10 Best Golf Balls for Beginners: Your Path to a Great Start

Best Golf Balls for Beginners

It can be challenging to decide which one is the best golf ball for you at first. So many options and so many new terms are overwhelming to take in together. So, let’s make this simpler and shorter for you. 

As beginners typically struggle to hit farther and straighter, low-compression rated, 2-piece golf balls are the best choice. These balls are more accessible to gain distance with slower swing speeds and help fix slices.

However, even among beginners, golf ball choices may differ because of different swing speeds, budgets, weaknesses, and preferences. We have reviewed these 10 best golf balls for beginners to match different needs.

Top 10 Beginners’ Golf Balls Reviewed

1. Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track (best overall)

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball Review

Compression: 60
Cover: Hybrid
Construction: 3 piece

The best golf ball for beginners is typically the one that goes farther with slower swings, helps hit straight, and offers good greenside spin to balance overall performance. That’s what Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track does. As a bonus, it has an alignment aid to help line up the putts.

This Callaway golf ball has comparatively lower compression to make it easier to compress and hit longer. It also features HyperElastic SoftFast core, which is Callaway’s uniquely designed core to increase speed.

Having low spin characteristics for maximizing distance, this ball helps hit straight, too. Moreover, the high-speed mantle and hex aerodynamics offer a stable and consistent ball flight.

Additionally, the urethane-coated hybrid cover provides increased greenside control for beginners. The unique 3-line alignment aid, Triple Track Dagger lines, helps beginners gradually improve in putting.


  • Increased distance off the driver
  • Helps fix slices
  • Great performance on windy days too
  • Helps launch higher
  • Decent greenside spin


  • Urethane-coated hybrid cover won’t offer as much spin as urethane-covered balls

Final verdict

We chose Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track as the overall best because of the all-around performance it offers to beginners. It balances distance and spin throughout the round. The unique alignment aid is an excellent advantage, too.

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2.  TaylorMade Distance+ (best value golf ball for beginners)

TaylorMade distance+ Golf Ball Review

Compression: 77
Construction: 2 piece

It’s one of the cheapest golf balls on our best beginners’ golf balls list. What mainly adds value to it as a beginner golf ball is its New Plus Alignment Aid. This helps to correct the ball position and make the face square to the line. You immediately get to know whether your golf ball is rolling on the targeted line or not. The putting gets easier with these golf balls.

You might have guessed from its name that it’s a distance golf ball. It comes with overall under 80 compression and the REACT Speed Core. This core is engineered to compress easily and offer longer drives. 

The combination of 2 piece construction in this ball makes compressing it easier for beginners. Additionally, the 342 aerodynamic dimple design contributes to distance gain by promoting faster speed off the driver.



  • Might get damaged easily with your wedge

Final verdict

A golf ball that is easier to gain distance with and comes at a lower price is attractive to most beginner golfers. Distance+ does that pretty well. It offers longer shots and assists in alignment at a lower price range.

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3. Bridgestone e12 Contact (best for straighter shots)

Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Ball Review

Compression: 60
Cover: Surlyn
Construction: 3 piece

This Bridgestone golf ball comes with a gradational compression core. It basically lowers the side spin and assists in making the ball flight straighter.

At the same time, the combination of FLEXATIV cover technology and Contact Force Dimple, which has a raised area in the center, increases surface contact. This assists in transferring energy effectively and eventually results in longer drives and helps hit the golf ball straight.

As FLEXATIV cover reacts according to impact, it promotes friction when you hit the ball with wedges. This provides you with increased control around the green and you take fewer strokes to complete the holes.


  • One of the best golf balls to fix slices
  • Longer drives
  • Great feel at contact
  • Rolls nicely on the green
  • Increased control on approach shots


  • Comparatively harder to clean

Final verdict 

Hitting slices is very common among beginners, and e12 contact balls help to solve that. It offers better distance, enhanced control, and straighter shots. As a plus, the colored e12 balls, especially the red ones, are easier to spot.

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4. Callaway Reva (best for soft feel)

Callaway Reva Reva Golf Ball Review

Compression: 30
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2 piece

The combination of ultra-low compression and 2-piece construction makes it very easy to compress Callaway Reva. That’s why, you get a very soft feel when you hit the ball, even if you have a swing speed under 60 mph and playing in winter.

Additionally, this ball’s diameter is 1.73 inches, which is 0.05 inches larger than standard golf balls (1.68 inches). It helps lessen the number of mishits. Despite the bigger size, it’s USGA legal. That lets you use it in competitive rounds as well.

The Tri-Blend Ionomer cover, which is engineered to get maximum ball speed, helps to make the ball flight higher and longer. But the concern is that this ball offers comparatively less spin in short-game. This makes it harder to control approach shots. You might need to hit shorter than usual to solve this.


  • Gives out a very soft feel
  • Increased forgiveness
  • Higher and longer ball flight
  • Helps to make straighter shots
  • One of the best cold weather golf ball


  • Less greenside control

Final Verdict 

Being one of the best soft golf balls, Callaway Reva is an excellent choice when the priority is soft feel. This golf ball also helps to make solid contact, which can be game-changing for many beginners.

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5. Titleist Velocity (best distance golf ball for beginners)

Titleist Velocity

Compression: Mid
Cover: Fast NaZ+
Construction: 2 piece

Wanting to hit the longest drives among all golfer friends is something every golfer desires. Along with practice and other right equipment, you need the best golf ball for distance to unlock the maximum potential. Titleist Velocity is an excellent choice for that, as it’s designed to offer explosive distance off the tee. 

This ball comes with the high speed LSX core, engineered to provide increased speed and distance. While the spherically-tiled 350 octahedral contributes to that by promoting a stable and higher ball flight. 

As for the short-game spin, it offers good stopping power for beginners. Considering it’s a distance ball, the spin around the green is good enough to balance the overall performance.


  • Impressive distance off the tee
  • Higher and straighter ball flight
  • Great greenside spin for beginners


  • Firmer feel compared to other 2-piece golf balls

Final verdict

While this Titleist golf ball focuses more on distance, there are other advantages too. It provides good greenside spin and helps hit higher, straighter shots. It might feel slightly firmer to some golfers. Still, overall, it’s a good choice to get increased distance for most beginners.

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6. TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe (best for short-game)

TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Golf Ball Review

Compression: 70
Cover: Urethane
Construction: 3 piece

Even if you have hit comparatively shorter drives, focusing on short-game can help achieve impressive golf scores for beginners. TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe can be a great companion here.

The urethane-covered 3-piece construction provides increased control and accuracy around the green. What makes this TaylorMade golf ball more beneficial for short games is the Stripe design. This colored alignment aid around the middle of the ball helps line up the putts and also offers instant feedback on the roll. That assists beginners in improving their putting performance.

Moreover, it has a uniquely designed low-compression core with SpeedMantle layer. This layer is designed to ensure efficient energy transfer and enhance distance. The Tour Flight Dimple Pattern contributes to that by promoting carry distance.


  • Impressive greenside control for beginners
  • Tour-like feel
  • Excellent alignment aid


  • Sometimes harder to spot because of the alignment system’s color

Final verdict

TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe offers impressive greenside spin and accuracy. At the same time, it isn’t much harder to compress for beginners. What makes it more attractive is that it helps increase the distance, too.

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7. Wilson Duo Optix (best for visibility)

Wilson Duo Optix Golf Ball Review

Compression: 40
Cover: Surlyn
Construction: 2 piece

Wilson Duo Optix is designed to stand out on the golf courses. Thanks to brighter matte color options, it is easier to spot in rough. It offers bold color options like yellow, green, orange, red.

What makes it more beneficial for beginners is its ultra-low compression rating. This helps to compress the ball quite easily. That eventually assists in gaining better distance even with slower swings. Additionally, the role is impressive. It adds extra yards to the shots.

As it has a very soft core, even in winter, it offers a very soft feel when you hit. Despite all these benefits, it comes at a very affordable price, making it one of the best cheap golf balls. However, the greenside spin is comparatively less. But they do chip and putt nicely for beginners.


  • Very visible
  • Fly and roll quite well
  • Nice feel on the green
  • Doesn’t scuff easily
  • Cheap price


  • Comparatively less control around the green
  • Harder to clean

Final verdict 

The vibrant appearance of these golf balls makes them easier to spot. This beginner golf ball is for those who prioritize visibility, distance, and affordability.

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8. Bridgestone Lady Precept (best golf ball for beginner women)

Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Ball Review

Compression: 50
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2 piece

Beginner women struggle to hit higher and longer because of their naturally slower swings. Being one of the best golf balls for slow swing speeds, Bridgestone Lady Precept aids in solving that to an extent.

The low compression with 2 piece construction makes it easier to compress the golf ball and hit farther for women. Mainly its gradational core helps create more force and get longer shots, even with slow swing speeds. The 330 seamless dimple design assists in getting a higher launch angle, which eventually results in better distance as well.

Additionally, this ball offers a decent greenside spin on approach shots for a beginner woman to perform great in short game. As a bonus, it comes at an affordable price, too.


  • Increased distance for women golfers
  • Helps fix a slice
  • Comparatively less vibration when you hit
  • Soft feel


  • Comparatively less durable

Final verdict

Lady Precept is a great golf ball for women to start golfing with. It offers a longer, straighter, and higher ball flight. At the same time, it provides decent control for beginner women to balance their performance throughout the round.

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9. Srixon Soft Feel (best for senior beginners)

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball Review

Compression: 60
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2 piece

Senior golfers need a golf ball that compensates for the distance loss to an extent. Offering higher visibility will be a plus, as that makes it easier to find the ball for seniors. Considering these, Srixon Soft Feel is an excellent senior golf ball for those just starting or picking up golfing again.

The lower compression with a 2-layer design makes it easy for seniors to compress this Srixon golf ball. Its FastLayer Core is designed to quickly return to its shape when you hit and helps get longer drives.

Moreover, the 338-speed dimple pattern works to cut through the air and offer you increased carry. That eventually adds distance as well. The greenside spin is good enough for most beginner senior golfers.


  • Straighter and longer shots
  • Consistent ball flight
  • Visible alignment line
  • Soft feel


  • Comparatively lower ball flight

Final verdict

These are overall value golf balls for senior golfers to balance their performance in both the long and short game. The higher visibility, soft feel, and increased distance is its main attraction. But if you want a slightly higher launch, the women’s version of this ball, Soft Feel Lady, is a better choice.

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10. Nitro Ultimate Distance (best for junior beginners)

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball Review

Compression: Low
Cover: Surlyn
Construction: 2 piece

Nitro golf balls are known for their affordable price tag and increased distance. Nitro Ultimate Distance is no exception. This is the cheapest golf ball on our best beginners’ balls list. That makes it great for letting junior players practice without worrying about losing them. 

What makes it better is that these golf balls mainly work to add extra yards to your drives. The 2-piece titanium core helps to increase the effective energy transfer from your golf clubs. Additionally, the dimples are placed systematically. It increases the height and helps to increase distance. That encourages juniors to keep playing golf.
So, these are harder golf balls that are great for distance and come at an affordable price. But the concern is that some junior golfers might not like the firmer feel.


  • Cheapest golf balls of this list
  • Increased distance
  • Straighter and consistent ball flight


  • Get cuts comparatively easily
  • Not the best choice for greenside spin

Final verdict

Nitro Ultimate Distance is for those who have just started their golfing journey. It lets junior golfers practice and enjoy without worrying about losing balls. This offers increased distance with slower swing speeds and comes at an affordable price. As a plus, it has many vibrant color options to make it more attractive to beginner junior golfers.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Golf Balls For Beginners

You have got the reviews. But which golf ball to choose? Are they worth the money?

For beginners, the significant confusion is getting a high-end ball or a low-end ball. It’s all about what advantage the balls will provide you.

There are a couple of things you need to know and consider before getting your hands on your first golf ball. But first, let’s get a more precise concept.

1. Construction: 2-piece vs. 3-piece golf balls

Golf balls are made of different layers and core properties. This can often be termed golf ball construction. Usually, the layers can be one to five. And all of them work differently, depending on your golfing style. Here, the more layers, the better greenside spin a golf ball offers.

While 1 piece golf balls are cheaper alternatives for getting started, they don’t travel as much as multi-layered golf balls. In comparison, 4 or 5-piece golf balls usually make it harder for beginner golfers to compress the ball. So, the choice for beginners is mainly between 2 or 3-piece golf balls.

2-piece golf balls for longer and straighter shots

A general rule for beginners is to choose a ball with less spin that provides more distance. 2-piece balls exactly do that and help you gain extra yardage without putting much force. This makes two-piece golf balls the perfect match, as most beginners have a slower swing speed. 

Since 2 piece golf balls are typically low-spinning golf balls too, they help to hit straighter. This makes it great for beginners struggling to fix slices or hooks.

3-piece golf balls for increased greenside spin and control

In comparison, you get the increased spin advantage from 3-piece balls. So, these balls will provide greater control and spin. Upgrade to a 3-piece when you want to focus more on the short game.

2. Lower compression

Regarding compression, different manufacturers measure it with different standards. So, one particular compression can’t be stated as the ideal choice.

But typically, lower compression ratings are going to get some extra yards. And it feels soft, too. As beginners usually have a slower golf swing speed, lower compression is better. Compression under 80 is more suited for beginners with slower swing speeds.

But if you are a beginner with a high swing speed, then mid or high-compression-rated golf balls are for you. Those will give you better control around the green and won’t feel too spongy. 

To be more specific, try to keep the compression numbers close to the driver swing speed number in mph. For example, if your driver swing speed is 80 mph, compression ratings around 50-70 are usually the best for beginners to compress the ball easily.

3. Ball cover: Ionomer or urethane?

Ionomer or surlyn covered golf balls are mostly suggested to beginners as these typically provide less spin, helps the golf balls to travel farther and straighter. They are quite affordable too.

In comparison, urethane-covered balls are for those who want to focus more on the short-game and prefer a tour-like soft feel. If the compression is the same, urethane-covered balls offer a softer feel than ionomer-covered ones.

4. Dimple

Hex Dimples VS Round Dimples

The dimples on the golf ball play an important role in making the shots longer and stable. Dimples usually help to reduce air resistance, helping the golf balls gain a better distance.

Manufacturers use various dimple patterns that vary because of dimple number, size, depth etc. Typically, the best dimple designs have around 300-400 dimples.

5. Feel

Usually the soft feel golf balls are better for beginners. Because the softer the ball is, the lower the compression. That makes it easier to compress the ball and gain extra yards with slower swings. If you want to get a softer feel without going for too low compression, know that same compression-rated urethane-covered balls feel softer than ionomer ones. 

6. Budget

The good news is that beginners’ golf balls are usually the cheaper ones compared to the golf balls that pros use. For around $20-$25, you can get quality 2 piece low compression rated beginners’ golf balls, even when you get them from top golf ball brands. But for urethane-covered ones, you typically need to spend more.

To Sum It Up

As your learning curve becomes higher, you can shift from one ball type to another. Play with different golf balls to know the difference. If you are not sure which one to choose, our overall best beginners’ golf ball, Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track is a great option to start with.

Share your opinions and inquiries in the comments section. And let us know the name of the golf ball you finally picked.

Happy golfing.

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