How to Pitch a Golf Ball Like a Pro

How To Pitch A Golf Ball

In golf, pitch shot means that shot you play with a highly lofted club to go a short distance with a very steep ascent and descent. A pitch shot spends more time in the air than on the green. It is a very old type of shot in golf history. This shot is quite similar to chipping. In the beginning, many newcomers in golf develop confusion between these two shots. But actually, they are quite different in technique. Chip shot rolls farther than it flies. One the other hand, pitch shot flies farther than it rolls.

Probably one of the most important shots to scoring is the pitch shot. You can hit a proper drive and a poor second shot in the green, but if you can pitch it close you can be your partner’s best friend.”


Golf columnist and teacher Dr. Jim Suttie thinks that pitching is very important for the golfers. Our expert team also agreed to his point. We strongly suggest every golfer master the technique of pitching. But if you are a newcomer to golf, you may find it quite difficult to go with this shot. So, just to lessen your worries we have designed this article with the best tips of pitching. This article is all about “how to pitch a golf club”. So let’s check the blog.

How to Pitch a Golf Ball

In order to deliver a perfect pitch shot, we need to know some basics of this technique. Our expert team has worked very hard on this point for you. We wanted to make pitching easier for you. So we came up with some tips and rules for a perfect pitch shot. Let’s dig into the points given below.

Select your club

First, you need to select the perfect club for your shot. Generally, pitch shots are played with a highly lofted  club. The best golf club option for pitching a golf ball is a pitching wedge. These wedges are specially designed for playing pitch shots. Pitching wedges are used to hit a shot with a higher and shorter trajectory. You can also use other wedges like – gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge for your shot. If you have to carry some rough but need to roll out a bit on the green, just go for your gap wedge. And if you have bigger obstacles and the hole is quite close to you than use your sand wedge or lob wedge. Make sure you have chosen the right club for your shot.

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Set up

Set up is one of the most important things for your perfect shot. It is acknowledged that your swing depends much on your body position. We suggest you set up everything in an open position for the shot. Your clubface should point a little bit right of the golf ball. But you need to keep your feet, hips and shoulders to the left of the target. It’s really very promising to open the face because opening your body is going to help you swing the clubhead through impact with its intended loft. And you will get a perfect pitch shot.


You will not be able to make a perfect pitch shot without a perfect backswing. You need to keep the clubface from closing when you take the club back. If your clubface is pointing to the down, it is delofted. This is the time when you need to hinge your wrist upward. And this activity will help to keep the face open. So always be careful with your backswing.


The downswing is not like the backswing. In this section, your goal is to set the club in an open position. Maintain the position and  then rotate your body toward the target. And complete the shot. Make sure that you strike the ball crisply. In order to do this, you can look at the turf slightly in front of the golf ball as you swing. Remember that the downswing is very important for your pitch shot.
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In this article, we have tried to make pitching easier for you. This article will help you a lot to master the technique of pitching a golf ball. But it is practice that makes a man perfect as well as a golfer. So practice as much as you can. But it is not always possible to go to the golf course. And that’s why we suggest you use the golf simulators at home. This gadget will help you a lot to improve your golf skills. Check out our article on the best at home golf simulator.

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