10 Golf Stretches for Golfers that will Improve Flexibility

Shoulder Stretching

If you are interested in golf and want to do better with it, you have to know about golf stretching. In today’s world, golf stretching has reached its highest popularity. It’s not something optional for you, it’s one of the major parts of this sport.

Golf is a game of confidence and competence as well as taking pleasure. But you can only be competitive and confident if you know and maintain golf stretching. Now, be sure that you are going through the right information about golf stretching.

golf stretching

What Is Golf Stretching?

Golf stretching is such kind of exercise which makes a player worthy enough by increasing his confidence, making his muscles strong to get fit for playing. It’s a regular exercise for a golfer to play on the right way developing his power to hit the ball perfectly into the hole.

Why Stretching in Golf is Important?

importance of golf stretching

Golf stretching is much more important without any doubt. The reasons behind it include the necessity of being safe, reducing injury, improving flexibility, enhancing body fitness etc.

Golf Stretching is a part of golf and a must for you if you want a safe game without injury. It will also improve your flexibility. And you know that Improving flexibility means improving skill in golf.

To be safe from injury

If your muscles are flexible, you have fewer chances of injury. Besides flexibility reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. So by following golf stretches, you can have flexible muscles for the movements during exercise.

To improve golf swing

“A golfer has to train his swing on the practice tee, then trust it on the course.”

Dr. Bob Rotella

Another importance of stretching is the improvement of the golf swing. You must know how to swing golf irons with flexibility. By performing regular golf stretches, you can get a relaxed swing and improve accuracy. Golf stretches help you promote a more fluid golf swing by improving your flexibility. So be regular in stretching and it will make you an expert golfer.

To keep the balance

Stretching will drive you to make yourself balanced which is very important in this sport. It will also enhance your strength with the ability to play better. So make sure you can keep balance while playing.

To increase confidence  

Stretching will increase your confidence and the ability to swing faster and harder by refreshing your mind and making you physically fit. The most basic golf stretches will just make you more confident and feel better. It will enhance your sporting performance, improve your freedom of movement and mobility.

As you have learnt about stretching and its importance, now you have to know how often you should do these exercises. Always remember that time is beneficial in golf game. So you should maintain your time while following stretches.

How Often Should You Exercise?  

golf exercise

Try to exercise at least one set of golf stretches regularly and another set before each round of the game and after it too. Hold each stretch for 8-15 or 20-50 seconds according to the type of exercise.      

You should keep in your mind that it’s not necessary to repeat an individual stretch. You can also stretch when feeling that you have to stretch.

Stretching will provide you a lot of benefits from different aspects as a golfer if you do it properly with exact exercises. So following the list of best stretching exercises is as important as playing golf for you. It’s also important to keep your body active to maintain balance strength. Let’s see and follow the exercises described below.

Golf stretching routine

You need to know about golf stretching routine before learning the ways of exercises.

  • know your anatomy and limitations
  • Learn proper stretching techniques
  • Stretch for 08-15 seconds
  • Try to avoid boredom

A List of 10 Best Golf Stretches to Improve Your Game

1. Shoulder stretch  

shoulder stretch

Shoulder stretch can be followed to improve range of motion in the shoulder joint. As a golfer, you should take this as one of the major stretches and do it before and after each tee shot.

Step 1. Take your hands in front of you holding the golf club while gripping each edge of the club.

Step 2. Now lift your hands over your head in such way that your elbows must remain straight.

Step 3. Try to stretch your shoulders with slow motion. Move your hands back as far as you can. Stop stretching when you feel tension from the front of your shoulders.

Step 4. Now hold for 08-15 seconds and then release. Repeat it at least two times.

Step 5. Be careful of your limits. You should remain within your limits.

2. Back stretch  

golf back stretching

It will help you reduce muscle tightness and pain. You need to try moves that stretch the shoulders, neck and lower back. It will relieve your upper body.

Step 1. Begin this exercise by kneeling on the ground with your arms. Keep them before you.

Step 2. Now slide your arms and slowly shift your hips back towards your feet until you feel a comfortable stretch.

Step 3. Slide your hands to the right. Stop when you feel a stretch down the side of your torso. Then repeat to the left.

Watch the following video from Mike Pedersen for a visual explanation of the Backstretch. If necessary, you may skip this tutorial video.

3. Hamstring stretch

hamstring stretch

It will improve your flexibility which is the most important part of golf stretching. It will also help you improve your golf swing. But you have to keep it balanced. You will not have the range of motion to properly perform without flexibility even though you have enough strength. It will help you strengthen your hamstrings and raise your stability.    

Now follow these which are key to consistency, golf power and distance for a golfer.

Step 1. First, you have to seat in the upright position. Fold your foot near groin with the opposite leg straight.

Step 2. Try to reach down bending from the hips and leading with the chest. Keep trying until a stretch is felt in the back of the thigh.

Step 3. Keep in mind that you must keep the low back straight to isolate stretch in the hamstring.

If you want, you can learn how to do hamstring stretches through the video. The video is given below:

4. Standing forward bend stretch   

standing forward bend stretch

Though it’s less important for any athlete, it’s one of the main stretches for the golfers. So take this as one of the best stretches for your sport. Glance over the following instructions.

Step 1. At first stand up straightly. Stay with your relaxed shoulder.

Step 2. Take your hands behind your back and twist your fingers together.

Step 3. Now take your shoulders up so that it can reach near to your ears. Then your hands should be lifted away from your back.

Step 4. Slowly stretch to the waist. Don’t keep your back rounded. It should be flat. Keep stretching and lift your hands over your head as far as possible.

Step 5. When its full stretch, you will feel the tension in your shoulders as well as in your hamstrings. Now maintain the stretch between 08-15 seconds and release. Repeat it twice or thrice.  

You can watch the following video to know more about Standing forward bend stretch.

5. Standing chest stretch against wall

standing chest stretching

This kind of exercise will increase your shoulder joint’s range of motion. Besides, it will improve the range of motion through the golf swing. Follow these rules below.

Step 1. Stand straight to the wall.

Step 2. Press your hands closest to wall at shoulder height with fingers facing back. Try to turn chest away from the wall until stretch is felt through chest and arms.

Step 3. Hold stretch within 20-50 seconds. Repeat it two times on each side of the body.

If you are still not clear about it, then you can watch the video given below:

6. Standing quad stretch

Standing quad stretch

There are various ways to stretch your quadriceps. A simple one is given here that will be easy for you while standing.

Step 1. Stand on one of your legs. If you need support, you can grab something solid. Then bend your knee and take your heel toward your hips.

Step 2. Take your hands to reach your ankle. Now stand up directly. Try to feel a little pull together with the front of your thigh and hip.

Step 3. Hold the stretch between 20-30 seconds and release. Repeat it on another leg.

Step 4. Keep in mind that you should be careful not to strain your knee. Your target is to stretch the thigh, not to touch your hips with your heel.

If you still have any confusion about standing quad stretch, you can be more clear by watching the following video.

7. Hinged forward arm arcs with rotation

Its a dynamic stretch providing hamstring flexibility which excludes swing compensations. It will improve spinal posture and flexibility and imitate the motions of your body as you swing.

Step 1. Make sure to bend at the hips more than you bend your back.

Step 2. Stand and fold your arms. Bend to the hips. Keep your back flat. Now rotate your shoulders to the right as far as you can and then to the left as far as you feel comfortable.

Step 3. Make sure that your head is not moving with your shoulders. Rotate and stretch for ten times and release.

8. Back rotational stretch  

back rational stretch

It’s a very simple stretch which can be performed anywhere. Even you can try to activate it on the golf course with the help of a golf cart. You need it for a better backward swing. You will get consistent contact by head rotation.

Step 1. Grab something (anything like a stationary object) with one of your hands.

Step 2. Turn your head and your body away from that hand. Stop when you feel a stretch on the back of your neck and shoulder.  

Step 3. Hold the stretch for about 20/30 seconds and repeat it thrice.

9. Kneeling hip stretch

golf hip stretching

It enhances flexibility in front of the hip and permits a more complete follow through with a golf swing. Follow the instructions.

Step 1. At first, kneel on a mat, push hips forward.

Step 2. Now drop down towards the mat until a stretch is felt through the front of the leg with knee or mat.

Step 3. Maintain the stretch between 20-50 seconds. Repeat it twice on each of your legs.

You can also watch the following video to know more about it.

10. Simple shoulder stretch

simple shoulder stretching

This stretch can be done throughout the game and before shots. Learn the following steps.

Step 1. Take your right arm close to your chest. Bring your right hand in the direction of your left shoulder. Your right elbow should be kept at chest level.

Step 2. Keep your left paw on your right elbow. Push it to the chest.

Step 3. Hold it within 10-15 seconds. Similarly do it in another side.


These best golf stretches will ensure your safety from injury and allow you to promote your relaxation. As a golfer, you must require proper flexibility for the body to stay on a correct swing plane.

Are those methods helpful for you? If you follow the stretches and find them useful, let us know. If you find anything wrong or fail to do, tell it too. We will reform it.

Don’t forget to inform us about any stretch which satisfied you and made you feel happier.  If you have already some more methods that helped you feel better, kindly tell us. We will include those too.

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