10 Best Cheap Golf Balls in 2024: Play on a Budget Without Losing Performance

10 best cheap golf balls

Playing golf often means losing 1-2 balls per round, potentially leading to a yearly loss of 100 balls. This can drive players towards cheaper options like mixed or used balls, yet these can compromise game performance. Therefore, it’s crucial to find affordable yet high-quality balls.

In response to this, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best cheap golf balls, considering varied skill levels, swing speeds, and player preferences. Among these, the standout is the TaylorMade Distance+, which combines excellent distance, spin, feel, and a unique alignment system, all at a wallet-friendly price. These options ensure optimal value for money, balancing both cost and performance.

Comparison of the Best Cheap Golf Balls of 2024

Product NameBest ForCompressionCoverConstructionPrice
TaylorMade Distance+Golfers with above 80 mph swing speeds, high handicappers77Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Callaway RevaSwing speeds under 60 mph30Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Titleist TruFeelBeginners with slower swing speeds602.0 TruFlex2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Srixon Soft FeelSeniors with 70-90 mph swing speeds60Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
TaylorMade KaleaWomen with 70-90 mph swing speeds60Soft Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Piper GoldLow handicappers with above 100 mph swing speedsHighSoft Urethane4-pieceCheck Latest Price
Wilson Duo SoftSoft feel, swing speeds under 60 mph40Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Callaway WarbirdFirm feel90Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price
Vice Pro PlusFast swing speed, above 110 mph95Urethane4-pieceCheck Latest Price
Laddie ExtremePractice, golfers with under 80 mph swing speeds35Ionomer2-pieceCheck Latest Price

Best Cheap Golf Balls Reviewed: Top 10 Picks for Value, Performance, and Skill Level

1. TaylorMade Distance+

TaylorMade distance+ Golf Ball Review

Overall best cheap golf ball
Compression: 77
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2 piece

TaylorMade Distance+ is pretty much an all-rounder golf ball. It provides good distance, spin, feel, and a unique alignment system at a cheap price.

The low spin, 2-piece construction, and 342 Aero dimple design of this ball help to make it go farther off the driver. Additionally, it decreases the sidespin. That means fewer hooks and slices.

As for the spin around the green, the near 80 compression provides pretty good spin for high to mid handicappers. Besides, the Plus Alignment system assists to putt easily. So, this ball eventually helps to improve the overall game.


  • Increased ball speed
  • Rolls well on green
  • Balances greenside spin and distance


What are golfers saying about Distance+ balls?

Golfers liked the distance it provided. This ball flies farther than many other balls and has a decent spin on approach shots. In addition, the marking is helpful for putting. Besides, this ball offers higher visibility. Although the durability could have been better, it’s a quality ball considering the low cost.

Who is TaylorMade Distance+ for?

It’s for golfers with above 80 mph swing speeds. Especially those who want to hit longer shots and work on the short game at the same time. So, it’s a great golf ball for high handicappers to improve the overall game.

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2. Callaway Reva

Callaway Reva Reva Golf Ball Review

Best for: Slow swing speeds
Compression: 30
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2 piece

It’s one of the softest golf balls with compression under 40. It helps those with slower swings in adding extra yards to the shots. The 2 layered construction and ionomer cover assist in making that happen. 

Without breaking USGA rules, this ball is slightly oversized than most golf balls on the market to ensure good contact when you hit the golf ball. Additionally, the pink Reva balls provide higher visibility and lessen the number of lost balls. 

Just to let you know that Callaway Supersoft Max provides the same performance. Just the appearance and color options are slightly different. The concern with both these balls are they might feel too soft if you hit with more force. 



  • Might feel too soft, especially in summer

What are golfers saying about Reva balls?

Golfers especially liked the pink balls as it’s easier to spot. This slightly bigger-sized ball is easier to hit and provides long distance. However, for some golfers, it’s too soft.

Who is Callaway Reva for?

This golf ball performs best for swing speeds under 60 mph or around it. For higher swing speeds, it might feel too soft. But for those with slower swing speeds, this very feature makes it easier to hit longer and straighter drives. 

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3. Titleist TruFeel

Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball Review

Best for: Beginners
Compression: Low
Cover: 2.0 TruFlex
Construction: 2

Beginners need a golf ball that maintains distance, spin, helps to align, and comes at a lower price. That lets them practice as much as they want without worrying about golf balls or sacrificing the quality. Titleist TruFeel ball is a fit for these preferences. 

It’s the softest and cheapest of the Titleist ball family. The design of this ball prioritizes distance. Low compression TruTouch core and 376 Tetrahedral dimple pattern contribute to that. It mainly offers added distance and greenside spin for swing speeds under 90 mph. What’s better is the red alignment lines that make it easier to hit the putt shots.


  • Longer and straighter shots
  • Comparatively durable
  • Soft feel


  • Comparatively less stopping ability

What are golfers saying about TruFeel balls?

This ball has been appreciated for its great feel. It helps to take the drives farther and reduce the number of mishits. In addition, it’s easier to spot and provides good durability for the price.

Who is Titleist TruFeel for?

TruFeel is a quality golf ball at a lower price. It’s for high handicappers and beginners with slower swing speeds. This ball maintains a balance of distance and greenside control for them.

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4. Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel

Best for: Seniors
Compression: 60
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2

Srixon Soft Feel offers increased distance for senior golfers with their decreasing swing speeds because of age. The uniquely designed core assists in compressing the ball easily. It also quickly comes back in shape to offer efficient energy transfer. At the same time, it’s not too soft to feel spongy like a super soft golf ball. For example, it’s firmer than the Wilson Duo Soft balls.

While the 338 speed dimple pattern focuses on making the ball flight more stable and consistent. If you wonder what’s the difference between Srixon Soft Feel and Soft Feel Lady, there isn’t much. The Soft Feel Lady just comes with slightly lower compression for a bit higher launch.


  • Adds distance even on windy days
  • Enhanced forgiveness
  • Offers high visibility


  • Lower ball flight compared to other soft feel golf balls

What are golfers saying about Srixon Soft Feel balls?

It received positive reviews as a value golf ball for all parts of a round. This offers enhanced distance and good control for a non-urethane golf ball. Mid to high handicappers with comparatively slower to average swing speeds benefited most from it.

Who is Srixon Soft Feel for?

Golfers with around 70-90 mph swing speeds will get a balance of distance, feel, control, and price from these golf balls. Since the majority of senior golfers fall in this range, we chose this as the best budget golf ball for seniors.

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5. TaylorMade Kalea

TaylorMade Kalea Golf Ball Review

Best for: Women
Compression: 60
Cover: Soft Ionomer
Construction: 2 piece

TaylorMade Kalea ball focus on providing good distance and high launch, which most women golfers struggle with. It’s designed to gain maximum distance with slower swings.

Its under 70 compression and high-energy REACT core helps produce lower spin off the driver. That makes it easier to hit farther and higher with less force. It also provides pretty good spin for under 80 mph swing speeds. Since the majority of lady golfers have a driver swing speed of around 65-70 mph, it works for many.


  • Feels lightweight and easier to hit
  • Longer ball flight
  • Offers enhanced feel


  • Not for women golfers with higher swing speeds

What are golfers saying about Kalea balls?

Most golfers, especially women golfers, found it easier to hit. The softness, great feel, and reasonable price made it more attractive. Besides, this ball improved overall performance. However, both peach and purple colors made it harder to spot. Peach colors still had better visibility than purple ones.

Who is TaylorMade Kalea for?

Any golfers with swing speeds around 70-90 mph get the most benefits from it. In addition, it’s one of the best golf balls for women considering the overall performance. This ball offers great value to those struggling to gain distance, higher launch, and want a good greenside spin balance as well.

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6. Piper Gold 

Piper Gold

Best for: Low handicappers
Compression: High
Cover: Soft Urethane
Construction: 4 piece

Piper came with Green, Blue, Black, and Gold to cover all skill levels. Starting from Piper Green balls being the entry-level or beginner’s golf ball at the lowest price. Then, gradually with skill level, the price increases. Piper Gold is the highest-priced ball of this chain. Yet it saves around $10 compared to other urethane covered 4 piece balls.

Piper Gold ball, with urethane cover and 4 piece construction, produces higher spin to meet the needs of low handicappers. It provides enhanced shot-shaping ability. So, this ball can be used to intentionally hit slices for reaching the target accurately. In addition, the alignment system with high visibility makes it quicker to putt this ball.


  • Great control on wedge shots
  • Helps get a stable flight
  • Flies long


  • Comparatively less durable for a urethane ball

What are golfers saying about Piper Gold balls?

This ball received appreciation for its premium ball-like feel at an affordable price. It provides enhanced distance and ball flight to help improve the game. However, the durability could have been better. 

Who is Piper Gold for?

It’s not one of the cheapest golf ball. It falls more in the mid-price balls range. But for low handicappers with above 100 mph swing speeds, it’s one of the best value golf balls that performs well on short-game.

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7. Wilson Duo Soft 

Wilson Duo Soft Golf Ball Review

Best for: Soft feel
Compression: 40
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2

Wilson Duo Soft is one of the softest balls on the market. It’s designed with very low compression and 2 piece construction that produces lower spin off the tee. This makes the drives longer. New core design assists in making that happen. Besides, this core offers an enhanced feel and higher launch on every hit without faster swing speeds.

While the lower sidespin of this ball helps to lessen the number of slices. In addition, the optimized aerodynamics aids in making the shots straighter and longer.



  • Not much control on chip shots, especially in summer

What are golfers saying about Duo Soft balls?

Golfers appreciate the feel of this ball. In addition, Duo Soft provides noticeable distance gain. The performance is good, even in the wind. It goes straight as well. But for an improved short game, you need to hit shorter than usual.

Who is Wilson Duo Soft for?

Golfers with swing speeds under or around 60 mph get the best advantage from it. This golf ball is for those looking for enhanced feel, distance, and higher ball flight at a lower price.

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8. Callaway Warbird 

Callaway Warbird

Best for: Firm feel
Compression: Approximately 90
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2

Ionomer covered budget-friendly golf balls usually have a lower compression and softer feel. Being an exception, Callaway Warbird balls offer firmer feel off the clubface with an above 80 compression. 

The large high-energy core of this ball works to increase ball speed. While the HEX aerodynamics aids in getting a higher ball flight. But despite the higher compression similar to premium balls, it doesn’t provide similar added spin. It’s more of a distance-focused golf ball at an affordable price.


  • The logo and arrow help with the alignment
  • Offers higher launch
  • Longer drives


  • Comparatively harder to make putt shots with

What are golfers saying about Callaway Warbird balls?

Value for the money is what attracted most golfers to this ball. It provides good distance and decent spin around the green. Besides, the yellow-colored ones make it easier to spot.

Who is Callaway Warbird for?

Although the new Warbird ball is advertised to be softer than the original version, it is still more suited as a golf ball for those looking for a firm feel and distance at a cheap price.

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9. Vice Pro Plus

Vice Pro Plus

Best for: Fast swing speed
Compression: 95
Cover: Urethane
Construction: 4

If we consider all kinds of golf balls, Vice Pro Plus is more of a mid-price ball. However, it’s a value golf ball for the fast swing speeds since the majority of balls for them are on the premium side.

Pro Plus ball has a high-energy speed core and elastic dual mantel. That helps to provide increased ball speed. At the same time, it has a premium ball-like build with an above 90 mph compression, urethane cover, and 4-layered construction. So, it produces quite a good spin around the green.

It’s comparable to the famous Titleist Pro V1x balls. However, Pro V1x have slightly better spin than Vice Pro Plus. But Vice Pro Plus balls’ spin is still quite good for the price. It’s suitable for lower handicappers and fast swingers to stop the balls on the green with no trouble.


  • Stable and consistent ball flight
  • Has line alignment aid
  • Good short-game playability


  • The durability of the color is comparatively less

What are golfers saying about Vice Pro Plus balls?

Pro Plus received mostly positive reviews for their feel and durability. It performs great for drives, chips and putt shots. These offerings for faster swing speeds at such a lower price are pretty attractive compared to other similar golf balls. However, these balls’ paint comes off comparatively earlier.

Who is Vice Pro Plus for?

Because of the higher compression and overall design, it’s a golf ball for above 110 mph swing speeds. Especially for those who like a firmer feel, this ball is a budget-friendly option for them.

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10. Laddie Extreme 

Precept Laddie Extream Golf Ball Review

Best for: Practice
Compression: Low
Cover: Ionomer
Construction: 2 piece

A few more dollars than the starting price of most golf ball brands, and you get 2 dozen Laddie Extreme balls. That lets you practice without worrying much about golf ball expenses. 

Laddie Extreme focuses on providing maximum distance and higher launch. The low compression and enhanced velocity Muscle Fiber core get you increased distance. While the 372 aerodynamic dimple pattern is designed to maintain the ball flight in the wind. It spins enough around the ground for an entry-level ball. However, it might not meet the spin standard a mid or fast swinger requires.


  • Increased ball speed
  • Performs well in winter too


  • Significantly less spin on wedge shots with 80 mph or above swing speeds

What are golfers saying about Laddie Extreme balls?

Golfers agree that it’s a great value for the price. It flies long and straight. The soft feel and the spin around the green are good enough for the price.

Who is Laddie Extreme for?

It’s a good option for beginner golfers looking for a cheap golf ball to start and practice the game. It performs best for golfers with under 80 mph swing speeds who want to focus on adding extra yards to the drives and getting higher ball flight.

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Cheap vs. Expensive Golf Balls: What’s the Main Difference?

Cheap balls are mostly surlyn, or ionomer-covered 2 piece balls with lower compression. They perform best with slower swing speeds. In comparison, the most expensive ones are urethane covered 3 or 4 layered balls. Golfers with higher swing speeds get the most advantage from premium golf balls.

Now that you know the key difference, let’s learn the differences in detail and how they work.

1.Construction and cover

One of the most significant differences between low price golf balls is that they have fewer layers than expensive ones. Most of the cheap balls have 2 piece construction. While the premium ones typically have 3 or 4 layers. Some even have 5 layers. TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x are famous examples of that.

As for the cover, surlyn or ionomer is most common for cheap golf balls. Urethane-covered golf balls usually require a few more dollars.

2. Compression and spin

Softest or lowest compression-labeled golf ball comes at a lower price. And you might already know that typically balls with lower compression are also low spinning golf balls. This very low spin helps to gain distance with slower swing speeds. Additionally, this decreases sidespin and fixes slices or hooks. 

But in short-distance shots, it works as a disadvantage. It might not produce enough greenside spin and stopping power. It will make the ball go past the hole. 

In comparison, expensive balls come with higher compression. They are high spinning too. You get excellent short-game spin and accuracy from them. 

But there are exceptions to a certain level. Bridgestone Tour B RXS, for example. Despite being a urethane covered 3 piece premium ball, it has an under 70 compression and lower spin. It works best for slower swings.

3. Distance and feel

Inexpensive golf balls are mostly distance golf balls that give a soft feel when you hit and help to launch higher. Then, make the balls go farther and straighter. These balls are designed to perform the best for comparatively slower swing speeds. So, cheap balls are often labeled as golf balls for beginners, high handicappers, women, senior and junior golfers as they naturally have slower swings. 

On the contrary, expensive golf balls are typically tour-level balls. They are designed for fast swingers and low handicappers to help gain distance and stable ball flight. These are the very golf balls that professional golfers use. These give out a firmer feel to withstand the higher swing speeds. Cheaper balls with lower compression might feel too soft or spongy to fast swinging golfers.

4. Forgiveness vs. responsiveness

Budget-friendly balls typically have better forgiveness because of their lower compression and overall design. So, even if golfers miss the sweet spot, the ball itself prevents the error to an extent. 

On the other hand, expensive balls do quite the opposite. They are designed to provide responsiveness and accuracy. They give more control over shots. It’s great for short game. However, it can make things worse for the golfers that struggle with hooks or slices. So, expensive balls aren’t always the better option. You need to consider all factors to find the best.

Things to Consider Before Buying Cheap Golf Balls

There are a few crucial aspects to consider before purchasing cheap golf balls. By keeping these factors in mind, it will be easier find the best golf balls within your budget.

1. Price: How much should you expect to spend on cheap golf balls?

If you desire to buy comparatively quality balls from top golf ball brands, expect to spend around $20/dozen. It gets you surlyn-covered 2 piece distance golf balls. And just so you know, the range for premium ones is mostly around $50/dozen.

2. Swing speed and skill level

If your swing speed is ‘X’ mph, keep the golf balls’ compression number near to ‘X’ as much as possible. Using too low or too high compression golf balls compared to your swing speed can make you lose distance. The good news for the average golfer or slow swinger is that cheap balls help them gain distance and provide enough greenside spin. 

So, what about the mid to low handicappers or mid to fast swingers? Try to find an affordable alternative. Those balls won’t be the lowest-priced ones. But at least you save some dollars without hurting your game much. For example, Piper Gold and Vice Pro Plus are affordable alternatives to golf balls like Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade TP5, Bridgestone Tour B XS, etc. You save around $10 and get a comparatively similar performance.

3. Value vs. performance: What is it adding to your game?

Try to find a ball that is cheap compared to the value it is adding to your game. For example, if your putt shots are going past the hole frequently, a higher spinning ball is a better option to have increased control. It might not be as cheap as a low-spinning ball. But at least try to find one that gives you near good performance.

4. High visibility: Yellow is best

Fewer number of lost balls eventually saves you money. Brighter color golf balls are easier to find. For example, Yellow-colored balls are easiest to spot because of the contrast it creates with the green grass. They are pretty easy to find on a cloudy day or night time. They don’t appear as dirty as white balls. 

Related Questions about Cheap Golf Balls

How much is a golf ball?

A dozen new balls from well-known golf brands typically require around $20. Budget of $30 is enough to get many quality golf ball options from famous brands. In comparison, the premium offerings of most brands are around $50. You can buy X-Out golf balls for a lower price. But they aren’t legal in tournaments.

What are X-Out golf balls?

To put it simply, X-Out balls are defective golf balls. Those are the result of minor errors during the manufacturing process. The mistake is typically a cosmetic mishap. You can even get more than a 30% discount for X-out balls. But know that they aren’t allowed in a competitive round of golf.

Do cheap balls lose distance?

It typically depends on the swing speed. Golfers with slower swing speeds get increased distance, as cheap balls usually have low compression. In comparison, if golfers with faster swing speeds hit very low compression cheap balls, that might result in unstable ball flight and cause the golfer to lose distance.

Are expensive golf balls worth it?

Expensive balls are worth it for mid to low handicappers or mid to high swing speeds. Since expensive golf balls typically have higher compression, they make it harder for beginners or average golfers to gain distance and might even increase the number of slices or hooks.

What is the cheapest TaylorMade golf ball?

TaylorMade Distance+, Kalea, Noodle Long and Soft, etc. are the cheapest TaylorMade golf balls. All are ionomer covered 2-piece balls with 342 aero dimple design. They are designed to perform best with slower swing speeds. Among them, TaylorMade Distance+ adds the most value to the game with its impressive Plus alignment, distance, and greenside spin.

What is the cheapest Bridgestone golf ball?

Laddie Extreme and Precept Powerdrive are the cheapest Bridgestone golf balls. They are distance golf balls with ionomer cover, 2-piece construction, and lower compression. Slow swinging golfers will get the best advantage from these. After those, Lady Precept and e6 golf balls are the cheap ones compared to other Bridgestone balls.

What is the cheapest Callaway golf ball?

Callaway Warbird, Reva, Supersoft, and Supersoft Max balls are the cheapest ones of the Callaway golf ball family. They are some of the most famous balls in golf because of their under 50 compression rating, which is pretty low. These balls not only help get longer drives, but also aid in hitting straighter shots.

What is the cheapest Titleist golf ball?

Titleist TrueFeel is the cheapest Titleist golf ball. It is the softest and lowest compression-rated Titleist ball. It’s a 2 piece distance golf ball that performs the best for swing speeds under 95 mph. It helps slow swingers to make the drives longer and straighter. Additionally, it comes with alignment lines.

What is the cheap alternative to Titleist Pro V1?

Vice Pro Plus and Piper Gold golf balls are cheap alternatives to Titleist Pro V1. They won’t offer the same greenside spin level as Pro V1. But they are also designed for faster swing speeds with higher compression and urethane cover. They provide good short-game spin for the price.


The best golf ball for you is not necessarily the most expensive one. It’s the one that complements your swing speed and skill level. Finding the right golf ball doesn’t have to break the bank. Numerous cheap golf balls are available that meet the needs of different skill levels, swing speeds, and preferences. So, don’t let the fear of losing balls keep you from enjoying the game.

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