


By understanding your swing speed, skill level, and personal preferences, you can choose the Bridgestone golf ball that best suits your game. Whether you are seeking distance, control, or a soft feel, Bridgestone has options to meet your needs. 

Feel free to ask away any questions you have. Also, let us know in the comments section which one of the 9 best Bridgestone golf balls caught your attention the most.

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