The 3 Best Vice Golf Balls for Superior Performance

Best Vice Golf Balls

Golf is a game of precision where every stroke counts, and your choice of golf ball can significantly influence your performance. Enter Vice, a company that has made a name for itself by producing high-quality golf balls suitable for every golfer, from novices to pros.

Our spotlight shines on the Vice Pro Plus in our exploration of the best Vice golf balls. Designed to optimize every swing, this 4-piece marvel stands out, offering both distance and control. Its blend of a cast urethane cover and compression rating of 90-100 ensures a comfortable yet powerful performance.

The Pro Plus performs excellently, comparable to other high-ranking golf balls in terms of spin and quality. It’s ideal if you prefer a softer feel without sacrificing distance. The Vice Pro Plus is your key to leveling up your game.

Join us as we delve further into the world of Vice golf balls, examining their construction, materials, compression, spin rates, and feel. This guide is designed to give you the insights you need to make an informed choice and up your golf game.

Vice Golf Balls Comparison At a Glance

The key differences lie in the construction, core design, cover materials, and performance characteristics. Each Vice golf ball model is engineered to cater to specific player preferences and skill levels, ensuring there is a perfect match for every golfer.

Ball Construction Material Compression Rate Spin Rate Feel Best for
Vice Pro Plus 4 Urethane Cover 90-100 3500-4000 Soft feel Players seeking exceptional
distance and control
Vice Pro Soft 3 Urethane Cover 70-80 2500-3000 Soft feel Players desiring a balance of
distance and feel
Vice Tour 3 Durable Cover 50-60 2000-2500 Balanced feel Players prioritize distance and

Review of 3 Best Vice Golf Balls

This detailed guide will review the best Vice golf balls on the market, highlighting their unique features, effectiveness, and how they stand out from the competition. 

1. Vice Pro Plus

Vice Pro Plus

Construction: 4-piece construction
Compression: 90-100
Spin Rate: High

The Vice Pro Plus golf ball is a game-changer for golfers who want distance and control. Its unique design means you’ll hit it far off the tee while keeping it on track. It’s like a rocket with a steering wheel.

Its secret weapon? A design that makes the most of every swing, putting severe power behind the ball. Plus, this 4-piece design keeps your shots accurate. It’s a handbrake for your ball, allowing you to stop it right where you want.

As for how it feels, the Vice Pro Plus is a dream. It’s soft and responsive, so you’ll always know how well you’ve hit it. The blend of a cast urethane cover and a compression rating of 90-100 means it’s comfortable without losing any power.

Compared to other balls, the Vice Pro Plus holds its own. It matches the best for spin and quality and is perfect for those who like a softer feel without giving up the distance. In short, the Vice Pro Plus is a serious tool for golfers ready to up their game.

The Vice Pro Plus golf ball is a superb option for golfers seeking a well-rounded performance. Its construction, materials, compression, spin rate, and feel all contribute to an outstanding playing experience. Whether you’re looking for long drives off the tee or precise control around the greens, the Vice Pro Plus delivers in every aspect. 

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2. Vice Pro Soft

Vice Pro Soft

Construction: 3-piece
Compression: 35-40
Spin Rate: Moderate

The 3-piece design of the Vice Pro Soft is all about optimizing feel and control. The cover is so soft it almost feels like velvet, and it’s tough enough to stay in top shape for round after round.

With a compression rating between 35-40, the Vice Pro Soft is perfect for those who love a softer feel. This lower compression means the ball changes shape more on impact, resulting in better energy transfer and longer distances for those with slower swing speeds. Plus, the softness of the ball gives you improved feedback and touch around the greens.

The spin rate on the Vice Pro Soft is like the Goldilocks of golf balls—not too high, not too low, but just right. It balances control and distance, and while it might not spin as much as some other balls, it gives you enough spin to shape your shots and stop the ball on the greens effectively.

The show’s real star with the Vice Pro Soft is its incredibly soft feel. Every shot feels buttery smooth and provides a satisfying sensation of impact. The sweet spot is more prominent, boosting your confidence and enjoyment.

The Vice Pro Soft stands out compared to other brands. It offers a compelling option for golfers seeking a soft feel and precise control. Its build, compression, spin rate, and feel, combine to set it apart.

In conclusion, the Vice Pro Soft golf ball is an exceptional choice for golfers who prioritizing a soft feel and outstanding control. Its 3-piece construction, low compression, moderate spin rates, and exceptionally soft feel make it a standout option. Whether you’re looking to improve your accuracy on approach shots or seeking a satisfying feel throughout your round, the Vice Pro Soft delivers an impressive performance that will enhance your game. 

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3. Vice Tour 

Vice Tour

Construction: 3-piece construction
Compression: 80-90
Spin Rate: Moderate

The Vice Tour golf ball is a jack-of-all-trades. It’s perfect for golfers who want a durable, responsive ball that performs well in any condition. It’s a game changer thanks to its 3-piece build and top-notch materials.

The 3-piece design of the Vice Tour comes with a sturdy cover that keeps it performing at its best, even after several rounds. No matter your swing speed or the conditions on the course, you can count on the Vice Tour for reliable distance and playability.

With a compression rating between 80-90, the Vice Tour strikes the perfect balance between feel and distance. It’s a solid choice for those who love a responsive feel on their approach shots and around the greens. It’s consistent, reliable, and provides excellent feedback.

Regarding spin, the Vice Tour offers a moderate level, perfect for control and playability. It may not be the highest-spinning ball out there, but it gives you just enough to shape your shots and get the ball to stop on the greens. Ideal for those seeking precision without giving up the distance.

The Vice Tour’s responsive feel makes the golfing experience even better. You’ll get great feedback every time you strike the ball, helping you to perfect your swing. The ball’s build and compression rating delivers a satisfying feel that boosts your confidence.

Compared to other balls, the Vice Tour is a versatile choice. Its 3-piece design, mid-range compression, spin rate, and feel, make it a strong contender. The Vice Tour is a solid pick if you’re looking for a golf ball that performs well across the board. It’s not just a golf ball—it’s a trusty sidekick for your game.

The Vice Tour golf ball offers a well-rounded playing experience with its durable construction, mid-range compression, moderate spin rate, and responsive feel. Whether looking for distance off the tee, control on approach shots, or a confident touch on the greens, the Vice Tour delivers on all fronts. With its versatility and reliability, this ball is an excellent choice for golfers seeking a balanced and enjoyable performance. 

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Vice offers a range of golf balls designed to meet golfers’ diverse needs and preferences at every skill level. After a thorough analysis of the Vice Pro Plus, Pro Soft, and Tour golf balls, it’s clear that each model has its unique advantages and considerations.

Finally, personal preferences, playing style, and ability level determine the best golf ball. Golfers can make an informed pick that meets their unique needs by examining elements such as compression, spin speeds, feel, and intended use.

Purchasing Vice golf balls represents an investment in quality and performance on the golf course. So, equip yourself with the ball best suits your game and prepare to take your game to new heights. 

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