10 Best Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speeds of 2024

best golf balls for slow swing speed

If you’re in the slow swing speed camp, whether due to just starting out, age, or being a female player, the right golf ball can be a game-changer for distance. Yes, technique matters, but so does equipment! While most slow-speed aficionados lean towards ‘soft’ or ‘distance’ balls, remember that not all slow swings are equal. What works for a 60 mph swing may falter at 80 mph.

Enter the world of the best golf balls for slow swing speeds. And leading the pack? The Callaway ERC Soft. Tailored for those with 70-80 mph swings, it’s your answer to boosting distance, thanks to its 60 compression and 3-piece build. Struggling with slices or hooks? Its unique triple-track dagger tech aids in straighter shots. And while it may not rival urethane-covered balls in feel, its hybrid cover with a urethane coating ensures a soft touch and decent greenside control.

Stick around as we delve deeper into why the Callaway ERC Soft might just be the companion you’ve been looking for, along with other contenders that deserve a spot in your golf bag!

Comparison of Top 10 Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speeds

Product NameBest ForCompressionCoverConstructionPrice
Callaway ERC SoftSwing of 70-80 mph60Hybrid3-pieceCheck Latest Price
Titleist TruFeelBeginners602.0 TruFlex2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Bridgestone Lady PreceptSwing speeds around 65-70 mph (female golfers)50Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Titleist AVXLow-handicapper senior golfers77Urethane3-pieceCheck Latest Price
Callaway RevaSwing speeds under 60 mph30Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Volvik New CrystalSwing speeds of 70-90 mph (color options)85Ionomer3-pieceCheck Latest Price
Bridgestone e9 Long DriveImproved long-distance shots75Surlyn2-pieceCheck Latest Price
TaylorMade Soft ResponseSwing speeds of 60-70 mph50Ionomer3-pieceCheck Latest Price
Wilson Duo SoftSwing speeds under 60 mph40Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
TaylorMade distance+Improved distance off the tee77Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price

10 Best Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speeds Reviews

1. Callaway ERC Soft (Best overall)

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball Review

Compression: 60
Cover: Hybrid
Construction: 3-piece

A majority of slow-swinging golfers usually face swing problems like slices or hooks. To solve that, this ball comes with new triple track dagger technology. It is actually a triple marking that helps to hit the golf ball straighter.

The high speed mantle and hex aerodynamics make it cut through the air quite well, maintaining a stable ball flight. You can get great performance on a very windy day too. 

This golf ball is best for a swing of 70-80 mph mainly because of the combination of 60 compression and 3-piece construction. The lower compression will help you gain distance. 

While construction of the golf ball, along with new grip urethane coating, provides more greenside control. Know that it has a hybrid cover, not urethane. There is just an urethane coating on it. It won’t provide the same feel or spin as urethane-covered balls.


  • Offers lower spin off the driver
  • Urethane coating increases greenside spin
  • Helps to fix slice
  • Soft feel off the putter


  • Gives away lower spin on wedges shots too

Final verdict

We chose Callaway ERC Soft as our overall best because of the balance between distance, control, and easy alignment system for 70-80 mph. Most slow-swinging golfers are likely to have a swing speed around this range.

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2. Titleist TruFeel (Best for beginners)

Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball Review

Compression: Low
Cover: 2.0 TruFlex
Construction: 2

Beginners usually have a slower swing speed, struggle to hit straighter shots or prefer aids to align the ball correctly. This golf ball works for all of it. The red lines on the ball are to help you align. It makes it easier for beginners to hit straight and have solid contact with the ball. The combination of lower compression and 2-piece construction aids in fixing slices, which many beginners struggle with.

Also, it’s the softest and one of the cheapest golf balls of the Titleist family. The latest version of Truefeel balls has a 1.6 inches larger core to provide better distance and feel around the green. It provides lower long-game spin than the famous Titleist Pro V1, meaning longer drives with slower swing speeds.

However, the spin isn’t even near to Pro V1. As a result, it might be hard to stop the ball on the green, even for swing speed under 90 mph. It’s something you need to compromise for extra yards on long-game. This ball was aimed for distance with slow swing speeds. So, naturally it provides less spin in the short-game. But it still provides better control than Callaway Reva, which is the 5th product on our list.


  • Offers lower long game spin
  • Gives out softer feel than Titleist Pro V1 or Titleist Velocity
  • Improves putting with the alignment aid


  • Harder to stop on the green

Final verdict

Comparatively lower price, improved distance, alignment aid, and a bit of control are what make a golf ball best for beginners with slow swing speeds. Titleist TruFeel has it all.

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3. Bridgestone Lady Precept (Best for female golfers)

Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Ball Review

Compression: 50
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2-piece

Average women golfers usually have swing speeds around 65 mph. Although under 40 compression rated golf balls will provide increased distance to them, it will be harder to stop the ball on the green. Bridgestone lady precept finds a balance between distance and control for swing speeds around 65-70 mph.

The specially designed core, along with the 330-seamless dimple design, helps to get a higher launch and maintain a better flight through the air. This makes the drives longer and keeps you ahead in the game. In addition, the color options make it easier to see in the air or find in the grass. 

This ball offers great benefit to golfers with mid to high handicaps, struggling to make straighter shots. The lower spin of the ball assists in fixing slices, which is a common swing problem among golfers. Additionally, it offers a soft feel around the green.


  • Helps to make consistent shots
  • Softer core lessens the vibration at impact
  • Cheaper than Bridgestone e9 or e12 golf balls


  • Comparatively less durable

Final verdict

Bridgestone lady precept golf ball combines distance, control, and affordability for swing speeds under 70 mph. That is exactly what makes this one of the best golf balls for women.

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4. Titleist AVX (Best for low-handicapper senior golfers)

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review

Compression: 77
Cover: Urethane
Construction: 3-piece

It is only natural to lose speed with age. But if you have been playing with tour-level balls, suddenly switching to Surlyn-covered 2-piece balls might not be something you can get used to soon. This golf ball is a solution for that. It focuses more on the distance. Along with that, it continues to provide a tour-like feel, making it one of the best golf balls for seniors with low handicap.

If we compare it with Titiliest’s famous Pro V1 model, AVX balls offer lower spin in the long game. They are easier to compress or gain distance with slow swing speeds. It won’t be as easy to compress as Callaway Erc soft or Bridgestone lady precept. The compression is just lower compared to tour-level balls, which compensate for the gradual slower swing speed with age to an extent. The reformulated core and comparatively lower compression help to make that happen.

Although the control of the ball won’t be the same as Pro V1, it still provides a good amount of short-game spin. Control on the green is better than Callaway Erc soft balls.


  • Offers better distance than Pro V1 with slow swing speeds
  • Gives out a softer feel than Pro V1
  • Offers more control than Bridgestone lady precept


  • Less control than Titleist Pro V1

Final verdict

AVX golf balls are for slow-swinging low handicappers. It offers them distance with the control and feel of tour-like golf balls.

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5. Callaway Reva (Best for under 60 mph swing speed)

Callaway Reva Reva Golf Ball Review

Compression: 30
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2-piece

Because of the combination of super-low compression and 2-piece construction, these golf balls are easier to compress and get some extra yard with swing speeds under 60 mph. Especially beginner women golfers who naturally have slower swing speed, this golf ball is a great option for them. 

In addition, it has a comparatively bigger size, making it easier to make solid contact with for beginners. It’s pretty much the same as Callaway Supersoft Max in terms of performance. They just have different color options. In case you are wondering, both of them are conforming balls. The size didn’t make them illegal in tournaments. 

But the concern is that this golf ball might feel too soft, especially in summer. It will be harder to stop it on the green, even with slower swing speeds. It is more suitable for gaining distance.


  • Offers higher launch
  • Provides more distance than Callaway Erc soft
  • Helps to fix slices


  • It might take time to get comfortable hitting a bigger sized ball

Final verdict

There is nothing different in women-labeled golf balls apart from that they are mostly designed with lower compression to get distance with slow swing speeds and have more colorful options. So, this ball is most suited for any male or female beginner golfer with a below 60 mph swing speed.

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6. Volvik New Crystal (Best for color options)

Volvik New Crystal Golf Ball Review

Compression: 85
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 3-piece

Volvik is famous for its colors. New Crystal, not an exception, offers you many different color options too. They are pretty bright and glossy. It helps provide higher visibility and makes it easier to find the balls on the course or separate it from other golfers’ balls.

Coming to the performance, it offers a balance of distance and spin around the green with slower swing speeds. The compression and cover is designed to provide a comparatively lower spin off the golf driver, meaning some added distance. While the 3-piece construction aids in providing better control over the ball.

These balls aren’t super soft like Callaway Reva. But Volvik New Crystal is soft enough for senior golfers with losing swing speed and looking for golf balls with higher visibility. It is especially suited for swing speeds of 70-90 mph.


  • Offers more greenside spin than Bridgestone Lady Precept
  • Helps to gain extra yards
  • Gives customization options for text and logo


  • Not as easy to compress as Callaway Reva

Final verdict

Higher visibility is the main attraction of Volvik New Crystal. These balls aren’t supersoft or too firm. They help to make longer drives. At the same time, provide plenty of greenside spin.

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7. Bridgestone e9 Long Drive

Bridgestone e9 Long Drive Golf Ball Review

Compression: 75
Cover: Surlyn
Construction: 2-piece

Bridgestone, with the assistance of the World Long Drive Association, made the Bridgestone e9 long drive balls happen. It is designed to improve long-distance shots. Additionally, it helps to make a higher launch. 

The combination of its specially designed cover, construction, and gradational core offers lower spin on long game. As a result, you get better carry distance and improved overall distance. The outer region, along with the 330 dimple cover, helps to increase ball speed. As the core has a lower compression, it is suitable to gain distance with slower speeds.

This ball falls more on the firmer side. So, you can’t expect it to compress like Callaway Reva. That makes e9 more suited for swing speeds more than 75 mph. It also means that despite being specially designed for distance, you still get a good amount of spin on short-game. That helps to bring out a balance in your game.


  • Gets better distance than Pro V1 with slow swing speeds
  • Gives out responsive feel
  • Offers more spin than Callaway Reva


  • More expensive than Bridgestone lady precept

Final verdict

Although said to be specially designed for distance, the e9 long drive offers a balance of distance, greenside spin, and responsive feel.

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8. TaylorMade Soft Response

TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball Review

Compression: 50
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 3-piece

Don’t get confused with the 30 compression mentioned in the ball’s manufacturer description. That’s the compression of the core. Overall compression is 50. The previous generation had a rating of 60 compression. It lessened to increase the distance gain. The softer Ionomer cover aids in that. 

The extended flight dimple pattern assists in maintaining a longer ball flight. While the 3 piece construction with a firmer second layer promotes faster ball speed and offers better spin on the green as well.

When we compare it with other best golf balls for slow swing speeds, it provides better greenside spin than Callaway Reva. But it’s still less than Titleist AVX balls. At the same time, it offers more distance than Titleist AVX with slow swing speeds.


  • Helps gain extra yards
  • Comparatively durable golf ball
  • Great feel off the putter


  • Harder to compress than Callaway Reva with slower swing speeds

Final verdict

These golf balls are best for the 60-70 swing speeds for hitting longer drives. If you are looking for a bit more control in the short game, Bridgestone e9 long drive might be a better choice.

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9. Wilson Duo Soft

Wilson Duo Soft Golf Ball Review

Compression: 40
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2-piece

The Duo balls are quite famous among slow to moderate swing speed golfers. Duo soft golf balls, not being an exception, also aim to gain distance with slower speeds. With the super-low compression and new core formulation, it offers easier launch, lower spin, and better distance off the tee.

In addition, the lower spin helps hit straighter. That makes it a great choice for beginner slow-swinging golfers who are struggling with slice, hook, draw, etc. While the different color options provide higher visibility for senior golfers. The lower compression of the ball compensates for the losing speeds with age.

The concern is that the control might not be good enough for a senior golfer with a lower handicap. Switching to an Ionomer cover might feel a bit strange too. But the fact is, distance golf balls typically have lower greenside spin. In that scenario, Titleist AVX might be a better choice for low handicapper senior golfers.


  • Aids in getting longer carry
  • Helps to fix slices
  • Cheaper than Callaway Reva balls


  • Provides less control than Callaway ERC Soft

Final verdict

This golf ball is best for golfers with under 60 mph, looking for better visibility and distance. While for better control, Callaway ERC Soft or Titleist AVX might be a better choice for you.

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10. TaylorMade distance+

TaylorMade distance+ Golf Ball Review

Compression: 77
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2-piece

The Plus Alignment Aid of this ball is a major attraction for beginners. It is easy to use and helps you position the clubface square to line. You get instant feedback on the ball roll.

Coming to the performance of the ball, it is designed to gain extra yards. The soft react core, along with the 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern, helps maximize the golf ball speed and distance off the tee. When we compare it with other balls, it doesn’t have as low compression as Bridgestone lady precept or Callaway Reva. That also means TaylorMade distance+ provides more spin on the green to improve the short-game.

Although said to have improved scuff resistance, these balls get scuffed easily. Especially when you hit them with the golf wedges. Good thing is that they come at quite an affordable price.


  • Helps make the drives longer
  • Offers more greenside spin than Callaway Reva
  • Comes at a very affordable price


  • Comparatively less durable

Final verdict

The cheaper price point and alignment aid make this golf ball a great choice for beginner golfers. It aims to get you a increased distance off the tee.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speeds

The combination of compression, cover, construction, and dimple design helps determine the performance of a golf ball. Just one specific factor or number can’t define it. Consider the overall design of the ball while choosing the type of golf ball you should use. It varies depending on the brand too. But certain things can give you an idea of how the golf ball is most likely to perform. Let’s have a clear concept about them.

Compression: slower the speed, lower the compression

Now, what is considered slower swing speed? It’s different for different golfers. If you see tour averages of driver swing speed, the average driver swing speed for PGA tour players is 113 mph. Whereas, it’s 94 mph for LPGA players. 

Under 90 mph is considered slow swing speed for male golfers. However, the swing speed for average female golfers is 65 mph. So, rather than depending on the word ‘slow’, consider your swing speed number in mph for deciding golf ball compression. Keep the compression rating below your swing speed to gain a better distance.

If your swing speed is ‘X’ mph, then compression for improved distance should be lesser than ‘X’. For example, golfers with 80 mph swing speed will gain extra yards with 50-70 compression-rated golf balls.

Also, keep the temperature in mind too. A 40-compression golf ball performs more like a 50-compression ball in winter. While in summer, it becomes easier to compress the ball.

2-piece construction for better distance 

2-piece golf balls have a larger core that helps to offer lower spin. They go further with slow swing speeds. They usually come with lower compression too. That makes them the best choice for gaining distance with slow swing speeds. 

3-piece construction focuses a bit more on control than 2-piece balls. But 3-piece golf balls with lower compression rating are suitable for slow swing speed too. It’s a better choice for slower swinging golfers with a low handicap. Especially if you are a senior skilled golfer who is losing speed with age, switching to 2-piece balls suddenly might feel strange.

While 4-piece or above that isn’t for slow swingers. These types of balls usually come with higher compression too, making it harder to gain distance with them.

Cover: Surlyn or Ionomer

Surlyn or Ionomer cover is the best for slow swinging golfers. They typically come with lower compression and 2 or 3-piece construction. That eventually leads to better distance. 

But you might not prefer the harder feel of Ionomer if you are a senior golfer who has been playing with Urethane-covered balls for years. Solution to this is to choose Urethane covered balls with lower compression and 2-piece or 3-piece construction. But they mostly don’t come with 2-piece construction. So, at least try to find the one with lower compression and 3-piece construction.

Dimple design

Typically golf balls come with 300-500 dimples. The average depth is around 0.01 inch. Usually shallower dimples help the golf ball stay longer in the air. But it’s not a good idea to choose balls only depending on the dimple number or depth. The number, depth, size, shape, and pattern of the dimples together affect golf balls’ performance. 

It’s pretty hard to specify a single dimple type as golf companies come up with many different combinations. So, it’s better to match dimple performance preferences with the description by manufacturers. Also, compression, construction, and cover should be given more importance while buying.

Budget and brand

Golf balls for slow swing speeds typically have ‘soft’ in the model name. These balls have lower compression, Surlyn or Ionomer cover, and 2 or 3-piece construction. Balls labeled as ‘distance golf balls’ typically have a similar design too. These types of golf balls usually cost from $18-$30 per dozen when they are from famous golf ball brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Bridgestone, Srixon, Wilson, etc. In comparison, 3-piece and Urethane covered balls come at a comparatively higher price.

Summing it up

Even if you fall in the slow swinging golfers’ category, your strength and weakness are different from other slow swinging golfers. So is the best golf ball for you. We have brought the 10 best golf balls for slow swing speeds, but you still need to choose the one best for you. 

Have any one of these golf balls grabbed your attention? Let us know in the comments section. Also, feel free to ask away any query you have.

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