Golf Training Guides and Resources

How to Hit a Golf Fade Shot

If you are looking for a way of hitting a fade, you are in the right place. This article is going to give you some instructions on how you can hit a fade.  First, you may want to know about …

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golf backswing

Proper Golf Backswing Guide- 4 Simple Steps!

Having a perfect backswing in golf is essential to have a perfect golf swing. It’s a position of your full swing. If you can’t do it correctly, it will affect the whole swing system. Backswing golf means moving the club …

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How To Develop Footwork In Golf

How To Develop Footwork In Golf?

Appropriate footwork in golf is the signature of a professional golfer. You can get a very good idea of a golfers skillset looking at the golfers’ footwork in golf swing while playing several shots. Footwork helps you master and balance …

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How to Chip a Golf Ball

“One of the easiest shots in golf is chipping. It should be the easiest. It’s like throwing a ball or pitching pennies. It’s easy. And I struggle with that, and the struggle is all mental.” — Nick Saban A chip is …

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Square to Square Golf Swing

Can you imagine how many times a golfer repeats his swing in his lifetime including practices and matches? The number will be enormous. Adapting to a perfect swing is a must for golfers, because practicing the wrong swing may cause …

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Inside Out Golf Swing

In the game of golf, you will be hearing a lot of talk about an Inside Out Golf Swing while learning how to swing a golf club. Even when watching a professional golf tournament on TV or discussing with professional …

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How to increase golf swing speed

How To Increase Golf Swing Speed

Do you know who holds the record for longest golf shot ever in the history and how long he hit? Mike Austin holds that record hitting a 515 yards equivalent to 471 meters shot in professional golf. Mike Austin, an …

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How to Grip a Golf Club Properly

How to Properly Grip a Golf Club (Tutorial)

Good golf begins with a good grip. – Ben Hogan (Golf Legend) More than 81% of golf teachers acknowledge that grip is one of the first things that they teach students. In this article, you will get to know every …

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