Titleist TS2 Driver Review: Worth the Money?

Titleist TS2 Driver

Golfers looking for higher forgiveness and launch in their driver would love the Titleist TS2 Driver. This is the second design of the TS series out of four. As the TS1 was reviewed earlier, here I am to share the review of the TS2 and guide you to compare this driver with other drivers of a similar price range. 

Introducing Titleist as a Brand and Their TS Drivers

Titleist  TS Drivers

Famous American brand Titleist was introduced by Philip E. Young back in 1932. The history of the establishment of Titleist is very interesting. The term ‘Titleist’ is derived from the word “titlist”, meaning “title-holder”. Titleist is known for producing the best quality golf equipment headquartered in  Fairhaven, Massachusetts, United States. Titleist is not only one of the oldest brands for golf equipment but also the most trusted golf brands in the market. 

Titleist now has nearly a hundred years of experience in the golf industry. You can easily imagine the quality of their products. Titleist produces almost all sorts of golf equipment that you may need to play golf. Their clubs, balls, gears are now globally renowned. 

Though TS2 is lightweight, not as light as TS1. The TS2 looks a little bulky as well. The outlook of both the drivers is similar, but from a performance viewpoint, the TS2 is more forgiving than TS1. Let’s find a more detailed review.

Titleist TS2 Review

Titleist TS2 Driver Review

As mentioned earlier, the TS2 has a more bulky outlook. The clubhead is more oval-shaped than TS1 or TS3. If you are familiar with the previous Titleist driver series you might be aware of the 917 drivers. The TS2 brings better features and performance than 917 by providing maximum forgiveness across the face. If you are a golfer who tends to have explosive speed and forgiveness this is the driver should try. 

Here we reviewed the club based on its looks and performance. You may jump onto your favorite review segment or even go through the complete review step by step.  

Looks & Performance

When it comes to reviewing any driver it should look good as well as its performance. So the TS2 is reviewed from these 2 major perspectives. 


There is nothing much in Titleist club design to differ actually. Most clubs have a similar kind of outlook. And the design is pretty simple and ‘backdated’ complained by most of the users. But the Titleist Speed (TS) series has changed a little from the 917 series. The TS drivers have a slightly glossy black finish compared to the dark grey of the 917. 

Among the 4 drivers of the TS series, the TS2 has a slightly bigger clubhead. And it seems bulky and heavy-weight but in reality, it’s not that heavyweight. 


The TS series is named after speed so does its performance. The ball speed TS2 provides is excellent. TS1 is impressive with the distance as well as the ball speed. TS2 is a different case here. With TS2 you won’t be able to cover the as good distance as TS1 but you will have a much more controlled swing. 

TS2 produces more spin with a higher launch angle. The higher launch helps to generate more flights. Though the shaft and grip play a role in having such kind of swing. So choose your grip and shaft wisely. 

Coming down to the launch monitor results, here is the average of 5 shots with the TS2 measured on the Trackman launch monitor.

Look at the total distance first. 293 yards on average while drivers like Callaway epic, Maverick, or even TS1 you regularly hit over 300 yards. But look at the balance of clubhead speed and ball speed. If you are a regular golfer, then TS2 is the perfect driver to play with better forgiveness and more control along with just enough spin and launch angle. 

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Titleist has proved themself in the golf industry with their golf balls and their TS woods have marked their presence in the golf clubs segment as well. But honestly, in the drivers’ segment Titleist yet to mark their position. The TS drivers are a good purchase for intermediate golfers, experts may have more expectations from a driver after experiencing better results from Callaway, TaylorMade, and Ping than what Titleist is offering now. 

In this article, major features, specifications, pros, and cons of TS2 have been highlighted. Now it’s up to you whether you will choose or won’t choose this one. In my opinion, if you are a beginner or intermediate golfer with good control and love more forgiveness the TS2 is highly recommended for you. Else you may not be satisfied with this.

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