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callaway big bertha irons

In 1933, a man named Willie Ogg designed a new type of golf club made out of a metal called Iron. Since then, the iron golf club has gone under a lot of modifications and is quite popular among the golfers. Nowadays you will get many types of iron in the market. But finding a good iron set is not an easy task. So, to make your shopping a little bit easier, we are here with a new product review.

Our today’s product is Callaway Big Bertha Iron Series. Callaway Golf is a famous sporting goods company. It was founded by Ely Reeves Callaway in 1982 at Carlsbad, California. From the beginning, Callaway has surprised the whole world with many types of golf equipment.

In 1991Callaway introduced a new series of the driver golf club named Big Bertha. In 1994 Callaway added the iron golf club in this series. Then a lot of modification came into this series. Our today’s product is Callaway Big Bertha Series of the iron golf club. So without wasting any more time let’s check out the product details.

What is Callaway Big Bertha Series?

The Callaway Big Bertha is a series of beautiful iron clubs. You can buy individual or you can buy a full set of this iron. This series has been featured with the latest technology and beautiful design. The 360 face cup technology used in this series is the ultimate deal which you have never seen in a golf iron before. And also it is the first adjustable hybrid iron from Callaway. Let’s dive more into its technology and design.


360 Face cup Technology: Callaway has invented this technology and featured this technology in the Big Bertha iron series. This technology helps your club to spin more smoothly in 360 degrees. Also, it gives you a good flex and helps to increase ball speed.

Shaft Option: This series has a premium shaft option which is made out of graphite and steel. It gives you a beautiful outlook.

Maximum forgiveness: Forgiveness is a technology which refers to the construction and design elements in a club that lessen the effect of bad swing or the poor contact with a golf ball. So with the Big Bertha series, you are more likely to have a perfect golf swing by getting the maximum forgiveness.

MOI: In golf, MOI stands for “Moment of Twisting”. It indicates the resistance of twisting of a golf club. A higher MOI golf club is better than a lower MOI golf club. Callaway Big Bertha Series is designed with the maximum MOI.

Tuning Option: The hosel of the iron has two cogs- an upper cog and a lower cog. It helps to rotate independently just to provide you 8 different tuning settings.

Hand Orientation: It has both right and left-hand orientation.


The Big Bertha Iron is made out of graphite and steel that makes it a premium club design. The shaft of this iron club is really long and impressive which gives the outlook of this series a very beautiful look. The club head is outstanding.

The sole design of this series is advanced and progressive. And it has a premium design. The beauty of this club will give you a good feeling every time you hit with this club.

Buying Options for Callaway Big Bertha Irons

If you are thinking about buying a golf iron then the Callaway Big Bertha Iron series will be a great choice for you. This is not just a great club series but also gives you some flexible buying options. Here are some options for your consideration:

  • You can get regular and stiff flex from this iron
  • Various sizes are available that meets your need: – 7 iron, 4 iron, 5 iron, AW, 6 iron, 8 iron, SW.
  • This iron set includes a free hand cover.

Callaway Big Bertha irons set

Individual iron

Iron set for men

Iron set for women

Why Callaway Big Bertha Irons are Ideal For You?

This is the hottest iron Callaway has ever produced. As we mentioned above, it has been featured with a lot of technology. It has a premium design. It will help you to hit your ball straight and fly high. This club will give you great speed. The shaft of this club is made out of graphite. Overall it is a good deal.


  • This series is built with the latest technology
  • This club has a beautiful outlook.
  • The hosel gives you the chance to tune the club into 8 different tuning settings.
  • It gives maximum forgiveness.


  • This product is a little bit costly.
  • It may be a little bit heavier for you

Final Verdict:

The Callaway Big Bertha Irons are one of the best iron golf clubs in the market. It has the latest technologies that will give you long shots and maximum forgiveness. It will give you a good feel and it will lessen the effect of poor contact of the club with the ball. So it is really good to have this club in your collection.

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