Inside Out Golf Swing: A Fun Way to Hit the Ball

In the game of golf, you will be hearing a lot of talk about an Inside Out Golf Swing while learning how to swing a golf club. Even when watching a professional golf tournament on TV or discussing with professional golfers you might hear the term.

The meaning or message of the term is fairly self-explanatory so it can be assumed easily. But, If we breakdown a golf shot to its swing, there is a huge amount of information that should be acknowledged for a golfer and whoever has an interest in learning golf. In this article, we have explained Inside out of golf swing in the easiest terms.

Shot Combinations

A golfer can hit about 9 different kinds of shots. Each of which is composed of the various path and clubface angles. There are 3 different club swing paths that you can play with i.e. inside-out, outside-in, inside-inside. And there are 3 different clubface angles as well to work with, termed as square, open and closed. Your possible 9 shots are a combination of these two categories.

Inside Out Swing

Golf swing can have endless analysis and golf instruction that is often difficult to understand. There are a number of methods for swinging the club from the inside to the outside. If we consider an imaginary line in the middle of the ball the portion closer to your body is inside part of the ball and the opposite side is called outside of the ball. 

To hit the ball straight you prefer to hit in the center of the ball. To hit a slice or fade you need to hit the inner portion of the ball. 

An inside out golf swing occurs when your golf club moves from the inside of your target line impacts the inside portion of ball and moves away to the outside of your target line. For a right-handed golfer, it’s like swinging out to the right after impact instead of bringing your swing back to the left (inside) and vice versa for a left-handed golfer. Most golfers start their career with more outside inside shots but once they successfully play inside out shots that develop their performance by a good margin.

Why Inside Out Swing?

As we were discussing earlier, a golfer can hit the ball in 3 different swing paths. Now many of you may wonder why there is so much hype about inside out golf swings. Here, we help you find the best answer. When you are trying to correct your slice or trying to hit straighter, inside-out swing will bring the best result then.

How to Hit the Ball Inside-Out

Most of the golfers start playing golf with outside-in. There’s nothing wrong to play with outside-in earlier because changing golf swing is easy but it won’t result overnight. You may need to work on squaring your clubface depending on your usual club swing. If you know how to hit the ball with a square clubface at the point of impact, your shot will result in an inside to outside shot.

To practice your swing, you can use ‘impact bag’. Impact bag is a black bag with a yellow target on the front and the objective of this bag is to hit it firmly with your expected clubface. If your clubface is closed, the toe will run into the bag first and if the face is open then the heel side of the club will hit the bag first.

A square face will result in the entire clubface hitting the bag at the same time and not leading with the toe or the heel. Besides these, you have to focus on a few more areas to improve.

They are:

Your Back Elbow: For a right-handed player his right-hand elbow is his back elbow. For a left-handed player, it’s the opposite. While down swinging your club, for hitting inside-out shot you need to keep your hands closer to your body.

Front Wrist: You need to make sure you keep the back of your front wrist flat. The left wrist is the front wrist for a right-handed player. Opposite direction is for a left-handed player.

Hit to the Right Corner: Once your stance and grip position is perfect, you need to focus on hitting the ball to the outside, which is your right side.

Drills to Hit the Inside of Golf Ball

There are few drills that can be practiced to master your inside-out golf swing. 

  • Water bottle drill: keep a water bottle outside and behind of your golf ball, this will force your body movement to avoid hitting the obstacle. 
  • Glove underarm: put an unused glove or small golf towel while practicing your swing under your back arm. This will force you to keep your back elbow closer to your body. 


You need not to play inside-out shots every time. When you are trying to play a fade, slice or pull inside out swing will ruin it. If you have an inside out golf swing plus a closed clubface, the result will be a hook. When you are trying to correct your slice or trying to hit straighter, impacting inside of the ball will bring better output then.

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