How to hold golf club

How to hold golf club

What would happen if you don’t know how to hold the steering or control it while driving? I think we both know the answer to that question. Like steering the only media to direct your vehicle to an accurate direction, the golf club plays the same role in golf. The club is the only connection to play your ball in an accurate direction. So, if you don’t know how to hold your golf club you will fail to master accurate shots. Nevertheless, your inaccurate shots will eventually result in defeat in competitive games. So it is important to know about holding a club.

In this article, we will elaborate on how to hold a golf club with a proper golf grip. You will get a step-by-step guide to achieve a proper golf grip. You will also know why a correct golf grip is important and how it affects your golf shots. So, after reading this article you will be able to play more accurate and perfectly timed shots which results in fewer shots to put the ball. Secondly, there are certain techniques that will help you generate a more powerful shot with minimal energy loss. Finally, you will get the satisfaction of playing perfect shots like a professional player.

Prerequisites of Golf Club Holding Techniques

Accuracy, direction, the timing of a shot, shot power everything depends on how you hold your golf club. You must feel when you hold a golf club between your two hands. There are few methods to hold a golf club you better know prior to playing shots. There are a few facts that you need to learn the best way of holding a golf club.

  1. Holding Action
  2. Grip Strength
  3. Grip Style
    1. Vardon Overlap
    2. Interlocking
    3. Baseball

Holding Action: How you hold the club will determine the direction of your shots. It's equally important to hold the club firmly and execute the shot properly, any lapse of concentration on these two will cause you poorly played shots.

Samuel Jackson Snead, an American professional golfer, popularly known as, “The Slammer” who was one of the greatest golfers of all time said so. There are few cautions you need to keep in mind for holding your club while playing any shots, for example:

  • Do not hold the club with your palm, hold it with your fingers.
  • Make sure that your palms are faced to your body
  • Try to secure your off-hand first.  Put your dominant hand on the clubs’ handle.

For a right-handed golfer, the right hand is his dominant hand and the left hand is termed as off-hand. Similarly, a left-handed golfer's left hand is considered as a dominant hand and the right hand is off-hand. 

Grip Strength: The next question you may have is how strong you should hold the club? Well, you can actually hold it weak or you may hold it strong or you may use it mixing up both types of grip strength. But, for most people mixing up is quite a challenge. A weak grip adds an extra backspin in your shots on the other side a stronger grip is comfortable but makes you prone to hooking. We would suggest you have a weaker grip when you are closer to the hole, it will help you get more precision.

Grip Style: There are mainly 3 grip styles to hold your golf club.

1. Vardon Overlap grip:

This grip is the most traditional and commonly used by professionals. This grip looks easy but hard to adapt. You need to put your dominant hands’ pinky finger overlapping in between your other hands' index and middle finger. If you don’t have larger hands, then this grip is not recommended for you.

2. Interlocking grip:

You must have known that the legendary golfer Tiger Woods used to play with an interlocking grip. The name itself describes the procedure. You need to interlock your hands by putting your non-dominant hand index finger in between the pinky of your dominant hand. This grip is suggested for medium size hands though some people may find this style uncomfortable.

3. Baseball grip:

A consistent watched the game of baseball you should be familiar with this grip. Here, you put your both hands one after the other and no gaps should be there, no locking or lapping is needed. This is the easiest of all grip style but, you may not play as accurate long shots as you can with Interlocking or Overlapping style. This grip style is suitable for players with small hands. 

How to Hold Golf Club

Consistent golf grip is a must to get lower scores. It doesn’t matter if you are playing long shot from tee or just a few yards away from putt, you need to hold the club properly for every shot. Imagine how many times you will be gripping the club in your lifetime. Consistent golf grips will accurate your shots, not only the straight ones but also hooks and slices. 

There are no hard and fast rules of holding your clubs. You can not master your shots at your first go. It's about comfort first. So be comfortable with holding the club and adjust to a proper grip. Then evaluate your shots, if you find that you need to improve, then the next steps are for you. 

  • Pick your club first, remember pick your club with your weaker hand first. 
  • Turn your hand over so that you can see two knuckles of your left hand and then point the ‘V’ shape that your index finger and thumb have created towards your right shoulder. Allowing for about a half inch of the club to poke out of the top of your grip. 
  • Then follow any grip style that we discussed earlier i.e. interlocking or overlapping or baseball grip. 

Your grip pressure should be balanced, if you play your shot holding your club too strongly, your shots may played with the hill of the club rather than the face. Holding your club too strong may cause you pain and injury as well. Light grip strength may cause you less controlled shots. You may experiment with different grip strengths and find a balance of it. Even with your experience you will be able to vary your grip strength based on your shot requirements. Practice this for a number of times for better results.  

Tips to Hold Your Club 

Here are some tips that will help you a lot 

  • Take time to hold the club properly. If you haven’t taken enough time to hold the club properly and failed to have a proper hold you may end up throwing it away also. 
  • Be sure before every shot that you have enough grip to your club
  • Have a balanced grip strength
  • Master any one grip style for various distance shots


Holding a golf club properly helps you get the best from you. When you are comfortable with your grip over your club you will be able to play strokes a lot easier and more comfortably. You can practice and adapt to any method from above mentioned and master it playing. It is very easy to adapt to all these. When you can hold in every way as discussed then you can change your grip as well depending on your comfort.

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