6 Best Electric Golf Scooter to Speed Up in a Stylish Way

Best Electric Golf Scooter Review

Electric golf scooter is a comparatively new way of speeding up your game. It is lightweight, less expensive, and requires less maintenance than an electric golf cart. Yet the electric scooters can also speed up your game amazingly and help you carry your golf equipment in an eco-friendly way. Thus, you may call them scooter golf carts too.

As electric scooters are pretty new on the golf courses and there are many options in the market, it can be a bit tricky to know which one to choose. So, our expert team has picked the 7 best electric scooters after analyzing many options. We have pointed to both sides of these 7 scooters to help you decide which one is suitable for you. Let’s get started.

6 Best Electric Golf Scooter Reviews

1. Fat Tire “Cruiser 3.0” Electric Golf Scooter

Cruiser 3.0 Electric Golf Scooter Review

The Fat Tire “Cruiser 3.0” electric golf scooter has the most powerful motor among all the electric scooters on our expert list. The super-powerful 3000-watt waterproof motor makes the tough terrain drive and hill-climbing more speedy. But that doesn’t cause much harm to your golf course, as this motorized golf scooter is lightweight and turf-friendly. 

You won’t have to compromise your comfort as well. Because this electric golf scooter has a front and rear suspension system to ensure a smoother ride for you. But, as the cruiser 3.0 is a 2 wheeler, it may take you a while to maintain balance. The relief is that the large wheels help make it a little bit easier for you to balance.

Keep in mind that a powerful motor and suspension system consumes more energy. As a result, the battery may drain out quickly. This motorized golf scooter usually lasts 18 holes, which may differ with the rider’s weight and turf type. There is a battery voltage display to save you from the trouble of a sudden shutdown. Also, the quick swap feature lets you swap the battery between rounds without any tools.

With this electric golf scooter, you will get a heavy-duty golf bag holder, tee holder, sand bottle, scorecard, drink holder, pencil holder. This makes it easier and more comfortable for you to carry around your golf equipment during a game.

Things we liked

  • Amazing performance even in the tough terrain
  • Comfortable ride
  • Battery swap feature available
  • Electronics are located under the seat to save them from hazards
  • Waterproof motor

Things that can be improved

  • It may take you some time to balance
  • Needs charging or battery swap after every round

Final verdict

If you live in a hilly area or the golf course you play on has tough terrain, then the Fat Tire “Cruiser 3.0” electric golf scooter is highly recommended. It is also suggested for a smoother and secure ride.

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2. Fat Tire 3-Wheel “Rebel Trike XR” Electric Golf Scooter

Fat Tire 3-Wheel Rebel Trike XR Electric Golf Scooter Review

3-Wheel “Rebel Trike XR” electric golf scooter is effortless to balance as it is a 3- wheeler. In addition, it comes with a powerful waterproof motor to ensure a speedy ride. Though the speed is limited to 15 mph in the scooter’s specifications, it depends on the rider’s weight and turf type.

Keep in mind that this electric golf scooter is a bit heavy with a weight of 210 lbs. That lessens the risk of tipping over. But this may also make it harder for you to turn this motorized golf scooter sometimes.

Just like the Fat Tire “Cruiser 3.0” electric golf scooter, this electric golf scooter also comes with a heavy-duty golf bag holder, drink holder, tee holder, scorecard and pencil holder, and much more. The aluminum bag holder can hold even large travel bags.

Both “Cruiser 3.0” and 3- wheel “Rebel Trike XR” models of Fat Fire come at the same price. Both come with the same accessories. The speed limit and charging time are also the same. But “Rebel Trike XR” has more runtime than the “Cruiser 3.0”. You can ride the 3- wheel “Rebel Trike XR” up to 36+ holes per charge. But that may differ with the terrain type and the weight this electric golf scooter is carrying.

Things we liked

  • Easy to balance
  • Battery swap system available
  • Smoother ride
  • Less risk of tipping over
  • Battery lasts for about 36+ holes
  • The seat protects battery and electronics from hazards

Things that can be improved

  • The heavyweight of the scooter may make it harder to turn
  • Consumes much charge
  • You may take some time to handle the scooter

Final verdict

Recommended for stability and a high-quality battery that lasts for about 36 holes. Both “Cruiser 3.0” and 3- wheel “Rebel Trike XR” comes at the same price with the same accessories and charging time. But the 3- wheel “Rebel Trike XR” is easier to ride and comes with a more runtime per charge.

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3. TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco

TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco Review

TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco has the most weight-carrying capacity on our expert list. It can carry about 450 lbs. As it has two seats, you can also take one of your friends behind you. But the weight of the scooter is comparatively less. That makes it easier for you to handle. At the same time, this electric scooter has more risk of tipping over. The relief is that the wide tires of the scooter let you have a good grip on it.

The top speed of this electric scooter is 25 mph. This may differ with the weight, turf type, speed, and charge. The scooter has a motor of 1000 watts. This lets the electric scooter keep up the speed well on paved roads or golf courses. But it won’t be much good while climbing hills.

The scooter doesn’t have any separate holder option for clubs, balls, or tee. This electric scooter also doesn’t have any place to install a golf bag holder separately. As a result, you will have to take the golf bag in front of you or behind your back. It is better to carry the bag in the back seat if you are going alone. Because the electric scooter has a backrest that will help to reduce the weight of the bag and keep it comparatively stable while driving.

The tires of this electric scooter are vibration-absorbing tires. This helps to make your ride more comfortable and safe. There are also front and rear LED headlights to ensure safety even in the dark.

Things we liked

  • 450 lbs weight-bearing capacity
  • Faster ride
  • Backrest let you have a comfortable ride
  • 2 seats
  • The power display system let you know when to charge

Things that can be improved

  • Less powerful battery
  • Only good on a paved surface
  • Don’t have any particular storage place for golf equipment nor have any place for installing one.
  • The battery is not removable.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a 2-seater electric scooter, TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco is highly recommended as it has 2 comfortable seats with a high weight carrying capacity. But it is not really a good choice for carrying heavy golf equipment.

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4. 2-Wheel “Rebel Trike XR” Electric Golf Scooter

2-Wheel Rebel Trike XR Electric Golf Scooter Review

2-Wheel “Rebel Trike XR” electric golf scooter comes with a powerful motor of 2000 watts. This lets you accelerate quickly and gives you an excellent hill climbing experience. As the motor is waterproof and situated under the seat and the other electrics, it stays safer. 

At the same time, know the fact that a powerful motor will consume more charge than usual. Generally, this electric golf scooter lasts about 36 holes. But with the increase of weight, speed and turf type, the consumption will increase. Relief is that this motorized golf scooter has a battery swap feature that allows you to swap the battery without any tools.

The main difference between the 3-Wheel “Rebel Trike XR” and the 2-Wheel “Rebel Trike XR” are price and weight. The 3- wheeler is 20 kg heavier in weight. That lessens the risk of tipping over but may make it harder to turn. The 3- wheeler is easier to balance. The 2- wheeler is less expensive with the same accessories for carrying golf equipment. The charging time, runtime, speed limit, and weight carrying capacity are also the same.

Things we liked

  • Affordable
  • Accelerate more quickly
  • Good hill climbing performance
  • Comfortable ride
  • Battery swap feature available

Things that can be improved

  • May take time to balance
  • Consumes much charge

Final verdict

Recommended for great performance on both smooth and rough grounds. This motorized golf scooter is also suggested for a speedy and comfortable ride in hilly areas. Except for the scooter weight and stability, the 2-Wheel “Rebel Trike XR” comes with the same accessories, charging time, runtime, speed limit as 3-Wheel “Rebel Trike XR.” That too at a lower price.

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5. H4-Pro 2000W Electric Scooter

H4-Pro 2000W Electric Scooter Review

H4-Pro 2000W electric scooter comes with a maximum speed of 37.5 mph. That allows you to speed up your rounds more effectively. The powerful 2000 watt motor helps to keep the speed less affected by weight. To keep up with the powerful motor, this electric scooter has a powerful battery to ensure a comparatively longer ride.

But the scooter doesn’t have any separate place to carry a golf bag or any other golf tool. There are also no arrangements for adding any holder later. As a result, you will have to take the golf bag in front of you or behind your back. It is a better option to carry the bag in the back seat. Because it has a backrest that will help reduce the weight of the bag, that will also keep it comparatively more stable while driving.

This electric scooter has an advanced anti-theft alarm system. This feature makes this electric scooter different from other scooters. In addition, you get a helmet and a pair of rear mirrors with the scooter to ensure your safety.

Things we liked

  • Can provide a very speedy ride
  • Battery lasts comparatively longer
  • Comes with backrest
  • Advanced antanti-theftarm system
  • Removable battery

Things that can be improved

  • May seem a little harder to handle
  • Doesn’t have a separate place for carrying golf bags or golf equipment

Final verdict

H4-Pro 2000W electric scooter is recommended for its high speed and powerful motor. Moreover, the anti-theft alarm system and free helmet with this scooter make it more special. But for carrying big golf bags or tour bags, it is not really a good option.

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6. Fatboy 800w Rear Hub Motor Electric Scooter

Fatboy 800w Rear Hub Motor Electric Scooter Review

Fatboy 800w Rear Hub Motor electric scooter is a lightweight and easy-to-drive scooter. The maximum speed is about 20 mph, which allows you to speed up your game in a budget-friendly way. The extra-wide cruiser handlebars make it easier to turn the scooter even during a speedy ride. 

You will only get a charger and manual with the scooter. This electric scooter does not have a separate place for carrying golf tools. The only option is to carry it in front of you. But if you do that, it may feel a little inconvenient while driving. Moreover, the carrying capacity is only about 250 lbs. So, it is better not to carry much; otherwise, the speed will be affected. 

The scooter doesn’t have a battery display. The runtime per charge is not fixed. That will differ with weight and turf type. As a result, you may have to face the trouble of sudden shutdown and drag it home. Yet, relief is that it consumes comparatively less charge as this electric scooter has a motor of only 800 watts. At the same time, this scooter is not great for driving tough terrain because of the relatively less powerful motor.

Things we liked

  • The wide handlebars make it easier to turn
  • Affordable
  • Very lightweight that lets you have a good grip on it
  • Comfortable ride
  • Easy to driv

Things that can be improved

  • Less weight carrying capacity
  • No holder or separate place for golf tools
  • Not so great for driving on tough terrain
  • No battery display

Final verdict

If you are looking for a simple, lightweight, and affordable electric scooter, Fatboy 800w Rear Hub Motor electric scooter is for you. You can also gift this scooter to someone younger as the recommended age for the scooter is only 13+.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Electric Golf Scooter


An electric golf scooter can be a 2-wheeler or 3-wheeler. 2- wheeler golf scooters are called bikes, and 3-wheelers are known as trikes. The bike scooters offer less stability. But they are lighter in weight, easier to handle, and even cost less. In contrast, the trikes provide better stability and balance but at a comparatively higher price. 

Either you want to go for a 2-wheeler or 3- wheeler; that completely depends on how things work for you. If you don’t have any problem balancing a 2- wheeler, you may go for bikes. Because they come at a comparatively lower price. But if you have a relatively larger budget, a trike is suggested for its higher stability.


While buying an electric golf scooter, a battery is one of the most important things to check. Depending on the battery quality and type, there will be a big difference in performance. Check the charging time of the battery and how long that lasts. Buy a scooter that lasts at least one round or has a battery swap system. Having this system is best if the battery lasts for one or two rounds. Because this system lets you swap the batteries between rounds.

Motor and speed

A powerful motor helps you experience a great speedy ride. The more powerful the motor is, the faster ride the scooter gives on paved roads and hilly areas. Speed is usually given in mph (mile per hour) in the specifications section of the golf scooter. For your information, 15 mph speed is good enough for going around the golf course. But if you plan to use the scooter for going around the neighborhood or uphills, it is better to have more speed. Check if the electric scooter has the option to choose different speed settings or not. So that you can choose according to your convenience.

But keep in mind that it is better not to go at the scooter’s maximum speed while using an electric golf scooter. You may lose control, or the scooter may tip over. 

Brake and suspension

The brake and suspension system ensure your safety and a smoother ride. It is essential to have a brake system in the electric scooter. What you need to check is whether it has a suspension or shock absorber or not. This is important to decrease the risk of tipping over. This also ensures a comfortable ride.

Weight limit

Weight limit is also mentioned as ‘capacity’ ‘maximum load’ in an electric scooter specification. Carrying more weight than the capacity decreases the speed. It will damage the motor, battery, and tire of the scooter. Not only your weight but your golf equipment weight also needs to be considered here. An electric golf scooter with at least 200 lbs weight limit is good to go.

Features and accessories

Find the electric golf scooter that has the most features and accessories. Many of them have more than just basic features like a swap battery system or anti-theft alert. Make a checklist of the accessories and features that you want in your electric scooter. Because if the scooter is not equipped with the things you need, it doesn’t really count, even if it comes with the most items.


Price is the factor that changes the whole choice of an electric golf scooter. With the variation of price, the quality, features, accessories, motor, battery power, durability, etc., varies too. To make the most of your money, check all of the options in the same price range. Read out reviews and check out ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Golf Scooter


Choosing the proper transport is very important for making your game better. It lets you have more time to practice and helps to save your energy for the game. An electric golf scooter is an effective way to do that. With the reviews and buying guide, you can find the best one for you. So, which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section. Feel free to give your reviews and opinions as well. It would be our pleasure to answer your inquiries. Happy golfing.

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