The Easiest Way to Remove Rust From Golf Clubs

Suppose you found rusty golf clubs at the cheapest price and confused whether or not to buy those. Or even when you found rust clubs at the garage after a long break from golf and unsure about keeping those for future use or to dump those.

If you have ever wondered about your golf clubs getting rusty, this article will answer all the questions you may have in mind. We found the easiest Do-It-Yourself (DIY) method to remove rust from golf club (shafts and clubhead). 

What is Rust?

An Iron oxide; usually red oxide which is formed by iron and air moisture or water. To be very specific when oxygen and iron create a redox reaction, that results in Rust. Rust is removable. But the method and form of removal may vary from one iron category to another. For more about rust, you can click here

Relation Between Rust and Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs are mostly metallic, Club shafts are made from metals like chrome-plated steel, stainless steel, titanium, carbon-fiber-reinforced epoxy, graphite fiber-reinforced epoxy or aluminum. On top of the shafts, there are grips that are not so metallic rather than made from molded synthetic rubber or wrapped leather.

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Metals like graphite and stainless steel don’t get rust, the clubs that are most vulnerable are made of mild carbon steel. But getting rust on club shafts doesn’t mean they become worthless. You don’t have to give up on those old clubs because you can easily remove the rust and restore them to a great condition very easily. 

Prevention is Better Than Cure

It’s always easier to stop something happening proactively in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened. Here we have listed some pro-tips for you to prevent rust taking over your golf clubs. 

  • Wipe your clubs down with cotton after every round
  • Wipe your clubs with a multipurpose lubricant in every few months
  • Never store them in a humid location i.e. garage, corner of a storeroom. 
  • Closely monitor the clubs once a month.
  • Spray rust remover on metal club heads and shafts. Rust removers not only eliminate rust from your clubs but also can prevent rust as well. But make sure it is safe to use on your clubs. Some rust removers can damage your clubs. 
  • Dry out properly before storing your clubs if they get wet. 

If you weren’t aware of these prevention methods or somehow failed to prevent rust from your golf clubs, no worries!! You don’t need to replace those clubs with new clubs. You can remove rust from your clubs with the following simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) method. 

How To Remove Rust From Golf Club

Removing rust from golf clubs is as easy as you like. No need to visit any workshop or replace old rusty golf clubs with new ones and spend your money needlessly. Just follow the instructions we have discussed here. It will take a few moments to get rid of rust from your golf club. You will need someday to day using tools and equipment to do this. They are: 

  1. A bucket
  2. Hard bristle toothbrush
  3. Fine Steel Wool
  4. Wet and Dry sandpaper (as fine as you can get it)
  5. White Vinegar
  6. Metal Polish
  7. Plenty of elbow grease

Once you get all these, now move forward step by step. 

Step 1: Put some white vinegar in a bucket so that it can cover the head of the club. Then splash the white vinegar over the rest of your club shaft using your hand. You can do this using a cloth though.

Caution: Do it outside of your room, otherwise it will stink like Vinegar. 

Step 2: Wet your steel wool and start rubbing the shaft with the steel wool putting some pressure on it. Dip the steel wool frequently in the white vinegar to keep it damp. You can take the help of sandpaper and elbow grease where the rust is deep. 

Step 3: Take the help of a hand bristle toothbrush to clean the clubhead using the same process. Dip it in the vinegar and rub the clubhead with it. 

Rust should be removed by this time. In addition to this, you can add some extra care as well here by wiping the vinegar off the shaft with a cotton cloth and do some polish job if you wish to but not mandatory. You can only rub your club with a steel wool, that will also work in removing rust. Vinegar will ease the process just. The following video will help you better understand.


Removing rust from golf clubs is best done by simply brushing the rusted area with a piece of steel wool. Shine up a golf club, remove rust in the process. It’s always easier to secure clubs catching rust proactively than to removing rust. Keep it away from air moisture place to take proper care of your clubs when not in use.

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