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es16 launch monitor

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Who doesn’t like to have two quality technologies in a single launch monitor while building his own golf simulator? Everyone loves this, don’t they? Especially at the price point of under $4000, when a launch monitor features two (02) technologies like Doppler Radar & Photometric Tracking in one (01), it can’t get better than this. Ernest Sports have combined exactly these two technologies and introduced their ES16 launch monitor. 

Doppler radar is the most accurate technology for speed measurements, on the other end,  Photometric technology excels in spin and directional measurements. If you are curious too to know how these two features work together and whether ES16 from Ernest Sports is worth buying at this price point or not, this is the article that will guide you to these quests. In this article, we are going to review the ES16 Golf Launch Monitor based on its features, performance, pros, and cons. And we will be sharing our final thoughts as well as what users have responded to on this launch monitor in the end.

Ernest Sports and Their Golf Launch Monitors

Ernest Sports

Ernest Sports have been developing quality launch monitors for the best golf simulators constantly since 2012. ES12, ES14, ES15, ES16, and now ES2020 each of them are successful in business and creating an impact in consumers’ minds. Their primary goal was to provide every golfer an affordable and reliable product line, regardless of their skill set and budget.

Till now they are successful in their objective. Ernest Sports are one of those companies that makes golf launch monitors for as low as $200 and even as high as $11,000. The quality and performance of each model are satisfying. The Ernest Sports ES16 is truly a revolutionary product in the golf launch monitor and simulator world.

ES16 Golf Launch Monitor

ES16 Golf Launch Monitor

The ES16 from Ernest Sports is the first hybrid launch monitor on the market that combines two (02) unique features at an affordable price. With the ES16 launch monitor, you will get quad doppler radar and dual photometric technologies into one for increased accuracy and detailed spin and directional measurements. The app needed to operate this launch monitor is absolutely free, as it was in the earlier models like ES12 and ES14. You will find the app on their official website and it is compatible with Windows 10 too. The ES16 can track a wide range of data and provide very accurate results like Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Spin rate & loft, Face Angle, Club Path, and many more.

What is in the package?

Here is the list of items included with the ES16 golf launch monitor package apart from the launch monitor:

  • E16 Tour Demo – Ernest Sports App
  • E16 Tour Demo – Golf Club Simulation
  • Software
  • User manuals

App for ES16

Like the previous models from Ernest Sports ES16 too offers a free app to use with it. The best thing from the ES16 app is, it is compatible with Windows 10 along with iOS. The App can connect your smartphone or tablet directly to the ES16 via Bluetooth. So, no need for an internet connection to use it. You can visualize live ball flight and save shot details to keep your data separate from your friends and watch your game improve over time. This golf launch monitor app provides comprehensive visual and audio data, and it even allows you to export and analyze your data in Excel format.

What ES16 can track?

ES16 Golf Launch Monitor Tracking Data Chart

The ES16 launch monitor and the app can track

Carry Distance & Total Distance Hang Time
Roll Distance Shot Dispersion
Ball Speed Club Head Speed
Lateral Carry Distance & Lateral Total Distance Smash Factor
Launch Angle (Launch Direction Angle, Landing Angle) The angle of Attack
Spin Rate Face Angle
Spin Axis Club Path
Maximum Height Dynamic Loft

ES16 at a glance

Let’s have a look at the summary of the ES16 launch monitor in the following table.

What it can track Specifications Features
Carry Distance, Roll Distance & Total Distance Color: Black It provides a wide array of statistical information.
Launch Angle (Launch Direction Angle, Landing Angle) Dimensions: 10″ (h) x 7.8″ (w) x 5″ (d) Tracks and analyzes practice sessions.
Lateral Carry Distance & Lateral Total Distance Display: 1″ (h) x 4.5″ (w) Bluetooth is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Spin Loft Power: 7.4 Volt Lithium-ion rechargeable battery or AC/DC Adapter Compatible with full simulator gameplay option with putting.
Club Head Speed, Ball Speed and Smash Factor Operating Temperature: 32 – 110 degrees (F) Waterproof and portable.
Dynamic Loft, Hang Time, Maximum Height Weight: 3 lbs

ES16 Golf Launch Monitor Reviewed

ES16 Golf Launch Monitor Reviewed

Apart from the features, technical terms, and specifications, we have reviewed the ES16 with our experts to analyze how it actually performs and what are the pros & cons this launch monitor has.


The ES16 has a standard outlook. Ernest Sports have manufactured this model in just one color, which is black. Black looks good on the green; both on the green golf course and green golf mat used for best indoor golf simulators. As you can see in the picture. The 10” by 7.8” (height x width) launch monitor shapes pretty nice with 5″ of depth. It is not bulky or too slim even. It stands firmly on the ground with the base at the bottom. The launch monitor looks a bit plasticky from distance, but at this price point, a glossy matt finish color would have been better.


The ES16 from Ernest Sports is the best model from them compared to the other models like S12, ES14, and ES15. The ES16 analyzes and provides the most number of outputs. From an accuracy point of view, you know Golf Simulators will be 85-90% accurate if you use good quality equipment to run your simulator. With a favorable setting for your simulator & concentrate in your swing, your simulator can be 90-95% accurate. The terms are the same as Ernest Sports ES16 too. The setup and swing determine a lot for accuracy. When you have a proper setup and swing properly you can expect more than 90% accurate results.


  • Ability to track and analyze practice sessions
  • Very accurate when setting up properly
  • Free Bluetooth compatible app
  • Extremely convenient and portable at only 3 pounds
  • Can track more than 15 factors


  • Looks a bit plasticky from distance and only one color option to choose
  • A bigger display on top would have been better

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For a price point of under $4000, the ES16 from Ernest Sports is the launch monitor with most features, who can track more than 15 factors like Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Shot Dispersion, Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, and many more. The analyzed results are within a decimal point of Trackman and just as good with the Foresight GC2 which cost nearly around a thousand dollars more than the ES16.

Ernest Sports is becoming a trusted brand for golf simulator lovers. They are consistently producing quality launch monitors and making them easy to use with their free app.  Let us know how you find this launch monitor in the comments.

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