Ellwee Electric Golf Cart Review: Is It Worth the Money?

Ellwee Electric Golf Cart

The Ellwee electric golf cart combines a cool look and great performance. It makes you feel better and play better. With the one-person golf carts of Ellwee, there is no need to get on a crowded golf cart anymore or pay the cart rental fee. You can bring your single rider and enjoy your game. 

Moreover, if you want to take a friend with you, you can do that as well. The seat is large enough for two people. In addition, it works like a small truck that carries your golf clubs and all other needed golf accessories.

With this cart, you can contribute to making the world pollution-free because it has very little noise and doesn’t produce much emissions.

Though the Ellwee carts have a lot of benefits, they have drawbacks too. It won’t save you from the sun or rain. In addition, when you rent it, you won’t get as much rental fee as a gas golf cart or a 4-seater electric golf cart.
So, what matters before buying is whether the benefits are worth enough to consider the drawbacks or not. Well, that depends on your personal preference. Let’s know a little more about the Ellwee electric golf carts to help you make the best decision.

Ellwee Electric Golf Cart Review

ellwee electric golf cart

Looks and Design

Ellwee single-seater golf carts grab attention at the very first sight. The captivating and amazing look of these golf carts will make your rounds more enjoyable than others. The carts are available in mainly three colors; supermatt black, dental white, deep blue metallic. As a result, you have the option to buy the one that sits with your personal taste best.

The design of these carts is inspired by an ATV, but it gives the feel of a scooter with its cool look. Unlike an ATV, the cart is engineered differently so that it doesn’t cause much turf damage. Therefore, the green of your golf course is much safer. Yet, keep in mind that the carts still cause a little wear and tear on the grass.

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Overall performance

Speed and air pressure

Tests with Ellwee have shown that the Ellwee electric single riders make your rounds 25% faster than an ordinary two-seater golf cart on average. That gives you more time to play, meaning more practice to improve your golf ball hits.

Ellwee gives you both a fast and comfortable ride. The electric golf cart has large and lightweight wheels that require almost 50% less air pressure than a traditional golf cart. It affects performance in both good and bad ways. It is bad because the low air pressure tends to make the tires wear down quicker. It also eats up more power. Whereas, it is good because it helps to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. Thus, you get to enjoy your time with the single rider to the fullest. At the end of the day, your comfort is what matters the most. 

Battery and charging time

The single-seater golf cart requires 4 AGM 12-volt batteries to run. You can charge the cart by plugging it into any wall socket. This makes it easier to charge and easier to use.

But the drawback with an electric cart is you never know when the charge will fade. As soon as the charge goes down, the speed also lessens. It might even stop in the middle of the golf course where there is no wall socket. As a result, you will fall into a difficult situation where you will have to tow the cart to a nearby wall socket. So, make sure to charge the cart well before starting the game. 

As the charging time is 8 hours, which is a long period, you need to have a proper routine for charging the cart. If you forget to charge it overnight, you might end up waiting for the cart to charge fully at the time of your game. Moreover, the older the batteries get, the more time batteries take to charge. Consider these facts before buying.

Safety measures

Brakes and safety features

Ellwee electric golf cart gives top priority to your safety. It has two brake systems to ensure basic safety.

  1. Conventional parking brake
  2. Engine brake for your safe downhill riding.

Not only that, the cart has the ‘Geo fencing’ feature that helps you to stay away from hazard zones or off-limits areas. That saves both your cart and the green of the course even from minor wear and tear. Moreover, the Ellwee carts come with a gyroscope that saves the cart from tipping over.

No weather protection

Consider that these one-person golf carts don’t have any windshield or canopy like the golf carts. Therefore, you will be more exposed to sun, rain, and dust. Everyone indeed needs to stay in the sun for some time to produce certain vitamins and hormones. But staying in the sun for too long can also be really harmful. You will need to keep a golf umbrella with you to save yourself and your other valuables, like your phone, golf GPS, rangefinder, scorecard, wallet, etc. from sudden rain.

Accessories of these one-person golf carts

All Ellwee accessories are made in Europe out of premium materials. As a result, all the accessories combine quality and longevity, ensuring easy and suitable transportation of your golf tools. Furthermore, depending on the Ellwee model, you get one or more than one accessory, like a helmet storage box, golf bag mount, ATV rack, protective cover, cooler, etc. free with the electric cart.

For example, you will get a front golf bag mount with the Ellwee X Resort golf cart. If you have a slightly higher budget and decide to buy Ellwee Easy Resort, you will get a front golf bag mount and helmet box along with the cart. Besides, you can add extra accessories of your choice at some additional cost. Check the accessories list before buying the cart, and make sure it includes everything you require.

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Price and options

Ellwee electric golf carts are available in different price ranges. For example, Ellwee X comes at around $6.5k. Whereas, Ellwee Easy Resort costs nearly $8k. Therefore, you have the option to buy an Ellwee electric cart in your budget range.


  • Cool look
  • 25% faster than an ordinary two-seater golf cart
  • Causes less turf damage
  • Engine brake for safe downhill riding
  • Geo-fencing keeps you away from off-limit areas.
  • Gyroscope saves the cart from tipping over.
  • Less air pressure of the tires makes the ride smooth.
  • Eco- friendly


  • Don’t have a canopy or windshield to save you from sun, rain, and dust.
  • Less air pressure of the tires eats up more power and makes the tires wear off quicker.
  • It takes time to charge.

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Final Verdict

The Ellwee electric golf carts let you have faster games with a cooler experience. Moreover, electric carts come in different price ranges. That makes it easier for you to reach out. It is recommended if you are looking for a cool, fast, eco-friendly, and slightly different cart for yourself.

But in the end, it is up to your personal preferences whether it is suitable for you or not. You may also check out our best electric golf scooters‘ list if you are looking for a single rider.

Feel free to ask anything or share your opinions with us.

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