Eagle in Golf: Definition, Origin, How to Score Explained

Eagle in Golf

“Eagle” in golf means 2 strokes less than the par. It signifies better performance. It is not one of the rarest achievements in golf like the “double eagle” or “albatross”. But scoring eagle frequently implies that your skill level is close to a professional golfer. Let’s learn more about the golf term “eagle” term.

What is an Eagle in Golf?

“Eagle” in golf is the name of a good golf score. It means 2 below par score. You need to complete the hole with 2 shots less than par to score an eagle. It helps to lower the overall strokes in a round and gets you closer to winning.

Where did Golf Terms Like Eagle Come from?

Birds used to refer to anything amazing in 19th-century American slang. A good hole was said to be a “bird of a shot”. Later, “birdie” became a term representing 1 under-par score. Better performance started being called with birds’ names. “Eagle” terms came soon after to mean 1 stroke better than “birdie”.

How Many Strokes Do You Need to Score an Eagle in Golf?

It depends on what par you are playing. Simply subtract 2 from the par number. For example, on the par-4 hole, you need (4-2) = 2 strokes to score an eagle. If you are playing on a par-3 hole, you need to make a hole-in-one or finish the hole with only one stroke for eagle. 

How to Score an Eagle?

To score an eagle, you need to hole the golf ball with 1 shot on par-3 hole, 2 shots on par-4, and 3 shots on par-5. It is quite challenging to succeed in doing that on par-3. So, if you intend to score an eagle, it is better to target a par-5 hole.

How Many Points is an Eagle?

An eagle or a 2 under-par score adds 4 points to your scorecard. It’s for the Stableford scoring system, which is one of the most common scoring formats that calculates golf scores in points. But the points added for eagle become +5 in the modified Stableford system.

How is Eagle Marked on Scorecard?

Writing the strokes’ numbers and making a double circle around is how the eagle is marked on the scorecard. For example, if you have made an eagle on par-5 with 3 strokes, then writing 3 inside a double circle means eagle. Or a golfer could simply mark the score as “-2”.

Eagle Marked on Scorecard

How to Get an Eagle Shot on Shorter Holes?

The shorter holes on standard courses are par-3 and par-4. You must hole with 1 shot to score an eagle on the shortest hole of standard courses, which is the par-3. On par-4, you need to make longer drives and land the ball on green with the first shot. Then, hole with the second.

How Rare is an Eagle in Golf?

It’s not rare for professional golfers to score an eagle, mostly on par-5. But it’s pretty rare to score it on a par-3 as only hole-in-one gets an eagle there. Odds for even pro golfers achieving hole-in-one are 2,500 to 1. For average golfers, the odds of hole-in-one are around 12,500 to 1.

On Which Par an Eagle Shot is Most Common?

It is most common to make an eagle on the par-5. It’s because the higher the par number is, the more chances of hitting an eagle. And regulation golf courses usually have 3-5 par holes. In comparison, it is hardest to score it on the par-3 hole since you need to hole-in-one for that.

What is a Double Eagle in Golf?

Double eagle, also known as albatross, means 3 under-par. You need to take 3 strokes less than the par to score it. However, many argue that the golf term “double eagle” actually doesn’t make sense. If we use “eagle” for 2 under-par score, then logically “double eagle” should be 4 under-par score.

How Rare is a Double Eagle in Golf?

Double eagle or albatross in golf is pretty rare. There is no accurate record for it. But the estimated odds of getting a double eagle are 6 million to 1. While in some other opinions, the odds of scoring one are around 1 million to 1.

What is the Difference Between an Eagle and a Double Eagle in Golf?

Eagle is 2 under-par score, and double eagle is 3 under-par score. It’s not rare to get an eagle for professional golfers. In comparison, the number of total double eagles in men’s major championships’ history is only 18, and 4 in women’s major golf championships.

How Many Eagles Has Tiger Woods Made?

Tiger Woods has made more than 150 eagles till now. The number of birdies he scored crosses a thousand. But he didn’t score a double eagle or an albatross yet. Since Tiger Woods could retire very soon because of his past injuries, he might not score a double eagle at all.

Has Tiger Woods Ever Made a Double Eagle?

No, Tiger Woods has never made a double eagle or albatross. But he almost scored it at the Waste Management Phoenix Open in 2015. It was on a par-5 hole. The second shot ended up 7 inches from the pin, resulting in an eagle at the end.

Summing it up

There is no denying that an eagle boosts confidence and obviously helps you win. However, you don’t need an eagle or double eagle to be considered a skilled golfer. In fact, breaking 100 or achieving an under-90 score consistently should be the goal at first.

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