7 Best Golf Balls for 100 mph Swing Speed: Unlock Your Potential

7 golf balls for 100mph

You are already one step ahead in the game with your above-average swing speed of 100 mph. Now you need a golf ball tailored to your swing speed to unlock your full potential. But it’s also a fact that the same swing speed doesn’t mean that the same golf ball will be a perfect fit for all. Your swing style, desired distance, accuracy, spin, launch angle, and even the feel of the ball play a crucial role. 

Some golfers need a ball that offers a lower launch angle for increased distance. While others want to prioritize greenside control to lessen the number of missed putts. Feel is the most important for some other players. The price of the ball is a crucial factor too. 

So, we’ve listed the 7 best golf balls for 100 mph swing speeds, keeping different preferences and requirements in mind. To have a clearer picture of what factors made them best, you can skip to the section on how to find the best ball for 100 mph.

7 Best Golf Balls for 100 mph Swing Speed Reviewed

We have reviewed these 7 golf balls depending on many different factors like compression, construction, feel, how it performs in different scenarios etc. Both pros and cons are included to help you find your match easily. Let’s find the best golf ball for you to take your game to new heights.

1. Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1

Those with a 100 mph swing speed tend to hit slightly higher than slow swingers. Pro V1 has mid-flight aerodynamics that helps to have a comparatively lower ball flight and increase overall distance. Additionally, Titleist Pro V1 2023 comes with the high gradient core. It increases speed and lower the spin off drivers. That results in adding extra yards.

The near 90 compression and 3-piece construction offer excellent stopping power. It lets you shape your shots precisely. The feel around the green is great as well.

You might already know about Pro V1x balls and wondering if they would be better than Pro V1 balls for 100 mph swing speed. Well, the Pro V1x has increased spin than Pro V1, which is excellent for short-game. But the Pro V1x is more on the firmer side and flies higher. This makes it harder for golfers with 100 mph swing speeds to gain distance with it. 


  • Improved overall distance
  • Consistent ball flight
  • Impressive wedge spin
  • Soft feel


  • Not a good choice for those struggling to launch higher

What are golfers saying about Pro V1?

Over 66% of the top golfers go with Titleist golf balls, and Pro V1 is the model they mostly choose. It’s popular among golfers for its excellent performance. 

Golfers like the control and feel Pro V1 balls provide. These golfer balls go longer and offer consistent results. The spin around the green is impressive as well.

Final Verdict

Although it depends on personal preference, Pro V1 is the overall best choice for 100 mph swing speed in most scenarios. It’s because of the balance of launch angle, distance, and greenside spin you get with Pro V1 for 100 mph swing speeds.

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2. Callaway Chrome Soft X 360 Triple Track

Callaway Chrome Soft X 360 Triple Track

Chrome Soft X comes with a 90 above compression rating, and 4-piece construction. It makes the spin off the irons quite workable. That also helps to stop this ball quickly around the green for a 100 mph swing speed. You can make your chip, pitch, or putt shots more precise. When you hit the ball with the putter, it offers a solid and responsive feel at impact. 

But the concern is that gaining distance might be slightly harder because of the higher compression. It’s more of a ball for those 100 mph swingers who want to focus on making accurate short-distance shots and make putt alignment quicker.

You might wonder why we chose Chrome Soft X to this list and not Chrome Soft or Chrome Soft X LS balls. Well, the difference is Chrome Soft is the softest of this lineup. In comparison, Chrome Soft X LS is the firmest one. Chrome Soft X maintains a balance of both in the feel and responsiveness. For 100 mph swings, its feel is on the firmer side.


  • Increased and consistent wedge spin
  • Works well even on windy days
  • Highly visible alignment system


  • Might not like the increased overall spin on drives in cold conditions

What are golfers saying about Callaway Chrome Soft X?

Many professional golfers currently carry Chrome Soft X in their bags and Phil Mickelson made the record of being the oldest golfer to win a major championship with Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track balls. That brought Chrome Soft X more to the spotlight.

Golfers appreciate Chrome Soft X balls’ explosive speed off the driver, excellent spin with the irons, and easier alignment system. The putter game is solid as well. Golfers liked the click on impact when hit with a putter or wedge.

Final Verdict

Along with its short-game versatility, this ball comes with a unique 360 Triple Track Technology. It helps to make the putting easier and offers instant feedback on the roll. 

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3. Vice Pro

Vice Pro

If you are looking for a bit more budget-friendly balls that offer similar performances to premium ones, Vice Pro is a great option for that. Compared to other golf balls for fast swingers, it saves around $10 or more per dozen. 

Off the driver, Vice Pro offers lower spin and increases the overall distance. It is also quite forgiving. With around 85 compression and 3-piece construction, it provides good greenside spin. While the cast urethane cover offers a soft feel around the green.

In addition, it comes with a highly visible black alignment line that is called KIL (Keep In Line) alignment aid. It makes putting easier and quicker. 

Vice Pro is often compared with the popular Titleist Pro V1. Although Pro V1 has more spin, Vice Pro balls’ wedge spin is still great for 100 mph swing speed at this price range.


  • Longer and straighter drives
  • Offers soft feel
  • Impressive playability


  • Balls’ color is comparatively less durable

What are golfers saying about Vice Pro?

Golfers agree that Vice Pro balls’ price point can’t be beaten. They especially liked the distance off the tee. It also has a great spin and feel around the green. The performance is similar to balls from major brands, especially Titleist Pro V1.

Final Verdict

Vice Pro balls have a commendable combination of distance, spin, soft feel, and alignment system for a lower price. It’s one of the best choices for those looking for something cheaper that performs well for 100 mph swing speed.

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4. Titleist AVX

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review

Golfers who struggle with slices, using most of the tour balls like Pro V1, Chrome Soft X, or TP5x, can make it worse. You need a ball that creates comparatively lower spin than that. But it also shouldn’t be too soft for 100 mph swing speed. Titleist AVX is the best choice for this. 

The reformulated core, comparatively lower compression, and high-flex casing layer offer lower spin. That results in lower side spin. It helps you hit straighter shots. In addition, lower spin and low flight aid in gaining better overall distance.

As for the short game, it has good control on the shots because of the 3-piece construction and urethane cover. This ball offers a soft feel while putting or chipping. The simple arrow alignment makes putting easier.

However, it offers less control on shots than Pro V1. Since AVX is designed to focus more on offering lower spin and lower flight, it won’t have excellent spin off the wedges like Pro V1 or Pro V1x. Although not as much as Pro V1 or Chrome Soft X, AVX balls still have good stopping power around the green for golfers with 100 mph swing speeds.



  • Comparatively less control around the green

What are golfers saying about Titleist AVX?

Golfers said that the Titleist AVX balls fly longer and straighter. These balls offer a great feel around the green and the stopping power is good as well. In addition, AVX balls are durable.

Final Verdict

Titleist AVX is best for mid-handicappers with 100 mph swing speed. Especially those who are high-flight players, produce too much spin, or are struggling with slices. This ball stays comparatively lower and offers lower spin to solve these. 

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5. TaylorMade TP5x

TaylorMade TP5x

TP5x was the firmest TaylorMade golf ball. But the new version of TP5x comes with upgrades that make it one of the longest Tour balls. TP5x now has a compression of 85, which is 12 points lesser than the previous model. That makes it easier to compress this golf ball and add extra yards to the drives.

HFM Speed Layer also helps increase ball speed to add distance. The Tri-Fast Core and Tour Flight Dimple Pattern aid in that process.

What makes it attractive is that you won’t need to compromise the greenside control much for the distance it provides. The 5-piece construction and urethane cover offer great spin around the green.

When we compare TP5 and TP5x balls, TP5x balls provide slightly increased carry distance than the TP5 balls with 100 mph swing speed. TP5x offers a slightly higher launch too.


  • Increased driver distance
  • Consistent ball flight
  • Lands soft


  • Scuffs comparatively quicker, especially with wedges

What are golfers saying about TaylorMade TP5x?

PGA Tour professionals Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, Tommy Fleetwood and LPGA Tour professionals Brooke Henderson, Charley Hull and many more like TP5x balls for their game.

Golfers appreciate the increased distance, lower spin and forgiveness TP5x provides off the driver. Its performance while chipping and putting is quite impressive. The roll off the putter is great as well.

Final Verdict

TaylorMade TP5x is for those looking for added distance, speed and want to have a balanced performance off wedges as well. In addition, this ball has Pix version, which has strategically placed graphics that provide feedback on the roll.

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6. Bridgestone Tour B RX

Bridgestone Golf Tour B RXS

Golfers with comparatively higher swing speed usually have higher launch angle. But some golfers have much more descending angle of attack. That leads to lower launch and less distance. Bridgestone Tour B RX assists to solve this problem.

The under 80 compression and Dual Dimple technology combined offers a higher launch angle and stable ball flight. Even in different conditions, the ball performs quite well. 

REACTIV iQ urethane cover is designed to increase ball speed and distance off the tee. The comparatively lower compression and Dual Dimple technology aids to make the distance gain easier.

REACTIV iQ also helps to offer good spin and soft feel around the green. If you compare it with other balls in the market, the feel falls more on the medium range. But it’s on the softer side for 100 mph swing speed, when you compare it with the urethane covered balls.


  • Increased distance
  • Great ball flight even on windy days
  • Quite durable


  • Comparatively less spin with putters

What are golfers saying about Bridgestone Tour B RX?

Lexi Thompson likes Tour B RX for her game because of the distance and control it provides with new REACTIV iQ cover. 

Other golfers also liked the distance off the tee and feel around the green. In addition, it goes straighter and the yellow option makes it easier to find.

Final Verdict

Bridgestone Tour B RX is for those golfers with 100 mph, who struggle to gain a higher launch angle, extra yards off the tee and don’t mind slightly less greenside spin.

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7. Srixon Q-Star Tour

Srixon Q-Star Tour

As you might already know, golf balls feel firmer than they originally are in cold weather. If you like a softer feel at impact, then Srixon Q-Star Tour is a great choice for that. It has everything similar to a Tour ball, just has a lower compression. The yellow balls are easier to spot in snow too.

The under 75 compression and FastLayer Core with its gradual transition offers a soft feel. It assists in adding extra distance to the usual drives as well. As golfers sometimes lose distance in cold weather, this ball prevents that to an extent.

3 piece construction and urethane cover help provide good greenside spin. However, if you are looking for excellent wedge spin like Chrome Soft X or TP5x, Srixon Q-Star Tour might not be for you. Q-Star is more of a distance focused ball with a soft feel, which is easier to compress in cold weather with 100 mph swing speeds.


  • Increased carry distance
  • Offers higher launch off the tee
  • Comes with bold putting line


  • Comparatively less control in short-game

What are golfers saying about Srixon Q-Star Tour?

Golfers like the feel it provides off the clubs. These balls respond and fly well with every strike. The drives are longer. In addition, it’s durable and performs like a premium ball for less cost. 

Final Verdict

Srixon Q-Star Tour is for those golfers looking for a soft feel golf ball to play in cold weather and is okay with having slightly less greenside spin.

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How to Find the Best Golf Ball for 100 mph Swing Speed?

Golf balls with above 75 compression rating, urethane cover and 3-piece construction are usually the best for golfers with 100 mph swing speeds. They are mostly labeled as the Tour balls or golf balls for higher swing speeds or professionals. You need to spend a bit more than average for them.

However, just filtering golf balls with the above criteria isn’t going to get you the right golf ball for your game. As you already know, golf is much more complicated than that. So, when selecting golf balls, you need to check whether the ball produces enough ball speed, greenside spin and good launch with your golf club set or not and many more things.

Even two golfers with the same swing speed, age, gender, and skill level might require different golf balls due to variations in their swing styles. Therefore, golf ball fitting is recommended to find the most suitable ball. But if you intend to experiment and find out on your own, then the discussion below will ease your journey to finding one.

1. Compression: Above 75 for optimal distance and spin

Yes, you can’t just pick a ball depending on the compression only. Neither is it always the right choice to choose balls of specific compression range. But it’s true in most cases that comparatively higher compression golf balls like Pro V1, TP5x provide better overall performance for 100 mph swing speeds. These balls offer enhanced distance and control.

But high spin swingers with 100 mph swing speed benefit more from low-spinning golf balls with comparatively high compression. It helps to maintain a balance of spin to get better distance and hit straighter shots. Titleist AVX, for example, is a great choice for them. But these very balls also create less spin in the short game. 

So, you ultimately need to compromise a bit on one side or another. What’s crucial is what matters more to you or what you want to work first on. Choose according to that.

2. Construction: 3 piece or above for enhanced control and accuracy

Usually, golf balls with more layers provide better control. It’s because they typically spin more on greens. So, controlling and stopping those balls are easier while putting. Golfers with 100 mph swing speed can use this to improve the accuracy of pitch, chip, or putt shots. That’s why 3, 4 or 5-piece golf balls are a better choice for them than 2-piece golf balls.

3. Urethane cover

Golf balls for low handicap golfers, fast swingers, or 100 mph swing speeds typically have urethane cover. These balls provide increased spin on iron and wedge shots. As a result, you get increased greenside control. The soft and responsive feel of these balls is considered tour-level feel.

But just having urethane cover doesn’t qualify a ball as the best for 100 mph swing speed. For example, Bridgestone Tour B RXS is a urethane covered 3-piece ball. But the compression rating is under 70, and it has lower spin. It’s more of a golf ball for slower swing speeds. So, you need to consider all the factors.

4. Budget considerations: Investing in premium balls for better experience

Golf balls for 100 mph swing speed are mostly the premium ones. You need around $50/dozen or more for buying these from well-known golf ball brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, Callaway, etc.

If you are looking for cheaper options, you might like Piper Gold, Vice Pro, Vice Pro Plus, etc. They are also designed for faster swing speeds. They might not offer you the same feel, but they save you around $10 or more. 

Golf balls that come with around $20/dozen are mostly labeled as golf balls for seniors, women, beginners or high handicappers. These balls help to get better distance to those with slower swing speeds. But typically these won’t provide much shot control to golfers with 100 mph swing speeds.

5. Feel and preferences

Golf balls just feel different to individual golfers. It depends on the golfer’s personal preference, what feel to choose. With modern technology, it doesn’t always strictly depend on the compression of the ball. 

However, it is important to mention that low compression distance golf balls with a 30-40 compression rating tend to feel too spongy for golfers with 100 mph swing speed. Callaway Reva and Wilson Duo Soft balls are examples of that. They also typically don’t offer you as much greenside spin as the Tour balls with 100 mph swing speeds. 

Also know that on summer days, golf balls tend to feel softer than they originally are and vice versa.

Related Questions

1. What is the best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed?

Titleist Pro V1 is the overall best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed because of the balance of distance, spin, and launch angle it offers to most golfers with that swing speed. If you are looking for a budget-friendly golf ball with similar performance, Vice Pro balls are the best.

Callaway Chrome Soft X 360 Triple Track is the best for those who prefer a firmer feel and want to focus more on short-game. On the other hand, Titleist AVX is the best for golfers who prefer a soft feel and looking for a ball to help fix slices. So, you need to first determine what your preferences are to find the best for you.

2. Is a 100 mph swing speed fast?

Generally, 100 mph driver swing speed is considered above average swing speed. But for professional male golfers, it’s below average, as 113 mph is the average swing speed of PGA Tour golfers. Whereas, it’s pretty good for professional women golfers, as the average driver swing speed of LPGA players is 94 mph.

3. How far should a golf ball go with a 100 mph swing speed?

Typically golf balls go around 220-260 yards with a 100 mph driver swing speed. However, how far the golf ball will travel also depends on many other things like the launch angle, spin, wind, course condition, etc. Using the proper training and equipment can help you gain more distance.

4. How can I increase my swing speed from 100 to 110?

To increase your swing speed from 100 to 110 mph, try exercises that strengthen your golf muscles and do golf stretches to improve flexibility. Regularly practicing full shots with weighted clubs like SuperSpeed, can significantly increase speed. Equipment adjustments are crucial too. For instance, longer clubs or lighter shafts can make a noticeable difference.
As you already have a swing speed of 100 mph, it’s more likely that your basic swing speed mechanics are solid. However, it’s always beneficial to revisit these fundamentals. Pay attention to your grip pressure; a stronger grip can often result in better distance. Additionally, ensure that you’re following a proper swing sequence and consider shortening your backswing.

5. Does it really matter what golf ball you use depending on your swing speed?

Yes, it matters. The distance, accuracy, and control of shots depends on it. Golf balls that are suitable for your swing speed offer increased distance, enhanced spin for pitch or chip shot, and provide better accuracy while putting. Using quality golf balls that aren’t too hard or too soft for your swing speed is crucial.

6. Does the type of golf ball used really depend on your swing speed?

Swing speed is the most important thing when choosing the type of golf ball. It can even help to bring out the best performance. For example, softer, low compression golf balls help to make straighter and longer shots with slower swings. While golf balls with higher compression offer better greenside control and consistent flight.

7. What happens if a golfer with a fast swing uses a low compression golf ball?

Lower compression balls provide less greenside control to golfers with fast swings. If not hit shorter, low compression balls go past the hole and make golfers miss putts. Also, low-compression golf balls might over-compress when fast-swinging golfers hit full swing shots. It might lead to inconsistent ball flight and less overall distance. 

Summing It Up

With the best golf balls for 100 mph swing speeds, you can achieve greater distance, accuracy, and control. It makes a significant difference in your golfing experience. It also helps improve your golf scores and boost your confidence to increase your swing speed. 

If you are still not sure what ball to choose, you can start with the Titleist Pro V1. It is the overall best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed. And if you are on a tight budget, Vice Pro is also a good option to experiment with. 

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