The 11 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers with a Comprehensive Guide

Best Golf Ball for Average Golfer

Average golfers know how important it is to choose the right equipment to improve your game. Your choice of golf ball affects your distance, accuracy, and performance in the game. Professional golfers may want “tour-level” high-performance balls, but those are not always the best match for the average golfers.

In this guide, we go into the world of golf balls made for average golfers. If you’re an average golfer, just by picking the right golf ball, you can get the confidence and support you need to play your best game and take your golfing to the next level. So let’s get started and find you the best golf ball.

Comparison of the 11 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers

Product NameCompressionCoverConstructionPrice
Titleist Pro V1Approximately 87Urethane3-piece
Callaway Supersoft38Hybrid2-piece
Srixon Soft feel60Ionomer2-piece
Callaway Chrome Soft72Urethane3-piece
TaylorMade TP5x98Urethane5-piece
Bridgestone E6Approximately 50Ionomer2-piece
Wilson Golf Staff Fifty EliteApproximately 50Surlyn2-piece
Titleist Tru feelApproximately 65Hybrid2-piece
Bridgestone Golf Tour B RXS65Urethane3-piece
Srixon Q StarApproximately 75Ionomer2-piece
Titleist VelocityApproximately 65Surlyn2-piece

11 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers in 2023

1. Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1

Compression Rate: Approximately 87
Swing Speed: Moderate or higher swing speeds
Construction: 3-piece
Cover: Urethane
Dimple Pattern: 352
Best for: Overall best for the average golfer

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls are the optimal choice for average golfers seeking extraordinary performance on the course. The Pro V1 is our top choice for the best general option because it performs so well on the greens.

With a compression rating of more than 85, this ball is excellent for average golfers whose swing speeds are between 80 and 100 miles per hour. It compresses perfectly on contact, giving you the most distance and the best performance for your swing. The Pro V1 also has an extra layer of the ionomeric casing, which improves its speed and durability even more. 

The latest version of the Titleist Pro V1 has a better solid core that increases distance and lets even average players hit long drives off the tee. When used with the driver, this ball’s low long-game spin helps you keep the ball in the fairway and safely attack the green, giving you the best chance of success on every hole.

The Pro V1 has an innovative three-piece multi-layer design and a tour-level solid core for maximum distance and energy transfer. In addition, you’ll be able to play straight and accurate shots with your long irons thanks to the ball’s increased speed, which has been made possible by the large solid core’s recent reformulation to increase its performance.

With its high-performance Urethane Elastomer cover, the Pro V1 has a great feel and response so you can control your shots around the greens accurately. In addition, its tour-proven 392 dimple design gives it great aerodynamics, making the ball fly straighter and reducing the wind’s effect. 


  • High-quality urethane cover that results in little ball spin off the tee boxes.
  • This club is ideal for players with a moderate swing speed, as it offers ample distance.
  • Excellent multi-piece golf ball with superb control around the green.


  • A bit more pricey than the others.

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2. Callaway Supersoft

Callaway supersoft

Compression Rate: 38
Swing Speed: Slower swing speed
Construction: 2-piece
Cover: Hybrid
Dimple Pattern: 332
Best for: Super soft feel

If you’re searching for golf balls that offer an ideal balance of distance, soft feel, and exceptional performance, your search ends with Callaway Supersoft balls. These balls are widely considered among the best on the market, and they work particularly well for average golfers who want to improve their game. 

With a compression rating 40, the Supersoft has one of the lowest compression amounts, making it easier to hit the ball straight and fast. This is made possible by the ultra-low compression core, which helps players hit the ball long distances while keeping control.

The Supersoft’s innovative HEX aerodynamics dimples are built into the soft Trionomer cover. These dimples make the ball easier to lift and move, allowing you to take it farther. In addition, the design of the ball is made so that it is best for long, straight shots, which gives golfers trust and consistency on the course.

Also, the soft cover of the Trigonometry helps to keep the spin rate low. This feature is especially helpful for beginning and intermediate players because it lets them keep a good feel and control on and around the greens. The Supersoft strikes a good mix between distance and spin, making it a great choice for average golfers who want a ball that is good at many different things.


  • The ball travels a great distance in a straight line.
  • Well-priced
  • It has good durability.
  • Designed to travel further and carry more by decreasing drag and increasing lift.
  • Extremely soft feel
  • Advanced core for regulated spin rate


  • The cover is easily scratched.

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3. Srixon Soft feel

Srixon soft feel

Compression Rate: 60
Best Swing Speed: Slow to moderate swing speeds.
Construction: 2-piece
Cover: Ionomer
Dimple Pattern: 344
Best for: Low-compression golf ball

Srixon soft feel is one of the best-selling balls because it offers great playability, feels, and distance for average golfers. 

The Srixon Soft Feel is a 2-piece ball with a compression value of 60. This ball’s super soft core gets softer as it approaches the center. In addition, this ball’s unique core shape transfers energy well, making it feel soft and giving it more distance from the tee to the green.

It has an ionomer cover with 344 dimples and an advanced design. The cover gives the ball many spins, making it easy to control approach shots and shots around the green. In addition, the dimples on the Srixon Soft Feel help make it more aerodynamic and lower drag. It ensures that every iron and drive shot goes as far as possible, and the speed dimples help keep the ball stable when it’s windy. 

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is long-lasting and performs well. After a few holes, it may show signs of wear and change color, but it will still work and be strong. In addition, the bright pink, white, and yellow colors make the ball easier to see on the golf course, making it less likely that you’ll lose it.


  • Because of the high dimple density, your ball will not flip over in the wind.
  • They promote a greater amount of greenside spin.
  • The dimple pattern reduces resistance and ensures uniform performance. 
  • Perfect for novice players who have a slow swing speed.


  • They won’t last as long as the top-tier balls, but you’ll probably lose fewer.
  • They don’t come to a complete stop as rapidly as the ones on the green.

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4. Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft

Compression Rate: 72
Swing Speed: Average swing speeds
Construction: 3-piece
Cover: Urethane
Dimple Pattern: 332
Best for: Combination of distance and soft feel

Callaway makes high-quality golf balls for players of all skill levels. If you’re an average player seeking the best golf ball to improve your game, consider the Callaway Chrome Soft. This ball has gotten a lot of attention for how well it works and how much it costs. 

Callaway put a lot of money into their ball business to make it easier to make Chrome Soft, which is a significant improvement. This model has excellent features at a price that isn’t too high, so you can save money without sacrificing performance. With a low-compression 72, this golf ball is also one of the softest you can buy. This soft feel makes it easier to control shots and makes them more gentle, especially around the greens. 

One thing that makes Chrome Soft stand out is its faster and bigger dual soft fast core, made with graphene. This core design gives you much space, so you can use any club to hit the ball farther. In addition, the internal core is much bigger, requiring higher takeoff and less rotation. Also, the rigid outer core is strengthened with graphene, making it last longer.

The Chrome Soft has many perks for average golfers. It makes your shots go farther, gives them a better launch, and gives them more spin around the greens. In addition, the ball is sensitive on the green and out of the sand, making it useful for many shots. The Chrome Soft also helps you with alignment, which gives you more control over your shots and makes you less likely to make mistakes.


  • Low driver spin lets you hit the ball off the tee and on long approach shots as far as possible.
  • A low-compression core and a blend cover work together to give the ball a high flight.
  • Compared to high-quality golf balls, the price is reasonable.
  • Available in six colors


  • Some players may not like the soft feel.

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5. TaylorMade TP5x

TaylorMade TP5x

Compression Rate: 98
Swing Speed: Fast swing speeds
Construction: 5-piece
Cover: Urethane
Dimple Pattern: 322
Best for: Premium option

TaylorMade is known for making great golf clubs, but the TP5x golf ball has also made a big splash. Since it came out, it has made it popular among top players who want to improve their game from the tee to the green. 

It is made of five pieces, giving it many lengths and making it one of the biggest golf balls for average players.

From within 150 yards, the TP5x continues to impress by producing high spin. This feature helps average players with fast swing speeds because it makes their approach shots easier to control and more accurate.

Even though the TP5 and TP5x are similar, the TP5x feels firmer and makes a unique high-pitched sound. This is because the high flex modulus material in the fourth layer of both balls makes it 30 percent stiffer and stronger. This layer does a good job of turning the ball’s deflection at contact into forward speed, which gives you a lot of distance. 

The TP5x also has a softer inner layer, making the driver spin less. The total compression of the TP5x is 25. It has a five-layer design with a tri-fast core that reduces drag and increases lift. 

The dual-spin cover has a very soft and durable cast urethane. In addition, its cast urethane cover enhances groove contact, which gives the ball more spin and better control around the greens. As a result, you can count on the TaylorMade TP5x to perform well from the tee to the green.


  • The outstanding multi-piece design provides dynamic spin control.
  • Excellent for mid-handicappers who aspire to play with tour-level equipment.
  • With a moderate ball flight, you may expect great distance and little spin off the tee.


  • Not applicable to golfers who frequently hook or slice the ball.

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6. Bridgestone E6

Bridgestone E6

Compression Rate: Approximately 50
Swing Speed: Low to medium swing speed
Construction: 2 piece
Cover: Ionomer
Dimple Pattern: 322
Best for: Straighter ball flight and reduced sidespin.

If you are on a tight budget, the Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls are a good choice to think about. Because they are made of two pieces and have a low-compression core, these golf balls feel softer than other balls of the same price. Notably, the e6’s shots have an incredibly straight path.

This ball features an enhanced aerodynamic design, providing straighter ball flight, more shot distance, and less drag. They are best for players with slow to medium swing speeds.

Its delta Dimple shape makes it easier for the ball to fly straight and smoothly. Also, the e6 is easy to see because you can choose bright yellow balls instead of the usual white ones.

The Bridgestone e6 is an excellent choice for the average golfer, especially mid-handicap players. 


  • Provide exceptional consistency for your ball trajectory
  • Offering optimal distance and speed while remaining soft
  • Offer the lowest driver spin for a straight flight.
  • An excellent choice for people who have a medium to high handicap


  • Because it doesn’t have spin, it can’t help the ball go high.

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7. Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite

Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite

Compression Rate: Approximately 50
Swing Speed: Slow swing speed
Construction: 2 piece
Cover: Surlyn
Dimple Pattern: 302
Best for: Straighter ball flight

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite is the best choice for players who want a ball with low compression and excellent performance. With its bright colors and ultra-soft feel, it is excellent for senior players who want to see the ball better and get a lot of distance.

This golf ball is excellent for average players with slower swing speeds because it has a compression rating of 50. Features a two-piece construction and a 22% softer rubber interior compared to comparable balls. This makes the clubhead more responsive at impact, releasing more energy and giving you great distance off the tee and on your shots.

The outside of the ball is made with 302 aerodynamics and has a unique flat bottom to reduce air resistance and make shots that are longer and more accurate. In addition, the narrow dimples make it easier for the ball to glide through the air, which helps the ball fly straight and deep.

Fifty Elite’s extra space allows you to get closer to the green and the pin to make more birdies and eagles. The ball is also made to last with a new plastic slide pack, so there are no complaints about its effectiveness.

Wilson’s Fifty Elite is among the best choices for average players who want the best value. Even though it costs just a little bit more than a dollar per ball, it performs very well on the course. The ball is right because it has a responsive cover, low driver spin, and a soft feel at contact and around the greens.


  • Available in multiple colors for easy visibility.
  • The speed and distance of these golf balls are well-balanced, making them suitable for all skill levels.
  • Designed for low to medium swing speeds, so even average players easily hit long drives.
  • Last a long time


  • Despite their longer distance, their role is not particularly impressive.
  • There is a tendency to over-hit the balls with long clubs.

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8. Titleist Tru feel

Titleist Tru feel

Compression Rate: Approximately 65
Swing Speed: Slow swing speed
Construction: 2 piece
Cover: Hybrid
Dimple Pattern: 302
Best for: Affordable option

Titleist is known for making high-quality golf balls, and TruFeel is a standout addition to the company’s line. Usually, average players go to multi-piece or three-piece balls, but the TruFeel is hard to pass up because of how well it performs and how cheap it is.

With a low compression core of 65, the TruFeel gives you a dynamic response off the tee, letting you hit impressive distances without losing control. In addition, less spin on the driver means that your shots on the fairway will be more accurate and steady.

Features a cutting-edge side stamp design that aids in alignment both off the tee and around the green. This new and clever feature eliminates the need to mark the ball by hand, saving you time and effort. Also, it makes longer shots with irons or wood go farther when the wind blows.

Additionally, TruFeel has TruFit aerodynamics technology with an asymmetrically optimized design which helps the long game even more. 

It comes in three colors to make it easier to see on the course. In addition, the TruFeel has a new TruTouch core designed to make the driver ball go faster and spin less, giving it more distance.


  • Provide an incredible level of comfort and enhanced greenside spin control
  • Designed with an asymmetrical design that boosts performance and distance on long-range shots.
  • It gives a premium ball looks at a reasonable price.


  • The exterior covers are poorly made and scratch easily.

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9. Bridgestone Golf Tour B RXS

Bridgestone Golf Tour B RXS

Compression Rate: 65
Swing Speed: Moderate swing speeds
Construction: 3-piece
Cover: Urethane
Dimple Pattern: 338
Best for: All-around golf ball

The Bridgestone Tour B RXS golf balls are one of the best choices for average players who want to improve their game because they perform well. Although made with advanced technologies, these golf balls offer a great mix of distance, control, and feel.

The Tour B RXS is a great golf club for average players because it performs well and can be used in various ways. In addition, its three-piece design strikes the right balance between power and control, letting players improve their game without losing distance.

One of the best things about the Gradational Compression Core is one of the best things about the Tour B RXS. This innovative technology ensures high ball speeds and reduced spin, which makes shots off the tee go far. 

In addition, with an average compression value of 65, the Tour B RXS has a medium firmness and feels softer than many other urethane-covered golf balls on the market.

Another important thing about the Bridgestone Tour B RXS golf balls is that they have a SlipRes Urethane Soft Cover with Seamless technology. This advanced cover recipe gives the ball a great feel and spins around the greens, making it easier for players to control their short-game shots. 

With Dual Dimple technology, the Tour B RXS even improves its speed by maximizing aerodynamics. This technology reduces drag and increases lift, which makes the ball travel farther and more accurately and gives players more accuracy and control.


  • Increase initial ball speed while reducing side spin
  • Optimal for moderate swing speeds
  • The SlipRes urethane cover increases greenside spin and feel.
  • An elegant, seamless, high-quality cover design


  • Poor launch angle control
  • On the green, there’s almost too much spin.

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10. Srixon Q Star

Srixon Q Star Tour

Compression Rate: Approximately 75
Best Swing Speed: low to medium swing speeds
Construction: 2-piece
Cover: Ionomer
Dimple Pattern: 338
Best for: Best Distance Golf Ball

Srixon Golf has become known as a top competitor to ball makers, and the Q-Star shows how serious they are about being the best. These golf balls are for players whose swing speeds are between moderate and average. It differs from the two-piece Srixon types because it is made of three pieces and has a urethane cover, giving it a better feel and spin.

You’ll immediately see the big alignment printing when you take the ball out of its blue and grey box. This straight line helps you line up your putts perfectly, which gives you faith in your stroke. In addition, the compression grade of the Q-Star is 75, which is the perfect mix of softness and power. 

The Q-Star’s success comes from the energetic gradient growth core wrapped in a thin urethane layer. This new core design gives you controlled spin and steady distance to hit longer and straight shots. 

With SeRM technology, the urethane cover maximizes spin and gives iron shots around the green great stopping power. In addition, it gets deep into the grooves and wedges, making friction when it hits the ball by giving the best control over approach shots.

The Q-Star’s 338 dimples, arranged in Srixon’s speed dimple pattern, increase lift and speed while enhancing the ball’s distance and control. In addition, this shape makes the flight more penetrating, so your shots will go straight no matter the weather.

Srixon has put a lot of thought into function and feel, but it’s important to note that the Q-Star may have lost a little durability in the process. But golfers who regularly hit the ball well will find its excellent performance worth it, as it will help them keep doing well.


  • Quite reasonable
  • Its soft, responsive core reduces driver spin, which helps golfers hit straighter and longer shots.
  • Aerodynamic dimples minimize drag and increase coverage and penetration.
  • Energy growth cores improve ball performance and distance coverage.


  • The ball travels further than you’d like when chipping.
  • It may be too “spinny” for some golfers.

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11. Titleist Velocity

Titleist Velocity

Compression Rate: Approximately 65
Best Swing Speed: Slow to medium swing speeds.
Construction: 2-piece
Cover: Surlyn
Dimple Pattern: 350
Best for: Best for budget

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls are the perfect partner for average players who want to improve their game. These golf balls go a long way without giving up control. 

It has a high-speed LSX core with a low compression rating of 65, giving it a soft feel and letting players with average swing speeds get the most out of it. In addition, this low-compression core lets the ball compress more when it hits the ground, making it go farther and feel more sensitive.

The NaZ+ cover is what makes these golf balls stand out. This cover makes the club last longer and gives it a sensitive feel and great control around the green. As a result, you can shape your shots easily and get them to hit precisely where you want, even from tough lies. In addition, the NaZ+ cover’s soft feel gives you more faith in your game and makes every swing fun.

The Titleist Velocity Golf Balls have a 350 octahedral dimple design tiled in a spherical pattern for better aerodynamics. This shape of dimples makes the ball fly most stably and consistently as possible. As a result, you’ll have better aim and carry, which will help you hit your targets more accurately.

Another great thing about these golf balls is that they are a great deal for the money, making them an excellent choice for average players who want to improve their game without spending much money.


  • Cost-effective
  • Help you gain distance with a wide variety of clubs
  • Long-lasting
  • Various color options


  • It is difficult to rotate in any direction.

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Factors to Consider before buying the best golf balls for average golfers


The construction of a golf ball is significant because it determines how high and far the ball flies, how it spins, how much control you have over it on the green, and so on. 

So you must choose the right construction to make the ball fit your playing style and skill level. Here, we’ll talk about the different golf balls constructions and what makes them unique: 

1-Piece Golf Ball

A 1-piece golf ball is the most basic construction, consisting of a single core and an outer cover. It has the least spin and is the best option for beginner golfers.

2-Piece Golf Ball

The 2-piece golf ball gives you more versatility in how you play. It has a strong Surlyn or urethane cover on top of a solid rubber body. Beginners who have learned the basics and want to go farther often use this construction.

3-Piece Golf Ball

The 3-piece golf ball is best for players with a firm grip. It is even used by a few PGA Tour professionals. It has a rubber heart, another layer of rubber, and a double layer of Surlyn on the outside. This design gives you more control over the ball, more spin, and a softer feel on the face of the club.

4-Piece Golf Ball

The 4-piece golf ball is for pro players who want to get better at controlling spin on the green. It has a firm rubber core wrapped in two layers, and the outside is soft Urethane.

5-Piece Golf Ball

The 5-piece golf ball is the most complex currently available, and very professional players only use it, and it is the most expensive one to buy. 


Compression is an essential thing to consider when considering golf balls for average players. The compression grade of a golf ball shows how easily it can be compressed when it hits the face of the club. As a result, it changes how the ball feels, how far it goes, and how it spins.

A low-compression golf ball is often a good choice for average players who may not be able to hit the ball very fast. Low-compression balls are softer, allowing for easier compression upon impact and making the ball go farther, especially for players whose swing speeds are below average or average. 

Also, the weather factors where you usually play can affect which compression you choose. For example, low-compression balls do better in colder weather because they stay flexible and sensitive. Conversely, golfers often opt for high-compression balls in hotter conditions because these balls continue to deliver optimal performance.

When choosing golf balls for average players, it’s essential to consider their golf swing speed, how far they want to go, and how much control they want. 

People with slower swing speeds can get more distance with low compression balls, but they may lose some control. On the other hand, balls with higher compression give you more control, but you have to swing faster to get the most distance out of them.

For the average golfer, finding the right compression means balancing distance, control, and personal preference. Golfers can determine the best ball for their game by trying different compression ratings and ball types.

Dimple Pattern

Dimple patterns on golf balls have an essential impact on their aerodynamics and flight characteristics. Manufacturers design the dimples on a golf ball to facilitate the airflow around it while it travels through the air. This design reduces drag, reducing friction and enabling the ball to travel farther and maintain a straighter path.

A deeper dimple pattern tends to make the ball spin faster, while a shorter one makes the ball spin slower and fly higher. Most of the time, a shallow dimple design is best for average golfers. This design encourages a lower spin rate, which can help players who have trouble controlling their ball flight cut down on sidespin and improve their aim.


The cover and design of a golf ball greatly affect how fast it spins. Most of the time, two-piece balls with a softer feel have less spin control than three-piece balls or balls with more layers. 

Low-spin golf balls are perfect for players who hook or slice their shots off the tee. However, the average golfer has trouble with these direction issues, so a ball with less sidespin can help reduce the damage.

On the other hand, golf balls with better spin rates give players a better feel for the ball and more control around the greens. With these high-spinning balls, players can change where and how the ball goes, giving them more control over their shots and better accuracy. In addition, they can make approach shots with more spin, which gives them more space and better stopping power on the greens.

It’s important to remember that a golf ball that doesn’t spin can go in a straight line, but that doesn’t mean it will go farther. So getting the right amount of spin is essential for distance and control.


All golfers need to be accurate because it affects their scores and how much they enjoy the game generally. Even though practice is essential for getting better, choosing the right golf ball can greatly help to get more accurate shots.

Golf balls have gone through a lot of research and development, which has led to improved designs that make them more accurate. And it has been found that multi-layered golf balls are more accurate than other kinds.

Manufacturers create these balls with multiple layers, each specifically designed to enhance performance in a certain way. Multi-layered golf balls work well for average players with moderate swing speeds who want to improve their accuracy.

Cover Material 

The choice of cover material greatly affects how long and long a golf ball lasts. Surlyn and Urethane are the two most popular materials for making golf balls.

Surlyn which is a type of plastic ionomer material. It is known for being solid and hard, making it a good choice for the outside of golf balls, especially those made of two parts. Surlyn gives golf balls exceptional durability and a long lifespan.

On the other hand, Urethane is a high-end cover material usually found on golf balls with three or more layers. Urethane has a very soft feel on contact, which is something that advanced golfers really like. These balls spin more, especially when hit with wedges and irons, giving you better control around the greens. 

Ultimately, the choice between surlyn and urethane covers relies on the golfer’s preferences, skill level, and affordability.


When buying golf balls for the average golfer, it’s essential to think about your budget and how many balls you might lose during a round. Most golf gear lasts for a long time, but golf balls tend to wear out and are easy to lose during a game.

You must replace a golf ball at some point because no one lasts forever. Because there are so many different golf ball brands and ways to make golf balls, their prices can change significantly. Buying the most expensive balls can quickly add to a lot of money if you drop many balls during your rounds.

Choose golf balls that fit your budget and skill level to reduce costs. 

Bottom Line

For the average golfer, it can be hard to find the right golf ball because many brands offer similar choices. Each golf ball has unique traits, like distance, spin, or feel. Your choice will depend on what you like and how you play.

Remember that none of the golf balls we looked at were bad. However, each one has something unique to offer that makes it stand out from the rest. 

You can study, try different brands, and pay attention to how the balls work for you on the course. So, you can find the ball that works best for your game and gives you the most fun.

So, take your time, try different golf balls, and find the one that makes you happy and lets you play your best. 

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