FootJoy Contourfit Golf Shoes Review

footjoy contour fit

Whenever it comes to a sports shoe, the first question that comes to our mind is, “are these shoes going to make my feet feel comfortable?”. But when it’s about the Contourfit golf shoe series launched by the famous footwear brand FootJoy, there is no need to worry about the comfort of the shoes. 

“Comfort that never quits” with this slogan in mind, the FootJoy brand designed the Contourfit series that provides you the maximum comfort and flexibility. Keith Duffy, the Sr. Product Manager Golf Footwear, stated that “The new ContourFIT was designed with absolute comfort in mind.” 

We have designed this article with the FootJoy contour fit golf shoe review so that you can decide whether you want to buy it or not. We have spent quality time regarding this matter. So let’s dig into the article to know if the FJ Contour fit shoe is worth buying or not.

Key Features of The Contourfit Golf Shoe

footjoy contour fit review

The FootJoy men’s contour fit golf shoe is featured with many remarkable idiosyncrasies to give you maximum comfort with durability and stability. First, let’s discuss the key features of this shoe.


FootJoy contour fit golf shoe is designed to enhance the comfort and the breathability of the shoe. It is a smart-looking golf shoe with a lace-up type closure.  There is a U throat design that allows the shoe to fit perfectly and gives a good space around the fit. The tongue of the shoe is also a bit different. It is attached on both sides so that you don’t have to face the tongue slipping problem. In addition, the shaft is almost mid-top from the arch. All these features provide you a great fit with a forgiving feel. 

The outlook of this contour-fit golf shoe is just excellent. In addition, the design has a touch of style and elegance, making it a perfect golf shoe to express your personality.
Do you wish to know more about the design and development of the FootJoy contour fit golf shoes? Then, we suggest you watch this video.


The FootJoy contour fit shoe is made of high-quality materials that serve you with the best performance. The upper part of the shoes has a combination of leather and synthetic. In addition, full-grain leather was used to make the vamp of the shoe. This part makes the golf shoe waterproof. So you can wear this pair of shoes any time you want, in any weather. 

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The saddle of the shoe is made of synthetic material. And this part of the shoe offers you durability with nice detailing on the top of the shoe.


footjoy contour fit

As the contour fit golf shoe slogan suggests, this shoe was designed to give you maximum comfort. The U throat design allows you a generous fit. The EVA midsole of the shoe is very soft and lightweight; it makes the shoe breathable. It has an extra thick fit-bed inside the shoe that is designed to match the contours of the human feet.  It might give you the comfort you are looking for in a golf shoe. This fit-bed ensures you a cushioned feel when you walk through the golf course in these shoes. 

There is extra padding in the Achilles heel of the shoe. This padding increases your comfort. For example, if you are a golfer who loves to walk on the golf course, you may fall in love with this padding in the Achilles heel.  

The FootJoy contour fit golf shoe is featured with the Contour Plus last idiosyncrasy that gives a full rounded toe character. It provides your toe fingers the ultimate comfort.


Jonathan Bacon, the Principal Designer of FootJoy, said about the contour fit, “We wanted to start from the bottom up, really start with the outsole.” And the outsole of the shoe is very impressive. It is a new outsole design named Dynaflex by the FootJoy people. This outsole moves in concert with the foot. It makes your walking more accessible in the greens and gives you a good grip. 

The flex grooves are engineered with TPU in strategic locations. This feature allows you the great flexibility you want to make your shots perfect every time. 

This shoe has some soft spikes on the outsole. So it won’t cause any damage to the greens of the golf course. 

If you want to know more about the features of the FootJoy men’s contour fit golf shoes, please watch this video till the end. You can also check our article about the best footjoy golf shoe to find out more product from Footjoy brand.

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Things that we like

  • The FootJoy Contour fit golf shoe is fully waterproof.
  • You can use it for a long time as it is very durable.
  • This pair of shoes ensures maximum comfort for your feet.
  • The thick fit-bed of the shoes is very soft.
  • The synthetic upper makes the shoe breathable.
  • This shoe is extremely light in weight.
  • Instead of metal spikes, it has soft spikes.
  • You can go to any golf course with these shoes on your feet as it does not damage the golf course.

Things that can be improved

  • Some golfers do not like the bold design of this shoe.
  • Due to the thick fit-bed, you may feel a squishy feeling.
  • Every size is not available in this model.
  • This model is not available in the BOA closure type.

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From the outsole to the upper mesh, FootJoy men’s contour fit golf shoes have every feature to make your feet feel comfortable and flexible. This shoe provides you a perfect fit with great style. You will enjoy your game as well as walking on the greens with these shoes on.

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